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diana ionescu (5 months ago)
15 from Romania
diana ionescu (5 months ago)
i see this is why? you can not see how it is served, do not see the mint or the lemon at the end, what do the visitors understand? You can put potatoes to thicken
Recipes Chef Salim (5 months ago)
lentil soup recipe. yes there is lentil in my channel
Recipes Chef Salim (5 months ago)
diana ionescu (5 months ago)
I do not know if you posted the recipe of lentils, lemon and mint, go like it?Mergimek?
Recipes Chef Salim (5 months ago)
thanks romania. I'm glad you eaten turkey at Survivor
غاده النمر (10 months ago)
انت فوق الممتاز بس ارجو الكتابه بالعربى بسرعه لانى أريد معرفه كثير من الطرق وسيكون لك شعبيه بكثره اذا كتبت بالعربى
Hector Zacada Matias (1 year ago)
how i can preper kokorec please
Recipes Chef Salim (1 year ago)
Kokorec is a street food here Unfortunately we do not sell kokorec You can view related publications here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kokore%C3%A7+nas%C4%B1l+yap%C4%B1l%C4%B1r+haz%C4%B1rlan%C4%B1r

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