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How To Cook Water Snake In My Country - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory

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How To Cook Water Snake In My Country - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory Hi Guy today i want to show you about How To Cook Water Snake In My Country - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory Hope you enjoy with my videos and Subscribe my channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6L279a0CRjzjN5jZbacRQg) Thank you for watching Please Good Luck everytime More Videos: - How To Cook Papaya Soup With Beef and Bone - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory Country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vebwG9Zwl5A - How to create a natural plant into jelly delicious - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arfYvpGTP3E&t=6s - How To Cook Beef Eat With Bread - Beautiful Girl Cooking - Village Food Factory My Country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1xloCy2c1s Please Follow Me On: - Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/b/104366040031898529012/104366040031898529012?pageId=104366040031898529012 - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/myfoodmylifestyle/ - Twitter : https://twitter.com/mylifestylefood - Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/myfoodmyday/
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Text Comments (1547)
you are doing a good job. i am a vegetarian even i can enjoy your way of living with your passion. all the best for your happy life.
Jhanelle Lewis (3 days ago)
she just needs people to see r stinking ass
Ny. Awan (5 days ago)
Jorok bgt sihhh semua bahan2nyaa nggak dicuci duluu, termasuk ularnya jugaa lgsg masak aja.😓😱
Leader success ! (5 days ago)
Ale simpson (6 days ago)
>.< Giiiuuuuu
Tiger Tiger (6 days ago)
I want the recipe!!!
Sousou Seblani (12 days ago)
this food is not nice but i like to watch cooking because i am 9 years old i like cooking this is my favorite thing in my life
QueenKeisha Jones (12 days ago)
That is so cool
Apolo moss (14 days ago)
Que puto asco ! XD better human cuisine. the flesh of the human is also tasty. you should try it and cook it with vegetables :D
Amandiinha Cristina (17 days ago)
Cleide Silva (17 days ago)
Aí tem coragem!!!!!!
Cleide Silva (17 days ago)
Ovos d cobra. Bhá tchê.
Cleide Silva (17 days ago)
So Deus na causa. Aff
Sol valen (21 days ago)
Y por que amarrar. A lod perros!!! Carajo
الملكه dz (24 days ago)
وععععععع تاكل في الفعه وثانيه خنزير
Loren's Nails (24 days ago)
Paul (24 days ago)
Dat mustache tho
Fatma Vathi (25 days ago)
Lindachinirlove Suga. (25 days ago)
I don't like snakes but it really is nice to know how they r cook
Sára Liebhardt (26 days ago)
Oh my god that was sooomuch salt😂😂😂
Sanjay John Gandhi (27 days ago)
Her country is Cambodia, for those who want to know.
Zo e (27 days ago)
Anna Praguer (28 days ago)
Here's Anna from Brasil. Love your vídeos!
Zeynep Durna (29 days ago)
Bıyıklarını al ablaaaaaaaaağğ
Sabrina Islam (1 month ago)
Sariporn Srithong (1 month ago)
asha buvaneshwari (1 month ago)
oh my god chi, I dnt like:*)
Jem 89 (1 month ago)
It took you the whole day and at the end there was a dead bug on the damn food
Zeina Markabawi (1 month ago)
You are very Derry woman.b course you are eating very darty animal's meets.i think you Don't have brain.blady woman go to hell
nerdygamer 131314 (1 month ago)
Is this Thailand?
Merve Soysal (1 month ago)
ilhem shajiri (1 month ago)
Johanna Weiss (1 month ago)
You are cuteeee❤️❤️❤️
myra961 (1 month ago)
did she cook the fish inside the snake's belly??😂
Myrthle Pinnock (1 month ago)
I wouldn't eat these food but I must say i like watching the videos different cultures
Shajahan Han (1 month ago)
Bubblez R Us (1 month ago)
I dont know alot about snakes but are those little balls eggs? im sorry if I sound dumb asking but im curious? 😀
Lucero Alba Marzana (1 month ago)
Que asco
Nalini Singh (1 month ago)
Chattpatta snakes are ready.🙄
Nalini Singh (1 month ago)
They use fresh turmeric..that's wow
Nalini Singh (1 month ago)
They are not poisonous?
Nalini Singh (1 month ago)
Are they eggs...plz tell me
Nalini Singh (1 month ago)
She just loves to cut the shit out of them...I liked this video
Rolla06 (1 month ago)
Cute mustache
Zahid Pyara (1 month ago)
Allah maff kry
Porqué no usan unas mesas altas ... normales, porqué cocinar en el piso y rodeadas de animales e insectos????
Pasukan Merah Maron (1 month ago)
What is the "little balls" she adds? Is that snake's eggs??? This girl is awesome. Eventhough i don't eat snake. But my mom will be very happy if i have a wife like her. 1000 thumbs for you..
Pasukan Merah Maron (1 month ago)
Is it bony??? The snake?
kristel fe villarna (1 month ago)
The water snake's eegs looks like class A pearls...
Smyles! Smyles!Smyles! (1 month ago)
those puppies are absolutely adorable and so is their mama XD
Amira Ben (1 month ago)
هذا وشيه 😲
Cyanna Miranda (1 month ago)
I would run as fast as i can to get awat from that but for some strange reason i am not looking away and im still watching but this is very cool i could never do that xD
Kaori Suzuki (1 month ago)
I'm so hungry now that I would eat this snake with a great pleasure!!!
Jungkookie 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
😍😍i want to eat it
Jungkookie 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
That looks so good
Parmeet Mavi (1 month ago)
What were the round round things along with snake flesh ???
Priyoshi Piu (1 month ago)
o my god...😱😱😷😷
t.a.l.a toto (1 month ago)
رح استفرغ يععععع😳😣😧😧الله لا يوفقك يععع
Joe Jackson (1 month ago)
saroar hosan (1 month ago)
I love you not your nasty culture
إيمان كنعان (1 month ago)
I love nature life
Miku Chan (1 month ago)
Poor snakes it probably had familys
jentra07 (1 month ago)
I always enjoy watching your videos and I appreciate you sharing your culture . By the way , what country do you live in ?
Free Soul (1 month ago)
Her life is really rough yet so natural and beautiful 🍃🍁🎋
اباوع ع الحيه اباوع ع البيض اباوع ع الجلب الي يلحس بالماعين اباوع ع شواربها والله مادري
Peekaboo I C U (1 month ago)
What country is she from? Omg......I DONT LIKE lizards or snakes...wtf am I here 😧
Lirije Farruku (1 month ago)
shihemi ne gjyq
Blink Master (1 month ago)
Looking taste.... but... no thanks.
Channel Thánh (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my channel ! Thanks ! I want 100.000subscribe
endut aja (1 month ago)
Busseet.. ini cewek apaan aja dmakan ya, hebat ya, bisa ketelen gitu, gw liatnya ngeri + eneg duluan.. Dia jg prnah msak kodok kl gslah,
TATIANA (1 month ago)
Anyone know what part of the snake are those white ball lookin things?
Chocolatebuttacupoet (1 month ago)
TATIANA they could be eggs but I'm just guessing.
That's what you called nature food With a free fish
Dar Zee Nhee (1 month ago)
groundchele (1 month ago)
cute dogs
zor amy (1 month ago)
She needs a sharp knife.
Elmer's Glue (1 month ago)
Wow. Amazing how she can cook snakes where as I can't even cook eggs.
Peris Wakiuru (1 month ago)
I'm shocked
it looks delicious actually 😍
Nobody Here (1 month ago)
We eat bugs as snacks in my country, so... I wouldn’t be bothered to try this🙃
xclcx100 (1 month ago)
What's up with these ass holes and the useless negativity? This is what they eat an how they prepare it. We eat strange stuff to them as Well.
masum Billah (1 month ago)
Ata khawa haram
Stephanie Yenn Soo (18 days ago)
masum Billah kau yang haram
Jacqueline SanMartin (1 month ago)
Never tried it but i imagine it like fish and chicken combined
Niz Iglesias (1 month ago)
very good cooking...
ice princess (1 month ago)
How can you eat it?
LifeOfBethh (1 month ago)
Made my mouth water! That looks so good
DEMET Sky (1 month ago)
Wow at least they eat food with zero chemical on it ... you are a good girl and talented ❤️👍🏼👍🏼
Nara Msp (1 month ago)
Like from Germany 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️
Mona Khan (1 month ago)
She took the whole day to cook that shit
Youtuber Maya (1 month ago)
Amit Kashid (1 month ago)
Sali pagal chodi suvar ki aulad
Temi Love (1 month ago)
I’d eat it minus the eggs
Jenny Funk (1 month ago)
Yare Villa (1 month ago)
Se ve que todo lo qué hacen😋 es muy rico saludos a todos 🤗
Su mostacho 😂
Katyy Rojas (1 month ago)
Se ve rico lo que cosina lo único que le mandaría a sacarse los bigotes que se ve bn feo en mujeres
Rajesh Raju (1 month ago)

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