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6 Vegetarian Chinese Take-Out-Style Dinners

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Text Comments (562)
Brian Chen (4 days ago)
Its not vegetarian anymore when u add garlic in it
Sabrina Mazerolle (5 days ago)
Gyoza are japanese
Farwa Siddiqui (5 days ago)
Yaaasss I love Chinese cuisine please do more
Kellie Ventura (6 days ago)
For everyone yelling "this isn't real Chinese food!!!11!1!!1", you're right, that's why the video is called "Chinese take out style" food. Asian take out (and takeout in general) is notorious for being different than the original cultural food. That's the way it is. 🤷 For everyone yelling "that's not real vegetarian food, it has egg!!!11!1!!!!1", I suggest you stop trying to define what vegetarian means to other people besides you. If adding egg means that the dish is no longer vegetarian to you, then fine, don't add the egg. There are many, many vegetarians who eat eggs and that's ok. The video still applies to them and really to all vegetarians. I didn't even know about the whole "is egg vegetarian" thing was a question until I started reading tasty comments. Eggs are classically vegetarian, but leave them out if you don't eat them. Finally, for everyone yelling "WHERE'S THE MEAT??!?!??!!" shut the fuck up, we're all tired of listening to you.
Ramadhan Budyanto (7 days ago)
Oh my God, Tempeh~ I love it♡
Tim Thomas (7 days ago)
Im cooking the califlower tonight thanks!
Knochi (8 days ago)
ummm... hate to break it to u but, tofu is japanese, so... doesnt make sense :/ even so, looks very tasty :)
ItsAudaWayLit ! (8 days ago)
cattigereyes1 (10 days ago)
Looks tasty!
Reality Jake (10 days ago)
*looks at recipies* o wow *looks down at instant ramen* o no
Luisa Echeverria (10 days ago)
That moment when you live in China but still miss that good ol' takeaway food...
Lamare Palmer (10 days ago)
Vegans dont eat eggs
AquaPoint (11 days ago)
Ok most of these aren’t vegetarian
Sakshi Nautiyal (11 days ago)
When you say flour is it wheat flour or cornflour ? Please reply
Alexis Moulin (11 days ago)
Speaker graduate account exist towards through transformation amount blind campus cycle review cheese follow.
lKaos66 (11 days ago)
already used this music
Malachi M (12 days ago)
Whats with all the boring vegan and vegetarian videos? They look so gross.
cupcake unicorne (12 days ago)
ugh this looks sooo good 😋
Truth (12 days ago)
Looks great and nice music.
Nandini choubey (12 days ago)
Egg wala is not vegetarian
Arita Taitenyu (12 days ago)
what i get this video: put sesame oil and soy sauce in anything to make it chinese
DarthFurie (12 days ago)
Thank you for making a video with all vegetarian meals! 💖💖
anjala jabeen (12 days ago)
frst item s gobi manjurian in India
Budleee Bazz (12 days ago)
I’m not mad at this. Since I am Asian I can smell and taste what they’re making with the ingredients. Tbh a lot of Chinese food is still excellent when made vegetarian. Yumm
Jhilam Sarkar (12 days ago)
Eggs in vegetarian dish.lol.though recipe was good for non vegetarians
Abhinav Deep Singh (12 days ago)
Daniel Alejandrino (12 days ago)
These same recipes keep getting posted over and over again
Kawaii Kitten (12 days ago)
1:55 I don’t think that’s vegan, I’m not vegan but it’s still and animal product.
Holly Findlay (12 days ago)
all look yummy, except no. 3
Saal Zaah (12 days ago)
There's tempeh from my country INDONESIA🇮🇩 Tempe is cheap, and u can find anywhere❣️
XinYi Serena (12 days ago)
As a Chinese. Normally, we don’t use so much condiment.....
Juliette Picard (12 days ago)
dance layer farm table dust form once burn verbal.
Carmela Paula Senato (12 days ago)
Vegan and then there's egg huwaw
Thanks for accommodating to my diet :)
Bobbu (12 days ago)
1:41 - DOUBLE DIPPING!!!!!
Kaitlyn McLeod (12 days ago)
are u autistic if it's Chinese it isn't gyoza it's jiaozi
Shivam Patel (12 days ago)
Kiriyana Chernishov (12 days ago)
Can we use corn starch and water as an egg replacement in these recipes? (I know this alternate works for some things but idk about these ones)
vivien (12 days ago)
Ever thought of trying to feature some authentic and traditional Chinese dishes? It won't disappoint, just saying
PeelxOranges heh (12 days ago)
who tf measures the amount of ingrediants. we asians dont :)) and i like rice with soya sauce and eggs dats all -.-
Crispy Toast (12 days ago)
Could you make your recipes less complicated. Do the sesame seeds really need to be TOASTED? Can they be normal ones? Not everyone has TOASTED ones
Sakura Haruno (13 days ago)
Tomorrow ,i'll make dumplings,i just prepared the dough
Khadd9 (13 days ago)
I liked the video but you got a dislike from me buzzfeed for that “oh yes”
Majestic Eggs (13 days ago)
Number one thing you need to know about Asian food. *NEVER MEASURE YOUR FOOD*
Coder Pug (13 days ago)
One problem, no money for food in Serbia
Krystal Cruz (13 days ago)
I went on a Buddhist temple tour and had lunch.. Had a great "orange chicken" but they used fresh tofu that was in strips... Tasted delish and hoped there was a good recipe out there.
Lily Is Awesome (13 days ago)
is it bad that i'm Chinese and i have never heard of half of these things?
Astronomy Nerd (12 days ago)
Lily Is Awesome Its more chinese take out food. like panda express and stuff like that. Basically its just the american version of chinese food, plus it is also vegetarian so they took out meat and replaced it with substitutes of sorts.
Lily Is Awesome (13 days ago)
i've also never heard of many of these ingredients appearing in chinese dishes. like no offense but this shouldn't be called "chinese" food.
Jilato (13 days ago)
Teriyaki chicken wings are my favourite
WeiYinChan (13 days ago)
You mean American-Chinese?
Itsa_Dingo (13 days ago)
Really Tasty I can't believe you forget to add *MIGOS STIR FRY*
leana mishal (13 days ago)
This is why i have trust issues
I made these and they taste like heaven.
Lando Parada (13 days ago)
Must be plant eaters week..................
Star Cherry (13 days ago)
Will try the sesame “chicken” looks yum!
Zilong Yu (13 days ago)
For god's sake, it's American-Chinese and mostly American. And as a channel under buzzfeed, where's the “cultural appropriation” you whine all the time?
Ria Coakley (13 days ago)
I know chips aren't technically Chinese but the chips that u get in the Chinese always taste better than an other ones
Trupti Vekaria (13 days ago)
Eggs aren't vegetarian 😂😭😭😭
Seven (12 days ago)
I meant lacto vegetarian, sorry. Anyways vegetarians DO EAT EGGS. It's lacto vegetarians that don't
Trupti Vekaria (12 days ago)
Seven no cause they allow eggs but not dairy products
Seven (12 days ago)
Trupti Vekaria You mean ovo vegetarians.
Trupti Vekaria (12 days ago)
Seven pure vegetarians dont eat egg
Seven (13 days ago)
Trupti Vekaria they are. But they're not vegan
Carmen Dawn Allan (13 days ago)
Another Excellent,Recipe. Txs Tasty. 😊
Kat L (13 days ago)
'chinese', then they called them gyoza...
soulessis deadinside (13 days ago)
RandomCommentGirl (13 days ago)
4:58 I like how you didnt grab the tofu
j (13 days ago)
didn’t see vegetarian and now i’m grossed out i thought i was gonna get some sesame chickennnnnn
Sanjana Kadlaskar (13 days ago)
1:55 egg is not "vegetarian food"
Seven (13 days ago)
Sanjana Kadlaskar they are. But they're not vegan
Hafsa Aboo (13 days ago)
Yassssss oriental foodddd
Tan CheeYin (13 days ago)
Wait but isn't it vegetarian can't eat things that are animals or produced by animals? But you add milk in the first recipe? Just asking btw
Tan CheeYin (12 days ago)
Ooo,thx for making me more clear about vegetarian I am totally confused by vegan And vegetarian
Seven (13 days ago)
Tan CheeYin no that's vegans. Vegetarians only don't eat meat
Agatha jay (13 days ago)
Oh. I didn't read the title.
Alex Mason (13 days ago)
you double dipped. for shame
cat go bork (13 days ago)
people still like chinese takeout?
Valinka Prasátko (13 days ago)
Tasty + Yummy = So Yummy 😍❤
Sneha Jasud (13 days ago)
1st one is almost like Manchurian..
Ellen Gregory (13 days ago)
The Music reminds me of Japanese Lost in Space. Danger Will Robinson, Dr Smith is behind you.
Himali More (13 days ago)
It is told that it's vegetarian but they have put egg in 2:00😒😐😣
Himali More (3 days ago)
cat go bork yes may be...
cat go bork (13 days ago)
Himali More You’re kidding me right? Only VEGANS avoid animal anything, vegetarians just avoid the flesh of an animal. They’ll eat any other byproduct or whatever it’s called
Sincerelyy Eccentric (13 days ago)
I bet people have the best lunched trying all these foods.
Arida Najmi (13 days ago)
Tempeh is indonesian authentic food
stacie myers (13 days ago)
Can you make a gluten free Chinese food episode please I have celiac disease and struggle with giving up Chinese food
Eki Renaldi (13 days ago)
okay eggs are vegan
Epic Rhodent (13 days ago)
okay vegans can't read
Breakaway 70 (13 days ago)
Eki Renaldi nope there just vegetarian not vegan
cook meat you fagets
Seven (13 days ago)
High IQ Rick and Morty Viewer no
Lingli Yang (13 days ago)
A strange thing is that I'm Chinese and I've never eaten those things
GoogleNoodle Gaming (13 days ago)
Ima vegetarian my mom and brother are vegans and my dad is a vegetarian.
Seven (13 days ago)
GoogleNoodle Gaming cool
Red Raph (13 days ago)
I always thought gyozas are Japanese...
Brian K Lo (13 days ago)
In most large cities in U.S, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Austin and other has Vegan and Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants. Vegan or Vegetarianism is ingrained in Chinse cuisine as regular Chinese Dishes. Stop the Ignorance. https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/happy-family-restaurant-monterey-park-2/ Southern California http://www.vegiwokery.com/ Southern California http://mamawokvegi.webs.com/ Charlotte, NC https://www.veggieheavenaustin.com/ Austin, TX http://www.enjoyveggie.com/ San Francisco
fabgrl 99 (13 days ago)
Do more vegetarian options please
Asɨa Maʀɨɛ (13 days ago)
Soooo the video is unavailable now??
Flan cake Coffee (13 days ago)
Hoi! Teach us how to make rainbow belt candy :3
Ron The Bird (13 days ago)
Isn’t Gyoza Japanese?
howdyday (13 days ago)
so eggs are allowed in vegetarian world?
howdyday (1 day ago)
Seven so i still don't understand please elaborate i'm just connecting the title of this video with what i see in the video.
Seven (13 days ago)
doopledenger eggs are vegetarian. Eggs are however not vegan. There's a difference
You gotta love the sims 2 build and buy music 😂😂😂
Halema Ear (13 days ago)
Please you can make Kurdish food 🙂✨✨
Jessica Keenan (13 days ago)
can you do a similar video doing it low carb or keto?
DIMASOH (13 days ago)
Why the heck you cut the rice noodles? Chinese will not eat that
Akansha Sakarkar (13 days ago)
in one dish they included eggs how it can be vegetarian..??
Seven (13 days ago)
Akansha Sakarkar vegetarians only don't eat meat. Its vegans that don't eat eggs
Thedicta Virgan (13 days ago)
wow, tempe :v nice one
marshmellow506 (13 days ago)
Pretty sure gyoza aren't Chinese...
Все этак стремительно, даже не успеваешь все ингредиенты уяснить:))
Insert text here (13 days ago)
The first one would be good if you replaced the cauliflower with Chicken!
Michael (13 days ago)
Chinese and Vegan just don't belong to the same sentence😂😂
Seven (13 days ago)
Michael because Buddhism totally isn't a thing? Tf
Nikos Ganadakis (13 days ago)
Was I the only one going "You double-dipping monsters!" throughout this video? Other than that; yeah, will likely cook these at some point.
leopard the (13 days ago)
Tasty recipes never work for me
Gayatri Dwivedi (13 days ago)
Please do vegetarian recipes like these more often!
Velly Velly (13 days ago)
Good job tasty, I love tempeh 😋

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