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April Gaming Chest Unboxing

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Sign up to Gaming Chest via their website for just £19 a month plus P&P! Don't forget to email them and quote "Chrissa sent me" for extra goodies! http://www.gaming-chest.com/Contact-Us Website: http://www.gaming-chest.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialgamingchest The Gaming Chest is a subscription based mystery box. Each month you will receive an array of products from figures, clothing and accessories, mixed with a combination of smaller products items such as key rings, stickers and many more. All tailored around the theme of the present month. An amazing monthly treat for yourself – but Gaming Chests also make fantastic gifts! Buy games for less: https://www.g2a.com/r/heychrissa Join me and become partnered with Maker Gen/Studios Network! http://awe.sm/dKm31 Find me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/heychrissa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heychrissa Instagram: http://instagram.com/heychrissa/ Intro by Rogan! Check out his work below: https://twitter.com/RoganTheGypo https://www.youtube.com/RoganFPS http://www.reddit.com/r/Graphicy/ Music (used with permission): Skywide - Island Moon Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/skywidemusic Bandcamp: http://skywide.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skywide/198753383533815 Track Name: Stratosphere (Album Mix) Buy Link: http://music.monstercat.com/album/monstercat-020-altitude Bandcamp: http://music.monstercat.com/ Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat

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Text Comments (17)
Nebul (3 years ago)
BlackHawkDownUnder (3 years ago)
Oh dear... AC pop vinyls... and I was doing so well at not buying those... Might have to get myself Arno and Elise so they can finally be together like they should have been at the end of Unity.
Jeppe Madsen (3 years ago)
Broken Age act 2?
Jeppe Madsen (3 years ago)
I'm very happy to hear that :) 
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+J. Thøisens Today :D I didn't want to record it yesterday as it was my birthday and I was chilling out - streamed instead and released this video :)
nutluck (3 years ago)
I thought the card one you got before was a super hero one, avengers or something like that I thought. Or maybe I am just crazy.
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+nutluck Nah you're probably right! I completely forgot which one it was and for some reason I had Terminator in my head.
Bobby Baker (3 years ago)
Halo 4 ever
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+Bobby Baker I think the Halo box will be goooodd!
A Competent Brit (3 years ago)
omg jiggly butt, I bought two Pop! Movie characters from Men Kind in Blackpool, Alien and Predator, so cool!.
A Competent Brit (3 years ago)
You can buy them online :D menkind dot co dot uk Chrissa! :D
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+A Competent Brit Ahhh, I've seen those, they look so cool! Very jealous :D
Tim Van De Looy (3 years ago)
Happy birthday! You got any dope presents from jack? :P
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+Tim Van De Looy Haha nah, we don't really give gifts. I've been overwhelmed with generosity from friends and family though, enough to last a life time :D
GeckoTH (3 years ago)
Some awesome goodies in there! Black Flag was outstanding, and I definitely recommend you go back and play it through sometime. I loved the handful of let's play vids you did with Jack back in the day for that game.
GeckoTH (3 years ago)
+heychrissa I have fond memories of AC1 as well. Some people felt it got a little repetitive, but I really liked how the main assassination missions were fairly open. Meaning, you were more in control of how you wanted to take your target down, instead of being forced to do specific things as the later games did. Unity was a welcome return to these sorts of free-form assassinations. Speaking of Unity, you'll definitely miss the free-running descent feature introduced in that game (my goodness, that was sorely needed in the previous games, lol).
heychrissa (3 years ago)
+GeckoTH I really have to get around to playing it again soon but I'd love to go back and re-play AC1 and then maybe Brotherhood. And the box was a lot of fun, looking forward to the Halo one :D

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