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How To Cook With Cast Iron

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This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze! Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty MUSIC Promenade En Provence Licensed via Audio Network Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
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After washing the pan, always place a thin coating of oil on the pan, inside and out. This is called "seasoning". The pan should always be re-seasoned after each washing. If you reserve a pan for cooking only eggs, never wash the pan, wipe the pan with paper towels to remove the egg reminantes then place a thin coating of oil after each use. Also, with this reserved pan, the more often you cook the eggs in this pan it increases the eggs from sticking to the pan.
Benji Mlem (3 hours ago)
I was considering getting one until the video got to the part where you're supposed to get oil beyond smoking point - I don't like that idea, isn't burned oil unhealthy? And you kinda have to do that after every cooking, right?
Quiet Thunder (7 hours ago)
Her voice is so annoying. Maybe just the American accent, but she is constantly leaving sentences with an upper inflection as if she is asking questions.
Vincent M. (11 hours ago)
I just about never clean my skillet after cooking. I'll give it a good scraping with the end of a spatula to get all the stuck on bits of food up, but I'm just adding to the flavor every time I cook a steak, sausages, chicken, etc.
Ritercrazy (13 hours ago)
I love my cast iron pans.
Clifford Bodine (1 day ago)
"Like loving a good woman. The more you give, the more she takes!"
Jameson Cross (1 day ago)
You should laugh. You know that's non sense. You don't get cap back from a women the more you give. The more you give the more they want.
bilbil (1 day ago)
how can you understand what she is saying?
YouTubeName (1 day ago)
All this video did was reinforce my impression that cast iron is a pain in the ass to deal with. Plus she kept talking about how seasoning it gives it a “nonstick” surface, but then shows her using tons of oil to cook....
Amanda Nop (1 day ago)
Where do they get the portable stove
Glenna McNeil (1 day ago)
isn't it a bad idea to use olive oil to cook meat with? i thought it turns to trans fat at a high temp
WhatIThink (1 day ago)
Do I have to do all these steps every time I use the cast iron pan?
Sid Hammer (1 day ago)
Overall a pretty decent guide, but I have some additional recommendations from research and experience with several old pans I’ve reconditioned. A better way than cleaning it with soap to get rust/gunk off an old pan is to put it in your oven on the clean cycle. I got a nice old cast iron crepe pan on eBay that had some rancid gunk on it. The clean cycle is around 900° and it completely removes the old finish and gunk, reducing it to flaky brown stuff on top of a grey metallic surface (went in totally black). Let the pan cool enough to safely handle with mitts after the clean cycle and then immediately remove the flakes of old seasoning/gunk as soon as you can pick it up. Run it under warm water and give it a quick scrub with steel wool, copper wool, or a skillet chainmail is (the best thing since sliced bread). Don’t use soap as you will be filling in the open, unseasoned pores of the naked cast iron surface. I don’t see her solution of using soap as the worst thing since the pan is never fully stripped of its original seasoning with this technique, so you’re really just seasoning over it again and the soap probably won’t have made it into the pan surface unless you really scrub hard in the cleaning step. Cleaning mode in the oven is much easier/more thorough, however. Next place the pan straight into a 200° oven. This dries the pan and opens up the pores for oil application. Apply a layer of flax oil. Why flax oil? Shortest answer: it has the lowest smoke point. For a very detailed and well researched explanation for why flax is best, here’s the post that convinced everyone who cares a lot about using the best things that it’s superior (whether they’ve read it or not, I think it’s the person who sparked the trend amongst us cast iron snobs): http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/ Make sure to wipe any excess oil away as instructed. Then put the pan in at 450-500° upside down for an hour after preheat. Repeat this step at a minimum one more time, I do 3 total layers. This just adds a few more protective layers of the non-stick surface (which as the article explains, is a chemical process of the oil going past smoking point—the same process that renders foods cooked in smoking oils carcinogenic). Last tip from a seasoned pro (😉): buy a chain mail scrubber! Amazon has several variants, but it’s way easier/more effective than salt and you can just throw it in the dishwasher if/when it gets too funky/greasy. Use this and guard your pan from soap the wielding-pan abusers who might ruin your prized possession. If the finish is compromised by an ignorant or malicious actor, you can always clean and season again—but hopefully you can educate people around you to treat your pans as they should your knives: with proper care and respect 🍳🥩🍽🍻
Maritime Grime (1 day ago)
Her vocals fry even more than that cast iron pan.
rickallmighty Jones (1 day ago)
OMG 😲 like loving a good woman? Really?
TheCoomer (2 days ago)
They have invented Teflon you know
ordinaryaverageguy (2 days ago)
Where's the fun in that? :-D
Ada Harrison (3 days ago)
"Simple" is the biggest joke I heard out of this video.
This Pan Remind me PUBG :)
James Carl (3 days ago)
Like a woman ...more u give the more she'll take & if u don't give enough she'll take everything, lol
P P (3 days ago)
We call it the PUBG Pan.
Dontaye Eder (3 days ago)
Won't get poisoned either
DogOfHades (3 days ago)
She laughed at the end because she knows it's not true :P
Natasha Armstrong (3 days ago)
Sumone comment
Natasha Armstrong (3 days ago)
Yeah it is alot of work, u got that right
notcyn (4 days ago)
lmfaoooo some of you guys listen to one ep of This American Life and think youre vocal coaches 🙄 yes, we get it, u know what vocal fry is, open your speech therapy practice already or get out the comments 🤦🏾‍♀️
Jeraziah (4 days ago)
this completely turned me off from cast irons, way to many steps and work for a pan. 5:45 women that take this much work are largely viewed as a bad thing, not a good thing.
David Buschhorn (4 days ago)
My cast iron skillet is thirty years old and looks like a black mirror on the bottom. I just love it.
Leo Angelo (4 days ago)
Plan to buy! Hahahahaha.... Theres something wrong at the end of this video... lol.
Zhynn Reyes (4 days ago)
What type of cut is that steak? I wanna cook that 😁
ordinaryaverageguy (2 days ago)
I believe that was a porkchop.
David Zhao (5 days ago)
I'd rather buying a cheaper new pan every year lol.
A very young squid (5 days ago)
I've had a cast iron pan in my family kitchen its older than me and it has caked on gunk on the edges and salt scrubing hasn't worked any ideas or hacks please?
manikarnika t (5 days ago)
Making sunny side up with lots of oil can keep the iron skillet seasoned.
Todd Sloan (6 days ago)
The idea is solvable with a spoonful of coconut oil to avoid the crust.
ohtrueyeahnah (6 days ago)
More ASMR from her please
Madison Fickling (6 days ago)
You use sooo much oil! It's horrible
trkoby (6 days ago)
F**K ALL THAT! EVEN MORE Glad I don't have cast iron after watching!
trkoby (6 days ago)
@1:40 you can still see rust... So your options are Teflon or rust... I'll take Teflon
ordinaryaverageguy (2 days ago)
Of course, if Teflon leaches into your food it isn't good for you but if iron leaches into your food it's like taking a vitamin.
Nekko Cooper (6 days ago)
What the fuck does cleaning the handle have to do with cooking with cast iron? I guess you could also say that you should wash your hands before cooking with cast iron, pop any zits on your face, and douche or clean your penis and asshole. Stupid twat
vborovikov (7 days ago)
Cast iron doesn't stick if it's hot enough. Just make it really hot before cooking anything. Same with stainless steel pans.
Jim Fariello (7 days ago)
Iron, the only way to cook.
Stephen B (7 days ago)
Holy shit that is a not of work for one pan
nancy cogar (7 days ago)
I’ve got a case iron skillet and I’ve had it almost 40 years! It was past down to me by my grandma, I don’t know how long she had it, but it’s the best skillet I’ve got!
jopimp14 (7 days ago)
Or you could just buy a new one in the camping section and take care of it
SudenYoiku (8 days ago)
it smoke alot when you put it in the oven! mygods
juanitaflores2224 (9 days ago)
Lo love the last part of the video
mariuh559 (9 days ago)
What can I do if I don’t have an oven ?
mus x (9 days ago)
or buy a new one, thanks i learned a lot.
Tomoaki Tomoaki (9 days ago)
When you realize that pubg pan is a cast iron not a pan.
kardrasa (10 days ago)
I hate how this woman talks
M. S.K (10 days ago)
Alan Ramos (10 days ago)
Rami Yako (10 days ago)
The ending lmaoo. Cast iron needs tending loving like a women
Emmy Guiang (10 days ago)
Is okay to use the cwst iron pan if its black layer came off? My daughter left it full with water not realizing the effect to it.
KuroSama (11 days ago)
Can i cook a chicken dinner with this?
Tnguy (11 days ago)
Since u gotta clean it right away after cooking, the food would be ice cold by the time i finish cleaning it
Jason Green (11 days ago)
The idea is cool but I'll stick to my stainless steel
humera shaikh (11 days ago)
By the end of the video i had even forgotten a few steps
TheScientificAsian (11 days ago)
But can it block bullets?
Frank Tenpenny (12 days ago)
subscribed immediately
pjamese3 (12 days ago)
...or you could just get a modern non-stick pan that you can just wash and let dry in a dish rack.
uki (12 days ago)
she is eating the word. reminding me of a high school diva
Robert Anderson (12 days ago)
One thing I would add is once your cast iron has cooled COMPLETELY, give it a final wipe with a towel to remove any surface oil. After it has cooled and the metal has contracted you don't need to leave any surface oil on the pan. A cold pan should look and feel dry to the touch. Surface oil will only attract bugs and go rancid. Once you heat it again you'll notice it looks oily as this is oil trapped in the pores being released. Also, avoid metal tools that can scrape the surface. Use plastic or wooden tools. If you do need to scrape stuck on food off an iron skilled then drag the scraper like you are trying to fill in a nail hole with putty instead of pushing the scraper as this will tend to scrape off the seasoning with the food.
Justin Reily (12 days ago)
The other VERY IMPORTANT reason why you want to remove as much excess oil off of the pan, before putting it in the oven is because if you don't, your oven will turn into a smoke bomb.
Willi Hansen (13 days ago)
Vocal fry
winebox (13 days ago)
Found an old cast iron skillet in the trash that was crusted all over. Used oven cleaner and 25 years later still use it.
Jerry Therapist (13 days ago)
*PUBG Pan*
Brocoli Anns (13 days ago)
Or. . . just buy a new one. That’ll work, right?
Chas Austin (13 days ago)
Almost every sentence this woman speaks sounds like a question
BeeFriendlyApiary (13 days ago)
Beats cancer using Teflon!!!
Christopher Ian (13 days ago)
Please, Please, Please! get rid of the annoying music, or turn it down or talk louder. I've heard some say, use a lard, solid at room temp, others say don't use saturated fat. Some say, soap is Ok to clean after cooking, that the oil is well sealed onto the metal. But best to not use a lor of soap.
Karla Marrero (14 days ago)
Takes a whole hour just to prep the skillet.
Allen Gibson (14 days ago)
I agree that investing in my cast iron is well worth the love and effort. Now if I could just find that "good woman" mentioned I'd be set!
Flavius Carp (14 days ago)
Dat' loving! I knew a woman's place is in the kitchen.
redrock1963 (14 days ago)
Someone should invent a NON STICK fry pan.
Canada One Way (14 days ago)
It’s a lot of work for just a cooking pan
So basically cast iron takes a shit ton of time to take care of
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (14 days ago)
Pubg pan!
FreschAyre (14 days ago)
They really do last almost forever if you treat them with respect. I have a few pieces that my grandmother used on a coal fired stove in the 1930's. They are still going strong.
Timmy Wells (14 days ago)
Just bought a cast iron pan thinking it would be easy to season....lord.
Weaseltube (15 days ago)
All that post cooking care is a waste. The seasoning will protect it from rusting, there's no need to heat-dry it, or oil it and cook it again after every meal. The seasoning will protect it from rust. If you do see rust then the seasoning has degraded well past where it's of any use in cooking. Just reseason it. Heating a pan 3 times for each meal is ridiculous.
TheHvk (15 days ago)
Good info, but still not worth the hassle of dealing with in my opinion.
Jack Martin (15 days ago)
Or buy a new one you bastard.
Arschnart (15 days ago)
This is way too much fucking work to cook a steak and some vegetables.
Tamim Hossain (15 days ago)
Dan Webb (15 days ago)
you can cook ANYTHING in cast iron / once seasoned !!! but mine is near 200 years old so well seasoned !!!
Dan Webb (15 days ago)
hummm got to re-season with bacon or burger / singe well till slick put up wiped / rinsed well but leave some oils in the cast iron - you can give it on down to your great grandkids kids kids kids kids etc ///
The Explorer (15 days ago)
Its the pan!!!
KevG8 (15 days ago)
this thing is just too much work. i dont have 30mn to clean a cast iron at every meal! + it let dirty black color on everything you cook in it. I just sent it back to amazon for a refund. Climb a mountain seems easier 1st and last time
Duy Hua (15 days ago)
Is she telling me how to do something or is she asking me? Because most of her statements end like this? Even thought the information was great? And, I really appreciated it? It is kind of annoying? When people phrase everything like a question? lol. Thanks for the information though XD
Chris Ashcroft (16 days ago)
Like loving a good woman, the more you give, the greater the expectation!
Erin Vaughn (16 days ago)
Best cast iron video ever !! 🖒👏❤
A Black Chair (16 days ago)
I guess I'm ready to go for the drop , 225 guys
TheFBM2011 (16 days ago)
What the fuck at the end. Thot laughing pretty much??
Hugo Sandoval (16 days ago)
"It's like loving a good women" well geez if it takes me this long then I won't have time to love my women lol
Kevin Hagler (16 days ago)
I saw this a year ago and bought one. Now I never use it. Thanks Obama.
Shambunath S T (16 days ago)
Thanks from Kerala India 🙏👍
Rob C (16 days ago)
Flaxseed oil is not expensive. You made it sound like people are buying liquid gold.
Matty Vlogzzz (16 days ago)
for some odd reason her voice and the cleaning of the pan is satisfying and relaxing idrk whats wrong with meh
Pig0Benis88 (16 days ago)
You can get 2, 12 inch T-Fal pans for 30 bucks on Amazon. They're super non-stick, don't warp, cook evenly, have a preheat indicator and you can wash them any way you want.
Beauty Geek (16 days ago)
This confirms my thoughts that cast iron are high maintenance! I still want one but I probably won’t use as often.

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