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6 Vegetarian Chinese Take-Out-Style Dinners

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Text Comments (676)
Thư Minh (2 days ago)
Even its vegies u made it looks delicious!
Kaitlyn McLeod (4 days ago)
if you say it is Chinese food at least use the Chinese term. gyoza is Japanese the Chinese term for it is jiaozi (boiled) or guotie (potsticker)
Hidayathullah Khan (6 days ago)
First one is Gobi Manchurian
Madhurima Goswami (7 days ago)
Egg is not veg by d way
Sonali Rajpoot (8 days ago)
If these are vegetarian dishes then y are they adding egg to it 🤔🤔🤔
priya shukla (9 days ago)
How is the recipe vegetarian,if u might not found where see 1:56 and everything else is good.
madiha imr x (9 days ago)
I’d like to speak to the person who agrees this music is good. Just a small, short talk.
Eden Chang (10 days ago)
um yes please
The Info Matrix (11 days ago)
You title says it's vegetarian but you used eggs
Pranjal Singh (11 days ago)
1:56 why did u add egg when it’s a vegetarian concept
neelam singh (13 days ago)
why is there sesame seeds in everything
Gatha Shree Dahal (15 days ago)
Only in US do vegetarians eat eggs.
Nehaa Kannan (18 days ago)
"veggie fried rice" *proceeds to add eggs*
Raghav Agrawal (21 days ago)
What can we substitute for egg in the rice and noodle dish?
Raghav Agrawal (18 days ago)
wiESELfredx3 (20 days ago)
Raghav Agrawal u could use some silk tofu mixed in a bowl with a bit of plant milk and a bit of kalarnamark salt (idk how to spell it, that Indian black salt that tastes like eggs)
Simantini Sinha (21 days ago)
Plus VEGAN people cannot use honey and milk products
Simantini Sinha (21 days ago)
Plus VEGAN people cannot use honey and milk products
Simantini Sinha (21 days ago)
Egg is non vegetarian
Kumar Ramaswamy (24 days ago)
can u cook indian recipes
Harshita is cool (24 days ago)
Hmmmmm.....tofu broccoli and rice....that’s yummy 🤤 😋
Priya Rajesh (25 days ago)
0:35 basically Gobi Manchurian 😏
Priti Soni (26 days ago)
there was a egg in the veggie fried rice. how can u do that. u all r bitches😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😱😱😱😱😱😱such liars. i think that u should stop making videos and stop your channel. egg is not vegetarian
Felda Cornella (26 days ago)
the way they wrote "tempeh"
Brooke Sproat (28 days ago)
I LOVE being able to watch tons of videos knowing that I can watch the whole video without having to think up alternatives and being able to look forward to delicious versions of many classic favorites! Thanks Tasty for all you do!!!
krishnamoorthy v (29 days ago)
What is a tempeh
Luna Viper (29 days ago)
But gyoza is Japanese...
Ruchi Bhandari (30 days ago)
Again you all have done cheating see the video topic it is vegetarian Chinese food and you all are showing non veg food see at 1:55 it is a non veg recipe
Jas Harsh (30 days ago)
It said veggie fried rice that means no meat or eggs and you put egg I am not a hater I am just saying this because my mom is a vegetarian and don't eat eggs at all the point is vegetarian don't eat eggs at all.
wiESELfredx3 (20 days ago)
Jas Harsh per Definition.. Vegetarians eat eggs. Vegans don't
Elin Winblad (30 days ago)
At 0:38 I need this now kthnx
Sawyer (30 days ago)
Thank you finally for making some Chinese vegetarian videos 🥟🥢
Aneecraft (1 month ago)
Since when is egg vegetarian
Aditi Konar (1 month ago)
Tempeh means?
Stranded73 (1 month ago)
I would make this all but WITHOUT sugar!!
Chloe A (1 month ago)
Has anyone tried the sesame cauliflower recipe with tofu instead of cauliflower? I'm wondering if it would work well. Not a fan of cauliflower if you can't tell lol
GREGORY DWAYNE Co (1 month ago)
Tofu, tofu and tofu!!! My favorite.
Echa Aryamapas (1 month ago)
Wow There Is Tempeh...From My Country Indonesia.
Echa Aryamapas (1 month ago)
Tempeh Made With SovBeans
bhumi singls (1 month ago)
Egg is not veg
Advika Iyer (1 month ago)
Gyoza is japanese, right?
Sweta Ghorawat (1 month ago)
Love the choice of music in all Tasty videos, especially this one!
krishna Chaudhari (1 month ago)
Prakriti Reddy (1 month ago)
I'm getting hungry looking at all the food
Mengyi ZHU (1 month ago)
chinese people is not familiar with these recipes.......
Lets craft (1 month ago)
😋 yunmmm
SUREAH SUREAH (1 month ago)
i love it i thought so many ideas from your tasty show you all hard working i like all the tasty show upload many video chinese fooood thank you for tasty
Clash King (1 month ago)
vegetarian what's that again?
Babin Sarkar (1 month ago)
Mmmmmm so be honest and I wanna say that in Chinese and Japanese cuisine I don't like the soy sauce I actually don't like it's smell. Anyway hit like if you don't like it...😅😅😅
Shalini Gupta (1 month ago)
Can you make indian veg recipe they r so delisiouc
Elsuper2000 (1 month ago)
Why does the song sound somewhat like a spyro theme?
Art and cook (1 month ago)
Egg is not veg
Elizabeth Shaw (1 month ago)
I add crumbled tofu to my veggie gyoza.
sursprise spot (1 month ago)
Will you please make a video of indian dishes
Sarika Tiwari (2 months ago)
I love ur cooking style... Thank u so much ...
Sky Pachirisu (2 months ago)
I need to make these one day.
Kim Nixon (2 months ago)
Oh yeah!!!!!!!
Alignment Six Trading (2 months ago)
Chinese food - seasame oil, soya sauce, rice vinegar. Once you have those ingredients you make it anything.
radhika bagdi (2 months ago)
Whats tempeh
kim taehyung kim (2 months ago)
This is the most un-chinese thing I've ever seen.
Kintan Aghnaa (2 months ago)
The true is tempe without "h"
Munnu Jha (2 months ago)
Vibrant me (2 months ago)
Excellent 😍🤗
#Meteorite4678 (2 months ago)
Can you make non vegetarian Chinese food? With the ingredients for the dumpling dough? Thanks!
chinki singhal (2 months ago)
How is egg vegetarian?
My Pup Honey (2 months ago)
Can’t remember the last time I deep fried cauliflowers in china.... like ok I understand their desperation but just......
Himali More (2 months ago)
1 👌👌👍
tech support (2 months ago)
1:45 when i saw all those ingredients i already knew it was going to be fried rice because my mom always uses those vegetables for fried rice
Vindy Aliska (2 months ago)
Wow, tempe 😍 tempe is made from indonesia hehe
TheLittle Astronaut[FA] (2 months ago)
chicken stripper (2 months ago)
I prefer to steam my dumplings
RajanThomas 88856 Rvr (2 months ago)
How to make vegetable brooth
Brian Chen (3 months ago)
Its not vegetarian anymore when u add garlic in it
Sabrina Mazerolle (3 months ago)
Gyoza are japanese
Farwa Siddiqui (3 months ago)
Yaaasss I love Chinese cuisine please do more
Kellie Ventura (3 months ago)
For everyone yelling "this isn't real Chinese food!!!11!1!!1", you're right, that's why the video is called "Chinese take out style" food. Asian take out (and takeout in general) is notorious for being different than the original cultural food. That's the way it is. 🤷 For everyone yelling "that's not real vegetarian food, it has egg!!!11!1!!!!1", I suggest you stop trying to define what vegetarian means to other people besides you. If adding egg means that the dish is no longer vegetarian to you, then fine, don't add the egg. There are many, many vegetarians who eat eggs and that's ok. The video still applies to them and really to all vegetarians. I didn't even know about the whole "is egg vegetarian" thing was a question until I started reading tasty comments. Eggs are classically vegetarian, but leave them out if you don't eat them. Finally, for everyone yelling "WHERE'S THE MEAT??!?!??!!" shut the fuck up, we're all tired of listening to you.
Ramadhan Budyanto (3 months ago)
Oh my God, Tempeh~ I love it♡
Tim Thomas (3 months ago)
Im cooking the califlower tonight thanks!
Knochi (3 months ago)
ummm... hate to break it to u but, tofu is japanese, so... doesnt make sense :/ even so, looks very tasty :)
ItsAudaWayLit ! (3 months ago)
cattigereyes1 (3 months ago)
Looks tasty!
Reality Jake (3 months ago)
*looks at recipies* o wow *looks down at instant ramen* o no
Luisa Echeverria (3 months ago)
That moment when you live in China but still miss that good ol' takeaway food...
Lamare Palmer (3 months ago)
Vegans dont eat eggs
AquaPoint (3 months ago)
Ok most of these aren’t vegetarian
Sakshi Nautiyal (3 months ago)
When you say flour is it wheat flour or cornflour ? Please reply
Alexis Moulin (3 months ago)
Speaker graduate account exist towards through transformation amount blind campus cycle review cheese follow.
lKaos66 (3 months ago)
already used this music
Malachi M (3 months ago)
Whats with all the boring vegan and vegetarian videos? They look so gross.
cupcake unicorne (3 months ago)
ugh this looks sooo good 😋
Truth (3 months ago)
Looks great and nice music.
Nandini choubey (3 months ago)
Egg wala is not vegetarian
Arita Taitenyu (3 months ago)
what i get this video: put sesame oil and soy sauce in anything to make it chinese
DarthFurie (3 months ago)
Thank you for making a video with all vegetarian meals! 💖💖
anjala jabeen (3 months ago)
frst item s gobi manjurian in India
Budleee Bazz (3 months ago)
I’m not mad at this. Since I am Asian I can smell and taste what they’re making with the ingredients. Tbh a lot of Chinese food is still excellent when made vegetarian. Yumm
Jhilam Sarkar (3 months ago)
Eggs in vegetarian dish.lol.though recipe was good for non vegetarians
Abhinav Deep Singh (3 months ago)
Daniel Alejandrino (3 months ago)
These same recipes keep getting posted over and over again
Kawaii Kitten (3 months ago)
1:55 I don’t think that’s vegan, I’m not vegan but it’s still and animal product.
Holly Findlay (3 months ago)
all look yummy, except no. 3
Saal Zaa (3 months ago)
There's tempeh from my country INDONESIA🇮🇩 Tempe is cheap, and u can find anywhere❣️
XinYi Serena (3 months ago)
As a Chinese. Normally, we don’t use so much condiment.....
Juliette Picard (3 months ago)
dance layer farm table dust form once burn verbal.

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