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Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe - Basic Recipes | Made using Milk

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Condensed Milk or Popularly also known as Sweetened Condesed Milk or Mithai Mate or Milkmaid is used in several desserts such as Eggless Cakes, Sevaiyaa, Kheer.. Milk which is cooked with sugar for a long time brings in a gooey, thick, sweet, creamy and delicious product. Although easily available, but one can make it at home with 3 simple ingredients and at even less than half the price of a Canned product! This is made with Milk, Sugar and a wee bit Baking soda which is optional. Real Ingredients, Amazing taste! Text Recipe: http://cookingshooking.in/condensedmilk/ Website: http://cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (1488)
Surekha Salve (2 hours ago)
DY Patil college you are
Tushar Deorukhkar (1 day ago)
Hiii mene aabhi kiya hai par wo jyada bravon ho gaya hai to ab kya karu pliz bataye sir
Muskaan Sawalakhe (1 day ago)
Really so easy...
shubhangi kalbande (2 days ago)
I make this just now it is so delicious very easy and cheap from market and fresh i am so happy your recipe are so good and easy to make
Nikhil kumar (2 days ago)
May we use baking powder
Ravi Chauhan (2 days ago)
ARD2005 (4 days ago)
How much condensed milk is made at the end?...... By the way love your video😄
ARD2005 (3 days ago)
CookingShooking thanks
CookingShooking (3 days ago)
380 ml
prashanthi sean (4 days ago)
NYC vid .. By the way ur accent is osm ..
Vanshika Baranwal (4 days ago)
Hey yaman hw long cn v store it in fridge with nd without baking soda
Shanthi Raja (5 days ago)
how long i can store ? do I need to keep in fridge only or i can keep on outside tight closed bottle like canned one ?
CookingShooking (5 days ago)
over a month in fridge..
cn I use normal milk please reply?
CookingShooking (5 days ago)
yes you can
6x stories (5 days ago)
What is the total time involved in this recipe
Tech Master Sharma (6 days ago)
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Tech Master Sharma (6 days ago)
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Junaid Khan (7 days ago)
Sir iski quantity kafi kum h
Akshamim - (7 days ago)
its perfect and sooo oo delicious!!!!😋 yum thanks
Sulekha Dutta (8 days ago)
very very nice
DHRUTI PATEL (8 days ago)
Hello I made it. It's yummy but my milk is thickned so is there any way to thin condense milk
murali krishna (8 days ago)
It is becoming harder after sometime
Jazz Rub (10 days ago)
its just me or this looks like the '' kuti puti kid '' from ellen
Zubeda Arshad (10 days ago)
Can we use fresh cow milk?
happy Living (11 days ago)
U need a haircut
Khadija Anwer (11 days ago)
Plzzzz plzzzz tell me kea hm ese bna k save kr sakty? I or ager kr sakty to kitni der k lea kr sakty or kase plzz btaeee
Henal Fathima (12 days ago)
you are rocking
Hazel Osta (12 days ago)
Very nice it worked out thankyou so much for this!!and keep it up!!💕💕
Hiren Bhavsar (12 days ago)
500 ml milk me kitne ml milkmade ready huva ?
Mari Concilia (13 days ago)
best friend
Mari Concilia (13 days ago)
best friend
Toshi talkies (14 days ago)
Khane ka soda use kar sakte h....??
Anitha Machakanti (15 days ago)
Super and thanks
Chaitu Dolly (15 days ago)
We can add powder sugar
Destinee Vargas (15 days ago)
Thank you 🙂🍧
Yeshwanth M (15 days ago)
excellent chef . god bless u dear
SHARIBAA6 (15 days ago)
Yes that condensed milk I prepared is exactly the same as of milk maid.nice recipe.
snipey (16 days ago)
Just tried making it, maybe it was due to me not adding enough sugar at the beginning or too high heat, there was a lot of curds that could not be filtered out. The taste is similar but with an addition of caramel flavor
Chaitu Dolly (16 days ago)
It's raw milk
Mihu Verma (17 days ago)
Full cream milk nhi lena hai kya??
Vijay laxmi Insan (17 days ago)
Over actor
Samawiya Aqeel (17 days ago)
Full cream milk kahan se milta hai?
Shoheb Mansuri (17 days ago)
भाई थोड़ा हिंदी भी इस्तेमाल कर लो इंग्लिश थोड़ा कम समझ में आता है
Charlotte Flair (18 days ago)
I don't have baking soda.... so,what I do???
snipey (16 days ago)
Charlotte Flair baking powder or potato starch?
Lovina Gibran (19 days ago)
500gr of milk 1 cup sugar and baking soda at the end. Tq. Perfect
Muktaa Dube (19 days ago)
Looks lovely n easy to make Give it a try today itself. How much do we yield out of the given quantity of milk n sugar
Nandini Nandini (20 days ago)
mind your tounge
Dolly Khurmi (20 days ago)
Mere condensed milk mein lumbs kyu bn gye....please reply
Ameena haseena (21 days ago)
it's amazing how easyyy I like it tnx
Nageswarrao Pamu (21 days ago)
how long I can store this🤔
arja P (22 days ago)
As soon as added sugar to milk, milk curdled! !!! WHY???????????????????
ATV Clarence Mentor (22 days ago)
What is the function of the baking soda?
Sumita Dhar (23 days ago)
amul gold....will it be ok??
Meghna Mehta (23 days ago)
Awesome recipe!
Surabhi Agro (23 days ago)
Ladkion se bhi acha milk banaya hai apne
Ye btain ise kitne din safe rakh sakte hain
Shashi Giri (25 days ago)
Is it really important to use baking soda....?
Nabanita Kundu (26 days ago)
I just came back to say you are soooo cute
Nabanita Kundu (26 days ago)
U were 15 when u made this... and now u must be 19? M so surprised! Wat a wonderful boy ... thank you for yhe recipe seeetheart
Sriram Kalavala (27 days ago)
Super... thank u...
Recipes as Ease (27 days ago)
Also..Yaman please share some recipes for making party type easy dry cauliflower recipe and wheat bhatura if possible . :-)
Recipes as Ease (27 days ago)
Hi Yaman bro.. for how long can we store this in fridge. Secondly can v use homemade dried beetroot powder for red velvet cake for giving it a red color ??
RAMU PALVAI (27 days ago)
Arun Nith (28 days ago)
holo ninga an thambi pola iruginga
diy fun with HP (28 days ago)
How to convert full cream milk into tonned milk
Abhi Abhiashi (1 month ago)
Is it used for ice cream also????
C.Divakar Divakar (1 month ago)
can v use baking powde
Rupali Bundale (1 month ago)
nice condense milk recipe.
Beena Shetty (1 month ago)
Boon for regular users. Thnx
Shruthi Sivaprakasam (1 month ago)
is baking soda so necessary?
Manjusha upadhyay (1 month ago)
Baking powder in Hindi
monica menaka (1 month ago)
Gerome Lucas (1 month ago)
Marami Twallot (1 month ago)
New subscriber...
Tanu Shree Sharma (1 month ago)
Meri mummy ne bhi bana liya 😋😋
Ravi Shukla (1 month ago)
My condensed milk turn dark like caramel don't knw y?
sahithi madha (1 month ago)
How to store this how many days it will be fresh
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
over a month in fridge in airtight
katari sivaramakrishna (1 month ago)
Hai this is usha video superb
Elsa derbe (1 month ago)
Menu Mishra (1 month ago)
Gar par spanji can bna Kar usko birthday ke layk kasy sajay cream gar par kayse banayn
innocent xhah xhah (1 month ago)
super duper
Mahadev .H H (1 month ago)
super man wow 😉 🙏 tnx for sharing I made it and loved a lot and lot tq
Raees Khan (1 month ago)
V nice
Miss Gautam (1 month ago)
Can i use normal home milk pls rply
Miss Gautam (1 month ago)
CookingShooking sir am from village, & here all the essential ingredients of ice cream such as vanilla essence amul fresh cream and other ingredients are not available pls suggest some easy way to make soft ice cream...
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
George B (1 month ago)
Hi, great video. What is the purpose of the baking soda? I couldn’t make out what was said. Thanks!
George B (1 month ago)
CookingShooking thanks!
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
it will make it thicker as the condensed milk cools
Marta Sinaga (1 month ago)
Can i use baking powder instead of baking soda?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
D venkata Chaitanya (1 month ago)
bro for 500 ml milk how munch quantity of suagar cup means how much sugar needed,300g like??????
Aswathydeepu Siva (1 month ago)
Super chechi...i prepared..thanq very much....
Alok Kumar (1 month ago)
Very good video thank you for sharing this recipe
Balasu Kadam (1 month ago)
it is best👍👍
Tahira Allaudeen (1 month ago)
Tytytytytytytyyt thank uu very very much for uploading this vedio tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt tytyt☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊
Puneet Jain (1 month ago)
Plz share recepie for making yellow salted butter at home
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Rajni Gupta (1 month ago)
really it's very nice, its looking very delicious 👌
Raksha saran (1 month ago)
its amazing
Raksha saran (1 month ago)
it is very easy n anytime its material is available at home,its not expencieve as compare to market condenced milk ,n its is useful for sweets ,ice creams, kulfi ,etc
Raksha saran (1 month ago)
it is very easy n anytime its material is available at home,its not expencieve as compare to market condenced milk ,n its is useful for sweets ,ice creams, kulfi ,etc
Raksha saran (1 month ago)
it is very easy n anytime its material is available at home,its not expencieve as compare to market condenced milk ,n its is useful for sweets ,ice creams, kulfi ,etc
Ramesh Anu (1 month ago)
It is very easy recipe
Sushil Ahuja (1 month ago)
PL give con no
Baishali's world (1 month ago)
Not 50:50,it's called 1:1
morning song Dhawan (1 month ago)
For how many days we can store this condensed milk???
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
over a month in fridge in airtight

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