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Cambodian Street Food Tours

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When you go to Oudong Mountain resort in Kampong Speu Province, you will enjoy all the street foods they are selling like a market and no worry as they have a lot of kind of foods to try. All are Cambodian Food from the local farm and community. They mostly have chicken fry, stuffed frog skewer, grilled fish skewer and many fry and stir fry food. They also have fruits like mango, pine apple, palm fruit jelly, sugar cane juice and local snack food. it's all about Cambodian street food at Phnom Oudong resort. Your support is a huge encouragement for me as a Khmer to continue sharing the tourist attraction places in Cambodia to all Khmer and the World and bring more tourists to Cambodia. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE this video to all Khmers and the world. My youtube video link is: https://youtu.be/SgEsJEQBRyA Phnom Oudong Resort Street Food, Oudong Mountain Resort Food, Phnom Oudong Kampong Speu Province, Street Food at Oudong Mountain, Street Food in Cambodia, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Cat Fish, Grilled Snakehead Fish, Pickled Vegetable, Grilled Frog Skewer, Grilled Stuffed Frog, Deep Fried Chicken, Fried Seasoned Snail, Snack Food, Cambodian Desert, Palm Fruit Seed, Palm Fruit Jelly, Street Food at Phnom Oudong Kampong Speu, Grilled Chicken at Oudong Mountain, Street Food, Khmer Street Food, Asian Street Food, Food in Cambodia, Cambodian Street Food, Cambodia Street Food Tour, Asian Food, Asian Eat Together, Regional Street Food, Cambodia Lifestyle, Street Food Tourist Attraction, Cambodia Tourist Destination, Khmer Lifestyle,

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Text Comments (302)
Greenfrog Media (2 days ago)
Smart guy (3 days ago)
Cambodian people must learn entrepreneurs so everybody create their own businesses,our people work very hard.Cant rely on animals n insects to make a living
bxhcsz (7 days ago)
I love Cambodia from china
Nene Francisco (9 days ago)
Whoever did this video should have been saying something about what he or she was filming. What a waste of time. You were better off not filming at all.
Moonlight Jemarld (10 days ago)
I love cambodian food its so yummy! (Yes i'm cambodian lol)
Lệ Đặng (11 days ago)
chợ này ở đâu mà bán đồ ăn ngon quá
Vijay Pandit (15 days ago)
Vijay pandit
Dessy Baharudin (15 days ago)
Awesome....look nice food
Tanya Tulip (1 month ago)
this look so good but I don't know where it locate, I know only big city, I plan to go next year, I love to go visit small town.
Ibrahima Dieng (1 month ago)
Magnifique. Wonderfull vidéo. Lire vidéo. It was niiiiiiiiiiiiice.
Viral video series (1 month ago)
Asian river slow motion clear video. https://youtu.be/Nqmih-PyeQw
Dilip Wadke (2 months ago)
veggies? flesh everywhere poor creatures.
Raju Rai (2 months ago)
Kingsley Effiong (2 months ago)
Very bad camera job.
Zeina Markabawi (3 months ago)
Don't eat darty animal's meet.tomarrow everybody will die by dangers sick. If you Don't have money eat grass more than that meet.
seksek m (15 days ago)
தமிழர் பாரம்பரியம் அங்கே தெரிகிறது. அருமை பார்க்கும்போதே நாவில் எச்சில் ஊருகிறது.
prashanth m (3 months ago)
Camera work is not good
Vinh Biet Sai Gon (3 months ago)
This market is very dirty , from Cambodia
William Nelson (3 months ago)
Bec Becarful Be careful on the street food it hit or miss
Eftimios Vaidis (3 months ago)
My name Timmy I am Greek I life in Germany in City golonge.
Angkor Cambodia (3 months ago)
Please check out my new channel of traveling and adventure in Asia. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AEkWunWQ5m_85k-kJwxXg/videos
Eftimios Vaidis (3 months ago)
Hello! Many Thanks for video from YouTube very good nature very good Food fron Asia very good People very good Religion von Asia I like very much from Asia kulture very good and respect from Asia kulture dat Best nature Best kunture and People. Many Kisses oll Asia. Bye! Bye!
Angkor Cambodia (3 months ago)
Hello Eftimios Vaidis. Thank you too for watching my videos. Please check out my new channel of traveling and adventure in Asia. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AEkWunWQ5m_85k-kJwxXg/videos
Peter Hui (3 months ago)
8Bit Time Traveler (4 months ago)
Hope there's a McDonald somewhere around.
Nguyễn Tuấn Anh TV (4 months ago)
Welcome to Vietnam!
Dana Sus (4 months ago)
Duh ngiler aku ndelok ikan bakare .
TheRawfishking (4 months ago)
At first...I was like...nope! Not eating anything here...then it got to the part where two ladies were deep frying something...and were wearing gloves for handling food product. That right there tells me that it's safe to eat. I'm not saying that all of them are...but for the most part...its good. Its the same for any country...definitely a must place to visit. Thanks for sharing.
Irene Nunes Vaz (4 months ago)
É impressão minha ou os peixes são assados com tripa e TD????
Alessandrovert (4 months ago)
Percebi que só as mulheres vendem e compram na feira. É cultural, ou não tem homens no cambodia???
Nicolae Mihai Sfargie (5 months ago)
Hailey C.Conner (5 months ago)
WOW! Foods everywhere, I Want to go to Cambodia now. Honey let pack up our suitcase. Cambodia here I Come
om alex (5 months ago)
Asem kerantil...😁😁
Wonder (5 months ago)
Great video.
SAHU (5 months ago)
What happens to all of the food if no one buys any?
Anne Corey (5 months ago)
Lots of seller you can get any food to try them very cheap not vert tidy very busy most stalls love to go there for my last holiday beautiful food thank you for sharing Bless you all .
Kun Khmer Boxing (5 months ago)
Look good!
Haj Hajo (5 months ago)
Pinoy Yonip (6 months ago)
Wow delicious food...i can eat those food every day
Jeffrey Campbell (6 months ago)
you could put me in a wheel chair at one end and let me eat to the other end. Great food, fantastic people.
Somrn Yahoon (6 months ago)
Hilbert Haar (6 months ago)
It seemed that the video maker was definitely more interested in meat than veggies and fruit. Personally I'm glad to be a vegetarian when I see all these dead animals.
albanian oxa (6 months ago)
May I know why only Women working? where Men are, feel sad .
Jeanne d'arc Nombré (6 months ago)
Tout ce qu'on découvre dans ce marché est extra, mais celui qui à fait ce film est nul
Khmer YouTube (6 months ago)
Look so busy street market
taihtasu (6 months ago)
Wow.. A lot of exotic foods.. I wanna try them all..
Wipha Ellbäck (6 months ago)
Varada Raj (7 months ago)
Cambodia nan veg very different
minman takechi (7 months ago)
Harish ajith (7 months ago)
Nice video l enjoyed
Shailaja Nayak (7 months ago)
Nice video poor tortoise
Kim` Sear (7 months ago)
The food looks amazing but I am bothered by flies and they don't bother to get rid of it. Therefore, I won't be able to eat but just stick with fruits.
Fatema Nasrin (7 months ago)
good 😍😍
Zuberi Nyenzi (7 months ago)
Ooh! my god snail
nancy nguyen (7 months ago)
Foods are looking good, but most of tray should cover plastic to protect the flies landing
Shaikh Talha (7 months ago)
very nice.
kH yahoo visal (7 months ago)
Jeremy Ksor (7 months ago)
These streets food looked delicious. I just wonder if they cannot sell it all their food do they have to take home eating by themselves or they have to sell it again the next day ?
Angkor Cambodia (7 months ago)
I have no idea on that Jeremy
Dreamscape (8 months ago)
Ug. Now I'm hungry.
chounleang engchoun (8 months ago)
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
2 eggs?
in kompong spue? but the accents are not so similar
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
Kampong Speu is next Kandal, Kampong Chhnang province. People could be from various provinces.
Bebe Co (8 months ago)
I miss Khmer food so much ;(
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
Have you come to Cambodia lately? Thank you for watching my video
Beverly Hills (8 months ago)
I see cooked frogs, turtles, stingrays, hagfish, roaches, dog etc ... 👀 Yeah, no disrespect but I don't think Ill be eating In Cambodia anytime soon.
Milton Waddams (6 months ago)
Not everywhere in Asia...
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
Asian food!! people eat anything...
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
😍😍😍 បាទ ឆ្ងាញ់ៗណាស់!!
MixVid For You (8 months ago)
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
មែនហើយ ខ្ញុំក៏ស្រក់ទឹកមាត់ដែរ 😍😍😍
Dee Boxer (8 months ago)
What do they do with food if it falls over on the way where people are walking ?? do they throw it or what ?
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
i have no idea on that bro...
Chao Endang Endang (8 months ago)
Ikan panggang enak !👍
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
😍😍😍 Thank you
Zuy Zuy (8 months ago)
I love my country
Angkor Cambodia (8 months ago)
Me 2 😍😍😍😍 Thank you
Jim Mansayagan (8 months ago)
scene is good but video presentation is so fast. focusing is poor
masibindi katadrik (8 months ago)
Looks good
thynara san (8 months ago)
Where is it ?when I visit my Country I will go this place
phil phil (9 months ago)
Eating the shitty food in cambodia. The paradise of the mafia where the robbery and kidnap were Just like in africa.
KONG Sok (9 months ago)
KhFood Recipes (9 months ago)
Nice food !
June Xavi (9 months ago)
They eat turtle?
Ana Maria Diaz (1 month ago)
June Xavi elif
ML Channel (9 months ago)
Look yummy
Criseldacenabre Cenabre (9 months ago)
Wowowowowo sarap
GIFPES (9 months ago)
Amazing!!! We do not have these kind os food streets here, at Brazil. I wish I could go to Cambodia to be able to see and eat that marvelous food!!!
GHchic (10 months ago)
The fruit the lady is eating at 3:20 makes me miss Ghana.
Kim E (10 months ago)
y TX rxu v b on omni on in DC wax in t rvughlohx .
Sorn Heat (10 months ago)
M Plácido (10 months ago)
Antonio De Oliveira Filho (10 months ago)
Ano que vem estarei haí. Thankyou.
Johnson Kids (10 months ago)
I like how everybody sticks their fingers in the food
Angkor Cambodia (10 months ago)
thank you very much
silliepooh (10 months ago)
At 3:33, these pods are extremely expensive here in Northern California. It was on sale at $25 per pound, a little under half kilo. How crazy is that right?
Nhutthong Nguyen (11 months ago)
Nho cambodia qua them nhung mon an o ben do qua ah
KOM DOR (11 months ago)
Sunisa Chanthongnoi (11 months ago)
SOEU SEYHA (11 months ago)
very nice video i like
K J Ameahia Chawang (11 months ago)
Oh yes I heard
Saad Mohammed (6 months ago)
K J Ameahia Chawang how are you doing?
K J Ameahia Chawang (11 months ago)
Wow this is amazing I wish I'm there. Where is this place n which country
Angkor Cambodia (11 months ago)
Hello KH Ameahia: We're from Cambodia, Have you heard about Angkor Wat temple?
Uttam Basumatary (11 months ago)
I like every items.. 95% items r same our Boro regional Kitchen foods.*Bodoland Ind* 🤓😥✌
Big Go Live (11 months ago)
Sâm Trịnh (1 year ago)
hjhj love
a plate of meal in that market how much cost? about? Thanks
Sros Thong (1 year ago)
Prateep Maenyam (1 year ago)
เห็นตลาดแล้ว อยากไปเดินเเที่ยว ชอบมาก
AaaB pisith (1 year ago)
Hello Angkor Cambodia 🇰🇭 help channel YouTube me I subscribe YouTube channel you រួចហើយ
Diamondsun (1 year ago)
face hunter
Djdndcj Fnfjfnnf (1 year ago)
Yes" Good and Beautyful O.k To You" All Friends
Hak Lyny (1 year ago)
I would like to eat some food in Cambodia 🇰🇭
Thanh Lam (10 months ago)
crew (1 year ago)
I wouldn't exactly call that street food. They're just local food stalls made for locals.
Choeun Hoeung (6 months ago)
crew . .
Broly (9 months ago)
crew so why are their food and cooked food then?
Angkor Cambodia (10 months ago)
Yes, those are street foods
Sam Aspell (1 year ago)
I love Cambodian street food. It's fresh, cheap and right quantity so can taste so many different kinds of food at the same time.

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