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होटेल से भी ज्यादा टेस्टी वेज कोल्हापुरी|Perfect Restaurant Style Veg Kolhapuri | Mix Veg. Sabzi

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Hi everyone today I'm sharing Restarunt style Veg Kolhapuri step by step recipe.. Vegetable kolhapuri is Mix vegetables in a mildly spiced gravy. It is specialty from the state of Maharashtra. Enjoy eating :) For more easy and yummy recipes Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. ******************************************************************* Thank you for watching :) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here https://www.youtube.com/c/VishakhasKitchen Don't Forget to Share, Like and Comment!!
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Text Comments (62)
Pratikshya Mohapatra (5 days ago)
Kanda lesun masala ko kya bolte hein... English mein... Aur yeh kahan milega di..
Anju Menghwani (2 days ago)
Pratikshya Mohapatra onion garlic paste
ibrahim sk (6 days ago)
Outstanding sister love y
Vinayak Kadam (6 days ago)
Nice taste we like it 😘😘😘
Saurabh Shinde (9 days ago)
Very well explained..thank you mam😇🙏
Kartik kumar (13 days ago)
Bhut hi achii lagi aap ki veg kolapuri
Senthil Kumar (19 days ago)
Hetal Rathod (24 days ago)
really very nice explanation & very tasty receipee thanks a lot!
poonam kadam (24 days ago)
Hi mam hum sabjiyo ki jagah Chikan le sakte hai kya
Vishakha's Kitchen (23 days ago)
Deepaa J Ramaiyahh (1 month ago)
Hey I tried Ur recipe it turned exactly restaurant style. Thanks
sakina Pirzada (1 month ago)
maaam bht zyada achi recipie h ye......thanks maaam........love uh......😘
Vishakha's Kitchen (1 month ago)
thank you :)
Satish Salunke (1 month ago)
Very tasty
pooja mehandi (1 month ago)
V nice
Beena Batheja (1 month ago)
Hi , i tried it last night .. It was yum .. I also added pinch of sugar and that was turned to be delicious.. Thanks fr sharing such an amazing dish 😘 God bless
manny Praj (1 month ago)
Nahi... nahi pasand ayi... me try nahi karung jao!!!!
manny Praj (1 month ago)
" mataaar"
meena kanojia (1 month ago)
awesome 😄😚😘😙
Nirmal Thorat (1 month ago)
Awesome recipe, tried it and turned out really very tasty
patel jatin (21 days ago)
Nirmal Thorat hy
Vishakha's Kitchen (1 month ago)
thank you so much
sheela anuragi (1 month ago)
very nyc
Suresh Patil (2 months ago)
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
thank you
Neena Bhagat (2 months ago)
Shaikh Shabina (2 months ago)
pradnyesh naik (2 months ago)
Wa maste
pooja morey (2 months ago)
Tarannum Mapari (2 months ago)
Hello Today I made this dish very nice in Taste yummy its little spicy but still All said very good in taste😊
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
thank you so much for you feedback :)
M.N Bhalerao (2 months ago)
Very nice
Samidha Sawant (2 months ago)
I tried at my home It ws tasting yummy 1st class
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
thank you so much Samidha :)
pooja morey (2 months ago)
very nice explanation..i m definitely gonna make it
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
try it and let me knw your feedback :)
Piyush Ranjan (2 months ago)
Mix veg and veg kolhapuri me kya difference hai?
Suresh Patel (2 months ago)
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
thank you
Meena Gautam (2 months ago)
very very very nice recipe
Vishakha's Kitchen (2 months ago)
thank you Meena
Patel Bhavika (2 months ago)
Very nice
Amarjit Azaad (3 months ago)
Rajannagawadei Nagawade (3 months ago)
Khup chan recipe
Vishakha's Kitchen (3 months ago)
thank you so much
pradnyesh naik (3 months ago)
Nice Recipe😃
sayali shirke (3 months ago)
it's looks exactly like restaurant this is perfect recipe
Vishakha's Kitchen (3 months ago)
thank you so much for your comment
Priyanka Patil (3 months ago)
Priti Ranawat (3 months ago)
Tamatoes onion ke sath sakte hai??
Reena Rasoi (3 months ago)
Vannarath Gopi Krishnan (3 months ago)
😍 Encore excellent., Merci ! .
TRENDY ONE'S (3 months ago)
It is more tastier than of restaurant👍👍👍👍👍
Rajeshwari Waghela (3 months ago)
NITIN DONGRE (4 months ago)
Very well explained and neatly presented.
sugandha raj (4 months ago)
Tumra voice tumre dish ki trh awesome h...
Vishakha's Kitchen (4 months ago)
Thank you so much :)
sugandha raj (4 months ago)
Awesome vishu...
MINAJ PATEL (2 months ago)
Very nice me abhi bana rahi hu aise hi
Vishakha's Kitchen (4 months ago)
thanks :)
Rekha Pandhare (4 months ago)
Apki avaj bahut achi hai.😅

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