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Fresh Cauliflower Recipes Cooking in My Village | Prepared by Mummy | VILLAGE FOOD

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VILLAGE FOOD-cauliflower recipes
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crowdedisolation (6 days ago)
what kind of yellow grain was that that she cooked and added turmeric and chili powder to?
nathiya nathi (2 months ago)
Hai brother..... Ur village name plz.....? Ur recipes are so good
My Village Food Recipes (2 months ago)
vellore dt, tirupattur, pudur village
Mohana Chandrakumar (4 months ago)
Superb its look so yummy
Narendra Sahoo (6 months ago)
Give name of Masala in Hindi or English language... I can't understand your language
Saravana Kumar (6 months ago)
Narendra Sahoo coriander powder, chilli powder and tumeric powder.
Saurabh Anand (6 months ago)
Cooking of cauliflower veg is different way in North India.
Saurabh Anand (6 months ago)
Maa ki yaad aa gai, MY FAVORITE veg in winter
jebarajmanuvel (7 months ago)
அருமை! அருமை!! அருமை!!! நல்ல முயற்சி! பகிர்ந்தமைக்கு நன்றி!! வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!
Mohamed essa (7 months ago)
salt podala
maidmoira (8 months ago)
would lov the recipe
Gajin Seelan (9 months ago)
Superb I want some 😜
slotlove (9 months ago)
It woul be nice if i could understand everything 😑
Preethivesh oSaravana (9 months ago)
After boiling califlowe r why she is removing the water and were the strength it I'll b in that veg it's not good....
khalidkattekattil khalid (10 months ago)
Sharan Indirveer Kaur (10 months ago)
Yum, looks wonderful. Thank-you!
Kiet Giang Minh (10 months ago)
Thank you! I learnt so much. Will give this a try in the kitchen!
SSCGRRRL (11 months ago)
What country are you in? India? What part? Love you videos!
kasthuri rajagopalan (4 months ago)
SSCGRRRL A village in vellore dist. Taminadu India.
Gabby Larios (11 months ago)
watching from California
Saraboji Honey (14 days ago)
Gabby Larios hi its great
Avvamma Avva (6 months ago)
Gabby Larios
Jerri Cole moo moo koo n n
Jerri Cole (9 months ago)
I am from Arizona. People are watching from all over the world which is great.
susana martinez mendoza (11 months ago)
joan ramoutar (11 months ago)
i am watching from.trinidad most of our curries are this way
M Houston (11 months ago)
Sending hugs from Brazil ♡
studio studio (11 months ago)
where's this village? I think this is south india but which village?
Stella Osei (11 months ago)
am watching from Ghana. pls write the names of the food item's
Rubina Kausar (11 months ago)
mara235 (11 months ago)
What was the dal? Moong dal?
kasthuri rajagopalan (4 months ago)
moong dal. pasiparuppu in Tamil.
Roving Punster (11 months ago)
mara235 I'd like to know too, because i've always had a hard time differentiating (esp from a distance) between various varieties of yellow pulses - such as pigeon peas, channa dal, hulled mung dal (green with hull, yellow without hull), yellow gram, etc. As for this dish, it's hard to tell but i'd wager $0.02 on channa dal, and my second guess pigeon peas.
Shark (11 months ago)
Really delicious. Please make dosa, uttpam,rasam and all other similar dishes. Thanks.
Roving Punster (11 months ago)
Yes, I'd love to see some village style versions of those ... dosa/dhokla, papad, rasam, and local snacks/refreshers. I recently taught myself the first three of those, and it'd be great to see them done in different settings with different tools and techniques.
Roqsar Banu (11 months ago)
mistakenly the chilli powder has fallen too much n daal has become too red
Roqsar Banu (11 months ago)
Roving Punster Yeah u r right we should measure n take it on the container so easy to mix it
Roving Punster (11 months ago)
Roqsar Banu Ah, I'd apparantly missed that the first time i'd watched, so it looks like youre correct. BTW, when I use ingredient ramekins in my mis en place, i measure exactly when filling and use the entire contents of each ramekin ... that habit may have biased my interpretation as well. cheers.
Roqsar Banu (11 months ago)
Roving Punster If u see the vedio at 4.38 she s tryin to put some chilli powder without a spoon and it falls fully from the container. the ratio which she uses the turmeric powder s vry less than the chilli. especially for daal curry it is not advisable to use huge chilli as tat curry s ment to be mild n creamy tats wat I was tryin to say
Roving Punster (11 months ago)
Roqsar Banu Some people, myself included, like a lot of chili, which is common in this regional style. Also, color is not necessarily a good indicator of heat when it comes to chili powder, so its hard to tell from a vid how hot it actually is. Last, cauliflour, like potato, absorb spices, and so you have to season & salt more aggressively to compensate for their absorption/muting effect. In other words, not really a mistake.
sudhakar shetty (11 months ago)
sudhakar shetty (11 months ago)
Manju Bhatti (11 months ago)
same vegetable cooked differently in various parts of country...looks tasty
Manju Bhatti (11 months ago)
Roving Punster you are right. The Punjabi style is very different from this one.
Roving Punster (11 months ago)
Manju Bhatti Cauliflour, like chicken or eggplant, is a blank canvas for a cook to express their personal or regional style with ... its all in how you season or sauce it. The version in this vid is very southern (indian) in style.
Cindy Bowes (11 months ago)
That looks amazing, I can only imagine how tasty it must be. perhaps, one day I will try this sometime. ;-)
Shoba Ashok (11 months ago)
show how to make idly batter.
B I (11 months ago)
same ingredients in every video. i guess all ur food tastes the exact same
wasim abid (11 months ago)
i love gobi
Federic (11 months ago)
Do you have the recipe ?
Sangeeta Jadhav (11 months ago)
हिंदी plz
ahmed tpeedikayil (5 months ago)
Sangeeta Jadhav I love you definitely
cecilia anderson (11 months ago)
i am watching from Jamaica
Senthyl Selvi (11 months ago)
susan george (11 months ago)
nice amma..unga cooking tha suthama irukum ..
mahesh devaraj (11 months ago)
How many non Indian watching this video
Sonia Ahmed (2 months ago)
From Scotland
Jaslyn Von Javar (7 months ago)
mahesh d. I am non. Indian and a lazy cook they. Use less meat. and more vegetables. And it seems to work for them. what kind of Oil PEANUT.? and the. Other Seasoning for the deep. Fried CALL I FLOWER it resembles chicken wings. Recipe please
Maria Teresa Wooten (7 months ago)
Me! From East Texas, 😀
Nasrin Akter (11 months ago)
G Leticia Zozaya
Leticia Zozaya (11 months ago)
I´m from México
المعنا يقول (11 months ago)

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