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Penne 4 Ways

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Servings: 3-4 INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 cloves garlic, chopped 2 chicken breasts, thinly sliced 2 cups asparagus, chopped 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1 cup carrots, sliced 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt 4 cups cooked penne 1 cup parmesan PREPARATION 1. Heat oil in a large pot over high heat. 2. Cook garlic and chicken until no pink is showing. 3. Add asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, salt, and pepper, cooking for about 2 minutes. 4. Add pasta and parmesan, stirring until cheese is melted and evenly distributed. 5. Serve! Penne Alla Vodka Servings: 3-4 INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 pound ground beef 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 1 28-ounce can crushed tomatoes ½ cup vodka ½ teaspoon red chili flakes ½ cup heavy cream 4 cups cooked penne Parsley and parmesan to garnish PREPARATION 1. Heat oil in a large pot over high heat. 2. Cook onion until translucent. 3. Add beef, salt, and pepper, cooking until all the moisture has evaporated and the beef is browned. 4. Add crushed tomatoes, vodka, and chili flakes, stirring and cooking until half of the liquid has evaporated and the sauce has reduced. 5. Add cream, stirring until evenly incorporated. 6. Stir in pasta until evenly coated. 7. Serve with parsley and parmesan Spinach Artichoke Penne Servings: 3-4 INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive oil 5 ounces spinach 1 cup artichoke hearts, drained 16 ounces cream cheese, softened 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 2 cups milk 4 cups cooked penne PREPARATION 1. Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat. 2. Add spinach, cooking until wilted, then add artichoke hearts, cooking for one minute. 3. Next, melt in cream cheese, stirring until there are no lumps 4. Sprinkle in garlic powder, salt, pepper, and milk, stirring until smooth. 5. Add pasta and mix until pasta is evenly coated. 6. Serve! Cajun Chicken Alfredo Servings: 3-4 INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 cup cooked sausage, sliced 2 chicken breasts, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon cajun seasoning 2 cups heavy cream 4 cups cooked penne 1 cup parmesan ¼ cup parsley PREPARATION 1. Heat oil in a large pot over high heat 2. Cook the garlic, sausage, and chicken until garlic is starting to brown and the chicken is no longer pink. 3. Sprinkle over the cajun seasoning and stir to evenly coat the sausage and chicken. 4. Add the cream, and bring to a boil. 5. Add the pasta, stirring until evenly mixed. 6. To finish, add parmesan and parsley, stirring until cheese melts and pasta is coated with a thick sauce. 7. Serve! Music provided by Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission
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Text Comments (674)
Light1of1hope (8 days ago)
music name please
Patricia F (18 days ago)
I did the pasta in minute 0:54 it was delicious, allthough I changed some ingredients
I love saucy pasta. 🍝🍝🍝😎😎😎
Franky 888 (1 month ago)
Hi, good video. Thanks for posting. For the first dish, did you pre cook the vegetation?
Axel Rojas (1 month ago)
Me gusta el penne
Vila Shqipja (1 month ago)
And while pregnant 😅
Julia Valkyria (1 month ago)
'Penne' is an italian name for a type of pasta but in Spain 'pene' means penis. Haha
thoyo (1 month ago)
music sounds like one of those instrumental Jamiroquai tracks from back in the day
SIMPLY SHRAVANI (1 month ago)
I'm hungry af !!!! Like if by are too hungry 😎
aelias648 (1 month ago)
Man do I hate Buzzfeed, but Tasty is spectacular. Fun recipes to watch and learn, made me want to get into cooking. Kudos
Raúl El Cracka (2 months ago)
jajajajajajaj se dice pene ajajjaja
Reggie BigBosston (2 months ago)
Aah yes! The Penne, a favorite amongst the most distinguished Pigroach species. The Pigroach known as Phillip Burnell commonly sustains itself off of this delicacy.
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Reggie BigBosston d xcnc💙🐯🐯🐯
dodgers84578 (2 months ago)
Easy to eat
Nitin Sunam (2 months ago)
I love all ur cooking
ghost _ (2 months ago)
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
ghost _ wqq🐯🐯🐯
Devkinandan (2 months ago)
Not for vegetarians
IM WORSE IRL (2 months ago)
Rica la tula
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
ruix z (2 months ago)
ay lmao
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
ruix z f🐯🐯🐯
Nayeli Arriaga (2 months ago)
tasty podrian hacer resetas veganas
KenTalks (3 months ago)
Is the milk or cream essential?
Kuro Shiro (3 months ago)
I hate how people have no sense of taste outside of my country (I’m Italian)
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
edgy capricorn (3 months ago)
does anyone know the song that's used in this video?
Sean Hakami (3 months ago)
Can I use red wine instead of vodka in the second one?
Santiago torres (3 months ago)
Pınar Alakaş (4 months ago)
Hurray, I am Turkish , and Ido not know English.
Pınar Alakaş (4 months ago)
I'm from Turkish🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pınar Alakaş (4 months ago)
Her havzın dibaynı
Pınar Alakaş (4 months ago)
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Pınar Alakaş 🐯🐯
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Pınar Alakaş QQ🐯🐯🐯
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Pınar Alakaş (4 months ago)
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Pınar Alakaş zdas🐯🐯
StudioUAC (4 months ago)
what kind of music is this playing?
oops kat (4 months ago)
Ma che cuoci la pasta nel """"""""""ragù"""""""""" ?? Scimunit
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
oops kat z🐯
Shahieda Adams (4 months ago)
Any way to make it without vodka❔
Hung To (5 months ago)
That Penne vodka shit looks blessed
Omar Little (5 months ago)
Sausage with cream and cheese. Pasta with Vodka. Bolognese with cream. Just what the fuck is wrong with these people. Why don't you go ahead and bake some brownies with cream, cheese and bacon.
Maggie Kelly (5 months ago)
do you also only watch tasty for being entertained, not hungry or looking for ideas? :) Thats what I do! XD
Carlos Morquecho (6 months ago)
Yadira te odioooooo
Sokan 355 (6 months ago)
Great recipe!I'll totally try it! Check this too, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jymQNcYABZ4. It's impressive!
Belinda Gomez (6 months ago)
I have made the parmesan twice easy delicious
Tasneem Ahmed (6 months ago)
I really like your videos Editing is perfect .. recipes are fabulous ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i am addicted to this channel .. i hope i work with you when i grow up😍👌🏻
Bradley Scott (6 months ago)
They always adding parsley at the end 😂😂
sarah hayes (6 months ago)
0:32 could you use something like wine than vodka ?
Elizabeth Vargas (6 months ago)
Excelente y facil
G Quantum (6 months ago)
a whole hunk of creme cheese in pasta no pls !!!!!!!!! tasty finds a way to make any dish unhealthy
_Hinda_ M (6 months ago)
The 2nd one minus the vodka 👅😍
Tarna Pandaram (7 months ago)
I have mixed a tomatoes based pasta recipe with cream and it was very tasty
Cristina Monroy (7 months ago)
mmmm k ricas comidas y postres me gusta mucho
Raymond Media (7 months ago)
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Raymond Media 🐯🐯🐯
Ravenclaw Ava (7 months ago)
Who else watches this because its satisfying?
YourMom dotcom34 (7 months ago)
The one starting at 0:54 is looking REALLLY good RN 🤙😏 *(call me)*
Prince Dorado (7 months ago)
+Tasty Is there a specific kind of vodka we should use?
Nguyen Hang (7 months ago)
I will try making the vodka one lol thanks for sharing
Amelia Pitts (7 months ago)
Hey, somebody spiked the pasta and I didn't know!
Amelia Pitts (7 months ago)
Even tho I love every single desert video, I can't get enough of that delicious pasta and the creamy and flavourful sauce, it's my favourite Italian food
rioZ (7 months ago)
first tasty vid i ever watched
Emily Duong (7 months ago)
Who else is here at the middle of the night hunger and watching this
Destined For Chicken (7 months ago)
if you say taco in a Italian accent it comes out like thank you... kinda
Lucy Heartfilia (7 months ago)
what cream should we use??
Arikin (8 months ago)
Indubidibly pour vodka into your pasta get drunk on pasta because YNot
me quedó espantoso :(
The Triforce Triniyee (8 months ago)
3rd one is my fave
Choco Cream (8 months ago)
Waaahh i am so hungry
Katy Phantomhive (8 months ago)
non pensavo che fosse possibile creare satana in casa! figo!
shailja prachi (8 months ago)
lucky crew members !!
Fuzzy Dreams! (8 months ago)
jajaja pene :y
Kimberly Quiñones (8 months ago)
I made the first one, it was really good!
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Kimberly Quiñones 🐯
Sunjida Akhter (8 months ago)
can i use mozzarella cheese?
Rashed Alhazzani (9 months ago)
What kinda of cream is used here?
Trinabh Paul (5 months ago)
Rashed Alhazzani parmesan
kiky rahma (9 months ago)
That's so easy... I already make it in my kitchen for my boyfriend and he like it.
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
okdrian (9 months ago)
Julieto (9 months ago)
soy el unico que habla español y malpenso el titulo del video? :v
veg pasta 4 ways pls
Bella Viviane (9 months ago)
Non-fasting people, where you at?
cupcake chocolate (9 months ago)
Every seasoning in this is not obtainable in Sri Lanka why ? I don't know
SC (9 months ago)
Love those groovy 70's music❤️
irina Ventel (9 months ago)
and there's me.... eating edible slime nutella y'all.....
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
Ioana Ventel c🐯🐯
Lunar Sage Witch (9 months ago)
that last one looked the best I wanna make it so bad
Carson Hamilton (9 months ago)
can u do a tortilini pasta next
zahra_ (9 months ago)
Why am i watching this while fasting SO DELICIOUS
Ann Nguyen (10 months ago)
Watch this while you're hungry is torturing
MJ Music (10 months ago)
I love penne soo much
Kirk Partosa (10 months ago)
CHAINSA (10 months ago)
I'm not old enough so I'll be making penne alla water
Noelia Urquizo (10 months ago)
Pene in Spanish means dick jsjs
Sean Hakami (3 months ago)
Noelia Urquizo different spelling and different pronunciation
What Zit Tooya (10 months ago)
Cream Cheese??
balbina zepeda (10 months ago)
3 de las 4 me parese ricas
Zekrom YT (10 months ago)
That's a good video but I would definitely remove all of the ingredients to give it a better taste.
laurys Hernández (10 months ago)
Can i use milk insted cream?
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
laurys Hernández 🐯
Monkey D.Luffy (11 months ago)
is this channel related to BuzzFeed?
Salma Ayman (11 months ago)
can i do the second one but without vodka?
Lilly's Cooking (11 months ago)
looks so yummy
bluekittenx64 (11 months ago)
Let's suppose you're writing a really important email to a collea--
Fatima Silva (23 days ago)
KenziesGotYou _ (11 months ago)
Can I just pay you to come to my house and cook for me every day 😂
Rachel Johnson (11 months ago)
If anyone has tried making the spinach artichoke penne let me know how it turned out. I really wanna try making it, it looks delish!
Brenda _ (11 months ago)
Zoya B.R (11 months ago)
it's so unhealthy !!!! full of cheese. ..
Tony Perez (1 year ago)
Looks great but what's up with all the cream? lol
MlpStarlight Glimer (1 year ago)
Enrique Velazquez A (1 year ago)
what kind of cream do you use? is it sour? or what? im confused :s
Luis Rivera (2 months ago)
Enrique Velazquez A heavy whipping cream
Id K (1 year ago)
landscape blu (1 year ago)
The best food videos ever!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMY

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