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I hope you like my recipe for 3 ingredient Yema. Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. Simple Cooking Club http://www.simplecookingclub.com/ Check us out & grab your FREE e-Book FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Ingredients Butter 395 Grams of sweetened condensed milk 3 Egg yolks

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Text Comments (392)
kara m (2 months ago)
why were you using a fake hand?? that is so eerie lol.
Peter Pendon (4 months ago)
I am a philipino kid
Bel Jo (6 months ago)
Yummy dessert ❤
Pokelo h (6 months ago)
Who else is eating yema while watching?
may cribe (1 year ago)
thank you sir I well cook yema now :)
rosette u (1 year ago)
Mmm nice making. 😘 its how i made mine too. Very simple and tradional.
laiza macam (1 year ago)
im a pilipino
Carl Matthew (1 year ago)
wow...you know how to cook that Iam a filipino✋
FoxPonyShift2013 (1 year ago)
Yema tastes a little like caramel.
regie ocido (1 year ago)
d why do you love philipines recipe
MC (1 year ago)
jannine Jaime (1 year ago)
who here speaks tagalog
jannine Jaime (1 year ago)
Azylizertaku (1 year ago)
im a filipino :3 yema is soo gooooddd
QBee (1 year ago)
Are you ignoring that creepy hand? XD
Golden Stars (1 year ago)
im making now
Paris Da FancyUnicorn (1 year ago)
ya guys try yema it's so delicious you can also add peanuts in it 😀 Yummmmmmmmmy
Savage Leuiza (1 year ago)
Im a filipino!
Panda Sneeze (1 year ago)
do you not get diabetes beacause it's so sweet i already tasted that
Pusang InangGala (1 year ago)
thanks for making a Filipino treat in your channel. Salamat! :)
thats a filipino sweet im a pilipina
wannabe 3 (2 years ago)
People usually add peanuts or roll it into sugar.
Bibimbapski (2 years ago)
The magic of condensed milk!
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
Omg pause at 0:48....DID ANYONE ELSE SEE HIS HAND ?!?!??!?!?!?!
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
+Doni Crunchy yyaazzzzz XD
Doni Crunchy (2 years ago)
It's a zombie's fake hand attached to his spatula XD
Black Rabbit (2 years ago)
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
0:49 is better
Maritess Burgos (2 years ago)
cheuk kwan lai (2 years ago)
too sweet
Lualhati Pagadora (2 years ago)
Lualhati Pagadora (2 years ago)
im a filipino
make yema cheesecake!!!
Arabelle Ortaleza (2 years ago)
Hi, i really love your show!
Sophia Zheng (2 years ago)
That looked really grooms when it started to get thick
Mimi Apple (2 years ago)
I really want to try this recipe but I don't know what I can do with the egg whites something easy on the side
Krustacean (2 years ago)
Why ar you using a fake hand?
Adriel Garcia (2 years ago)
omfg, i love yema!!!! yema is the shit dawg!!! btw, my mom adds some peanut butter to the yema mixture.
EverythingSweet (2 years ago)
I LOVE YEMA! I always get it when I go to the Philippines🙉🙊🙈
Mariel Jeanne Seras (2 years ago)
heeey high five from all us filipino fan
Dlesiree Kimkim (2 years ago)
can u do pastillas it just 3 ingredients too and its pilipino treats You will need is powder milk condensed milk and sugar please
shygirlnow2011 (2 years ago)
YUM! sounds good. I love filipino food that I have tried. thanks.
Lhee San (2 years ago)
Haha You Are Right Its From Filipinos.. And I'm A Filipino.. Thank You For Teaching Me How To Make A Yema.
The Fairy Tail Girls (2 years ago)
i never knew americans would knew how to cook food from our land and its not that popular too
The Fairy Tail Girls (2 years ago)
and most yemas are shaped square
The Fairy Tail Girls (2 years ago)
and there are different types of yema some are hard some are sft and some are chewy
Miss KTwice (2 years ago)
Never heard of Yema...
Miss KTwice (1 year ago)
+Nicole Joshi Oh..
Nicole Joshi (1 year ago)
Lots of people haven't , its not a big deal
Russel Ford Manila (2 years ago)
Hello sa mga Filipino Dyan :D
t w i s k u t (1 year ago)
Ay parehong
The Fairy Tail Girls (2 years ago)
Jerviz Arpa (2 years ago)
+Russel Ford Manila Hello :)
It's Catherine (2 years ago)
Filipino here!
eut Expert (2 years ago)
favor please make a pastillas 😊
Jenny Nightmare (2 years ago)
Pause at 1:55 lol that face though!
Chae Chae (2 years ago)
I can speak filipino
Shadow Hammer 6 (2 years ago)
Can you please make manicotti?!!?!
for the first Moment i thought that was apricots :DDDDD
Puma Amore (2 years ago)
wow yema is delicious! tnx!
Noslen Lacson (2 years ago)
O lala yema!
Soshi Sone (2 years ago)
can you make pastillas?? it's a filipino dessert too
Owen Zaden Tamayao (2 years ago)
Its taste like caramel
Owen Zaden Tamayao (2 years ago)
That is so good. Im from the philippines
Jaime Pena (2 years ago)
Why did you discontinue the rooster? Bring back the rooster!!!! Plz
African Grey Parrot (2 years ago)
So it's sweet eggs?
kaleigh davis (2 years ago)
Why does every time he tastes the food he makes, he looks like he busted a nut but she keeps suckin.
Pip Hall (2 years ago)
P M (2 years ago)
I Can Not Wait To Do This Recipe. I've Actually Seen A Recipe Like This. Thank You For This Recipe And Doing This Channel.
EllaScott 35 (2 years ago)
I love it how its his 2nd vid about filipino delicacies and im filipino so appreciate that...kudos to you and your channel
Nikolas caleb (2 years ago)
What does it taste like
CookingwithMani (2 years ago)
I...do not actually know what Yema is. Now I know how to make it though :)
GranMaXoXoFly (2 years ago)
Did your hand get old from how long the mixture took to thicken? Lol
Tauras Zilinskas (2 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel My Parents don't like your cooking they say that your'e a menace to the kitchen
Doni Crunchy (2 years ago)
Your parents suck. Fuck off
Erica Dialogo (2 years ago)
Ommggg yemma😱 im definitely gonna make this with my mum ang sarap👍👍 best channell
BlackMasterJoe89 (2 years ago)
WTH is Yema?? I never heard of this in my life.
itz yanaa (2 years ago)
Can't believe his amazing weight transformation. Awesome job
heartears angel (2 years ago)
i love these but my mum always add-in some crushed peanuts. tastes way better that way.
James (2 years ago)
i didnt even know you like filipino.
Salamat Simple Cooking! (Salamat-Thank you)
jojo being raip (2 years ago)
did anyone notice the zombie hand spatula o.o
Heghineh Cooking Show (2 years ago)
Never tried those before , look interesting but not very appetizing :)
Low Priority Lord (10 months ago)
he failed to garnish it with caramel sauce or caramel itself.. its not supposed to look like that xD
Danilo Flores (1 year ago)
Heghineh Cooking Show try it, it's super super yummy
Malnourished Pig (1 year ago)
+copperhead4102 They can made into balls too.
copperhead4102 (2 years ago)
Your suppose to make the, into squares or pyramids, because that how there usually finished into
Heghineh Cooking Show (2 years ago)
+Malnourished Pig ok:)
caiden heath (2 years ago)
I sure have missed a lot, you've got a website and changed the intro, time sure flies lol
JanaWehbe (2 years ago)
VinKa (2 years ago)
How do u get a free ebook I would love to get my hands on one
- A (2 years ago)
i miss the chicken at the end of the intro
Sarah Eades (2 years ago)
Rose Clementine (2 years ago)
croook croookooo
Iris Medina (2 years ago)
You should make a raindrop cake I have tried for the longest time end I keep on messing up you are the best cooking channel that I know your biggest fan Pamela
Maila Antolin (2 years ago)
I'm totally making this today lol, I never knew it was this easy to make. Ive been craving yema ever since my last visit to my beloved country 😆 thanks so much for this vid ❤️❤️❤️
Fabian Ortiz (2 years ago)
make Lego gummys :D
little sisters (2 years ago)
If u don't know what to make next vid u can make coconut ice cream
Brendan Paul (2 years ago)
little touch of vanilla or lemon would be lovely
Dawn Louise Lim (2 years ago)
SweetTooth (2 years ago)
Make polvoron please
Yerbua Merch (2 years ago)
OMG you should try making polvoron 😍
KerryAnne G (2 years ago)
God that song is sooo annoying!
KerryAnne G (2 years ago)
and you need to address your attitude!
Maila Antolin (2 years ago)
+KerryAnne G well then, skip through it instead of you complaining and commenting shit about it. Geez! It's his intro and if its what he likes then you can't do anything because you're only his audience.
KerryAnne G (2 years ago)
RUDE! I do like this channel just not the daft song!!
Maila Antolin (2 years ago)
Then why watch dumbass, go watch something you like not something you don't 😑
MARRt3k (2 years ago)
love your vids man
Lila S. (2 years ago)
I really like the new intro (:
Lel Yema is so good and i suggest you sould do PASTILLAS next its an candy like yema too so yeah just saying because iam a Filipino
Santina Miguela (10 months ago)
Filipino too and i agree
PNG (1 year ago)
+Jaredwargamer TV Uy may ada taga Leyte nganghi
Jared Anthony Moron (1 year ago)
me too I live in Leyte
Jherie Anne Mendoza (2 years ago)
omg! yeeees! Filipino here. :D
Kim Chelsea (2 years ago)
Miyayaya Y. (2 years ago)
OMG filipino yema is so good! ☺ thank you! ☺
Rubayath Disha (2 years ago)
egg yolk condensed milk and butter
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
+luxytommo oohhh yes, now I know..
luxytommo (2 years ago)
+B.G. Simpson condensed milk is already very sweet so I don't think you need sugar.
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
+B.G. Simpson sugar ** blahhh
B.G. Simpson (2 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel what about the suger ??
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Cheanne Colderia (2 years ago)
Im filipino and nice to see that video... Because i like yema.... Hehe :)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Thanks :D
Anas elyamlahi (2 years ago)
Hi chef :) , thanks for this recipe , ... I asked you last video about the program's name , that you make your intro videos ,, can i get it please :)
Anas elyamlahi (2 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel thank you chef :) , but i means how make your cartoons :D , if that possible of course :p
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Pinnacle Studio :D
Sir Toby (2 years ago)
This is why I love your channel!
thea faye (2 years ago)
Thanks po! Are you a filipino?
Michelle Saballas (2 years ago)
yema made in the philippines! :) #itsmorefuninthephilippines!!
Murat Yağlı (2 years ago)
Can you make dango balls in next video :D
Harry Lad (2 years ago)
How to make curry? Plzzzzzz
Bernadette Ortiz (2 years ago)
Love from the Philippines! 😊
Josiah Flores (2 years ago)
I always love watching your Filipino stuff are you Filipino? Cuz I am lol
BunnyFett (2 years ago)
How do you find all these recipes? :D
Calyly YT (2 years ago)

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