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Amazing Turtle Trap With Deep Hole by Little Boy in Jungle - How to Trap Turtles That Works 100%

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Hello My Respectful Subscribers and Visitors! Greeting from Siem Reap Cambodia! This is video I want to show you about Amazing Turtle Trap With Deep Hole by Little Boy in Jungle - How to Trap Turtles That Works 100% If you enjoy this video and want to get more videos with me, Please kindly help subscribe to my Channel, Share, Comment and Like!
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Text Comments (111)
xhaperx 7 (21 days ago)
Thats not funny
xhaperx 7 (21 days ago)
xhaperx 7 (21 days ago)
Dont kill it
Brian Ferris (24 days ago)
Oh come on. Poor thing. #thisguyneedstostophurtinganimals #Norespectatall
kitty cat (1 month ago)
Poor turle 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢😭😭😭
supreme killer (3 months ago)
Poor turtle 😢😢😢😢
Jonah Derechin (3 months ago)
Pim (3 months ago)
Dit is gewoon dierenmishandeling
Pim (3 months ago)
Vis kut hoer zomaar dieren doden maar
Ron McCoy (4 months ago)
LOL! White people are big mad at this cambodian kid!
Tiny_ Dreamz (4 months ago)
poor turtle that it fell down and don’t kill it plzz
reeses peices (4 months ago)
Awww poor turtles :( what have they done toyou to deserve this!? Ehhhh 😭😢😢😂
Federico Ranalli (4 months ago)
Questo ragazzo è veramente intelligente e simpatico
Roblox Kingofall (4 months ago)
Please don’t kill it
Sheep HD (4 months ago)
I hate this channel and this guy!!!
Guys they let them go afterward it’s just to show you
Daniel&c0co jimenez (4 months ago)
this kid is smart
Just play 123 (4 months ago)
Do you eat sausages there made out of which ever animal it is intestines/guts now how does it feel to eat a turtle and why would a kid kill a turtle randomly?
Carol Garcia (4 months ago)
que hacen con los animales n
Its_me Marek (4 months ago)
You Are idiot Killer animals death for you fuck your mum
Just Cypress (4 months ago)
zvonx5 on the line (4 months ago)
Son you are going to get yourself kiled
Alonso Rodriguez (4 months ago)
TheCookieIsHere green (5 months ago)
Turtles are my favorite animal 😢
Nayara Chacon (5 months ago)
Increíble 😉 buen atrapo
ghettolawn middle (5 months ago)
People in the comments talking about "animal cruelty" need to the fuck up. Like really? If you're poor living in a third world country with nothig to eat. The most logical answer is to find food in the wild right? Or do you wanna die cause some idiot sitting on his ass stuffing their face with burgers that were from cows and bulls which were farmed to be eaten. Since they were killed, that means it's animal cruelty right? What about all the fish that are eaten by whales? Animal cruelty too? Exactly GO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST RIGHT NOW!
ghettolawn middle (4 months ago)
Fun Gus My family used to be really poor like this and jobs pay $5 a day and they were still able to buy mopeds...
Fun Gus (4 months ago)
Johnny Sins there might be no store but in one vid he had a MOTORCYCLE! Is he really poor?
ghettolawn middle (4 months ago)
WoahItsRena people have a thing called "pocket wifi" which they need to pau data to use. And I was making a answer to people that talk about animal cruelty but dont even know what it's like to live without running water, electricity, or a store you can just go to get food from
😤 (4 months ago)
Johnny Sins I doubt they are that poor. How the fuck would they have a camera to film this on, and get an device to upload the video with wifi?
LuckyGamer3108 (5 months ago)
Thumbs Down For this guy
Brian Ferris (24 days ago)
Then how do they have a YT channel if these people are poor
Jj Xu (25 days ago)
theres no ads to make money
arielthe apheist (3 months ago)
LuckyGamer3108 do you know they constantly impregnate cows for milk and take the baby away from it its so sad the cow cries for its calf and the calf cries for the mom so this isn't half bad Compared to that and that's how they get milk so instead of disliking this dislike the ppl out there who ate torturing cows for money this guy is doing it for food and money but he lives in a poor. Place
kun rebekah fun love (3 months ago)
U don't know a bout there family they are poor u are rich but u don't know how to do like them
LuckyGamer3108 (5 months ago)
William Crawford When He makes this videos he Win food.He win a lot of Money To YouTube and with this money he can buy Food.
lauren weeks (5 months ago)
Ooo I hate him I really do
Titanium Turtle (1 month ago)
lauren weeks it’s how some people eat to keep themselves alive. This boy is no different
lauren weeks (3 months ago)
areial the atheist actually, I don’t
arielthe apheist (3 months ago)
lauren weeks you probably eat meat get over it
Farenhite (3 months ago)
lauren weeks well it's called eating other animals, alot of people do it and as long the animal isn't suffering, it's ok.
lauren weeks (3 months ago)
Why??? He killed the poor things
EthanDailyVlogs (5 months ago)
Givhb Fjgkbjj (5 months ago)
Itz Me (5 months ago)
Just stop
Fun Gus (4 months ago)
Well more like people don't want to help other family's because every family has to get food themselve/no store
Fun Gus (4 months ago)
chhuntan hour he's got money though he has a motorcycle.....that place needs stores that country has slowpokes walking on it
Itz Me (5 months ago)
chhuntan hour sorry
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
BOOM Ice9u want him to stop surviving?
Elves Smile (5 months ago)
Piggy gaming (5 months ago)
This guys is mlg
Titanium Turtle (1 month ago)
NlCK0 Roblox (5 months ago)
It's a turtle it has no protein btw no point use rabbit or fox
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Nick Irving sometimes he takes them as a pet just like the rabbit he caught
Jackeline Figueroa (5 months ago)
That's a cute turtle you wouldn't have kill it?😢😔😰don't kill it plzzz
The Zogoid (5 months ago)
Poor little turtle 😢😢😢 #saveturtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Lexi Benitez (1 month ago)
and #savetortoises
The Zogoid (3 months ago)
Damn auto correct I meant wth?!?
The Zogoid (3 months ago)
Farenhite 29th?!?
Farenhite (3 months ago)
reeses peices k
DoggoBitez (5 months ago)
Woah. I’m glad I came to this channel these vids are very entertaining! Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the mean comments.....unless you don’t set the animals free. Pffft whatever I’m not vegan and the people making hate eat that food. Sad
James Blake (4 months ago)
DoggoBitez that is right
LittleBit HD (4 months ago)
DoggoBitez he doesn’t he cuts there head off watch other vids of them
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
DoggoBitez I totally agree
Spirit SilverPine (5 months ago)
Spirit SilverPine (5 months ago)
I love the dogs...
Bitch im Shook (5 months ago)
I am reporting this video, this is killing animals that don’t need to feel this pain. You need to stop doing these videos. I am asking nicely please stop.
Jj Xu (25 days ago)
They dont have ads so theres no money involved. they're just showing their ways
Bitch im Shook (5 months ago)
chhuntan hour survival? If they have a youtube channel and all this money doesnt mean they need these animals to survive.
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Bitch im Shook just unsub dumb ass. This called survival, something and first world countries don’t have to worry about.
Ferdinand Chistian (5 months ago)
What the hell
Panther Animations (5 months ago)
I see you capture ALOT of animals on your channel... do you set all of these things free?
Jj Xu (25 days ago)
maybe sometimes he sets them free
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Panther Animations no sometimes he makes them as pets and some he cooks to eat because that’s all he has to feed him and his family
Jesse Haarhuis (5 months ago)
Jj Xu (25 days ago)
jesse stop commenting
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Jesse Haarhuis stop what surviving? God I hate Americans y’all think everyone can just go to the store and buy food. I use to live in Cambodia and it was harsh but I’m thankful I moved to Cali. You try living in Cambodia’s Provence for a day and see if you can even find clean water.
Phillips676 (5 months ago)
Fuck u lot and fuck raising money to u cunts . Here in Britian we dont think touch little animals. U FACKING NONCE
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Phillips676 I wish I had the money to send your kind of people to one of Cambodia’s provinces and see how you survive. Dumbass
ItsJaden !! (5 months ago)
fabisamazing the2 (5 months ago)
Then how do you get shrimp how do you get frog legs how do you get steak or burger meat call the circle of life
Mark Su (5 months ago)
That means you don't know shit about your own culture. Saying British people don't touch small animals, you just think that because you're stuck inside your own bubble, not willing to learn or try new things
Ugly God (5 months ago)
Omg 😮
Gabriella Tameifuna (5 months ago)
Please don't kill it
J7S17 - Roblox (2 months ago)
Gabriella Tameifuna it’s how he gets food
J7S17 - Roblox (2 months ago)
Gabriella Tameifuna he always does
supreme killer (3 months ago)
Gabriella Tameifuna I agree I don't want them to kill it
임동필 (3 months ago)
You are right
임동필 (3 months ago)
slappy girl firend (5 months ago)
I would be here erlyer but i had to go to the mall
slappy girl firend (5 months ago)
I love these vids there my fav.<3
Kiki The hamster (5 months ago)
Mitchell and daws (4 months ago)
I agree
Mitchell and daws (4 months ago)
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
Kiki The hamster unsub dumbass he’s trying to survive
Mithona Pech (5 months ago)
sTam Pham (4 months ago)
T.N.K MY MIX 666
TheRomanSoldier 1 (5 months ago)
My parents where bird it Cambodia and I was born in the United States my parents where saved from the war in Cambodia thanks to the US Army
chhuntan hour (5 months ago)
TheRomanSoldier 1 wow thanks amazing. I was born in Cambodia but later moved to Cali. My stepdad escaped the war.
Bogdan Cvetkovic (5 months ago)
Super video
اول لايك وتعليق
ChrisSammy JakeMicky (5 months ago)
K _ X _ D (5 months ago)
منصور ابو طالب كفو

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