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The First Homemade Bird Trap With String by Little Boy - How To Trap Bird Easily

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Hello My Respectful Subscribers and Visitors! Greeting from Siem Reap Cambodia! This is video I want to show you about The First Homemade Bird Trap With String by Little Boy - How To Trap Bird Easily If you enjoy this video and want to get more videos with me, Please kindly help subscribe to my Channel, Share, Comment and Like!
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Text Comments (59)
thrillamoe50 (28 days ago)
Satusatnam Satnam (4 months ago)
Xav Le cool (4 months ago)
1:09 look the cow
Gleyciane Claudino (4 months ago)
você é muito inteligente parabens👏👏
Milica Jovanovic (4 months ago)
What are you doing with this litlle cute bird
zgabby (4 months ago)
Narwhal Warrior (4 months ago)
1:08 :o a wild cow has appeared
Narwhal Warrior (4 months ago)
Pink Prosheen 😂😂😂😂
Pink Prosheen (4 months ago)
Narwhal Warrior I thought it was a donkey
Narwhal Warrior (4 months ago)
Agario Player justttttt chilllll bruuh same thing
Agario Player (4 months ago)
Narwhal Warrior No not the same
Narwhal Warrior (4 months ago)
Agario Player same thinggggg
Marie Claes (5 months ago)
Rating wait project mask cover charge rumor lend alarm nation.
LPS Limon TV (5 months ago)
PeterLins (5 months ago)
mmh lunch is ready
Alfie Playz (5 months ago)
Poor bird
Love you More (4 months ago)
He gotta eat, poor boy and bird. Circle of life.
Leah Asch The Volcano (5 months ago)
Alfie Playz it's just a bird
Mirror d.o.o. Split (5 months ago)
I like your videos and you are very smart
Foxy The Pirate (5 months ago)
He made the illumanati
Ümumi Hesab (7 days ago)
Foxy The Pirk oipate
علي علي (5 months ago)
Foxy The Pirate ص
علي علي (5 months ago)
Foxy The Pirate ة
علي علي (5 months ago)
Foxy The Pirate '
Kiki The hamster (5 months ago)
Just leave them alone !
Morshu Adams (2 months ago)
Kiki The hamster do you honestly think that everybody is going to go vegetarian just because you scream at them?
JUNIOR ریال (2 months ago)
Kiki The hamster kid
Kaar Thick (4 months ago)
u guys can kill and eat millions of cows, Pigs, chickens and almost everything and when someone tries to eat a fucking bird ya'll go crazy, Great logic dumbass
Conservative lad (4 months ago)
Jackson vermillion got the point.
理解Luka (5 months ago)
Aljumhar Barrozo (5 months ago)
he only put the bird under the trap lie
Arunakumar Padhi (5 months ago)
Aljumhar Barrozo NJ NJ
Robbie the goat (5 months ago)
Aljumhar Barrozo how are u gonna get the bird
Vlada Henriksson (5 months ago)
5:37 what the hell does The Boy do with the bird he even run with it
No they eat it Lol #savage
José Marques (5 months ago)
I like you videos 2
Vlada Henriksson (5 months ago)
José Marques de Araujo why because they are hurting animals 🤬🐍😪🤬🤯
hi good morning my friend
José Marques (5 months ago)
Thank you too
Cambodia Daily Life (5 months ago)
super thanks
Khmer Fishing (5 months ago)
I like watching videos you
vazcorelio (4 months ago)
Khmer Fishing
Shanta Menasagi (4 months ago)
Khmer Fishing
Vlada Henriksson (5 months ago)
Andrea Vazquez THE FUCK ?
Andrea Vazquez (5 months ago)
Vlada Henriksson shhh be quite your just jelly
Vlada Henriksson (5 months ago)
Khmer Fishing why are you an animal hater ?

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