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5 Lassi Recipes - Easy and Different Summer Drink Flavors - CookingShooking

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Summer is here, and nothing like a glass of chilled lassi. Today, we’re making 5 easy yet super delicious and refreshing lassi flavors. Mango, Chocolate, Kacha Aam or Kairi, Tender Coconut and Pudina. Subscribe to CookingShooking for more delicious recipes - https://goo.gl/Sxk4Fp Hindi Recipes - https://goo.gl/MH3A4r How to Make Lassi - Ingredients: Base - Dahi - 1 liter for 5 small glass Sugar - ½ cup (more or less) Chocolate lassi Chocolate melted with cream/milk Chocolate - 40g Cream / Milk - 2 tbsp Nutella - 1 tbsp (optional) Mint mirch lassi kala namak Mint leaves - handful Coriander Leaves - a little bit Ginger - 1 inch Black Salt - ½ tsp Black Pepper - ¼ tsp Cumin Powder - ½ tsp Chat Masala - ½ tsp Sugar - 1 tbsp Kairi lassi with masalas 1 Kairi, boiled peeled and pulp will make 2 glass boiled, blended Chat masala - ½ tsp Cumin powder - 1 tsp Pepper - ½ tsp Black salt - ½ tsp Sugar - 1 tsp Tender coconut blended with lassi Blended Tender coconut Malai Mango chopped and grated Grated Mango - 3-4 tbsp Chopped to decorate (optional) Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (322)
Azim Khan (3 hours ago)
Your Ida is so good bro I think u r very good chef Maine aapse bahot sikha thanks
varsha enterprises (9 hours ago)
Pls tell if we do not add nutela than what we should add
Hassan Raza (1 day ago)
Isn't it?
Lajwanti Shahani (2 days ago)
This is amazing, thanks for these recipes! I usually prefer chaas but definitely going to try these, especially the minty one which is perfect in this summer heat. Will surprise my friends with the chocolate lassi :D
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
Sounds interesting Lajwanti ji.. do let me know how it goes :)
Fesshan Ford (2 days ago)
Bhai plzz apni English vali sari vedios hindi m kro
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
haan bhai
Rashmi Mehta (3 days ago)
Madhurasmitha 95 (4 days ago)
Yaman make a video of Pav bhaji masala i already asked to post it but you dint post it so iam reminding you now
CookingShooking (4 days ago)
I will do it soon.. have done vada pav, dabeli, frankie masala last time in hindi channel
Cj Singh (4 days ago)
I'll definitely try
Shanoj Subramanian (4 days ago)
Happy Cooking but Chef you're missing a tooth
CookingShooking (4 days ago)
Hi Shanoj.. I m getting a treatment done..the gap shall be filled
kaash mera bhai hota tu 😍
Tooba Jivani (5 days ago)
This was the best!!!
Tooba Jivani (5 days ago)
Suman Foods (5 days ago)
Thanks a lot bro. I will try those for sure. God bless you
Meetoo You (5 days ago)
Why do keep saying isn't it ?
A B (5 days ago)
U are an amazing vegetarian chef and ur work is a blessing for us vegetarians
Anup Gohain (6 days ago)
Superb bro👌
Capt Ocie (6 days ago)
Your videos make me feel very happy! You are very cheerful and explain everything very well. It puts a big smile on my face!
Jaanu G tech's (6 days ago)
I love your voice so cute..
Mahendhiran Rithvik (6 days ago)
I have the same glasses that he used
Masarath Jahan (6 days ago)
Lassi without roohafza is not lassi anymore in my opinion
sehrish rahman (6 days ago)
What happened to your lower front tooth?How did you lose it? Getting it replaced will make your speech and pronunciation better.
Saurabh Rana (6 days ago)
Congratulations brother 4 your 1 million subscriber
Raz Momade (6 days ago)
Very nice
Rahul Kumar (6 days ago)
Bhai lassi Punjab di femous drink hai Punjabi vich bol chupe
ReehatKitchen (6 days ago)
Wow 😮
Toufika Hakima (7 days ago)
Just loved it ......👍👌
Kaif Siddique (7 days ago)
Asha Nagwekar (7 days ago)
Yummy 😋
TG Nandi (7 days ago)
Thank you Sir! I’ll definitely be making at least a few of these this summer. 🙏
Lovely Zahid (7 days ago)
Very nice thank you very much.
Nikhil Ingle (7 days ago)
bhai cold coffie video plz
Mandeep Baweja (7 days ago)
😂 these glasses doesn't looks like Lassi Glass lol....nice recipe 😍 but here a Punjabi can finish like 5 of these glasses in a minute lol
Sangita Dumbre (8 days ago)
Which is ur favorite among this?
Mandeep Singh (8 days ago)
बढ़िया है जी
Ghotni is also known as mathni
Adharsh P (8 days ago)
Serve it Hot!!!!!!!!:)
mks shukla (9 days ago)
Bhai your video is good always
Ayesha Rafiq (9 days ago)
U have gave us so many idea s to make lassi
M VB (9 days ago)
Hand beater also known as rawi
Khyati Kharod (9 days ago)
Why did u added sugar in mint lassi?
Ramona Netto (9 days ago)
Chirag Doshi (9 days ago)
Hi.. can you please show a recipe of vegetarian one pot pasta
Glitches Game (9 days ago)
You have this subscriber from Britain as well
Glitches Game (9 days ago)
Hi sir you should have go to master chef you will win it on the day of auditions you are the best
karthik gorthi (9 days ago)
Broooo.......do u wannaaaa kill us with ur way of cooking it's extremely delicious we are sooo lucky to have you.keep rocking love you !!!!!!
Uday Rajoriya (10 days ago)
"Serve it hot!"What?:D
sakshi rathi (10 days ago)
Awesome mouth watering 😋
Monika Mehta (10 days ago)
This is awesome 😍😍😍
clash of clans fanz (10 days ago)
shashikant jagdale (10 days ago)
Anusha Roushan (10 days ago)
just wow...
Shirin's Cooking (10 days ago)
Jyoti Vyas (10 days ago)
You are amazing Yaman...lassi mein itna innovation....bade bhi bachon se kuch seekh sakte hain..you proved it..right?
Cook's Way (10 days ago)
nice summer drinks...
Priyanka Chandel (10 days ago)
Manisha Kathuria (10 days ago)
Yummy and nyc
Harshi Wickramasinghe (10 days ago)
we dont have that hand mixture in Sri lanka, can we use the blender ?
Adaa Shaikh (11 days ago)
Hey bro share recipe of surati sarasiya khaja (masala khaja) please please please...love Ur all recipe 😊
Mei Hou Chung (11 days ago)
I already feel refreshed just by watching the video
SHIKHA GOEL (11 days ago)
Hi Cooking shooking : All the five lassi are looking very yummy will surely try all. I have a question ,will chocolate not freez in cold lassi and become small Chocolate pieces, will it able to mix properly?
ghotni! 😍
Hari Dass (11 days ago)
Jiyo Sarkaar Kya lassi banaaye ho aap Jai ho
So delicious
suyog bonde (11 days ago)
Wowwww very cool.. I Love it. Thanku 4..👍👌
Praveena Bamaniya (11 days ago)
Superb..all lassi
Best lassi ever.... I loved ur recipe...
Kavitha Raju (11 days ago)
Yamen could you please share some ladoos recipes please🙏
Jayanti Singh Mura (11 days ago)
I have no cream..😢What I do??
Mehdiya Khan (11 days ago)
All Lassi are different and superb.
Indian Mom's Kitchen (11 days ago)
Ideal summer drink....thanks for sharing so many varieties....liked.
Narjis Zaidi (11 days ago)
What have u done with ur face? U look feminine today. #noHate
Anjali Patel (11 days ago)
Please share recipe of Dahi .please please
kriti dhawan (11 days ago)
Please show the recipe of tornado...... please
kriti dhawan (11 days ago)
Awesome recipe bro
Anudeep Singh (11 days ago)
Nice and yammi.
Prankur Rawat (11 days ago)
Tried the mint lassi. Awesome
Yogaa lakshmi (11 days ago)
What can i substitute for black salt
Gloria Kottil (11 days ago)
Wooahhw... Can't wait to make it.. looks so delicious n so refreshing. Thanks fr d recipe Yam....👍💖😄😍
Aruna Shrivastava (11 days ago)
Chocolate lassi...yummy
Muskan Agrawal (11 days ago)
Great ....👌👌,no doubt you are a great cook ...n very passionate for trying n sharing good recipes...you are the only cook whom I follow...good luck😃😃
Rinsha Azeez (11 days ago)
Really liked the easy yet yum recipe!! Define gonna try the tender coconut and mango lassi!!
Mayur Noel (11 days ago)
Smart nd yummy 😋
Umer Ajmal (11 days ago)
plz give chocolate measurements in grams
Celia Coelho Devalia (11 days ago)
Thanks for quenching our thirst. During my last trip to India I tasted rose petal lassi which was heavenly!!! Could you please show us this recipe if you can.
all in one videos (11 days ago)
Super bhai Great job
lilmonster90210 (11 days ago)
just when I thought the chocolate one was good, it is nothing compared to keri or masala lassi .. yum!
Anusha Hissaria (11 days ago)
Can you please make a video on tandoori aloo
Sapna Jain (11 days ago)
Awesome and such an easy recipe to try out this summer.. all your recipes are super delicious and easy 😊 tysm for all these. And can you please make the Japanese cheese cake without eggs.. waiting for your recipe ☺
Haroon Khan (11 days ago)
hi dear plz cheese cake banyega but jo chesse ap log use krty ho wo hmy nai mlti so plz koi asan se recipe do😍
Mallika Ven (11 days ago)
Such innovative ideas of lassi - the coconut one and the pudina one look absolutely gorgeous. You're fab Yaman <3
Renu S (11 days ago)
👌👌👌. Thank you.
MUNTAJIB CIMT (11 days ago)
Mtiaz Lenovo (11 days ago)
Woow iam definetly want to try
monika r (11 days ago)
Congratulations for 1m..
Osama Saeid (11 days ago)
what is Dahi ??
Braham Ram Shrivastava (11 days ago)
Cheese bust pizza without yeast and without ovon
Sandhya Kshirsagar (11 days ago)
How to make kairi vadi...
farhana shaikh (11 days ago)
Instead of water add cold milk it gives a good flavour to lassi
Visham Sohatee (11 days ago)
very delicious
Jyoti Bhardwaj (11 days ago)
Wah! Will try for sure. BTW which one is your favourite??

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