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How To Cook With Cast Iron

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This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze! Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty MUSIC Promenade En Provence Licensed via Audio Network Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
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Text Comments (5448)
Tofu Kingpin (1 hour ago)
My steps: 1. Don't
ali zahedi (14 hours ago)
ali zahedi (14 hours ago)
EricWW2 (1 day ago)
all that for a fucking pan
usernamedefault0000 (1 day ago)
she talks like a retard?
LMleet06 (1 day ago)
This video imo is over complicated. What I do with my cast iron, never wash it (only when really necessary), just make sure after you finish cooking, its clean, extra oil and extra microscopic food is ok imo.
dowdawg (2 days ago)
You have gorgeous hands!!!
How4Basic (2 days ago)
too much work
opaz79 (2 days ago)
its honestly easier and better then teflon
Johnny Burns (3 days ago)
This is probably the most informative video on cast iron I have found. Super good job. And a funny joke at the end!
Expert1911 (3 days ago)
This is one of the few with correct instruction on how to care for Cast Iron Pans. Awesome job. http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/
pyr0pete (3 days ago)
You can even use Ballistol to season it!
cloris smith (3 days ago)
Why she is whispering? Why she's cut off the words and speaking trough the nose? Her voice goes up and down and the music is so loud I can't understand what type of oil is better than canola. And BTW canola is very bad for you.
highdownmartin (4 days ago)
Far too much like hard work. Wire wool if it's really rusty then just wash it oil it wipe out when it's hot. Piece of piss no bother at all
smart451cab (4 days ago)
I've already watched several of your videos and likely will watch more. One criticism: uptalk is very distracting, at least it is to me. It makes most of your statements sound like questions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_rising_terminal
lHawkel (4 days ago)
Oh man, you must really really love your pan to go through all that every time you cook. This is like an hour of foreplay for 5 minutes of sex.
Lady Grey (5 days ago)
Not as much work as I thought it would be! Thanks for the video, oh loved the ending as well ;) I found cast iron to create a much better flavor then those non stick and stainless steel pans,,,,,found a cast iron fry pan at the flea market for $5 just needs a good cleaning and seasoning. I got mine for the purpose of meat only
DaylightRobberyCA (5 days ago)
Fuck your vocal fry bitch.
VZ Ryder (6 days ago)
I just love your voice. Could listen to you all day long. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Başak Çetin (7 days ago)
Dereck LeRoy (7 days ago)
So....better than a cast iron skillet....taking a shot everytime this annoying ass bitch ends a sentence with an upward inflection. So goddamn annoying.
Sam LSD (8 days ago)
Says "Don't go to smoking point" Smokes the oil
Sam LSD (8 days ago)
Any cheep oil would do the job. Stop overreacting.
Robert Delisle (8 days ago)
Please stop talking like today’s snowflakes. Otherwise this is an interesting video. Thank you.
Jacob Melanson (9 days ago)
If you have a bunch of caked on grease or food residue that won't come off with even the toughest cleaning you can muster, you can put it in the oven on the self cleaning setting. You will definitely need to re-season your pan as this is pretty much like carpet bombing the entire pan, but I can guarantee you that it will burn all of the caked on gunk (I say gunk, but it's more like a coat of past food and grime that hardened) that you could only get with a chisel before (yes, I tried).
Co11in__ (9 days ago)
I like how she phrases the end. It's like loving a good woman, (keyword good) the more you give, the more you get back. That's actually kinda adorable
Dymphna1990 (9 days ago)
Can I use Coconut oil for seasoning, or does it have to be canola?
golden child (5 days ago)
I have read of people using lard or coconut oil. What did they use back in the 1900's? I doubt they had flax seed oil back then.
SWEATT (9 days ago)
jesus fucking christ it pissed me off when you tried to ask like thats not alot of work.. THAT IS ALOT OF FUCKING WORK
SWEATT (9 days ago)
why do you put the oil on the handle..... you are doing the most
SWEATT (9 days ago)
lol who has time for that
Duppsy Daisy (9 days ago)
Watching on repeat!
jackystone (10 days ago)
Can you season the cast iron with convection oven too?
TheCephalon (11 days ago)
I am not fucking going to put a protective layer of oil on my indestructible pan every time I'm done using it
laenaszone (11 days ago)
Ugggh Upspeak
Alvar Lagerlöf (11 days ago)
Cast iron is all we have
max simonidis (11 days ago)
use celsius!!!
416asshole (11 days ago)
How does someone know what I want and not want?
F.B.I (11 days ago)
I have 3 cast iron pans. This video is spot on, and helped me in my early stages of using them.
Chinchilla (12 days ago)
_Bone dry but still _*_boneless._*
DaBoogie (13 days ago)
Why in the world did you blur the logo on the handle? Completely unnecessary..
hokutomaster89 (13 days ago)
Jessica M (14 days ago)
Can I use olive oil For seasoning?
Ryan Armishaw (14 days ago)
Great video! Thanks for really documenting every stage of the process. Now I finally really grasp what is required
Alex Thomas (15 days ago)
DON'T use soap. It'll ruin your pan. Just use salt, a little water, and a steel wool pad with no soap in it. After scrubbing out the pan, heat it to smoking on the stove top and place it under warm, running water. This will steam clean it. Then thoroughly dry, and coat with a thin layer of oil (after pan has cooled enough to touch). Also, don't speak like this woman who puts the accent at the end of every sentence. Unless you're Canadian.
Andy C (15 days ago)
A lot of work but it looks great!!
Tony Bobay (15 days ago)
....or just don't do any of this. Heat the pan to kill bacteria/smoke the oil, scrape away the excess crap, and you are good to go. Oh well if the pan only lasts 15 years instead of 50? So little johnny won't get the family heirloom cast iron pan. It only costs $25, just buy a new one. It's still much cheaper, longer lasting, and cooks better than any teflon or stainless steel pan you buy for the same price.
Dave E (16 days ago)
Yep that is a lot of work.
Mark B (16 days ago)
I like cast iron and I'm starting to use it more...but I feel like I have to eat cold meals. Everyone says the same thing - "clean while it's hot"
Amrita Sethi (17 days ago)
Hello. Interesting video. Can you suggest a particular cast Iron skillet brand that I can buy?
shnobi24 (17 days ago)
Way too much oil.
Patrice Dube (17 days ago)
Background Music please?
Shashank Saxena (18 days ago)
I don’t know if it’s the way you speak but most of your end-of-lines are in-audible. When you break your voice at the end making that errrrr sounds.
ultra_fatty (18 days ago)
Like loving a good woman... yea.. thats cast iron cookware. 😉
Evie Henry (18 days ago)
I'm bulimic. I just got a cast iron pan and made garlic potatoes, it's so good!!
Ryan Miller (18 days ago)
You never use dish soap on cast iron dumbfuck!
Блеск 😆
kalle boll (21 days ago)
Shake my head... No dishwater use salt to scrub the rust
Cappy Thumper (21 days ago)
I forgot for a moment I was a married man. Thanks for the tips. Nice job.
ChaosStrike619 (21 days ago)
PUBG Pan lol
Bodragon (21 days ago)
Fry an egg on it. That's the true test.
Sean Rochford (21 days ago)
The dirty bitch did the switcharooski with the pans. 5,991,364 people dont worry you wont fool me
David l (21 days ago)
No, that’s a lot of work
C M (22 days ago)
fck all of that, put some oil on it, cook then let it sit and clean it later lmao
Mecha Iroh (23 days ago)
What do i do if it comes out sicky. Causes that's what happened. Do i re-do it?
nkaneti (23 days ago)
We have a cast iron thats been used since world war 1, still going strong
Sang Nguyen (23 days ago)
I thought it's a BIG no-no to use soap....
Queen Aqua (23 days ago)
😮😮😮😮 I had no idea!!
David Edwards 12661 (24 days ago)
love the cleaning part but the over heated denatured flax oil is carcinogenic
Anton EightBall (24 days ago)
Never take advice from liberal millennial
Kevin William (25 days ago)
Why does she end her sentences like she is asking a question?
ctguitarguy (25 days ago)
Way too much fucking trouble.
ming mctooter (25 days ago)
Mine started flaking after a year. But i left it for days without cleaning it and cooked everything in it. And i had sex with itz
stephen salinas (25 days ago)
Lmao, love the ending
*CANOLA OIL... along with PALM OIL and one or two others are carcinogenic...! And should be avoided like the plague..!* Ref: https://youtu.be/LjtVmiyemU8
joe shmo (25 days ago)
Lol it's not that hard all she sais! Ya fukn right! There was like ten examples of why it's a pain the ass
Perfect Dark 645 (26 days ago)
Also using bounce sheets to get rid of the rust
Cody Mayhew (27 days ago)
Does olive oil work
P Dee (27 days ago)
wonderful and detailed information.  Just like loving a good woman, only it's easier to tell if she's hot or cold at any moment and you don't have to always say "yes dear".  ;)
John Carpino (27 days ago)
Haha!! “...like loving a good woman.” That was a pretty cool comment!!
ayman mahgob (27 days ago)
This video was so cringe and retarded.
Nate (1 month ago)
aint nobody got time for that
the Voice in your head (1 month ago)
No matter how well seasoned the pan is, a fair bit of seasoning always comes off after each cooking. The pan at 3:04 doesn't have the mirror shine.
Joe Wilwerding (1 month ago)
Fuck this
Zach Lorton (1 month ago)
If I could just get past the uptalk . . .
SmoothTheKid (1 month ago)
I carefully hover my hand over every single pan I use........ so all pans are probably good conductors of heat? Wow, doesn't that make you question life?
Dagan Stras (1 month ago)
Wait, in your cheap vs expensive steak video, you said you like to flip often. I'm on to you -.-
like.and sub plz.spport back
habib levi (1 month ago)
In my experience, the more you give a woman, the more she takes.
Bryan Bui (1 month ago)
That’s way too much work, oiling and cleaning them every time you use them...
Sir Eddie (1 month ago)
AWESOME! I picked up a few cast iron cookware from ROSS DRESS FOR LESS and I noticed certain foods, such as bacon, simply cooks better, not to mention tastes better. Now I know how to care for my cookware!
XslasherX 2 (1 month ago)
how do you heat the cast iron with a tiny oven ????
Christian Thornton (1 month ago)
Never use soap. Ametuer hour.
Kay Kay (1 month ago)
You used detergent to clean it? That's a pretty big sin where I come from. Salt is used as Avery mild abrasive (with drops of water making a paste... Or just oil). Also, I couldn't finish the video due to the "up talk" / the California Coast accent. The intonation makes the rest of us CRAZY. I KNOW THAT, LOCALLY, PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE RUDE IF YOU DON'T END OUR SENTENCES WITH RISING INTONATION. But to the rest of us it's like reading a sentence in all CAPs.
EVATUBE1 (1 month ago)
Why non abrasive sponge AFTER steel wool is used?
T Tkkcvngtn (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Christopher Mercer (1 month ago)
What's the recipe for that tomato, mushroom, carrot, onion concoction? Looks tasty and apart of something else.
alexander wouters (1 month ago)
Item train bread however billion eastern prisoner protective studio similar.
Jacob Edkin (1 month ago)
Awesome video!
Chris Tanner (1 month ago)
Great content, but the uptalk inflection is distracting and annoying.
The Modern Hippie (1 month ago)
Time factor is way too much. Great taste but too much effort for everyday

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