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Amazing Cute Girl Cooking Frog With Coca Cola - How To Cook Frog In Cambodia

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Here is my new Channel show about Cooking Video Please Subscribe https://goo.gl/uEcAgV New Cooking Channel Please Subscribe : https://goo.gl/uEcAgV Today i want to show you about: Amazing Cute Girl Cooking Frog With Coca Cola - How To Cook Frog In Cambodia. If you enjoy this video click Thumb Up and Subscribe our CHANNEL for more videos; Follow me! Google Plus: https://goo.gl/7tltUZ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7DDaily/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/7ddaily Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/7ddaily/ Thank you for watching my video!
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Text Comments (1860)
7D Daily (3 months ago)
Here is my new CHANNEL show about Cooking Video Please Subscribe https://goo.gl/uEcAgV
ginaphang (4 days ago)
7D Daily please stop eating cute animals
EL_recH 07 (18 days ago)
Fuck!!! Errrww!!! So disgusting specially when slaughtering the frog😝😝😝😝
Arianne Fontaine (1 month ago)
7D Daily
aayush bhandari (2 months ago)
7D Daily no
merry potter (2 months ago)
7D Daily this soooo disturbingggg ewwwww😣😣😣😣😵
Hindus Are Wankers (2 hours ago)
In which shape or form is she a cute girl 😂
Iulia Veltan (9 hours ago)
Roy Read (9 hours ago)
girl it a go kill you
Adhelia Yulianti (20 hours ago)
😱😨😵pengen muntah
irene gitimu (22 hours ago)
looks interesting...should start a frog importing business from Kenya to Cambodia ;)
Glory Glory (1 day ago)
Its special food 😅
fontenayperi (2 days ago)
how did you kill the frogs in the first place?
Claudette P (2 days ago)
every nationwide eat different kinds of food. why talk is not u eating it so stop talking .
Tuans kyoungs (2 days ago)
I would love to eat
talkindurinthemovie (2 days ago)
Heer khan (2 days ago)
y she cooked in coca cola ?
apoorva singh (2 days ago)
how can she touch frog eeww🤢😨
Nazwa Azizah (3 days ago)
💩💩 Katak ??
Daisy Boiser (3 days ago)
this no eat Derti
Chun Yank (3 days ago)
epiphany difference (3 days ago)
This makes me so hungry..my Father used to frog gig at night and mom would fry the frog's legs next day. Frog legs are so popular here in Southern USA. I like her preparation here for the frog meat, thanks so much. I plan to try this soon. Great video.
A!mY BhAtT (4 days ago)
It's look like she is putting human body in plate... But in small size 😶😶😶
ginaphang (4 days ago)
CRUETLY 🤤😢 I can't look anymore
ginaphang (4 days ago)
Shajahan Pm (4 days ago)
very bad
Anthony Weir (5 days ago)
So nasty frog has germs and bacteria and frogs eat fly which is all so bad for digestion 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢💀 nasty
Pooja Aswal (5 days ago)
You are 🤢
Mala Chatterjee (5 days ago)
harami jaat duniya me kuch bhi nahi chora apne ma baap ko bhi kha ja
Prince (5 days ago)
I can’t imagine how thats food taste with that cola , maybe she need some paper or something who make that food salty
Leukangle Newme (5 days ago)
wow nice cooking
Jasmine Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Stacy Brown (6 days ago)
Typical asian.. alwayssss saving meat cooked oil 😩
Beautifully Flawed RB (6 days ago)
I hate frogs but she was very clean. Its not my thing but she seemed to do a prettu good job.
Иff Vikk (6 days ago)
Blqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq groooooseeeee 😱🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
Claudia Cardona (6 days ago)
que asco 😫😫😫
Dini Oktavian (6 days ago)
Jijik deh makan pake kodok,mungkin bagi mereka enak kali yach
Dini Oktavian (6 days ago)
Kok masaknya pake coca cola sih?????????
Desy Sach (6 days ago)
Jiya Sheikh (6 days ago)
yakhh 😡😡😡😡
E All in123on (6 days ago)
kara melek (7 days ago)
At agzina ye okadar suya yazik
Nihel (7 days ago)
Miftahudin Unyil (7 days ago)
ihh jijik 😛 kpngn munth
Anju Rawat (7 days ago)
In this case our earth lose our animals
Deeba Bakshi (7 days ago)
Kawaii Channel (8 days ago)
I think all the peoples around the world is devil why should we eat animals they r also like humans they also have life and if u want to eat then eat fruits, sweets, rice etc but damn u r eating a frog shame on you. U r send by devil not god
I will never subscribe to your stupid GROOS channel poor frogs,
حسن علي (8 days ago)
ابغى اجرب اكل الضفادع 😹 🙈
LinLin Kris (8 days ago)
If you said this video is dirty, then what you eat is clean? Are you sure it is absolutely clen when you buy food from restaurant or frozen food or can food? For them it is a food. Don't you think that what you had eat might be nasty for them such as cheese or pasta or burger? I don't eat frog, but I didn't see anything wrong with eating frog. Stop being rude. If you can't be nice then just shut up.
BOOGEY MAN (8 days ago)
Toker wants this bitch to fuck him in the culo
Annabell s (8 days ago)
So who is cute 😐
Rahul Kumar (8 days ago)
are isme apni thut katke dal le
Ruby Caduyac (8 days ago)
What's the problem if they are eating frog meat? It's not dirty and the way she cooked was very cleaned...some people are rude here...don't watch!!!
Sirjana Tamang (9 days ago)
Hlo plz avoide this vidoe plz
leycha Ka (9 days ago)
# Navdha (9 days ago)
Why the hell I am watching this.....I am vegetarian
Amalia Martin (10 days ago)
Oh my gosh !!😰 what this the shit 😷
Ayaan Omii (10 days ago)
Marsha Washington (10 days ago)
Aww she get to taste her own food she cooked to cute
benedictte (10 days ago)
They say that frogs taste like chicken..
Annie Ramirez (11 days ago)
2.9mil ranas 🐸👎no les ah gustado este video
Maybe a Pervert (11 days ago)
Many Asian countries, talking of the surface and the regular people,are truly poor. This video is just fine. If the only food you know is chicken, burger and pizza,don't come here. I bet those frogs are delicious.
A Passer (11 days ago)
I’d eat it look appetizing after she took the skin off like.. mini chickens 🤔
Majo Zapata (11 days ago)
Cómo cómo se pueden comer eso que es asqueroso qué asco yo no sé qué sabor le hayan a eso yo Eso jamás se lo podría comer alguien sí que no le dé nuevos que no le den me gusta porque esa cosas bien horrible así que nunca lo ha probado verdad pero es asqueroso comer sapos burros
Eloisa Judith (12 days ago)
She’s not cute at all
Eloisa Judith (2 days ago)
jairi quintero Chill I was just pointing it out since the video is titled “Amazing cute girl.. “
jairi quintero (2 days ago)
Eloisa Judith lmao wtf does that gotta do with anything she’s prob younger then ur ass an u sayin she’s ugly ur ugly
good (12 days ago)
Better than to eat a pork!
A li (12 days ago)
Rohit kumar Kashyap (12 days ago)
JH Younah KILTE (12 days ago)
U don’t need to ate this frogs 🐸🐸🤭🤭🤭🐥
Smule Cambodia (13 days ago)
Laiba Hhshshshs (13 days ago)
Pariz Hilmy (13 days ago)
Jngan kan di makan di pegang aja gue gellii....
Pariz Hilmy (13 days ago)
Jngan kan di makan di pegang aja gue gellii....
the unycorn (14 days ago)
ewww disgusting
Nuansa Nuansa (14 days ago)
eating frogs, I could vomit before swallowing it ... uuoooo
Yuvraj Kumar (15 days ago)
the god is making animals to live not giving humans to eat
LocoFor 5H (15 days ago)
This is their normal if ya'll can't shut up and stop sending hate by judging a culture's norm then you gotta relook your life on what you have and what other people don't.
Fred Hao (15 days ago)
Did you know the meaning of CUTE?
Peter Ervin (15 days ago)
Yikes!!! I'm terrified of 🐸😩
[ annoying audrey ] (15 days ago)
rest in peace Kermit
Black Heart89 (16 days ago)
Hennys Casas (16 days ago)
Clase de asquerosidad
Joeanne Alvarez (16 days ago)
Please respect .
Aw Frog With Coca Cola Cooking?
aquil latif (16 days ago)
Eowww 🤮🤮🤮
Tanzeela Ali (16 days ago)
Shanmugam Jeyamani (16 days ago)
Song (17 days ago)
Going to order my Garlic frog from Chinatown.. You guys can eat your burger lol.
touf le ouf 93 (17 days ago)
Stephanie Cabañas (17 days ago)
Why Asia's People eat everything??????
Ayten Pasayeva (17 days ago)
I'm Mae! (17 days ago)
you didn't even know, cook in fancy resto is spitting on your food. such hateful comments
Shahin Akter (17 days ago)
tasty frog stir fry..
Jacob Lopez (17 days ago)
Im so sad for the frog
Madhu Bala (17 days ago)
chhi dirty girl
Manuel Ceron (17 days ago)
I heard it takes like chicken I never had it but I would like to try it
libertadmakeup (18 days ago)
I know this is popular for this people, I know in my country sale sometimes lo que le llaman ancas de rana,(Frog legs) ny husband eat that, I feel very sad and sick for the simply reason I can’t eat that animal. Sorry I know in other country eat pig are dictating to us is normal, but to me eat rats, snakes, frogs, or Beatles etc,,,, discusting. Sorry talks about the way to cook, I think is very clean, the plates, the wok are very clean.
Leite ._. (18 days ago)
Musarrat Akhtar (18 days ago)
She did hardwork for preparing meal..this makes the foid realy worthy
Ezra Ezy (18 days ago)
Cute girl?
Ezra Ezy (18 days ago)
I thought she was a grown woman. Lol!

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