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Monique Heart | COSMO Queens | Cosmopolitan

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Text Comments (325)
Tijana Miladinovic (11 hours ago)
She paints so hard she needs gloves! Yes!
TheSpazzInc (3 days ago)
I'm getting some Vivacious vibes from the way she paints, and that lip color is gorgeous!
OseuAbigo (3 days ago)
QueenZombieCersei (3 days ago)
Yikes. Those brows are a brow-don't! lol
Viktor Petkov (4 days ago)
the fuck you guys mean this is fabulous
Avinaash Moenielal (5 days ago)
Love her..but this looks rough... cosmo needs to know whats good fit business. Love the concept, but not every drag race girl can pull of a fierce polished look 😊
OVAH (5 days ago)
yall need to stop dragging monique not everything has to be perfect and polished lmaoo
Caio Maslow (5 days ago)
Caralho q bagunça.
Brownie Bryaneee (6 days ago)
Messiest Makeup I’ve seen on a drag queen everrrrrrrrr.
Curvette Brigade (7 days ago)
I absolutely adore Monique but no....this isn’t near enough as good as she normally is. Cosmo, you making a sis rush???!
Ari Anator (7 days ago)
I think Monique is the first ever queen to wear gloves whists putting her make up on 💀 that's a put together queen right there!!
Esteban Lira (7 days ago)
I don't even know how cosmo can even share these things. I've seen terrible makeup skills lately. I saw The Vixen's a while ago and I am in pure disgust. Black people making their highlights with an almost white color, blushing before contouring, and adding glitter to make everything look ''acceptable'', one eyebrow lower than the other, etc. Let's not forget about the total failure of Jaymes Mansfield in her IRL mermaid, terrible makeup skills and Yuhua Hamasaki, white body and YELLOW face, grrrl bye. Check the material first, prestige is hard to get and very easy to lose.
Emanuel Herrera (8 days ago)
Her make up is TERRIBLE!!
Jordan Gatewood (8 days ago)
Is this a joke? I know good & well she can do waayyyyyy better than this
L amo (8 days ago)
Oh my goodness, i need to make sense of the highlight application. It looked stunning!!! Xxx
Fagner Macedo (8 days ago)
There's hothing light in this highlight!!!! Still don't get why people are saying this is a messy. Her process is messy but the results are STUNNING!
Henry ow (8 days ago)
Werk mama...
Raul Del Rey (8 days ago)
Overdrawn lips, patchy makeup??? Where's Michelle visage when you need her
Raul Del Rey (8 days ago)
WTF... Umm no
Coti O (8 days ago)
That’s such an... unique way to paint yourself
Makeupbydylan (8 days ago)
I like her personality on the show but she never stood out to me, i think personaly the makeups to messy
Liam K (9 days ago)
Guyss, drag isn't supposed to look perfect all the time. Give her a break..
na_z (9 days ago)
I wonder if the makeup looks how it does here or if its a cakey mess close up
Ewan Nolan (9 days ago)
R (9 days ago)
ladya eladya (9 days ago)
Her makeup is disaster
jalisa key (9 days ago)
Mslove (9 days ago)
Ick!!!!! Hated it!!!! Glad I'm a natural woman who has time to do alllllll this shit ?? Crazy! He looked better as a MAN
Sir Faggot (9 days ago)
That’s a mask hunny
Your make up is terrible 😜
Cali5556 (9 days ago)
Karawek (9 days ago)
miss congeniality looking really good here
Guilherme Hyuuga (9 days ago)
The heart of cosmopolitan 💕
KioshiWarrior (9 days ago)
Eh. She can do better than this.
mark jacobs (9 days ago)
It looks ruff in the beginning but the can't together at the end
Bautista (9 days ago)
Queen of mess ...
Paigy G (9 days ago)
i love her but this is sloppy
protein (10 days ago)
Celest Sof (10 days ago)
America, she looks stunning!
Christie TAURAU (10 days ago)
Everyone is saying it looks messy, it’s probably what she was going for
Christie TAURAU (10 days ago)
She replied to my DM
o Bloom (10 days ago)
The comments section going down have me rolling omg 🤣😜👌💋
Erick hrdz (10 days ago)
si su idea era quedar como changa, lo logro
Erick hrdz (10 days ago)
si su idea era quedar como changa, lo logro
Maddie Everlasting (10 days ago)
noooo nononon so sloppy
David Vargas (10 days ago)
Ms. JC (10 days ago)
Yeah..up close it was very sloppy looking.
samscastonguay (10 days ago)
Sorry Monique, but your vh1 makeup video was definitely 100% better than this one. I dunno if it was time rush, but girl it looks bad.
Haylie Navarro (10 days ago)
yes hunny, slay!!
Martin Garcia (10 days ago)
Cosmo ain't got no chill with the upclose, HD, all up in your pores shots.
HelenaBlack80 (10 days ago)
Monique is what!? Stunning, Mother darling!
Vanity Rae (10 days ago)
WOW! That was *SO* Messy!
Maria Laura Bessa (10 days ago)
it began SO messy but looked SO good by the end!
charley doodle (10 days ago)
This is a whole ass MESS
talkindurinthemovie (10 days ago)
Bitch look how fucking WHITE you look she borrow mis crackers pallet or something
kitty Collins (10 days ago)
This went to shit REAL QUICK
Eiana Clark (10 days ago)
she look scary in the process of doing her makeup but it turned out good
Ilovemyezequiel (10 days ago)
Thee worst drag makeup ive seen. As if she was on drugs, rushing to get her face done to go out on the town hunty!
Devan Glitterbaby (10 days ago)
So bad at makeup, yet so gorgeous
Kelly H (10 days ago)
America is the mug right? Yes. Is the nose contour snatched? Yes. Facts are Facts!
jarednil69 (10 days ago)
They told her she only had 5 MINUTES to get into drag for this video. "AAAAAND.....GO!!!"
Pep Rally (10 days ago)
So damn light in the face why⁉️
Lourdes Correia (10 days ago)
Kinda rough
barcze (10 days ago)
brown cow! stunning!
Lauren Elliott (10 days ago)
Mna Iotb (10 days ago)
i cant get over the gloves LOL
Ysa Toledo (10 days ago)
It’s so shitty tho
Noureddine EA (10 days ago)
I love to hear monique speaking .. but well she's gorg <3 it's a LIE AMERICA !!
Félix Laporte (10 days ago)
Lol she looks like a monkey😂🙈
Elvis Ekene (10 days ago)
Am i the only one, but monique’s work is always messy
Uchiha Itachi (10 days ago)
Stunning....facts are facts America, slightly messy but I cant do any better lel
Venus Envy 2.0 (10 days ago)
Very very messy
Fernando R (10 days ago)
This makeup tutorial was a CHOICE
msfuturemakeupartist (10 days ago)
the highlight she first placed needs to be a different shade for hee beautiful melanin skin!
Natural Story (10 days ago)
Your make up is terrible, but I love anyway
I hope she becomes rich, so she can get all the clothes she wants
Tauã Gayer (10 days ago)
Vegas Strong (10 days ago)
SCARY..... 😳🙈💀☠
Wynona Belle Herreria (10 days ago)
The heart of S10!!!
Abi Wright (10 days ago)
I absolutely adore her but this looks so messy and unpolished?? She normally looks so much better than this
Sofia Renee (10 days ago)
Tomb Raider (10 days ago)
That’s her way to do makeup love it or shove it, she is a drag queen America there you have it, Facts are facts ❤️ Monique ❤️
Turska (10 days ago)
we love our messy queen
Chloe Ali (10 days ago)
How not to do your make up lol girl no.
Brendaniffland (10 days ago)
girl wtf was that makeup
Derpaaull (10 days ago)
It looooks sooo messy tbh
Tyler R (10 days ago)
Ew this looks like trash. She has such an arrogant personality without an ounce of talent. Thank god she’s gone. BYEEEE
Screeching Crab (10 days ago)
What are the scars on her forehead
Sugarcoxain (10 days ago)
Her makeup is busted af
Le Vich (10 days ago)
So messy....
mariolawpanda (10 days ago)
Let's just say she's no Miss Fame or Kim Chi. That is one messy tutorial. Hahahaa
Montana (10 days ago)
TheBillieD (10 days ago)
lwgy r (10 days ago)
So messy 😰
James Michael (10 days ago)
Justin Tao (10 days ago)
Justin Tao (10 days ago)
She probably produced it herself
Mikkkeee (10 days ago)
this is disaster
iameva luna (10 days ago)
The makeup wtfffff
Garnet V (10 days ago)
Monique paints so messy but looks so good 🔥🔥
TOXAN Kreative (10 days ago)
eek... That was messy

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