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KFC style Homemade Chicken Drumstick with No Oven |Chicken Drumstick Recipe | My Kitchen My Dish

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KFC style Homemade chicken drumstick awesomely delicious and easy to make at home. Chana Dal Ke Pakode/Bhajiya/Phulauri Recipe In Hindi | North-Eastern India Special Recipehttps://youtu.be/hyqcSIpiX-I #mykitchenmydish https://youtu.be/AFRMw7w5eBY ☝🏻plZ try the above link also. Please turn on captions to find the English Subtitle in English (United Kingdom) Subscribe Here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAE0QlDfwrjmQGkCSxa9rw Ingredients for Marination • Chicken Leg pieces – 12 • Curd – 4 tbspoon • Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tbspoon • Lemon Juice – 1/2 • Salt to taste Ingredients for Coating • All purpose Flour – 4 tbspoon • Cornflour – 2 tbspoon • Oats – 2 tbspoon • Bread Crum’s – 2 tbspoon • Red chili powder – ½ tbspoon • Black pepper powder – ¼ teaspoon • Cumin powder – ¼ teaspoon • Salt to taste • Eggs • Oil for frying Previous Video Chicken shawarma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKYLgPyXqaY You can buy here Oats http://amzn.to/2kgwI1Y Cornflour http://amzn.to/2jjlv1q Bread Crum’s http://amzn.to/2kBZDeB ********************************************************************************** My channel is all about my unique dishes. Dishes developed in my Kitchen. These are my developed recipes which i would like to share with all. I have invented short, smart and fast cooking recipes with magical touch of traditional spices. Watch it let me know your views. For collaboration and business inquires please write to me at shagufta.jafferi@gmail.com Please follow us on below links and share ur result Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mykitchenmydish.2016/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Mykitchenmydish Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107454747349639575749/+MyKitchenMyDish/posts

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Text Comments (4778)
farhan ansari (6 months ago)
i tried this method it's taste was better then KFC it was so awsome fabulous i love it😘😘😘😍😍😍😙😙😙😙 keep it up 👍 👍 👍 👌 👌 👌 your video was awsome you are the best youtubers forever 👍👍👌👌👏👏💖💖
Shamas Naz Naz (4 days ago)
farhan ansari m
Sh Abdul Aziz Rasheed (4 days ago)
Recipe of Finger fish
Sh Abdul Aziz Rasheed (4 days ago)
Finger fish receipty
Simran Jit (10 days ago)
farhan ansari
Nadia Shahid (12 days ago)
farhan ansari 7
Divya S (8 minutes ago)
Very good, thanku
Deepa Mazumder (35 minutes ago)
Yummy ........it's really fantastic
Trong Lam (15 hours ago)
Good good good good and good
LEENA MANOHAR (17 hours ago)
yummy 😋 yr I tried it's just lit tysm😘😘😻🔥
Kaunain Raza misbahi (18 hours ago)
madam mouth is watering
Irfan Shah (18 hours ago)
Deepa Sunar (19 hours ago)
Awesome,keep it up👍👍👍👍👍
Smita Sahoo (1 day ago)
Delicious, tasty,yummy.m
Mina Khan (2 days ago)
Wow so nice and very easy
Amber Maqbool (2 days ago)
great 👍
Amber Maqbool (2 days ago)
great 👍
Pea Naz (2 days ago)
Pea Naz (2 days ago)
San Geet (2 days ago)
Bht achi awwaz h mam apki bht,,, li
Faizal Mj (2 days ago)
Mam kya mai oats ki jaga cornflakes use kr skte hu please rply krna
My Kitchen My Dish (2 days ago)
Faizal Mj sure.
Pooja Rani (4 days ago)
Sartaj begum Sartaj (4 days ago)
Wow mast hay may zaroor try karoungi ,,,
Reshma Alam (4 days ago)
Its taste is Like KFCs THANK YOU VERY MUCH AUNTY 😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😘😘
Ejaz Butti (4 days ago)
Mena bhi kane ha yrr🦃🦃
Shoaib Iqbal (4 days ago)
Very nyc appi
pradeep Singh chauhan (4 days ago)
Very nice. Aunty
Shanaz Naaz (5 days ago)
. Accha laga wa
Aslam Rao (5 days ago)
abdullah khan (5 days ago)
Noor Saba (5 days ago)
So tasty mam
22100rishi (6 days ago)
how to make bread crumps? plz tell
nadia Arif (6 days ago)
inderjit Singh (7 days ago)
tusi ta muh vich pani leya ta dil krda sare he lag pis kha la🍗🍗🍗🍗
PriyaaWorld (7 days ago)
Wowwww.... 😍😍
Malik Bajwa (7 days ago)
Make 🍕
cutey cutey (7 days ago)
mam mujhe mutter aalu ki kachori ka recipe chaahiye
Abix aj (8 days ago)
madam plz jab aap recipe k name or details pehla written a screen p mention karen ta ka hame samjhny ma asani ho :) thank you for amazing cooking guide
Usama Khan (8 days ago)
Hy jan❤️❤️❤️
Usama Khan (8 days ago)
Nice recipe hay friends
Usama Khan (8 days ago)
Hello bro
v h (9 days ago)
kfc the UK
CHETAN MAIRALE (9 days ago)
masala ka nam hindi me description karenge to accha rahega.
Himanshu Tandon (9 days ago)
Optimus Prime (9 days ago)
wow beautiful
Marvin Lobo (9 days ago)
God I need u
Marvin Lobo (9 days ago)
God I need u
vinayak gosavi (9 days ago)
I like your conffidence. kfc सेभी अच्छे और इतने टेस्टी ड्रम स्टीक मेरे किचनके सिवाय दुनियामे कईभी नही मिलेंगे। धन्यवाद !
manju devi (9 days ago)
uper say krespy nae bnty koi mathood??
Mohiuddin Haji (10 days ago)
Waah mam lajwab
Daim Usmani (10 days ago)
daim Shafieq
ከደጅ Love (10 days ago)
My Kitchen My Dish (9 days ago)
English plz.
SUPERSWAPPY LAX (10 days ago)
Funny Any Time (10 days ago)
Mazay dar KFC style drumstick
Rajendar Singh (10 days ago)
I liked dram stick chicken
Saman Shahid (10 days ago)
Greater then kfc
Irfan Haider (10 days ago)
Very nic
ANWAR HABIB (11 days ago)
سلام باجی بنانے کا طریقہ بھت اچھا اور آسان رہا صرف ایک پریشانی کہ جن اشیاء کے آپ نے جو نام بتائے وہ جو انگلش میں تھے اس کو سمجھنے میں دشواری پیش آتی ہے اگر اردو میں بتا دیتے ہیں تو بہت اچھا ہوگا
M S Nayak (12 days ago)
Madam oths? Kya heee
M S Nayak (11 days ago)
My Kitchen My Dish Flatten baby wheat, if I ask will they give
My Kitchen My Dish (11 days ago)
Flatened Baby wheat. It is awailable in general stores. Thanks
Areeb Ali (12 days ago)
Oats ore bread crums kaha sai me lay gai
My Kitchen My Dish (11 days ago)
Oats is awailable in general store and make the bread crumbs in your mixxy by dry grinding the bread. Thanks
Dk Hans (12 days ago)
Cutley seem very tasty sure I'm going and Thanks you delicious r Thank for your delicious recipes
Krishna Bandla (12 days ago)
Nice i will also try
Shahid Qayyum (12 days ago)
Kundan Baisane (13 days ago)
Muh me pani aa gaya
Suraj Dev (13 days ago)
Oots nahi dia to kuch problem hoga??
Pranali Gangurde (13 days ago)
Miscrit SAM (13 days ago)
Mam , I salute your love towards homemade food. I think every one should eat homemade food because it is healthy and hygienic and also tastes better than restaurant food also the recipe was awesome, it was finger licking good ☺👍😊
sana qasim (2 days ago)
Orts na ho to
Sonia Pradhan (12 days ago)
its more tasty and crispy than kfc chicken mam.i tried it and loved it alott .thqnk u mam fr sharing this lovely receipe. i subsribed for more wonderful videos of ur receipes?
My Kitchen My Dish (13 days ago)
Zainab Fatima (14 days ago)
Oats na ho to...???
AFC Sukheke (14 days ago)
singh singh (14 days ago)
U said Maida, Corn flour, third and 4th item I could not get . Rqst what are these two items and where to get it from..regards
Uma Naik (14 days ago)
Mam deep fridge main rakneka ??
My Kitchen My Dish (14 days ago)
Nahi. Normal fridge rakhen.
Rana G (14 days ago)
mam otas or bread crums kya hoty hain?
Salma Mansoori (15 days ago)
Mera chickan aap k jaisa nhi bna is ki leyr aap ki chickan ki trh nhi bni sb kuch aisa hi kiya pr jo koting h dubara wali aap ki jaisi nhi aayi. .Plz mujhe btaye ki ye aap ki trh koting kaise jogi
Shaik Zubair (15 days ago)
The Gamehi gta (15 days ago)
Delicious 😋
Asmamaryam Asmamaryam (15 days ago)
Zbardast I shuld try
Ray Driger (15 days ago)
Very nice recipe
Sima Saha (15 days ago)
It is looks fab.... I'll try this 2n8
Balkis balkis (16 days ago)
very nice
Alto Ahmed (16 days ago)
sach mai .kfc s bhe best of best ..hai super 👍
Alto Ahmed (16 days ago)
zabrdst aunti amazing 😋
Amaan Chougle (16 days ago)
Badruddin B (16 days ago)
Now Burger lounge shop fames
Shamim Akhtar (16 days ago)
Alisha Majumder (16 days ago)
mam you are amazing
Shaesta Fatima (16 days ago)
Bahut tasty bna h mam
Mohammed Haneef (16 days ago)
Its very very nice@@@
Alialialiali Haider (17 days ago)
Hi yumyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Anum Sultana (17 days ago)
Meray tu andar sy thoray sour ho gahy thy I dnt know why
Saad Shah (17 days ago)
Plzzz bacho k lunch boxes k lie koi easy recipes btaen Jo subha jaldi ready hojae....
peddintlu palakodeti (17 days ago)
Is it oats powder r oats?
peddintlu palakodeti (17 days ago)
My Kitchen My Dish thankuuu mam
My Kitchen My Dish (17 days ago)
Oats meal
Anjula Chaudhary (17 days ago)
Using gloves would be better way
SHOORER BHUBON (17 days ago)
Wow nice video..
My Kitchen My Dish (17 days ago)
Thank you so much please keep watching trying and sharing happy cooking
Shivani Verma (17 days ago)
Ymyyyyy its so tasty nd crispy wow
Baba Khan (17 days ago)
corn flour kya cheez hoti hai please aap mujhe likh kar Bata dijiye
My Kitchen My Dish (17 days ago)
Bread ka powder.
Abdul Sami (18 days ago)
Rafat Khan (18 days ago)
Very nice recipe 😊
Sameera nousheen (18 days ago)
Thanks mam
Vazeer Khan (19 days ago)
chicken kawab kaisa baynana
bilalal ahmad (19 days ago)
thnk u sister from Afghanistan.
My Kitchen My Dish (19 days ago)
You’re most welcome please keep watching trying and sharing and commenting your comments are very precious to me happy cooking
Almas Rizwan (19 days ago)
Really bht eassy recipie h drumsticks yummm
Laboni 2000 (19 days ago)
Loved it
Rocky Gabriel (20 days ago)
I made for my sweetheart and she praised me for the recipie salaam to you mam
Pooja Rai (20 days ago)
wow great i love it🤤
resama praveen (20 days ago)
Testy hmhm
Hamza Ahmad (20 days ago)

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