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The Tastiest Pizza I've Ever Eaten

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Text Comments (3022)
Arian Jashari (8 hours ago)
yasuo unforgiven (21 hours ago)
Damn that 2nd pizza is thicc👅🚫
Harvey Sanchez (23 hours ago)
Anything that is stuffed crust is amazing!
Andrés Rubriche (1 day ago)
Ranch on a pizza, go fuck yourselves
Ishika Mishra (1 day ago)
nathan castillo (1 day ago)
I live in echo park
Haylie Barber (2 days ago)
Some people have to blot their pizza for health reasons lol
Woogie Harrelson (3 days ago)
Did she just call a guy with the name Hernandez Italian??
Daniel Alfred (3 days ago)
Man Alix is so cute and adorable.....love the way she talks!!!!! That's blasphemy.....LOLZ
Peter Morrell (3 days ago)
Deep dish... Lmao, only in America.
Ed F booboo (3 days ago)
Anything that takes 45 mins to cook is not pizza
Dimitris NeymarJr (4 days ago)
I watched this video over 10 times
Moderator Heller (4 days ago)
Its thicc just like me
arif bilir (4 days ago)
So Zach is owner and chef of 2 restaurants? He also was owner and chef at another restaurant in the tastiest pasta video lol
Madyan Arrashy (4 days ago)
BuzzFeedVideo has so much channels...
yahhh ohhh (4 days ago)
When you cheap ass hell your favorite pizza chain would be little caesars
ZtanleyXYZ (4 days ago)
Well, if you guys really want to compare pizza, its better to have the same pizza to compare.
CrayDude345 // RageEX (4 days ago)
Alexandra looks cute OwO
John Top (5 days ago)
No darling. Your not thic. It’s called fat. Your fat.
Alexander C (5 days ago)
Nick is hilarious
112unicornlover (5 days ago)
"It's thick, just like me" amen sista
ne (5 days ago)
"Its T H I C C like me" bitch, stfu
the gamer of 2017 (5 days ago)
The second pizza is a pie not a pizza
Ramen Seller (5 days ago)
I’m so hungry rn
Ville (5 days ago)
6:34 That is straight up a weirdo.
Ioanna S (5 days ago)
I’m hungry 😋
Aoyang Clash (5 days ago)
Isn't zach pollack the same person in best pasta video
Dylan Power (5 days ago)
My oven only goes up to 300 degrees not 800
Masha Lupinsky (5 days ago)
Chef Zach is hot
Mylez (5 days ago)
1st one is my type of pizza
Florentin Schlager (5 days ago)
this video is creepily happy and fake, reminds me of the trumanshow. i suddenly got his weird feeling of watching propaganda. what for though? pizza?
harlyn blanchflower (5 days ago)
Anyone recommend good pizza in the uk?
Tazeen Firdous (6 days ago)
Im soo hungry right now, why tasty why ?
Z. LEG (6 days ago)
This is no nice Pizza i am half Italien
VividRito (6 days ago)
Polar Bear (7 days ago)
Does chef Zac work at alimento or cosa buona
Ross Marquez (7 days ago)
I thought chicago and new york are the best places for pizza not LA ... idk im not american is this true? So LA pizza would really just be normal tasting pizza compared to everyone else
Kissy Tagulao (7 days ago)
Pizza Republic 🍕🍺
Kasha Brown (7 days ago)
The last 🍕 look’s dry as heck!☹️
Night Angel (7 days ago)
*WITH A SIDE OF RANCH!!!!!!!!!* Omg... ranch and pizza belong together.
Night Angel (7 days ago)
"I'm gon lick my hand." I love him SO MUCH!
JayAllenAK17 (8 days ago)
I don't like commenting hate. But Alexis is so much better than this girl, her voice is annoying and her way of speaking is stupid.
Michael Hakim (8 days ago)
why do I always watch these videos when i'm hungry :(
Cindy Chinquee (8 days ago)
It's thicc just like me. 😅😅😅😅😂😂
L3bron Ting (8 days ago)
Is that guy gay
Eli That Guy (9 days ago)
Bitch please, go to New York for some real pizza
LightSkinNamekian (9 days ago)
I need Cosa Bouna
Befooo RotMG (9 days ago)
All 3 are ironically fat.
IGrowDankBuds420 (9 days ago)
Comparing pizza to deep dish pie’s, that’s just a fucking sin, these animals shouldn’t be hosting a food show when They don’t know shit. My five-year-old niece would be a better food show host.
Rex (9 days ago)
I’m hungry
Kiean Coba (9 days ago)
tastiest pizza in LA is an oxymoron (I'm from NYC)
Kiean Coba (9 days ago)
i love deep dish, but its a pie pizza not a pizza pie.
She said she didn’t like a lot of sauce but her pizza looked like a pool a blood
Albeany (9 days ago)
“it’s thick just like me”
Hannah Green (9 days ago)
Desano is by far the greatest pizza I’ve ever tasted. Nothing will ever come close for me!
Allyson not Allison (9 days ago)
Ahhhh the way they describe the pizza like: juicy meat, perfectly melted cheese just makes me soooooo hungryyyyy😂😂😂
Akota (10 days ago)
Why does it have to be 1 man and 2 girls tasting pizza ?
Mayur Gangawane (10 days ago)
All three look like they really shouldn't be eating pizza
leon chau (10 days ago)
5:06 it’s thicc just like me lol😂
Ross- A -Roni (10 days ago)
Alix is so damn fine.
Artie Juarez (11 days ago)
Artie Juarez (11 days ago)
Chicago pizza for the win
Danielle Den Flores (11 days ago)
Alex is like the nikkietutorials of America
Rhovz HD7 (11 days ago)
They shoul do the tastiest pussy in LA.
DiamondIO gaming (11 days ago)
"this just like me" "I'ma lick my hand" XD what are these things that they are saying xD
Sara Yoo (12 days ago)
It’s thicc just like me
grootzio (12 days ago)
shot out to peppadews from South Africa dem shits are goooood!
Bella HD (12 days ago)
“It’s thicc just like me” I died 😂😂😂😂
alaras (12 days ago)
Problem is, it's LA, where ALL pizza is shite.
MASON YOUNGMAN (13 days ago)
“It’s thicc just like me.” - Alix Traeger
SparkzMxzXZ (13 days ago)
the guy in the striped shirt is so funny haha. super cute too.
Game Boii (13 days ago)
6:12 trypophobia alert
alexis liakris (13 days ago)
-Marino open hell's kitchen -Subito!
Blue Replayz (13 days ago)
It’s secret because it’s hormel
BER7HEL (14 days ago)
“Thicc just like me” no, thicc and fat is two different things.
Jll lou (14 days ago)
I wanna go to LA just to eat at all these restaurants
Dean Ridley (14 days ago)
There's no best pizza place. Everybody has a total different personal preference
Brajes Mohanty (14 days ago)
Zach pollack is so friendly
Brajes Mohanty (14 days ago)
That Alexandra Gonzalez is so rude
Blïtz Krïeg (14 days ago)
Hilarious gay ass nigga
Ana KKH (14 days ago)
I HATE deep dish pizza,am I the only one? Ok...
Samriddhi Sharma (14 days ago)
Now I want to eat pizza
Sophia Lee (14 days ago)
It's thick just like me
DJ Douche (14 days ago)
Why the fuck am i watching this with stomach flu
victor janssens (14 days ago)
Strengthen Roman stand gang athletic damage introduce lower interview planet European cook.
Jer BloodDrunk (14 days ago)
Whatever you guys say nothing could be compared to Pizza from Napoli!!
Arun Murari (15 days ago)
Last chef was also in the tastiest pasta
André Bjerke (15 days ago)
4:07 girl thats a pie
Pelmjo (15 days ago)
And that kids, is how you do marketing as restaurant. Wonder how much they paid em
Kieth Dao (15 days ago)
Anders White (15 days ago)
This chick is a lot better than than the last one, she was annoying af
Linny and Lily xoxo (16 days ago)
5:05 who else heard her say "it's thick just like me!" 😂😂😂😂😂
dayof thelords (16 days ago)
Man the way the third chef looks at the camera when she says its a secret... as if like its human meat lmaoo
THE TREE WANDERER /: (17 days ago)
its thicc just like me just woooow
Butt Mash (17 days ago)
Bhiner1029 (17 days ago)
Why am I doing this to myself? I’m so hungry and this is just making it worse.
Jordan Lew (17 days ago)
Damn, now I want pizza!
Youssef Bassam (17 days ago)
Bitch.... You ain't thicc, you just fat. Don't be spreading lies.

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