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Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

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Gordon Ramsay, one of the world's most celebrated chefs, invites you to learn his tricks with Cook with Me, the wild-mannered chef's new app, presented exclusively twice a week in The Daily. The Scottish-born and English-raised chef Ramsay opened his first restaurant at age 31 in London's Chelsea neighborhood. The eponymous restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars within its first three years. Ramsay went on to open some of London's most famous restaurants, including the Savoy Grill and Petrus. In 2003 he went international, expanding in urban destinations from Tokyo to New York to Los Angeles. Now Ramsay's bringing the heat directly to your iPad. Try Cook with Me via The Daily.
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Text Comments (27705)
captain caveman (5 hours ago)
Legend has it that burnt toast is still in orbit circumnavigateing the earth
Troy Mercer (7 hours ago)
Jesco White does NOT want “them eggs...” (If you know that reference, kudos.) 😉
nope (9 hours ago)
mohammed alherz (11 hours ago)
wow 29 million views on a scrambled egg video.....
Matthew Ryan Ross (11 hours ago)
Perfect recipe. The only way I cook scrambled eggs now 🤙
Araz Samadi (12 hours ago)
Ew english SE i hate those
iSin Uploads (13 hours ago)
Overrated cook.
Rose Rose (15 hours ago)
For all the people saying Gordon Ramsay is stupid, he is so stupid that he is worth 175 million dollars.....
tatyana andriyaka (15 hours ago)
What’s Creme freshw
Xylopex (20 hours ago)
Are those eggs or mashed potatoes Gordon?
chound (20 hours ago)
Was he was making these scrambled eggs moments before being swatted?
Jackson Putnam (23 hours ago)
"give it to her in bed... the breakfast!"
The Phantom Agent (1 day ago)
His cooking was scrambled but the eggs were mashed.
Greg Flores (1 day ago)
Dude is most definitely using!
Kason Jones (1 day ago)
rivolinho (1 day ago)
Helluva drug
Cameron Smith (1 day ago)
Your poor wife. You should probably take a straw with you, so she can drink those eggs.
Paw Toledo (1 day ago)
And for sure that is youre preferences ,which is called in your term perfect
Paw Toledo (1 day ago)
For me the petfect scrambled egg is what the guest prepared to be cook
JSB1TV (1 day ago)
That shits raw B
Orges_X (1 day ago)
to watch this video a put at speed 0.75 otherwise it is difficult to understand !
Romick Vieira (1 day ago)
I dont want to go to work tomorrow, its awful... i cant take this shit anymore. I still dream of the day ill meet a girl that will treat me good... but... theres no reason to do that, well, if she was that good of a person i probably wouldnt deserve her too... i dont know man, i just wanted to have someone, cuz i have nobody, everyone annoies me. I dont mind looking stupid, not trying to look good for anyone, just doing my life. Just one single person that would support me instead of trying to fuck my life even more every second, is that too much to ask?? Just one!! Only need a single one!!! Cant i have not even a single one?? Fucking sad.
masonwatcher (1 day ago)
runny vomit with lumps
Discover Flavors (1 day ago)
Egg lovers, check out this authentic Spanish Omelette recipe by Discover Flavors at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS7VyYYzAeY&t=1s
Ben Dubord (1 day ago)
I got an add of him first
x (1 day ago)
i sometimes make my eggs like this and it's always delicious for me :)
M P (1 day ago)
1:12 WHAT?!?!?
ThreePhaseHigh (1 day ago)
Yeah those eggs are nowhere close to being done
Preston Sadners (1 day ago)
Dude, is this guy on coke? Leave the eggs on the blasted stove top!
SJS34 (2 days ago)
Gordon you burnt the toast you donut
الطباخ سريع ماامدى اشوف شي 😶
K Harris (2 days ago)
those egg do not look edible, they look like diarrhea
DMDonito YT (2 days ago)
you just need to cook damn eggs and he added all sort of things than shake the egg and put it on the damn pan
Edis Edisi (2 days ago)
I had to slow this video down to 0.5 ...
Mo Moxie Productions (2 days ago)
Wow Gordon, your energy is great. Love how you cook the egg
Anonymous E (2 days ago)
Everyone going crazy about the eggs, but no one worrying where the hell the bacon is
Jan W. (2 days ago)
Its fucking RAW !!!!
Denis Palacios (2 days ago)
His food has no soul, no heart. Too fast. Tasteless.
Muzammil (2 days ago)
GORDON RAMSAY's Scrambled Eggs? This title is so misleading :p
thughands (2 days ago)
just cook the freaking eggs!
wr wr (2 days ago)
Just put a butter inside a pan Heat up the pan Crack your egg and put it on a bowl Put salt Scramble it Put it in the pan Scramble it again Put pepper in Take out egg Done For cooking nub
Ed Nation (2 days ago)
Them eggs looked like mf watered down mashed potatoes
spartan1010101 (2 days ago)
give it to her in bed...the breakfast
TahmHardy (2 days ago)
Normally I like Gordon's methods but that is not scrambled eggs
Сабак Илаев (3 days ago)
Sidney Black (3 days ago)
I'm pretty sure this video was a joke.....
Nerdy Gaming (3 days ago)
How do you know that you got to on and off now or later. Or is it just random?
Naabrivalve (3 days ago)
Fuck i burned my toast too, *pauses the video* put that back in
Catch Me On Blampied (3 days ago)
Mmm i love a good seasoned spatula with my scrambled eggs
willystov (3 days ago)
Those were some soggy looking eggs
dontbeweird Rj (3 days ago)
dosduros (3 days ago)
Cool, Ill try this on Saturday. Lets see if its better than my standard scrambled eggs :D
Amir Barbieri (3 days ago)
Why is this guy still trying to be a Chef?
Zero Mortal plan (3 days ago)
The eggs look like a liquid eww 😷🤮🤢
lipige li (3 days ago)
Weastern food and Indian food sucks all the time
Andreas Abrahamsson (3 days ago)
To me, that's Porridge, not Scrambled Eggs.
Harry Pjotr (3 days ago)
1:59 when you finally found the perfect video
TM Riddle (3 days ago)
more like mashed eggs
Dark One (3 days ago)
Atleast it ain't "Watery and gross looking l Got no creme Fraiche, so I Used some evaporated milk... mehh it taste good..Consistency is great too! but unfortunately I burnt the toast.... Damn.
What’s a risotto
PikaGelly (3 days ago)
I remember him teaching the people who had to do this as a challenge on MasterChef
Mr. Survivor (4 days ago)
Why da frik is he in a rush
English Gamer (4 days ago)
Umm... Gordon, that bread is a rock
düdük (4 days ago)
you can try labneh cheese too
Cooking with Andrew (4 days ago)
Eh I could cook better
Saurav Sharma (4 days ago)
am not even going to try to make my scrambled eggs this way
lacquer isma (4 days ago)
Don't like poured eggs.
ghulam hazrat (4 days ago)
His stove is ancient
Gary Paro (4 days ago)
Crap! His cooking never appeals to me, quite boring for someone so condescending.
Efo Efo (4 days ago)
When you just wanna learn how to cook a nice simple egg and then you come across this video...
ritu raj (4 days ago)
You are lovely x
Namjoon’s Dimples (4 days ago)
sorry im laughing oops
Smølfehitspigen (4 days ago)
Scrambled eggs? You mean egg porridge
Derek B (5 days ago)
Best way to enjoy scrambled eggs is have one side somewhat browned, the other side cooked nuch lighter, cooked in olive or coconut oil, and served with a side of multi grain toast with natural peanut butter (low sodium doesnt work) with just the right amount of sea salt on top of the eggs. No salt or pepper during cooking. The eggs are then eaten by placing them on top of the peanut butter toast. It's different, but it's suprisingly and uniqely good.
Christopher Miller (5 days ago)
Only this pompous dolt could complicate scrambled eggs while burning toast 3 feet away.
Roxann Webbe (5 days ago)
Perfect for u but now for me
Craft Mac N cheese (5 days ago)
You forgot the ketchup
Animazing (5 days ago)
Hahaha omg, now go give it to the miss's in bed.... The breakfast *laughter* XD
HADES EGYPTI (5 days ago)
Only fat
Amanda Grace (5 days ago)
gave it to her in bed...the breakfast😂
C Man (5 days ago)
Too runny give me your jacket!
mig bargas (5 days ago)
just use sour cream, duh
InfinityPotato (5 days ago)
It's FuCkING RAW!!!
Joey C (5 days ago)
Looks like his wife is having mashed potatoes for breakfast
steel wind (5 days ago)
i actually cooked the whole thing with mushrooms and everything and was going to my back garden to eat it when my neighbour saw me and was like "you wanna kill your dog or what".
Estelle Cannon (5 days ago)
Ive learned to cook much better due to your videos. Btw what butter is that? Im in Texas. Thanks for the fantastic scrambled eggs.
Lucifer's son (5 days ago)
100s of Michelin star chefs in the comment section saying that it's looks like shit and coming up with the flaws hmmm Probably broke Amercians
Jay Caldwell (1 day ago)
Are you really his son?
Samuel Jacobson (1 day ago)
Lucifer's son What?
Luke16510 (5 days ago)
Lucifer's son you are a retard
Menace (5 days ago)
Why do you have to be American to not like the eggs?
Lucifer's son (5 days ago)
The Official Paradox not to me...coz they gonna dry up a bit in few mins anyways :v
Ilovepink 888 (5 days ago)
I don't like scrambled egg why am I watching this
cringiest Youtuber (5 days ago)
He is soo fast while theres me taking 2 hours to make a grilled cheese
Fab (5 days ago)
Issa NO for me
NoobyPerson1 (5 days ago)
I tried this. I love it! This is how I make scrambled eggs every time now. And dont penalize me, haters. Also, 16 Michelin stars... 16!!!
thebeans66 (2 days ago)
I only have 4. I can't afford 16 Michelins. And besides we only have 3 vehicles so 12 Michelins max anyway.
David Snyder (5 days ago)
I would NOT eat that crap !! it is not cast iron .
Captain Jace (5 days ago)
"And give it to her for breakfast" Oh, Gordon you dog, you
avman (5 days ago)
i don't even put any seasoning on my eggs until i'm done cooking them
Jesper&Jessie Chu (5 days ago)
Basically the heat on the eggs cooks it off dry, and like its creamy texture is great.
MrFlipperInvader782 (5 days ago)
BlackPanda (6 days ago)
-Toast Burns- Gordan: Fuck it.
mr.basic fish (6 days ago)
looks like a rought sunday morning
Larrythekittycat _ (6 days ago)
2x speed 😂
Alper rr (6 days ago)
why am ı watching it

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