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6 Sleepover Party Snack

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Text Comments (1166)
Joseph is Pogi!!! (6 hours ago)
They just used other video clips
Sikci Ghoul (2 days ago)
lol i wouldn't wanna give my guests type 2 diabetes
Arianna DIYs (3 days ago)
I’m probably never gonna do this lmaooo
Do you mean sleepover treats for a sleepover with myself??
Merriam Mohammad (6 days ago)
That lil girl tho😘
Mmmm...mozz waffles
Nether Miner (7 days ago)
What's the point of me watching this not even going to a party
Nachos Luka (7 days ago)
Got the snacks, now to get the friends.............wait
Brendan Hazlewood (7 days ago)
Omg cheez it chicken...
Shadow_ Of_The_World (8 days ago)
I need to use these for my *cough* imaginary *cough* friends!
Leila Merhi (8 days ago)
Ice cream cones with brownie batter for the best ice cream Sunday every
Vhasavi (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who did not know cake cones existed?! The island of Dr.whatever is a strange and wonderful place.
lo2921 (8 days ago)
i subscribed
Sehba Rabbani (8 days ago)
The chicken one looks like KFC
kiwigirl48 (9 days ago)
3:56 I wish they made cake cones
Main Gurl.Asiaaa (9 days ago)
What a coincidence, I’m eating cheeze its right now
Ben Higton (9 days ago)
Safe to say the banana is phallic
HolyCow1015 channel (10 days ago)
"6 sleep over party snack" You forgot the s at the end of snack
Jenne LeRoy (11 days ago)
VI Legend (11 days ago)
*W H I T E C H O C O L A T E F R O Z E N D I L D O*
Madyson smile (11 days ago)
Hiii freinds
Waffle_IS_a_NUGGET (11 days ago)
hey I was wondering if maybe u guys could make like Type 1 Diabetes snacks because i’m a type 1 which it not caused and I need shots for food.I love ur vids aswell but it’s kindof hard being type 1 and not having many options of stuff to eat! Just giving an idea because there’s probaly other people out there like me who watch these vids!
unicorn plus girl (12 days ago)
JiminDrinkOneCupOfTae (12 days ago)
Creepypasta Trash (13 days ago)
If I were having a sleepover I would just be eating icecream,chips, and junk food
Hailey Baker (15 days ago)
im never eating fruit again
Don't like
Zae Wia (18 days ago)
If only my parents would let me use the kitchen
Amir Esmaeli (18 days ago)
this is a SCAM all of this was from buzzfeed
Annie Holland (18 days ago)
Me and my friends just have chips and lollies 😂😂😂
o v e r t i m e . (19 days ago)
*clicks on this video because it’s **1:36** am and i have nothing to do.*
Francis Cain (19 days ago)
Wait is anyone gonna say anything about how the title say “snack” not snacks
Alina Hernandez (19 days ago)
No wonder its called tasty
sevi (20 days ago)
Sleep over aka Alone at midnight party
I dont have friends More for me then
Bagus Septo (21 days ago)
I'll try it
Em Ramirez (23 days ago)
Give your kids the messiest thing you can think of
GamerWolf Playz (23 days ago)
I would make these but my mom doesn’t let me have sleepovers and she won’t tell me why. So I’ll just make these if I have a party.
Zaryab Waris (24 days ago)
Lol at 28 second
Thomas_ Playz (25 days ago)
i love this movs
A. A. V (25 days ago)
Lol, Tasty tried it with that watermelon fruit pizza, haha good one.
Lol I wish my mom made that for my sleepovers/slumber part with 7 of my freinds I’m lucky Janice is hosting the party this Saturday
catherine garcia (27 days ago)
I’m just eating these all by myself 😂😭
tesaglam (27 days ago)
these are worthless for me becuse i live in a mexican house hold and we cant have sleepovers
Unicorn Layoona (1 month ago)
This video made me drool
iiSparky (1 month ago)
When i made the cone cakes, the cones burnt
EA Skyla (1 month ago)
thank you so much now I can have the best sleep over ever yay😃😄
Lord ah 2004 (1 month ago)
Your so slow come on
jinal parikh (1 month ago)
Lily Sun (1 month ago)
Chicken and Cheezits?
JumpyWizard Official (1 month ago)
Anjel Velasquez (1 month ago)
2:10 that as we hispanics know is choco bannano
Esther Chucha (1 month ago)
Great! :) TFS :) BTW, could anyone else hear the tune of ‘All to Jesus I surrender’? :) :)
Clairvoyant Birb (1 month ago)
What the hell is buttermilk?
Aneesha 143 (1 month ago)
Raizel Respicio (1 month ago)
I hope my mom made these at a sleepover with my friends
The Random Fangirl (1 month ago)
Except I would make these for myself and not for a sleepover XD
XxCaitlinLovesYouxX :D (1 month ago)
2:98 what did you do to the poor watermelon...you dont cut it like that (~*0*)~
derpy face (1 month ago)
Misbah Shoukat (1 month ago)
Plz make frosting
Olivia (1 month ago)
What if ur vegan :(
bibi Nguyen (1 month ago)
so cool
Rob Crickard (1 month ago)
“You should really only make these in special occasions” “Like this new holiday called ‘breakfast’?”
The Outsiders Lover (1 month ago)
I wish my mom was this extra and would make these for me😂
Sweet Creature (1 month ago)
Lmao the s’mores pie I’ve seen before y’all just changed the music and used the same idea
Kayla (1 month ago)
How dare they use marshmallows in the first one #mellogang
Every 12 year girl’s dream 😆
ø Eman Hafeez ø (1 month ago)
Mozzerella waffles? HELL YES.
ø Eman Hafeez ø (1 month ago)
Dear buzzfeed: Please change the title to "party snacks" not "snack"
Bella Time (1 month ago)
Penelope Pig (1 month ago)
Just order Pizza 🍕👑❤
Cornelius Catfish (1 month ago)
What if all my friends are vegan?
Alexandrea Espiritu (1 month ago)
Oh yeah! i remember, I HAVE NO BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Iris Gilmore (1 month ago)
I want a sleep over right now (I have no friends) where are my dogs !!! Dogs:We hate you human
Tara world (1 month ago)
ALI (1 month ago)
what type of cream?
Cyber Criminal (1 month ago)
2:55 - 3:38 Vegan Pizza
bye felisha (1 month ago)
In the first one that was a lot of sugar
Isabel Ames (1 month ago)
sleepover party snacks... YA it’s for a PARTY... i’m definitely NOT going to eat all this myself...😳😳
AussieGurl15 (1 month ago)
My inner Aussie is screaming out GET ME THE FAIRY BREAD!!
Logan Poser (1 month ago)
Gee thanks now I'm starving to death lol
CAT X PRINCESS (1 month ago)
Ahhh men i want to try the watermelon one but my friends allergic to watermelon😣😣😥😥😭😭but this is a great video though i love it😍😍😍
Kaylee’s Cool World (1 month ago)
I love the ice cream cake coned
nia Mashaba (1 month ago)
Tasty meals and desserts
Emily Balsley (1 month ago)
That’s what I call things people watch and never try
Grace Cerillo (1 month ago)
nice keep making :-)
TinglyCookie (1 month ago)
2:56 I’ve never seen anyone slice a watermelon like this
Mimoza Dalipi (1 month ago)
Ella Hackett (1 month ago)
kylisa pape (1 month ago)
I love these cakes they are so cool I'm making a cake one day I hop and it looked fun to
Brenda Diaz (1 month ago)
Next time tell us the measurements
The snacks were a good idea but they should not have used a wood cutting board to cut their meat. That could seriously endanger your health if you use that cutting board again because meat (especially raw chicken)juice will get on it and wood absorbs it. Now they may have bacterial such as salmonella on their board.
gamer mod 895 (1 month ago)
So yummy.. Or... Tasty....
Yousra Harim (1 month ago)
Wauw the very very good☺😊
Zarinah Hezan (1 month ago)
the watermelon pizza is an insult to the people who eat the crusts
young twat (1 month ago)
too bad I don't have any friends
Juliana Alegado (1 month ago)
When I'm hungry Me: just watch food videos😂
DarrylGraal (1 month ago)
Lego Fans (1 month ago)
The second recipe was so waste of money and cheese
Bhad Bhabie (1 month ago)
Me and my friends are having many sleepovers but we struggle how to make that recipes😂

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