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Kylie Kwong Recipe - Lamb Recipe

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Celebrity Chef Kylie Kwong cooks Asian-style Lamb Shoulder for our cameras at the Organic Expo & Green Show 2010. The recipe, method and fact sheet are available here: http://www.gardeningcentral.com.au/gardenchef/kylie-kwong-red-braised-lamb-shoulder.html

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Beth Fortunet (4 years ago)
Lol, she is the Bruce Lee of cooking. Her show "Simply Magic" was a real work of art. I cancelled my cable when her show went off the air with Discovery Home.
Karan Sundas (5 years ago)
she mpork recipeakes grt
Alyssha Miguel (6 years ago)
ma namez kaylie kwang 2. luv ya show gurl, keepin it fre$h reppin <3
maidmoira (6 years ago)
can u use regular garlic
maidmoira (6 years ago)
was that elephant garlic
figbat oswald (7 years ago)
poor little lambs kylie. have you ever seen the size of these creatures that humankind has decided to slaughter "en masse" to fill up our fat stomachs.i like how when they show pictures on tv or wherever about abattoirs it usually shows cows. they never show little lambs going up the ramps. why is that? i eat lamb occassionally so you can put me in the hypocrite club.
figbat oswald (7 years ago)
only one real talent ever came out of queensland and that was phil whiteley.....and hes a tasmanian!
figbat oswald (7 years ago)
another little brizzy try-hard!
wasilaify (7 years ago)
Love Kylie Kwong. <333

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