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Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Cheese Puffs Recipe

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Cheese puffs make a great simple appetizer sure to please the pickiest dinner guest. Prepare this cheese puff recipe with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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Text Comments (15)
gardengirl1962 (5 years ago)
Where's the sound? it cuts out when he's mixing ingredients in sauce pan. that sucks.
Jürgen Klinsmann (5 years ago)
do I have to use cheese?
kasthuribhai (5 years ago)
does it affect so much if we exclude the egg?
Daniel Kharatian (6 years ago)
what was the vegetable peeler for?
mrcheesepuffs2286 (6 years ago)
i like cheesepuffs
Roxanne O'Donnell (6 years ago)
Very nice job!
brianna black (6 years ago)
thanks for the videos
Roxanne O'Donnell (6 years ago)
Very nice !
winterslullaby (7 years ago)
i really dislike you for eating that right in front of me
stupidfookinshite (7 years ago)
adding just half a tea spoon of english mustard and half a lime zest i found gave them a nice neat kick works well with a simple sweet and sour soup as dippers !
thepanamahat (7 years ago)
@channyandseddiefan hehehehe
thepanamahat (7 years ago)
@orangeroxstar1 certainly not bright orange
LaCelestia (8 years ago)
@thepanamahat Yes. And this is not a joke. Certain Americans do not believe it's cheddar until it's painted almost low-in-the-dark orange.
thepanamahat (8 years ago)
jeez, is that CHEDDAR ? ? ? ? Do you paint your cheeses Orange in The US ?
Miranda Guerrero (9 years ago)

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