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Maddie Moate - How to make butter in a Washing Machine?! | ao.com Recipes

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Thumbs up if you like!! Comment below and challenge Maddie to cook other recipes! Maddie Moate presents her new series for ao.com. This week Maddie tries to make a Breakfast Sandwich with an Iron?! Click here to see whether Maddie made it a success and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this - http://www.bit.ly/AOsubscribe See the full recipe here: http://ao.com/world/cooking-wednesdays-butter-washing-machine/

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Text Comments (38)
Richard Longley (4 months ago)
Emily Hawkins (6 months ago)
Make cheese NEXT!!xx
Drive a f1 car while pressing the drink button
Lizzie Rolls (8 months ago)
I'm in y2
It was 39,not 30
Washing machine makes better
Jeffrey Dustin (11 months ago)
Make cheese now in the washer.
Happy Garden Of Life (1 year ago)
I am disappointed. I was hoping you'd fill the washing machine with whipping cream.
andrew miller (2 years ago)
what washing tablets do u use maddie kind regards andrew
its brilliant idea, great video, but hygienic side this is not acceptable.
zach rg (3 years ago)
It's so much fun watching your videos Maddie. :)
Samantha Collett (3 years ago)
Pure gold! You're fab :)
Carmela Tijerina (4 years ago)
Heather Sheldrick (4 years ago)
Sheer genius!
Rochelle Benson (4 years ago)
I would like to win.
Sarah McGuckin (4 years ago)
jesus maddie thats impressive
Sarah McGuckin (4 years ago)
youre welcome haha :)
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Thanks :-)
bella smyth (4 years ago)
How awesome is that will have to try it out with the kids :) 
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Please do! Let me know how it goes.
Maria Molly Taylor (4 years ago)
lindsey stuart (4 years ago)
MilkShake......Simples :):):)
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
In a washing machine? I like it.
stanley davies (4 years ago)
Amazing, going to have to try this.
World Of The Orange (4 years ago)
LET'S HAVE SOME CRACKERS, BUTTER AND CHEESE!! - The most English sentence I have ever heard! This is brilliant. Just so funny!!! - Liam
Dewantoroo A (16 hours ago)
Hello Brad
KeeperDe (4 years ago)
For it to become the most english sentence, you would need the tea, man dont forget the tea! 
Shirley Connolly (4 years ago)
Love it
GrannySue Peters (4 years ago)
CYANIDE Adiccted (4 years ago)
Hi +Maddie Moate 
jav324 (4 years ago)
I never win anything
Donna Coughlin (4 years ago)
Hilarious! I've GOT to give that a go! :D
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Let me know if you do!
Fernando Rios (4 years ago)
Your so funny madie. I was like wait you forgot the salt lol.
Yasmin Galea (4 years ago)
You're amazingly funny...might try it out:)
shaunavaughton (4 years ago)
nudl3Zz (4 years ago)
I bet it's going to be a mess :-D
nudl3Zz (4 years ago)
I'm glad that it worked but I'm also a little bit sad :-D

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