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[Electro] - Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected [Monstercat Release]

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Text Comments (51489)
Level Pro (5 hours ago)
La primera cancion que escuche de electronica 😍
Mario Master (6 hours ago)
Mad Games anyone?
ams ams (10 hours ago)
Connor RK900 (23 hours ago)
Connor RK900 (23 hours ago)
Love <3
Dauntless Runner (23 hours ago)
I remember this before the game montages fuckin legendary
Krish (1 day ago)
Remember Roblox? They’d have this song in every game in 2012
Lukkass Xd (1 day ago)
Nostalgia :,)
Rotty TTops (1 day ago)
Que nostalgia me trae esto del especial 1 millón de Rubius, ojalá volver a 2012, like si piensas lo mismo :').
Arless Loayza Vega (1 day ago)
buena musica bro (>_<)
Kevin Bruff (1 day ago)
still loving this ...
Alecs BMTH (1 day ago)
wee viejos recuerdos cuando jugaba maicra :'v ahora ya ni jugar puedo por el puto trabajo :'c
Neldawati Wati (1 day ago)
The memory of my favorite song brooooh
Tiro Al Blanco (2 days ago)
Un poco de Nostalgia, solo un poco...
SANA BRITISHHH (2 days ago)
Chi è qua per la sigla di favi
Enrique RL (3 days ago)
2018 paps
El Señor Ganso (3 days ago)
Guga #Forever (4 days ago)
amazing musicccccccc
ASZ Producciones (4 days ago)
2:14 Kris sube el torneo
Lizi -Chan (5 days ago)
Yeeeeey ^ •<• ^
Nicolas Beltran (5 days ago)
binou_tech (5 days ago)
Hando !!!!
BoneMaster (5 days ago)
Gintoki Sakata (6 days ago)
yeah i listening this in 2k18 again
Alguien le trae recuerdos esta canción por el rubius <3 :))??
LeviiPanda (6 days ago)
*Disconnected from the server*
Ege Saranli (6 days ago)
Connection Lost *Disconnected* __________________ Back to server list
chaotic blue eyes (7 days ago)
A balazos aprenderas
Link_ 82 (7 days ago)
Andreeea Moscarelli (8 days ago)
Favij è vivo
orel1. (8 days ago)
Speed 0.75
alex atr (8 days ago)
Simone Messuti (8 days ago)
Questa era la canzone di favij del passato fantastica
Vkaren71 (9 days ago)
Memories 😕
Andrey Craft2000 (9 days ago)
Nostalgia :(
Reminds me more of a song by madeon
John Salchichon (9 days ago)
Disconnect3d (9 days ago)
killer one (10 days ago)
ThànhLue - MCPE (10 days ago)
RHGamingYT (10 days ago)
Anyone in 2018?
Wyoutt (10 days ago)
Lucio300 (10 days ago)
Muy buenas criaturitas del señorrr
Geraclips (6 days ago)
Lucio300 :v
Cri_The_gamer (10 days ago)
chi è qui grazie a Favij?
StartGame (10 days ago)
RUBIUH!!!!! :')
Joshua Balangue (11 days ago)
This Music is old but the sound never gets old
Duck Random (11 days ago)
*Agosto 2018*
Holler Watson (11 days ago)
I Came here from Leavydragon btw i love this song
Mero (11 days ago)
Berk Sankır (11 days ago)
Best build up ever
xLierick (11 days ago)
Lol favij
Elijah Paralejas (12 days ago)
Elida Julian (12 days ago)
Cody Shultz (12 days ago)
When electronic was good and hype asf
Mattia Benedetto (12 days ago)
1:00 drop!!!
JJ Pelham (14 days ago)
back when pegboard nerds was good
Brian Gamer (14 days ago)
Nostalgia :')
Lukkass Xd (1 day ago)
Mucha Nostalgia :,v
santrix 18 cuellar (13 days ago)
Brian Gamer JAJAJA SI
blackpanther 300 (14 days ago)
So who's still listening in 2020?
Rubias Digo Digo Rubius el crack
santrix 18 cuellar y este men :v
santrix 18 cuellar (13 days ago)
el marcianito 100% real no fake:v JAJAJAJAJAJA ME DA RISA TU NOMBRE
JJ_Vlogs301 (15 days ago)
2020 anyone?
OOF...mad games
filippo ita (16 days ago)
È l4 c4nZoN3 d1 F4v1j!!!1!1!!!1!
Hong Le (17 days ago)
Cakearia Best (17 days ago)
TDemonKillerT (18 days ago)
Pasaron 4 meses desde que comente esta canción, y aun no pierdo la esperanza de que contestes Sofi ;-; Te extraño, espero y respondas.
santrix 18 cuellar (13 days ago)
FakeOut (18 days ago)
2:15 *Demons.*
santiago gimenez (18 days ago)
i like
Paolo Sparaco (18 days ago)
2018?! <3
Qauckerman (18 days ago)
Mad games
ezz pzz (18 days ago)
Del especial 1 millón del Rubius. Qué recuerdos de ésa época dorada de youtube :').
DwX-βυrηyᗪѕgηs (6 days ago)
Yo nomas la conoci hace 3 meses :v
Ravena Plays (19 days ago)
essa galera não sabe nada, bagulho é venom extreme rapaz
MushroomManToad (19 days ago)
From over 6 years ago now, but it still feels like no one has been able to yet pull off electro on this epic scale! These old vibes are so nostalgic!
Flamingo Flamingo (19 days ago)
Originals... ;)
I literally just missed the Pegboard Nerds tour I am now sad 😢
Maria Flores (19 days ago)
2012 The f*cking end of the World...
Bash (20 days ago)
When Monstercat was good and not Normie garbage music.
J J CELTIC (20 days ago)
2012 <3
Oh YeahZ (20 days ago)
So Retr0 ..
marcoFNAF shish (20 days ago)
Nxck Rxxch (20 days ago)
-He estado escuchando esta canción durante 6 malditos años, y para mí no se muere esta canción. :) -I've been listening to this song for 6 fucking years, and for me it does not die this song. :)
Nxck Rxxch (20 days ago)
-Extraño escuchar este tipo de música. :( -I miss hearing this kind of music. :(
nguyen tran (21 days ago)
Therobloxuserxd Vine (21 days ago)
Jeonseol (22 days ago)
fun fact: this video was released on my birthday the timing lol
Lalabear123 (22 days ago)
Therobloxuserxd Vine (22 days ago)
♯🇦 🇼 🇪 🇸 🇴 🇲 🇪
alex 80 (22 days ago)
This brings back memories
Tweeny the Twinkie (23 days ago)
Music like this is kinda underrated. The amount of effort that goes into these songs is amazing, and its sad to see the creators and songs go unnoticed.
Javi 1909 (23 days ago)
stranger things
Geo (24 days ago)
Old but Gold.
darwinboy 129 (25 days ago)
The VIP is shit, original is better!
RoseStar Chu (25 days ago)
amo esta musica es mi muecica favorita
TheKrunchyKeeper (25 days ago)
Alejandro Leyva (25 days ago)
Me sigue gustando esta canción :'v
Rags destruction (25 days ago)
Amo esta canción me trae nostalgia y muchos sentimientos mas al escucharla no se por que pero así ....
X4life3 (25 days ago)
X4life3 (25 days ago)
Loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris loleris

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