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Modestep - Summer [Monstercat Release]

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Text Comments (637)
Monstercat: Uncaged (3 months ago)
Summer can’t come soon enough! While it’s not quite here yet, we’ve got this 🔥track from Modestep! See Modestep and more at https://monster.cat/UN1VERSE
HO OH (1 month ago)
Mondy Mangy (3 months ago)
Mondy Mangy (3 months ago)
Perfecto 👌.
5StarGamer (3 months ago)
Let the summer begin, spring is killing me because of my allergies!
McBear (3 months ago)
Last year's *Summer Was Fun*
ZappingHero (2 days ago)
This Summer so far actually isn't too bad after-all compared to last Summer, and that is because I went on vacation during actually Summer Season (in early July), it's also because I got a pair of kitty-ear Wearing-Axent headphones (that light up and has speakers on it too), plus I even went on a Bike ride too (which I never did at all during last Summer). :) Love the song and vocals too actually, I even enjoyed the drop quite fairly better than I originally had before as well. :)
AstroCatxx (2 days ago)
This song is banger!!! Wish i heard it before lmao(maybe i did but didn't like it at that time oof). Hope it gets 1M views. Modestep make more drop like this. 👌
Nick Winz (3 days ago)
We all can relate to the line "I just can't wait until the summer", but the other lines I couldn't relate to. But come the end of summer 2018, oh boy I will be able to relate to the lyrics. "When I meet with you again"
Pinkielicious Plays (3 days ago)
youkan001 _gaming (17 days ago)
I love it!
BOGDAN beliciu (27 days ago)
At 2:10 is the best drop
Fox (28 days ago)
Summer is come
i_like _blankets (29 days ago)
Still here listening to this rocking music🤘👌👍
ZaBriskyBdog (1 month ago)
367 people must like winter
[GD] Oddpepper (1 month ago)
Andrew Stromyer (1 month ago)
modestep got that widdiley widdiley womp
MariusGamer TO (1 month ago)
who is here before 500K views?
Gonzii (1 month ago)
need remix
Thomas (1 month ago)
I wish I could give this song 1M likes... it's so good...
Angelo Mota (1 month ago)
love monstercat
GalaxyXYT :3 (1 month ago)
It’s about time this song has been recognized
Caitlin Burt (2 months ago)
Bryan Channel (2 months ago)
Lyrics: Indonesian Saya tidak bisa menunggu sampai musim panas, musim panas, musim panas ... [x2]
Benett Makó (2 months ago)
nagyon teccik
Krzysztof Diabel (2 months ago)
I Love it 😍😍
hampus lundbohm (2 months ago)
not many days left guys hope you have a great summer
ZappingHero (2 months ago)
I just can't wait until the Autumn, when the leaves on the trees begin to change the colors. I just can't wait until the Fall, when I meet with you again.
Eduardo Alvarado Guzman (2 months ago)
Love the fall. I feel most alive during Fall.
DJ Venom official (2 months ago)
dubstep mode on - modestep
Ded2hark (2 months ago)
0:53 your welcome 😁
Kaleo Zhu (2 months ago)
I'm listening to this sick banger nonstop because I only have 2 weeks of school left until summer break. Great song!
thefuny daino (2 months ago)
It's a trap!
Leafy N.J (2 months ago)
vladislavchik (2 months ago)
Tommorow summer...!
buddhasmk UK (2 months ago)
why the hell is this not on rocket league
Menj Villalobos (2 months ago)
can we use your music on our vlogs?
JLZ Crusanfrye (2 months ago)
Hypestesia (2 months ago)
One month until my mandatory army is over and I get sent home. I really can't wait for the summer! Love this song <3
Inés Camaño (2 months ago)
I just can't wait until I end my finals... X'D
Vipermon (2 months ago)
My summer has begun for me yay
Wilson Da Silva Neto (2 months ago)
Vomo eu amo
Forgotten (2 months ago)
ill lose my weight until the summer lol
Is it possible for an uncaged song to make you feel good? Apparently.
blah (2 months ago)
Ima be mad when summer actually hits and this song is outdated :(
T. Scope (2 months ago)
Is lit
Shaheer Khan Farhan (2 months ago)
this track made my headphones and a friends speaker on FIRE 💥💥💥
Ghosts Prayers (2 months ago)
cool stuff right over there
Yanna Horosco (2 months ago)
Jevi jevi
AirlessFate (2 months ago)
Drop that Summer beat like it’s hot! ✌️✌️
Tor Nado (2 months ago)
ENDER Ledzen (3 months ago)
Чё этак пригодно?
Yeet’s Corner (3 months ago)
Hybrid trap
Yeet’s Corner (2 months ago)
Description says trap too
BetOnChris (2 months ago)
Yeet’s Corner it’s dubstep...
Pretty Roqayya (3 months ago)
I just can’t wait until the summer ☀️🎮😴
Georgi Murlev & Petar (3 months ago)
#32 In bulgaria! Love this summer!
Dasca (3 months ago)
Luv this one <3
ЛАЙТ (3 months ago)
killerblood (3 months ago)
obeyo1 (3 months ago)
It's not summer yet! Modestep makes me want it to come sooner!
U CAN CALL ME 400 (3 months ago)
Mprove YourKD (3 months ago)
Anyone here because of TSM Myth? This song is lit
Prefekt (3 months ago)
Modestep = Beast
Dub Step (3 months ago)
My Summer includes : The Hot Ass Desert, with constant dry breezes, and 120° Centigrade every day.
Burai (3 months ago)
dope track :D
Sarah Ludwig (3 months ago)
I prefer Winter but this song is awesome :D
ZappingHero (2 months ago)
Sarah Ludwig I think Fall is my very favorite Season to be into.
Rishab Nayar (3 months ago)
Anyone here from myth?
Jermaine Lewis (3 months ago)
Leo Novvem (3 months ago)
Mode "Step": *ON* B)
Virtual Chaos (3 months ago)
Virtual Turtle (3 months ago)
Pretty damn fresh! I just don't really dig the drop but that's me
Virtual Turtle (3 months ago)
That intro is absurtly sick btw
NoSwear (3 months ago)
Sounds fantastic, great song
Almost there till summer break!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Kofi Ampomah (3 months ago)
Late, but I just love the way it transitions to the drop. Silky smooth
love you in ROK.
JasonHook100 (3 months ago)
Monstercat is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeroSquaD (3 months ago)
Just a couple more weeks
Jeferson Bernardi (3 months ago)
Novo record de kills na solo DAEQUAN 39 kills, confere?
- IryRasmo - (3 months ago)
Yo my names DEX Video (3 months ago)
No one stoppin me!!!
something else (3 months ago)
HEAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..........pun intended
Rene Sanchez (3 months ago)
Jess (3 months ago)
I'm digging this. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 I just can't wait for summer!
Feeluck (3 months ago)
i can't wait for the summer to end already. had 28°C yesterday. just ugh. nope! stop it <.<
Good ol' Douglas (3 months ago)
Disappointing... Surprised this isn't on Instinct given how subpar it is, plus the vocals.
ZappingHero (3 months ago)
That's because it's one of these vocal-driven songs that have a traditional heavy rave drop (just like Taska Black's WWND and Modestep & DT's Going Nowhere track), as well as the two Hard Dance songs (and Delta Heavy's Stay track) on Uncaged Vol. 3. The art-cover does look fairly similar to what they release on Instinct (which also reminded me of the two tracks by Project 46, Falling and Stars).
NekoMaika (3 months ago)
summer holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!
w0bstIzHeere (3 months ago)
And I'm drunk AF. Again.
BrickMaster Mason (3 months ago)
Anyone else think summer is a bit of a curse? I homeschool, so no summer break for me. When you live in the deep south, 100 degrees in July is commonplace. Epic song though!
BrickMaster Mason (3 months ago)
This song is just DOPE, no other way to describe it. I've not known about Modestep till now, but now he is one of my favorites!
OneWeird Boi (3 months ago)
Global warming doesn’t exist. That’s just Modestep’s 🔥 song!!!
Art Molados (3 months ago)
Big Like for subtitles for none-english people! Thank you! Hello from Russia XD
Ashesu (3 months ago)
This song is too short
Barnaldo714 (3 months ago)
I lava it!!!!
Voffo Music (3 months ago)
the summer is coming :D
David ok (3 months ago)
like :I? -yes prro :V
RudeFlex (3 months ago)
This is hot man. Modestep pumping out fire after fire 🔥 🔥
SpongeBobRodGod (3 months ago)
T00n Visi0n (3 months ago)
I did expect something more from Modestep but actually this isn’t that bad I like it. Although I prefer more their Dubstep tracks. Sunlight, Higher, Feel Good, and Show Me a Sign are damn good! Overall I like tune. definitely perfect since Summer is almost here!
Spring Traped (3 months ago)
its awesome to combinate future bass with hybrid trap
xMerciless (3 months ago)
xMerciless (3 months ago)
Day 21 Running low on supplies , n...NEED MORE KUURO !!!!!!!
Flexision (3 months ago)
The sunlight hurts my eyes
Лайк и ПОДПИСКА!!! С Ув. Антиквар!!!
Loaxy (3 months ago)
Damn havent heard something like this in a long time
Kris Yan (3 months ago)
Neo_Alt (3 months ago)
God, the lyrics are so cheesy
Neo_Alt (3 months ago)
The breakdowns and verses are pretty good though

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