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4 Meals Anyone Can Make

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Get the recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/4-meals-anyone-can-make Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: http://bit.ly/2zVLRyd  Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43105 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (5246)
Edit Addict (7 hours ago)
Even a 13 year old? With 11 yr old supervision
tasnia shahrin (10 hours ago)
So a baby can make this I don't think so
Bekfastman4321 Dab (10 hours ago)
I told my dog to do these and he started to stare me in the eyes and just ran away
Itx Rhianna (10 hours ago)
4 meals anyone can make *Beans on toast* *soup* *microwavable noodles* *pot noodle*
Raghav Garg (14 hours ago)
Can I make the Alfredo pasta without chicken? I am a vegetarian
Cristy Dakhil (15 hours ago)
Ummmm idk how to turn on a oven I’m that bad at cooking 😂😂😂
hasham feroz (16 hours ago)
Whre can i get these ingredients
Ellie Brady (20 hours ago)
sister youtube (22 hours ago)
HELP!! im hungry
Freaky Fridays C (22 hours ago)
I actually can't cook some of these
Faith Anne Tua (22 hours ago)
Am so hungry right now
Easternstraw551 (1 day ago)
1:55 I did that but I burned my hand 😭😭
Furaha Issa (1 day ago)
First meal was look good
The Mac and cheese is even more delicious
Jotse (1 day ago)
My kitchen is burning, help.
Jus learned how to make Mac and cheese
the eternity (1 day ago)
I hate bbq sauce
too bad i cant do it since i dont have oregano in my country
Nicole Wolf (2 days ago)
A baby cant though
Dylan Biddington (2 days ago)
I tried the Mac and cheese one and it tasted like shit
Stalin Animations (2 days ago)
im watching at 3 AM and im hungry now...
Ariana Leal (2 days ago)
🎵why you always lying
Kate Miller (2 days ago)
I am currently watching this before my six hour trip to California and there is no food in my fridge and I haven’t had anything to eat since I woke up and I am starving and I just want to take the food out of my phone.
Jill Ian (2 days ago)
I made the Alfredo pasta and it was amazing!
T_T T_T (2 days ago)
I am not anyone!
The360ProOfDoom (2 days ago)
This is how I make tea Boil water Pour it in the cup to half the cup Put in a teabag Mix it Take the teabag out Put in milk (any amount you want) And I'm done
The360ProOfDoom (2 days ago)
I can't make any of them tasty you liar
AIbarrientos 00005 (2 days ago)
Ooh definitely trying the pasta🤤😋
FlamingFist (2 days ago)
Ninja Is Cool (2 days ago)
bro i burnt all my shit
Shin Jeoen (2 days ago)
Not if you can’t have dairy or gluten lol
AwsomeGreninja 993 (2 days ago)
Anyone? Does that mean even a child toddler can do it?
Giacomo Falchi (2 days ago)
Pasta and chicken? Are you fucking kidding me?
white g (2 days ago)
But its difficult to find this ingredient
Tan Ho (3 days ago)
If i can not do it
Meme Team (3 days ago)
So yall niggas think we got parmesan at home? Fuck no im lookin. At this cuz its the middle of the month and i gotl like 50 euros to spare for the next 15 days headass
Tay K.T. (3 days ago)
imM hunGryyyyy my mom and dad are making dinner and they're taking FOREVER i m dY I N G
Deceased (3 days ago)
2:45 I feel offended tf is this nasty shit
Very phat cat (3 days ago)
My 1 year old cousin couldn't make these
SeleggTheStupid (3 days ago)
okay I'll show my 2 year old brother 😂😂
TheHuntingRifle (3 days ago)
Apparently a baby cant do it. That's what all the kids say.
Sasha Pascu (3 days ago)
I tried to make the make and cheese and i failed i stg, there was sth wrong with the cheese help
JudgementalCorgi (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who messed every single one up. lol
Taylor Atwell (3 days ago)
Me: **watches video** Me: I guess I'm getting Chinese take out
Federico Tosi (3 days ago)
Americani bastardi non sapete cucinare. Andate a mangiare le patatine al McDonald CICCIONIIIII BASTARDIIIIII
miss cat (3 days ago)
*Today I made my first good proper meal it was a spaghetti bolanase!*
Camote Production (3 days ago)
I hate thus video because i hate cheese
I'm actually so hungry right now but I can't eat cause I wan't to be thin. :( My older sister's thought: Hi everyone! So my sis wants to be thin, huh? Yeah, she IS thin! If she can't become thinner that the already is cause I say so! It's me, I'm back! If my sis says I can't be thinner that I already am then OK. I'm gonna make some mac and cheese for myself then! :D
Aliza Haroon (3 days ago)
K-Pop Forever hehe lol
CringeFest (3 days ago)
I cant even make scrambled eggs, much less a goddamn fish taco
Aliza Haroon (3 days ago)
CringeFest me too
rainbow rainbow (4 days ago)
But me
Fireblade166 (4 days ago)
My mom can’t even make toast...
Aarifah Ishmael (4 days ago)
What kind of milk did you used
NamMinSeok (4 days ago)
How can I even do this without any ingredients 😂😂😂
the dark moment (4 days ago)
Do you need to boil the elbow macaroni before you put it in the milk
HungryForever.com (4 days ago)
Hi it's Patty (4 days ago)
Even scrambles are a struggle for me, so no
Irfunfun123 (4 days ago)
Dood i can only make water
Pandis Pandus Extra (4 days ago)
BuzzFeed In a nutshell
AJ BrickFilms (5 days ago)
Hmmm meals anyone can make... I guess the baby is cooking Tonight!
Amy Bailyes (5 days ago)
There’s Are so hard I can just about make a sandwitch 😂😂😂
Rainbow YT (5 days ago)
I never ate Mac-&-cheese. But it looks yummy and I would eat that xD
Lars Divitini (5 days ago)
These are all from jungle twisted food co
Fathun Izu (5 days ago)
🙋 It said anyone can make these can a newborn baby make them for me ? Meow plz send me a reply comment anyone 🐺meow I'm a kitty cat 😂😂lol
Ziyad Hamdi (6 days ago)
I'm paralyzed. So, no! Not anyone can do it
-EM3RALD - (6 days ago)
phshhh please I burn my house trying to make cereal
Miranda Garay (6 days ago)
I think I'm hungry😂😂
andrei bolmadir (6 days ago)
EVRYONE CAN MAKE THIS 1: noodles 2: cereal 3: Hot pockets 4: Frozen food
miqael khorbaladze (6 days ago)
is this subtitle a roast ?
MrDrDave _ (6 days ago)
Can homeless people or prisoners make this by any chance?
Harry Robinson (6 days ago)
Can a two year old make these?
Harry Robinson (6 days ago)
Ya know the BBQ sauce looks a lot like blooooood.. Okay, now I’m just being *CHEESY*
Lucy Seward (6 days ago)
The chicken Alfredo noodles are so good! I made some for dinner tonight and my whole family loved it! (Btw I’m only fifteen and asked if I could make dinner. I don’t have any experience, so this video was very helpful!!!)
R G (7 days ago)
"Anyone can make" Tf?
Mr Krabs (7 days ago)
What is orgrano from the first one
Xenidote (7 days ago)
See, here's the thing, nobody has time and money to buy 5 different spices to cook for 1 recipe and never use then again.
Sh00k MaL00k (7 days ago)
to hard
Rachel Zuo (7 days ago)
That Mac & Cheese just looks so 🤤
MiaBoo :3 (7 days ago)
but how to turn on the oven
Liza Studios (7 days ago)
Ilhan Özkaya (7 days ago)
how much ml are 6 cups of water?
Brandz 98 (7 days ago)
The easiest thing to make is cereal with milk
best videos (7 days ago)
Who else see these videos but never tried
That pizza dough with just sauce looks like a pad on a heavy day
víntagë pëachy (8 days ago)
*video starts* *I cAn'T dO iT!*
Ugnnacit1 (8 days ago)
It's 23:18, but I'm hungry now
Roy Diaz (8 days ago)
NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, I’LL FIND A WAY TO FUCK IT UP (like ramen without water)
Simon Simon (8 days ago)
1. I don´t have money. 2. I don´t have money. 3.I don ´t have money. 4.And I don´t have money.
Sofia SlimesF (8 days ago)
Wow!!! Thanks for this amazing idea
iGemAh XOXO (8 days ago)
This song makes me hungry , don’t ask .......
Roy Diaz (8 days ago)
iGemAh XOXO It sounds like food time
Cody Dalgai (8 days ago)
am i baked af or did the person cross contaminate raw chicken with the alfredo sauce?? i think im baked idk lmao
Jesce James (8 days ago)
Eveb kids?
Salty Butter (8 days ago)
I just wanna prove to my mom i can cook food :(
Mainnzz Idk 2 (8 days ago)
You forgot scrambled eggs
Lingga Oriflama (9 days ago)
peoples in africa cant make this
jonathan lopez DRose1 (9 days ago)
Mowahid Shahbaz (9 days ago)
My stomach is hurting in agony as I watch this savory goodness.
vaper faper (9 days ago)
Scrambeled eegs are tradicional polish dish and it is dedlicious . Type How to make jajecznica
Young Roblox (9 days ago)
Definitely recommend the pasta ones. 1): I love me some pasta 2): It's pasta. Who doesn't like pasta?

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