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15 Cooking Tricks Chefs Reveal Only at Culinary Schools

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Bright Side found out 15 simple but effective cooking tips every foodie should know. These secrets will help you to make your dishes taste just as great as Gordon Ramsay's (or even better!). Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3375)
Tharlenne (13 hours ago)
What do you mean, I like sweet pizza!
ChefGiovanni (16 hours ago)
OK. Learn real cooking tips from our Certified Chefs and Chef Instructors .
Little Blitz (2 days ago)
I didn't need cartoons. I thought this may b worth wile, NOT
zelen plav (2 days ago)
Sugar in everything? Horrible!!!!!!!!
Nathan Miller (2 days ago)
if my date doesn't like garlic i don't want them around, don't need that kind of negativity in my life.
Monster Mousse (4 days ago)
This is amateur hour.
soundsaboutright (4 days ago)
sounds like a pro butter video ...
Maggie ZM (4 days ago)
How does my grandma know all this?!
paul k (4 days ago)
yeah but do they know how to cook a steak that is well done and not dry? that is the whole excuse to half cooking a steak, so it will be juicy. do you half cook your chicken? your pork? then why do you want a bloody piece of cow? are you a cave man when you eat beef?
Mike Davies (2 days ago)
Sigh. The act of cooking a steak to a well done temperature evaporates the moisture inside leading to........a dry steak. You COULD make it slightly less leather like by cooking in a water bath, but why? Just why? You cook chicken and pork all the way through because chicken can contain salmonella and pork can (not very often these days) contain the larvae of the trichinella worm and are frankly filthy animals. This is not the case with beef. Just because you don't like something or are ignorant about what's in your food don't accuse an entire profession of incompetence . Regards A professional chef.
learn share (4 days ago)
Garlic Juice on the plate? Oh my.. Give us a break ;-)
Christian Bley (4 days ago)
Fried eggs: 45 min Me: Boss, I'm late this morning. Boss: Why? Me: I want eggs
K TH (4 days ago)
If sugar counteracts the sourness in tomatoes, pickles ect. The pH should rise, not drop. Just sayin. Oh and thanks for the tips.
Lukai Cai (4 days ago)
7:15 the egg doesn't have the number 5 on it.
Zayn gibson (5 days ago)
saik !!
Brett Lipsitz (5 days ago)
Watch this when you're high and tell me if you were to make it through this entire video without getting the munchies
Joe Momma (5 days ago)
My ol lady can make instant mashed potatoes taste just as good as starting from scratch. I didn't believe her at first when she told me but all she does is add a little mayonnaise
Jay D'Lugin, MD, MS (5 days ago)
Wow this video is terrible. Actually, I take that back. it's much worse than terrible. It's 11:50 of self-contradiction and inane advice that will only confuse and confound someone who's learning how to do the most basic things in cooking. Ferinstance: when cooking onions,: "Add both cooking oil AND butter to the heated frying pan" says the voiceover (10:04) and then a moment later "You should also use only butter for frying onions" (10:20) Wut? Is the guy not paying attention to himself? When you're making clear broth you can add "parsley, celery, carrots and onions" (8:33) but the video clearly shows whole carrots with their tops, held together with a rubber band (ummm...OK), a red bell pepper (wut?), a head of cabbage (wut wut?) and a whole onion. Wow. Bright Side just poops these videos out with zero editorial oversight. What a bunch of hacks. There are so many wonderful educational video providers on YouTube. Bright SIde is not one of them.
Elliot Castro (6 days ago)
Super annoying music
Dale Morgan (6 days ago)
Amanda Forsyth (6 days ago)
Really? What a joke! I can now cook like chef Ramsey.
Samad Raja (6 days ago)
Bloody music in the video making all the mess😡Can't hear properly🤷🏼‍♀️
Lynn Chef (7 days ago)
Thank you kindly for the tips! Nicely done video!
Mort Grim (7 days ago)
When making clear broth also called stock. Use only the bones of the meat. Otherwise it can still get greasy even with getting the suds out.
People ruin everything with mayo.
frank market (7 days ago)
amazing grill marks on that pan fried steak
Matthew Scheib (8 days ago)
Dude 15 is common sense man. I can't even watch the rest of the video after that lol
elvin l. (8 days ago)
7:01 "the sugar reduces their natural sourness..." shows animation increasing sourness...
kaizerwolf (9 days ago)
muh secrets
Chiki San Jose (9 days ago)
As an actual chef... Most of this is be 😂 especially the first tip about steaks
REPR111265 (9 days ago)
More like 15 tips any chef will tell you for free because they love food, cooking, and sharing. How do I know? I've been a chef for 12 years.
Jazzy Bong (9 days ago)
Im from the philippines everytime my mother is cooking when i was a child until know she will always make the meat unfrozen
KraftwithaK Kraft (9 days ago)
What was the weirdest cooking tip ever? Don't use a non-stick pan? Lame.
KraftwithaK Kraft (9 days ago)
"Use butter and oil to cook onions" "Use only butter to cook onions"
All Aspects Carpentry (9 days ago)
French toast is best made with stale bread
Maruha Starshaya (9 days ago)
never freeze beef, or it will tastes like a sole
Craig Exley (9 days ago)
Dafuq is "Salad Cream"?
Gary Thorn (10 days ago)
Nice animation, but these tips are weak, and some of them are wrong.
sparkomatic803 (11 days ago)
Trump University culinary school maybe.
A J (12 days ago)
This is for rookies. Gee.
TMurica (12 days ago)
If you're cooking a bunch of steaks for people who like they're steaks all done differently, sear it first, then turn the heat down and cook their steaks how they like it.
Kristen Ward (12 days ago)
[puts mayonnaise on fish while it's on fire] I followed the animation exactly
Aeterna Nox (12 days ago)
Well... I was going to share this until "if this video gets 50K likes, we'll make another cool video." Begging for likes/shares is the easiest way to keep me from sharing good content. And this was actually good content. Hope it works out for you, anyway.
Douglas Abbott (12 days ago)
Too many of these tricks depend on adding sugar or salt in some way. Not always an option. I did like the steak on its side trick.
J Diz (12 days ago)
Massive amount of incorrect stuff here
Duan Dee (13 days ago)
the easiest Asian meal to prepare while I am in Europe is fried rice, but sometimes it's not easy to find all the ingredients there. I got a good simple trick; just get the chicken Tikka masala paste. This most famous Indian paste always available in any European supermarket. Mix the steam rice with 2 or 3 spoons of this paste while you fry the rice, it taste soo good..!
Virendra Bhupathi (13 days ago)
Background sound is louder than main voice. Why don't you just type down everything. I hate it when main matter is dominated by useless decorations.
pod4477 (13 days ago)
Leave eggs out overnight?!
Romanul Fericit (13 days ago)
0:40 the fork needs to stay on the left, and the knife on the right😂😂
Kevin Worley (13 days ago)
the intro sounds like that 70's show :)
Sir Sir (13 days ago)
Mash up canned tomatoes and fry them adding a bit of balsamic vinegar, the tomatoes will get very mushy and have a sweet taste. It makes a great spread for toast or anything else. Was playing around and figured this out.
gentle builder (13 days ago)
While watching this video,my foot were shaking because of the song...
Gen Woodchuck (13 days ago)
I don't think the guy who made the graphics understands pH levels.
sinkingdragon (13 days ago)
52k and counting, STILL waiting on those SECRET ingredients...
Punit Babbar (14 days ago)
thanks i cook better than gordon ramsey now. *goes to start his own michelin star restaurant.
David Alvarez (14 days ago)
Not impressed
La Barone (14 days ago)
Jeez, it was going great until it went all American..(quite early). Nothing to learn for Europeans. We don’t eat this stuff any more..
Melon Intros (14 days ago)
number 15 annoys me so hard 1. why is there so much oil in it 2. if you salt it 40 min. befir cooking to extract all the water, sure it gets a nice crust but it is dry asf
Deborah Harrison (15 days ago)
WHY do these videos always have the most annoying music. It makes me feel as if I am on hold. :(
one two (15 days ago)
Wack and inaccurate
Plzpetmyrooster (15 days ago)
For cooking onions use oil and butter... but only use butter when cooking onions You wot?
1luving (15 days ago)
This video is super annoying. These are not "secrets". And since when is the smell of onions frying "unpleasant"? Whoever made this video can kick rocks.
Senator107 (16 days ago)
Cooking tips for those who eat like barbarians.
Richard Gilks (16 days ago)
Take that, vegans!
ProPaleo (16 days ago)
Sugar isn't necessary in brine fyi
Diana L (16 days ago)
Since when is the smell from cooking onions or garlic emit an unpleasant odor?? Nothing smells better than onions or garlic cooking. And roasting vegetables before making soup is the best way to get great flavor. It makes for a very rich tasting soup, no matter what the vegetable is.
Krampus Klaws (16 days ago)
When a dark brown crust forms... THAT'S CALLED BURNT!
A Q (16 days ago)
How do you fry fish on a grill Lol . Don't you grill fish on a grill ?
Jennie Kreiner (16 days ago)
For meat use a cast iron
DC S (17 days ago)
The very first tip is a bad one.. cooking a frozen steak will net you a better end result 99.9% of the time.
J Mc (18 days ago)
skip to 7:20
carmine mangione (18 days ago)
Cooking tips for idiots
Jesus (18 days ago)
The clickbait on how to cook an egg is at 7:23 - You're Welcome! Melt butter, cook on the lowest heat that will cook the egg, be patient. Then your eggs won't be crunchy on the bottom.
Marvin G. (18 days ago)
I thought these are secrets in culinary schools but these are just common sense in cooking
ehrichweiss (19 days ago)
Awful video. Please just don't.
Jason Stewart (19 days ago)
Do yourselves a favor and skip all the animal products. Meat literally has feces particles in it, hence why people get e. coli.... so yeah...
Cantyoutakea Joke (19 days ago)
A tablespoon of mayonnaise in the mashed potatoes creates the creamiest mashed potatoes A tablespoon of sour cream added to Ricotta cheese while making that lasagna will help you spread it
Amaracea (19 days ago)
So, steam a pie to prevent it from burning. That’s basically all I learned from this video.
Amaracea (19 days ago)
“Nobody wants a sweet pizza” 🤔 Then why is Domino’s BBQ pizza so good?
Amaracea (19 days ago)
Everyone in the comments: [Have enough knowledge of cooking that this video is almost offensive in how simple it is.] [Get all their meals from restaurants and boxed meals instead.]
chronic condition (20 days ago)
Cast iron. There is no other way to cook, don’t be cheap.
Cezar Alssamaray (20 days ago)
"Sugar reduces natural sourness" *goes from pH 7 to 1
Patrick Brumm (21 days ago)
add more butter
Hunter Powers (22 days ago)
Ive regretted every Bright Side video ive ever attempted to watch.
RegularGuy4822 (22 days ago)
There's some misleading stuff in here, not to mention some awkward English. Adding salt to your onions while cooking is just basic "seasoning-as-you-go" advice. It will help to draw out water from the onions, but it's not necessary in order to caramelize them and doesn't have an effect on the smell. And I see no reason to only cook them in butter. Or were you trying to say that you shouldn't use butter to fry other foods that are fried at higher temperatures than onions are, on account of burning the milk solids? I mean, onions in butter is a good flavor, but so is onion with olive oil. Or peanut oil. Most people go wrong by using too much heat on onions and burning them, making them bitter. You have to pay attention and use a lower heat. Also, your "sugar is not for sweetness" thing is absurd. Just because you're using the sugar in a savory dish doesn't mean you're not increasing the sweetness. "Sweet and sour" is a whole, well-known flavor scheme. Foods that are acidic and sour tend to be set off well with an additional sweet flavor like sugar. That doesn't mean that it's a "sweet" food, but the point very much IS to increase the sweetness.
Walter White (22 days ago)
I like turtles😏
Dennis Nedry (23 days ago)
What’s this scratch cooking you talking about?
ShariSez1 (23 days ago)
Don't peel the potatoes before you boil them, and you won't have to worry about them being waterlogged. Use smaller, thin skinned potatoes, like Yukons, white, or red potatoes, not Russets, which are too thick skinned. Shake them in a colander, then return to the pan. let them sit a minute while you gather your dairy (I use half and half), butter, salt and any herbs and spices you wish to add. Cut potatoes up. Mash halfway before adding butter, dairy and seasonings, and continuing to mash. The skins are barely noticeable to the eye, and not at all to the mouth, except in the richer , deeper potato flavor they add.
Robert C. (23 days ago)
Always uncook baked goods, they continue to cook while you take them out especially if you're cooking in a metal pan.
Lucas Becerra (24 days ago)
By lowering the sourness you lower the ph0 which will literally burn your skin??
Miss Cameroon (24 days ago)
Thanks for these tips,I`ll surely use them in my kitchen
Namitha Girish (24 days ago)
Dry roasting the spices a culinary secret? That's the first thing an Indian mother tells you before you even learn how to cook.
Kenyan Food (24 days ago)
Clear and precise, plus theres no loud noises from the Chef telling me what to do. Great video.
c2thaD (25 days ago)
#6 nobody wants a sweet pizza. looking at you pineapple people
chriscj (25 days ago)
Chef Ramsay, move out the way because I just watched an 11:50 minute video on the tricks.
Melissa Moore (25 days ago)
I disagree with not cooking steaks frozen. I always cook my steaks frozen and they are the most trnder juicy steaks ive ever had. They seem to hold seasoning better so i usually throw salt on both sides and cook fast. Perfectly made. And my favorite steak cooking pan i use when not on grill or o en is coated.
Tommy Wilson (26 days ago)
Evidently the way the Ph system works wasn't explained the editor.
Robert Tolman (26 days ago)
Tips: #1. To keep honey or syrup from sticking to your measuring spoon or cup, first coat with a thin layer of oil with finger, paper towel or non-stick cooking spray. #2. NEVER eat black/brown spots on avocados! It will make you sick! A ripe avocado should be firm with just slight give when gently squeezed, NOT too soft or mushy. To cut the avocado, run a sharp, straight edge blade of a long knife from the top all around the seed. You can CAREFULLY remove the seed by using the knife edge and plucking it ..
hajer abd (26 days ago)
Thanks cant wait to try no.4
MinorAccident (26 days ago)
In my house we have our eggs in the cupboard, not the fridge (I live in UK) and also some butter in the cupboard (however I think we also have some butter in the fridge)
Iworkprorenata (27 days ago)
I try to get all my food to a ph of 1, but it’s a nightmare on my utensils.

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