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Banana Pancakes Recipe Grandpa | Easy Homemade Pancakes | Grandpa Kitchen

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Check our campaign in Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/grandpakitchen For more details contact : grandpakitchen3@gmail.com facebook : https://www.facebook.com/grandpakitchen/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banana Pancakes Recipe Grandpa | Easy Homemade Pancakes | Grandpa Kitchen https://youtu.be/HrEPCA4i0gs Banana Pancakes Recipe Grandpa | Easy Homemade Pancakes | Grandpa Kitchen
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Text Comments (3015)
C. O (31 minutes ago)
Merci et milles merci vous êtes géniale 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
hlengiwe ndlovu (1 hour ago)
😇😇😇😇😇you are very kind😇😇😇😇😇😇SUPER 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Vang Nguyen (1 hour ago)
Jordan Whitley (4 hours ago)
You are a nice grandpa
Jordan Whitley (4 hours ago)
You are awsome man nice cooking for the kids take care man😁😁😁👍👍love your vieos
lucian Burke Robertson (5 hours ago)
My granny is India and she loves her grandchildren to eat all the delicious dishes she prepares for us. Even the other children comes over just because they loves her roti and curry .... Madras Indians are such loving ppl ! Grandpa you made me smile deep down inside! You are a wonderful human being! Your son is also a humble soul!!! Not wasting time to subscribe, like and invite! Love you'll my Indian heritage! I am split into two of Indo/ Afro and it feels so special..
TrippyBoii 562 (5 hours ago)
Looks so good great job gradpa
Dalia Beatle Lennon (5 hours ago)
You're a great person Grandpa, God Bless you, I send you my respects FROM México.
Dany y Adrián (6 hours ago)
Es bueno saber que aún hay gente con un buen corazón como este señor, se merece un gran aplauso y mucho más que eso es un gran hombre y se ve que todos sus utensilios están limpios y es ordenado 👍👍👏👏❤
-ぱーぴょー (6 hours ago)
Ruben Garcia (7 hours ago)
Qué lindo y triste
Bhe Smith (13 hours ago)
proud of u grandpa😍😍😍
Sandra Gaspar (14 hours ago)
Gracias a Dios q hay personas como uds q trabajan por Amor para los nesesitados q al ver una sonrisa en ellos uds son felises Dios los bendiga por compartir sus tiempo q con mucho amor y pasiensia lo hacen bendiciones💖👍🌼💟💖
Pro jordan (15 hours ago)
how old is he?
Paulina Ramirez (16 hours ago)
Helmut Ouzi (18 hours ago)
Looks delicious. I could eat some banana pancakes as well, but I'm watching my diet a lot right now.
AVAHA Tv (19 hours ago)
Hintli dayıııııı
김뽀다리 (1 day ago)
이할아버지 머든 만들때마다 겁나 시크해 ! GOOD JOB !
Arni Tonafa (1 day ago)
i will try to make too
Arni Tonafa (1 day ago)
Very nice recipe....
Dreygo Headley (1 day ago)
Really enjoy grandpas cooking and the smiles on the kids faces
Nataly Saucedo (1 day ago)
grandpa strong as fuck
Dinora Machado (1 day ago)
crazy j 2112 (1 day ago)
Every time I watch God is awesome to give when those have not is the best feeling in the world
Nar cicegi (1 day ago)
Ivelisse Ortiz (1 day ago)
Coño que ricos se ven un poco de syrop y ya.
Love u Tatayya..... 😍😍😍
Muhammed issa (1 day ago)
thanks grandpa now i can make fluffy pancakes
janis aviña (1 day ago)
Adoro ver a los niños felices pero una de mis partes favoritas es cuando grandpa prueba la comida como todo gran chef se asegura que este delicioso ojalá inspire a más a ser un poco de grande corazón como el
XCamzXL_0 (1 day ago)
*I just watched a 3 minute ad..* 💖💕💞
Diana Sos (1 day ago)
Very good
Pleadship (2 days ago)
Wonder what it taste like
Ellen Ellen (2 days ago)
German sad (2 days ago)
Nada le cuesta usar guantes. Negro cochino
Q Delicias
karen valeria (2 days ago)
Más gente así en el mundo👏❤🌎
amitaf (2 days ago)
Este señor se nota que sabe de cocina.
lavengala999 (2 days ago)
this abuelito its a good at cooking! well my major its chef and I love watching everything he do :D long live to gran pa :D
Hazem Elsawy (2 days ago)
Grandpa making everyday counts
Delci Pahnael (2 days ago)
😱😱grandpa is the best my god bless him for his hard work💓💓
Marie Wedge (2 days ago)
Ma Shaa Allah grandpa knows how to go in, and he is clean. also I like the sounds of the outside nature, the pan sounds it gives it a natural theme that is just lovely.
Vishnu Danraj (2 days ago)
Thank you grandpa for the recesipe but do you really have to cook the bananas first in water
Res Fets (2 days ago)
У дедушки весьма доброе сердечко, золотые руки и немало трудолюбия ) Здоровья Вам крепкого и счастья!!! Привет из Украины )
NiNi606 perez (3 days ago)
Haydee Ramos (3 days ago)
Those pancakes look good. Nice man.
Christna Fontus (3 days ago)
Good food
Rima Beauty (3 days ago)
Love u grand pa you are the best one
Paty RodriguezAzamar (3 days ago)
llore d alegria al ver atantos niños sonrriendo al comer esos rrikos jotkakes. gracias x existir gente como el DIOS LE MULTIPLIKE SUS BENDICIONES
Raluca Herteg (3 days ago)
So yummy
v xy (3 days ago)
the flipping was intense
Skaarin IronJaw (3 days ago)
Little Djamals eating ^^
Sena Peker (3 days ago)
Grandpa is the only youtuber I don’t skip the adds for. I watch the adds even if it’s a few minutes. Let’s support grandpa by watching the adds people!
Harti Yati (3 days ago)
very nice😋😋😋
혼자놀기 (4 days ago)
bagus!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
PayPalOnRoblox YT (4 days ago)
He's definitely going to heaven
Ximena Diaz (4 days ago)
Que dios lo vendiga al senor
Asiya Uwimana (4 days ago)
Why do I smell pancakes all of the sudden?? 😫😫😫😫
Asiya Uwimana (4 days ago)
I love you grandpa!!! Continue doing such a wonderful job! God bless!!!!! 💕❤️❤️💯😍😍😍😍❣️
varin kashachai (5 days ago)
I want to eat it.
Adowa Attaa (5 days ago)
God blessed u gp
Diego Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Yo me pregunto todas esas preparaciones como las hace osea quien le da los productos o el mismo los compra😫 tengo esa duda como consigue todo ese producto
olalu olalu (6 days ago)
He cooks with LOVE!💗💗
Umpai Tuck (6 days ago)
Looking yummy yummy!!😁
Someone go get these men another 100 years to live. They are feeding the homeless and not a lot of people are doing that
xoan claveria (6 days ago)
Que bueno usar esa energía que aun mantiene para alimentar el futuro, esto es muy hermoso a muchos niveles, y debería darnos más razones para amar a los nuestros, apoyando a nuestro convecinos en nuestros propios paises y hacer lo posible en nuestras sociedades. Espero que India pueda levantarse como una gran potencia en un futuro gracias a los cimientos que este buen hombre está alimentando.
عربي لايك
daniel dagnaw (6 days ago)
its good job
momsheJovy 17 (7 days ago)
Amazing 😊
jhkjhh jkhkhijk (7 days ago)
Thanks you!
lindo abuelo Dios te colme de bendiciones por tu acto de amor ,,no me gusta la palabra caridad,,para mi esto es servicio lleno de amor
tyrone jackson (7 days ago)
Where's my samurai careful because it's awesome and it's great and she wee
tyrone jackson (7 days ago)
Where's my samurai careful because it's awesome and it's great and she wee delicious
tyrone jackson (7 days ago)
Me and my family eat dry food to like you will be loved your food when you see it eat it 2 every time when you cook I love your video Love
tyrone jackson (7 days ago)
I love your feet teen me and my family Eat Giant Food
tyrone jackson (7 days ago)
Fp hey all your food is nice and good and delicious I love it
Sakura (7 days ago)
looks amazing 😍
Viviane Alves Diniz (7 days ago)
IRODA XAYDAROVA (7 days ago)
Omg grandpa very swetheart
Aida Soler Martinez (7 days ago)
Que rico Spain 🔍 traductor
vasiti ratukalou (8 days ago)
Don’t forget grandpa that people dislike you but I don’t I think you are a loving and kind man and I love your recipes i love how the banana pancakes turned out I’m touched by your kindness
vasiti ratukalou (8 days ago)
Keep up the good work grandpa I love your Chanel And thanks for supporting orphans by making them meals If I could sponsor you I would
det414 (8 days ago)
Its really beautiful what you all do. Thank you.
revsolution (8 days ago)
This is love.
CHERRY NAVARRO (8 days ago)
como se llama este gran principe
Indie Souls (8 days ago)
Esperanza Talingting (8 days ago)
颜祎 (8 days ago)
@赖清德 王世坚
R.Anikka 03 (8 days ago)
Fitri Panjaitan (8 days ago)
i like it
Fitri Panjaitan (8 days ago)
l like itt
Gaia bella (9 days ago)
999 dislike😂😂
Arturo De Jesus (9 days ago)
Its so very nice and cool and your so kind and your so good
Megan poole (9 days ago)
I need to see more thank you sir you are very kind and appreciated instead of grabbing and no words.
analyn mauri (9 days ago)
Awesome project, recipe and wonderful people! You inspire me..
Cyprixzzz (9 days ago)
I wanna eat Banana Pancakes!! :) Thanks to Grandpa Kitchen for recipe!!!
KingDong Han (9 days ago)
God bless you Grandpa 😘
CelloAtivo (9 days ago)
Belíssimo gesto de humildade e amor ao próximo. Grande homem e de um grande coração... ❤
Tabita (9 days ago)
ziyandazee ngomani (9 days ago)
I love this video so much...am gonna try to make them right now..thank you grandpa

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