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10 Easy Dinners You Can Make Tonight - Best Dinner Recipes

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This is 10 Easy Dinners You Can Make Tonight that you want to try at home with your family. 🔥 Credit: Subscribe Tasty: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFp8uSYCjXOMnkUyb3CQ3Q Thumbnails: https://www.delish.com/ -----------------------------------------­---------------------- 🌟 MUSIC: ▽ Connect with NCS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa8K-EOJ3D6gOs7HcyNg ▽ Track: Kovan & Electro-Light - Skyline [NCS Release] Dirty Palm - Oblivion (feat. Micah Martin) [NCS Release] Giraffe Squad - Wait For Me [NCS Release] -----------------------------------------­---------------------- 💖 Follow me: Channel: https://goo.gl/zKO2MD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wow-Delicious-Food-1888979228025334/ 👑 Have a great time. Thanks for watching! -----------------------------------------­---------------------- * None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by us. * This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please contact me through email "rhubarbbloated@gmail.com" or the YouTube private messaging system. We will respectfully remove it.

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Text Comments (385)
Randy Patterson (27 minutes ago)
Mostly stews, don't waste your time.
Jaco Burger (11 hours ago)
2 song playing at the same time😐
THE V1BE (11 hours ago)
Sounds too bad expensive, background music is annoying and does not give me a cooking vibe
Adam Adji (15 hours ago)
Homemade Cappuccino | 2018
Maria Lourenco (1 day ago)
Shit that music I quit...
Deth I am The LAw (2 days ago)
This music is such a mess
Jose A Avellanet (3 days ago)
The receipts were good, but I have to stop watching due to the music, it was horrible! Thumps down just for that....
Rosie kim (3 days ago)
Its not easy 😐
CAPGOD1 (5 days ago)
You lost me in the first 20 seconds Music is really intense for this sort of video. Not to mention I didn't realize you had the portions listed on top since they are covered by suggestions the whole time.
Kevin Kelly (5 days ago)
Ill save you 11 minutes. Its all variations of a stew or pot pie. Also thumbnail is not even part of the video
MrSpektyr (6 days ago)
This was good till the fuckin music
Coko Pebbles (6 days ago)
I thought I was going to go CRAzy trying to make it through the multi sounds of the 🎶
Leonie Gureghian (8 days ago)
Interesting: I wonder if I may skip the meat in these dishes being a vegan ...
luisachen (8 days ago)
You could've at least put music over it that fits with the beat of the other music. The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song always works
Doug C (11 days ago)
yea, subpar production, but holy shit do u really need a cup of oil for the fucking stew - talk about unhealthy n the shit doesnt even look good.
Siñor Tacos (11 days ago)
i stop watching after the firts one
Electric Cookie (11 days ago)
its a fake tasty
Alma Vasquez (12 days ago)
Lately TASTE is including horrible music...this place was one takes the prize
Mystic (12 days ago)
music hurts my head - I dont know why all these Youtube people think they have to have music in EVERYTHING - its just annoying and ridiculous
IMyz3390 (12 days ago)
how is this "easy" if you dont have alot of time. no thanks
David Viegra (13 days ago)
besides music, too many ingredient for "easy dinners"
Troy Gardner (13 days ago)
Aside from the music, it looks great!
teppi sekasi (13 days ago)
tonight when the store is close?!
Big C (15 days ago)
I guess everyone is complaining about the music so might as well horrible background music
Big C (15 days ago)
Mac n cheese pie all the way Edit: i have not watched the full video
Kitai83 (15 days ago)
Nur kurz erwähnt Rezepte in Textform wären von Vorteil
ZuesD (16 days ago)
Abe Coulter (16 days ago)
Stolen videos from tasty
Billy Guardipee (18 days ago)
Stop with the carrots for the love of god
writebrotp (18 days ago)
horrible music. please don’t use any of this music again. instrumentals much better. PLEASSEEEEEEEE!
Dreamiebub (18 days ago)
I like the music. Keep up the good work!😀
Supernova12034 (18 days ago)
Uploader popped a few mollies before uploading I bet.
the great CHEESE (19 days ago)
Should be called pot pies and stupes.
MiFFiL (19 days ago)
There are clearly a fight between 2 different people on the music choice.
King K (21 days ago)
Carrots ruin everything smh
Etsu Ikeda (22 days ago)
Yo momma a ho
Izamix Fudolig (22 days ago)
video stealer
Ref Noyola (22 days ago)
This is obviously a rip off of tasty
UniqueAce (24 days ago)
Ig I'm the only one who was cool with the music
tim ovel (24 days ago)
Yeah, add corn...it'll be a great marker as to how long it takes to get out of you!
Malphas Stolas (25 days ago)
Stolen from Buzzfeed tasty. Have some originality smh.
cloutiec (25 days ago)
100% stews and pot pie recipes 😂
cloutiec (25 days ago)
This music is intolerable
James Reich (26 days ago)
Need to lose the noise.
Mina R (26 days ago)
What wonderful music.
Salana Salamone Art (28 days ago)
watching this is like trying to scroll through your pinterest on mobile while your at the club and the music is bumpin. i aint mad at it though, im still going to try the recipes
Angie Olajide (28 days ago)
whats with the music
Nick Stewart (28 days ago)
One song at a time
Goody2 Shoes (29 days ago)
I love how they stole tastes vids and reposted them, and tried to add their own music but didn’t even mute the tasty vids music like how fucking smart
Seth June (30 days ago)
Cause we are just gonna cumin at are houses
DMS Inc. (30 days ago)
I see people angry about the music. I cant hear it. My volume is off
Ruth (1 month ago)
The music was super annoying
Vanessa Soto (1 month ago)
Everyone shut up !!!!
Jonathan Jackson (1 month ago)
Horrible music - way too noisy and upbeat to follow the recipe - NO thank you
Sick Seven (1 month ago)
10 easy dinners.. First recipe, you got to buy73 fuckin ingredients
nat lee (1 month ago)
music sucks,and all these dishes are vegan garbage.
Malissa Rivers (1 month ago)
What is with the music
Alex K Plays (1 month ago)
Is it me or do I hear multiple songs in the background?
vincent (1 month ago)
ear rape music
Yay Joci (1 month ago)
Pls pick ONE SONG
Chuck Haney (1 month ago)
The music ….. is bad. Sounds like it's playing on the wrong speed.
Damerksh 123 (1 month ago)
Why is the music so epic
James Carthy (1 month ago)
Without having everything prepped, there's nothing quick and easy about these recipes!
Callia Manalastas (1 month ago)
Who else is a tween bored and starving to death and they have no ingredients to use to make all this??
😇😇😇😇😇😗😗😗😗😗😋😋😋😝😝😝😝😝😝😗😗😗😗😙😙😙😘😘😚😚😒😍😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 love you food
Anthony Spresser (1 month ago)
i can try it tonight if i go spend 50bucks at the store right now
Anthony Spresser (1 month ago)
"easy diners" all you need is 20 to 25 ingredients and u got it
Jeremiah Dicks (1 month ago)
I don't understand why BuzzFeed isn't throwing copyright strikes on this channel like crazy? The original content is pretty good
Inge van Nuenen (1 month ago)
could you please, please, please put it on again, but with one song, not four at once? cause there are some good recepies in it for sure
Watoki (1 month ago)
Wow. So quick and easy. amazing. The things we can do in this day and age.
Drove (1 month ago)
Peas in everything
devils hound (1 month ago)
Who was the person making the curry so I can find more of their videos
Unknown Tina (1 month ago)
Not so tasty for my ears...
Luke Chueh (1 month ago)
Worst soundtrack
MrTeamTactical (1 month ago)
when you rip off other peoples videos and put your own music over them, please mute the original.
poundcakequeen 714 (1 month ago)
You should put the recipe for the thumbnail in the description box.
W F (1 month ago)
Had to stop watching - the music was terrible
Farhaan Callachund (1 month ago)
Sorry, I didn't mean to do that. Please forgive me
Joe Flynn (1 month ago)
This is precisely why you check for alternate music in the timeline and delete all but the chosen track before finalizing.
Marie Bellamy (1 month ago)
Please add more annoying music 🖕🖕🖕🖕
C W (1 month ago)
Where's the hot dog in the pic though? I just watched that whole video and saw nothing but soup. Smdh
Savage Randy (1 month ago)
"Easy dinners" First FUCKING meal has 25 ingredients in it!
zberry582 (1 month ago)
That music is terrible! Please turn it off
Jose Mendoza (1 month ago)
Has anyone found the recipe for the thumbnail?
Travis Paterson (2 months ago)
lol i thought I was playing two youtube tabs at once.
J Williams (2 months ago)
I made it to 36 seconds. I couldn't handle the ear-rape
M Q (2 months ago)
And the music?
TheGreasyCaviarDish (2 months ago)
Lel. U said that the apples were potato's.
Mahin H (2 months ago)
This is a 'tasty' video with some crappy music (noise actually) posted on a channel named 'so tasty' VERY ORIGINAL😒
crimsonjade (2 months ago)
Did you have five music tracks going simultaneously or something? Gave me a headache and had to stop watching. Kinda boring watching it silent.
Mayan J (2 months ago)
Turned of the volume
Kaladhar Battepati (2 months ago)
Wicked cool recipes 10/10 Background music choices 1/10 (Looks like you've synced and fused two soundtracks instead of selecting one).. Oh well.. Lessons to be learned everywhere :D
Lukas Strautins (2 months ago)
This music gives me fucking epilepsy.
Cal Brown (2 months ago)
I love your dishes. The music can tone down a bit, but good dishes.
The Main Rachel (2 months ago)
Hey y’all, I have an idea to solve this, MUTE IT.
Everich 4ever (2 months ago)
The music is cringey the dj should be fired
the music oh my GOD
Elny Widjaja (2 months ago)
My god. The music so annoying

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