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D Thisen H Fernando - "The Winner of the Orator 2018 March contest"

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British Way English Academy. "The Orator" - Making a new History in the public speech in Sri Lanka. We are proud to announce that British Way English Academy successfully concluded its premier Orator contest on 2018 March,which had a tremendous outcome. The Winner of this contest :- Name - D.Thisen H. Fernando Topic - Be your self don't follow others Diploma Level British Way English Academy,Nugegoda Branch

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lahiru rathnayaka (8 days ago)
Thisen H. Fernando (7 days ago)
lahiru rathnayaka Thank you ☺️
Thisen H. Fernando (10 days ago)
So happy to see this again 😀
sriyani Silva (10 days ago)
Well done , great .All the best
Thisen H. Fernando (10 days ago)
sriyani Silva ... Thank You 😊

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