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How To Crochet - CROCHET HOODIE | Plus Sized Hooded Sweatshirt | BAGOAY Crochet Tutorial #466

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Text Comments (146)
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE (5 months ago)
This particular pattern will only turn out the right size using a super bulky 6 yarn... it will be very small using a 4ply and I do not recommend it...
Cherry Pie (5 months ago)
I am only finding a 16mm hook online and in my local stores. Does anyone think that if I use the 16mm hook and follow the XL pattern that it might actually go up a size? Maybe 1X or 2X? I do not want what I call a lot of "gaps" in between the stitches. I want it to be kind of tight like the XL.
Dawn W (5 months ago)
No there's not
Dawn W (5 months ago)
Only if you want your pullover to be smaller
Jeannie Montoya (5 months ago)
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE where is your link for the giveaway
Diane Cunningham (5 months ago)
Is there a written pattern for this sweatshirt?
deep kaur (20 hours ago)
Can u please give me written pattern please ??
ayeeedistay (8 days ago)
will this type or yarn stretch out after wear / wash? i just bought this same yarn in a pretty brown color but i’m worried the hoodie won’t last long ? i might make i️t smaller to compensate for stretching if you can share how it’s held up
no, there shouldn't be much if any stretch to this yarn type
sweetie pie (13 days ago)
Can you tell me how to make this in a child size 2t-3t
Darlene Jordan (21 days ago)
Is there a pattern for using a 4 ply yarn?
Tina Wilson (24 days ago)
Mary Brown (1 month ago)
Erin K Green (1 month ago)
yes they do make a big skein of Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn 10.5 oz Erin from Maryland
Laureen Christensen (2 months ago)
This might seem like a silly question, my question hook is 16 mm not 15.75 hook like yours, will that make a big difference?
Kristy Farmer (2 months ago)
Even if it a 4x I stitch mark in the 20th stitch?
Dinah Harvey (3 months ago)
I need a LG, do do I chain 31
Franchesca Garcia (3 months ago)
Do you think using a K-6.50mm hook and a 4Medium yarn for 3xXL would come out at least as a Medium/Large side hoodie?? That's what I'm gonna try to do. Would really appreciate any thoughts/tips.
Amazing (27 days ago)
Franchesca Garcia did you try it? I'm curious as I'd like to make a smaller one too.
Mary Brock (3 months ago)
Can I use 10mm crochet hook please
Bev Weiss (3 months ago)
Hi Crystal just wondering can i make this with 1 large skein of chunky yarn?
Lisa Pelt (3 months ago)
This is perfect. Time and patience taught everything to make a hoodie sweatshirt. Thanks.
Sherria Wine (4 months ago)
Thank you sooooo much for all the amazing stuff you teach us to make. You are my favorite crochet gal!! You provide such fun and practical things to make. Thanks again!! 😍
Cheryl Boyd (4 months ago)
You sure can use that big hook, I be having the hardest time but i try, ill be making this sweatshirt hoodie.Thank you
Horcher Family (4 months ago)
Can’t wait to make this beautiful sweatshirt! You are so talented. I love ❤️ all your videos. Thank you for showing us crocheters step by step. Can’t wait for more clothing tutorials
Bridget Wilson (4 months ago)
I chained 51 but for some reason at the end I still have 51. Can I divide 24-3-24 for the neck?
Moon Wizz (4 months ago)
Found I had to do the 18chains twice as it was hard to make sure I had all 18 chains. But I did it. I am so in love with this garment crystal your Tutorials are so informative. Thank you for your time. Xx
Tammy McNair (4 months ago)
Love this hoodie.....it will be great for those cool spring, summer and fall evenings....and perfect for those early summer walks at the break of dawn. Just love this.
L'Annette Manning (4 months ago)
Beautiful! As a "fluffy" person, I sure do appreciate you doing this. I wish there were more crochet patterns out there for us "fluffy" folks. Again thanks so much!
Sylvia Barker (4 months ago)
I like the red heart better, but my son and his wife got me the mainstay for christmas and i will use it to make things for me, but my pick is red heart everytime
splendidvenusz (5 months ago)
Thank you very much for the amazing tutorials. I enjoy them a lot. They're easy to understand.
Terry Yost (5 months ago)
Hi Crystal, I was wanting to know if this pattern could be done in cotton? If so, how much would it change the pattern? Thanks ☺
Jennifer Tweedie (5 months ago)
Terry Yost j UK wis
jackie goins (5 months ago)
I like this sweater....
Vanetza Menjivar (5 months ago)
Thanks Kristen awesome job love your channel
maria doll (5 months ago)
I have a question it may or may not have already been discussed, But can I use two strands of a pound of love yarn 4 weight each and still use a Q hook for XL. Anyone feel free to answer thanks
The little zinna patch (5 months ago)
love this! I freeze all the time and this looks so warm. Thank you for the tutorial.
Susan Burke (5 months ago)
Can you do less rows so it isn't so long?
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE (5 months ago)
Sure can...
Emilia Beeg (5 months ago)
Susan Burke I'm sure you could!
sherry jones (5 months ago)
Tell us how you join the new skein please .
Grace Moran (5 months ago)
Hi Crystal, I'm almost done with the green dress. I want make this sweatshirt hoodie, but I am only 5 foot tall, will it be to big for me! Thanks!
1rockymtnrider (3 months ago)
all u need to do is not as many rows as her
Jennifer Raubenstine (5 months ago)
Your great Crystal Love following you!!!
Kim (5 months ago)
Did not like chunky yarn but having second thoughts. :-) :-)
Kim (5 months ago)
So if I use four ply yarn would I have to double the stitches for 1 and 2 x? And how often would I have to decrease for the neck and also how many chains for the arms, love your tutorial and the sweater. :-) :-)
Jeannie Montoya (5 months ago)
where is your description box at so I can enter your giveaway.
Emilia Beeg (5 months ago)
Jeannie Montoya The giveaway is sadly over.
7peacefrog (5 months ago)
Is this the same size yarn as the regular Bernat blanket yarn (10.5 0z 300 g and it is 220 yards on 1 skein , in the bigger skeins? I ask because I just got a bunch of them? and do we get to see this on you? Thank you it is really cute
Emilia Beeg (5 months ago)
7peacefrog She used the small skeins of yarn. I got the same skeins from dollar tree once, so u can imagine how small.
lacey61201 (5 months ago)
7peacefrog , the yarn is the same size , you will just use less skeins
Norma Simpkins (5 months ago)
Thanks Crystal for another beautiful project. I want to make this hoodie for my sister and I. BUT not in this wool, going to find a chunky #6 yarn.
Shelley Whalen (5 months ago)
Love it thank you so much for sharing hugs 🤗 Shelley 💜💜💜
Grace stith (5 months ago)
Crystal can you help me make it smaller like a medium I just love your work
Grace stith (5 months ago)
Please help us crystal
Cynthia Baltazar (5 months ago)
I would love to make this but yarn choice is ugh I really don't like bulky yarn.... great tutorials thouhgh
Maria Crochet (5 months ago)
This looks so cozy! Can't wait to get started on it.
Linda crazyforyarn (5 months ago)
Very cool, thanks for sharing your talent
Wendy M (5 months ago)
Love this...
Lisa Hawkins (5 months ago)
I love this!! My next project! Thanks
Rose Culp (5 months ago)
Love this. It is something I can do. Its going to be pink!!! Thanks Crystal !!!
tamikia Brodeur (5 months ago)
This is pretty amazing wow
Erica Bates (5 months ago)
Hello Crystal, thank you, this hoodie looks so lovely especially with the Bernat Blanket yarn 😁 wish we could get it in the UK 😋 Erica x
LADONNA MCGHEE (5 months ago)
I don't know how to make a sweater, but I like the yarn
Christy Baker (5 months ago)
Hitting Like and haven't even watched the video yet!!!!! I can't wait to try this one 😁 Thank you Crystal !!!!
Gail Dreyfus (5 months ago)
Your a wonderful instructor!! I want to attempt this as soon as i can get the yarn. Thanks Crystal!!
Irene S (5 months ago)
How can I make this a little smaller? I don't wear a plus size anymore.
Shonna Cline (5 months ago)
I'm totally going to make one of these
Ann Tucker (5 months ago)
I love this it's getting spring time here in the Carolinas and this would be a great project to work on for the winter.
June Hogan (5 months ago)
Love this sweater. Thank you so much for sharing.
Donna Arlotta (5 months ago)
Do you have written instructions for the oversized sweatshirt?
Grace Moran (5 months ago)
Love it, great job Crystal! Thanks!
Donna Arlotta (5 months ago)
I love this design. You made it ver simple to understand. Thank you!
sherry ingram (5 months ago)
i have just decided i am going to make this in bernat pop.
Robynette C (5 months ago)
Crochet babydress
sherry ingram (5 months ago)
maybe when we r done we could share photos.
Lynda Steinbrecher (5 months ago)
Just lovely. Excited by a plus size pattern. Thank You!
Zilda Carvalho (5 months ago)
Lindo casaco perfeito
Misti Glasscock (5 months ago)
I love this! Cannot wait to make it. Thank you.
Duchess RavenWaves (5 months ago)
Rhonda Hutt (5 months ago)
love these tutorials.
LeAndra Purvis (5 months ago)
Is there a written pattern???????
Gloria Hollingsead (5 months ago)
AWESOME !! Can’t wait to make one !!
Donna Arnold (5 months ago)
I'd love to make this, but I'm only small. Even if I wanted it oversized the XL etc would absolutely drown me. Do you think the pattern work if I used a smaller weight yarn and hook? I'd like to try and make a size medium hoodie which would be an oversized hoodie on me. Any advice please? Thank you. 😊
Amazing (27 days ago)
Donna Arnold did you try it?
Grace stith (5 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing but with big hook
Judy Tyrrell (5 months ago)
Priced the yarn beautiful pattern but seems expensive to make
Grace stith (5 months ago)
Please crystal help us with a smaller size
Grace stith (5 months ago)
Donna Arnold same here I need it smaller. I soooo sooo want to make one just for me
Kathy Seguin (5 months ago)
Love. This going to make it for me . Is there a written pattern for this Crystal
Katie J (5 months ago)
Oh my goodness....I love it! I cant wait to get my WIP done and make this!!! Thanks Crystal!!!!!
carmen roupp (5 months ago)
am watching the rest of this at 7:15 Am :) great job love it
Sinndy Morr (5 months ago)
You did an awesome job designing and crocheting the hoodie! I understand that using that type of yarn would make the item lighter in weight. Using another kind of yarn would affect the drape. I was gifted a ball of that type of yarn. I questioned the durability and have not used it. I believe I seen the yarn selling for more than 2.50 a skein. The item your making would be over 28.00. I appreciate ALL your time and effort. Thanks so much for your commitment to provide EXCELLENT videos!!! You are so highly appreciated!
Sinndy Morr (5 months ago)
Awesome buy! Had no idea that one could order from Dollar Tree online :)
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE (5 months ago)
Thank so much...I purchased my yarn online at the dollar tree... $1 per skein....
Eva Johnson (5 months ago)
I remember having a dress like this. Ty for this video. Like i always said. You're the BEST crochet teacher on the internet. Again tyvm.
Penny Miles (5 months ago)
Thank you so much😄
Carol Baesler (5 months ago)
My hubby won’t let me buy this yarn. Because I have some many balls of red heart yarn. Could I use this yarn-by any chance?
Dawn W (5 months ago)
I would use maybe an m hook and use the 2xl or 3xl size if using red heart
sandra tester (5 months ago)
I do believe two stands of the worsted weight red heart would be equal to the super bulky 6 weight yarn, I am facing the same issue with having so much of a specific yarn on hand that I feel guilty purchasing that much of the baby blanket yarn for one project. It is a fantastic pattern and I can't wait to see how mine turns out with my red heart yarn...good luck
Carol Baesler (5 months ago)
Jenn Joerns Thank you I will
Jenn Joerns (5 months ago)
Carol Baesler maybe 2 strands at the same time of red heart
Ladivaefi (5 months ago)
Hi Can you please tell us the chain amounts for a medium and large please?
Linda Myfatcatcow (1 month ago)
Grace stith I’d love a small .. I don’t think I can figure it out on my own 😢
Grace stith (5 months ago)
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE oh crystal please do a medium please pretty please
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE (5 months ago)
I would chain 31 for large.... I would have to remake the item to figure out any smaller sizes than that... I'm sorry
Ángela Bailén Navarro (5 months ago)
Carol Baesler (5 months ago)
Thanks for staying with us this way we don’t give up. This is why we love you. Who is going to wear this in your family
Patricia Mesa (5 months ago)
Thank you for this recipe. Sorry I'm at work and I'm tired. I have been wanting this kind of sweater for the longest time and I like the pocket in the front.
Sherry Trotter (5 months ago)
I always love your tutorials! Easy instructions and beautiful work! Thank you for sharing! ❤
WhiteHawk (5 months ago)
(at 1:44:00 when you started sewing the pocket) have you ever tried useing a slip knot on the other end of the yarn peace from the needle? I learned it from the crochet crowd here on YouTube. Mikey was saying that having the slip knot on the other end of the yarn peace and sew through a stitch and then the slip knot will keep that end from coming apart better than just weaving in the tail. I use this all the time and I find that it works great. Maybe it can help you out.
Kathryn Julie Greatbatch (5 months ago)
Hi Crystal love your tutorials, :) do you know what the equivalent UK sizes would be? Many thanks xx
Sharon Donovan (5 months ago)
Hi crystal. Thanks for doing a plus size poncho with hoody. Very nice. I enjoy your turtorial and the time you put in to explain how to make this thanks
Sara Chambers (5 months ago)
Thank you so much crystal for doing the 2xl and 3xl sizes i hope you do more 😁 x
Terri Pratt (5 months ago)
Thank you for including plus sizes 👍🏻🙂
silvia de vlieger (5 months ago)
Can you make this sweater in any yarn ?? ..Greetz from the Netherlands
Moon Wizz (5 months ago)
Wowzer thanks crystal your the best. Xx
Leelah (5 months ago)
That's so pretty! I am making one in grey, only with detachable button hood. ..and no pouch...with side slits. I started on it back in the winter....oh well, will use it for next fall and winter. :D
Jan Keeling (5 months ago)
I have lots of this yarn but not enough to make one color, so I may it with my sleeves & pocket contrasting. 😀
Sondra Bowers (5 months ago)
Hi Crystal, WOW! This looks so comfy. I would like to request you do an easy child’s vest pattern ,please. Your videos are very easy to understand. Much appreciated.
CanadianRose (5 months ago)
Do you have this available in smaller sizes?
Emilia Beeg (5 months ago)
I would use this same pattern, but adjust the pattern to fit the size u want. Pay attention to when she explains what to do for the 3X and 2X. Basically what I gathered was that the sizes go by 10. Hope this helps :)
Grace stith (5 months ago)
CanadianRose oooh please I hope she can help with a smaller one I so want to make one
Karen King (5 months ago)
I might do this If I can find a nice light brown color, I just love the design. Thankyou for sharing and your hard working getting this done, Crystal xx :)
Beverly Miller (5 months ago)
Really nice and you make it look so easy. You're a great teacher. Thanks
Bridget Wilson (5 months ago)
Love this project. Goals for Christmas
Reta Gorman (5 months ago)
Is easier if I know what part I'm crocheting.
Kim Burgess (5 months ago)
On the neck chain, Crystal, are you working 2 loops of the chain or back loop only? can't tell.
BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE (5 months ago)
It doesn't matter... either way, I think I went through both loops
Anita Hall (5 months ago)
Teresa Feren Celi (5 months ago)
Awesome. Can't wait to do one someday soon. Thanks Crystal ❤
Dee Johnson (5 months ago)
It's beautiful and I love it! Thanks
Stephanie Weiss (5 months ago)
Love...love...love this!! Thanks again!
Randi LaRocca (5 months ago)
Love this sweater hoodie. Great job. God bless. You Rock.
Autumn Fox (5 months ago)
Wow, this looks so cozy! Thank you for the tutorial.

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