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Homemade Ice Cream in 5 Minutes

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Love homemade ice cream but hate the fuss? This easy hack gives you DIY ice cream in just a matter of minutes. You'll be eating homemade ice cream all summer as no ice cream maker is needed. RECIPE: http://jerryjamesstone.com/recipe/5-minute-ice-cream-no-ice-cream-maker-needed/ SOCIAL MEDIA https://facebook.com/jerryjamesstonedotcom http://twitter.com/jerryjamesstone INGREDIENTS: ½ cup whole milk ½ cup cream ¼ cup sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup rock salt Ice INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Add 1/2 cup whole milk, 1/2 cup cream, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract to a mixing cup and stir until well combined. 2. Add the mixture to a small zipper bag. Now, this is very important. I am not going to advocate any sorta brand here but you definitely want a quality bag. You are going to shake the hell out of this for 5 minutes and, well, if the bag breaks open, it’s totally going to suck. 3. Now to create the ice cream maker. You just need another zipper bag, one that is much larger than the bag with your ice cream mix in it. And you want to fill that bag with a couple handfuls of ice and about half of the rock salt. The same applies here… you want a quality bag that isn’t going to blow up. 4. Now place the smaller bag inside the larger bag. Cover it with more ice and rock salt. 5. Now the fun part! And, what better way to earn your ice cream than a few minutes of exercise. Wrap the bag in a towel, because it is freaking cold, and shake it for 5 minutes or until the liquid in the smaller bag turns into ice cream. 6. You can scoop it out but honestly, just eat it out of the bag. It is easier. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (4220)
Kimberly Kaddy (19 minutes ago)
Nice video!! can't wait to try this
ItsDemon YT (7 hours ago)
Regular salt is better
Jerry James Stone (7 hours ago)
Not for making ice cream.
Maynor Al (11 hours ago)
is to ugley
Jerry James Stone (8 hours ago)
berry (13 hours ago)
So yummy! i am surely going to try this today.🍨🍦
noolaa a new era (14 hours ago)
I have a feeling of chemistry lab😂
Happy Life (19 hours ago)
Can we do it with a blender please reply
Harrahshow (21 hours ago)
Cute Gaming 1020 (1 day ago)
It’s not working lol am I and idot Yes cause I spelled idiot wrong
Cute Gaming 1020 (46 minutes ago)
Jerry James Stone wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you replied to me
Jerry James Stone (11 hours ago)
Emelda Mlotshwa (1 day ago)
wow i love you dor this
Ananya Naki (1 day ago)
NITHIN KRISHNA (1 day ago)
fake motta
Jerry James Stone (1 day ago)
nope. 100% real.
Dandelion (1 day ago)
Thanks man
Crazy Red (1 day ago)
This really is helping me
Jerry James Stone (1 day ago)
under-the woods (2 days ago)
That looks mucho delicioso
Rosa Blue (2 days ago)
We made it in school today 😄
Jerry James Stone (2 days ago)
Did they show this video?
Sana Saji (2 days ago)
This video is a splash 😄😄😄😄😃
Younes Younes (2 days ago)
Now let's shake the heck out of it
Shaheen Alraeesi (2 days ago)
it's a fail bro!!!!
anju sahu (2 days ago)
Next time speak in hindi (you mota)😝😝😂😂😂
Can I keep it in freezer
Animise (3 days ago)
That shaking noise sounded really satisfying
Anand Namdev (3 days ago)
It good
Lim En Yu rocks ! (4 days ago)
Zoë (5 days ago)
I used this recipe so much in the past and stumbled apon it again! I recommend adding gummy bears into the mixture.
Joytirekha Behera (5 days ago)
LaiLai Land (5 days ago)
Donnie Dawn Corleone (6 days ago)
Thank you I've been trying to do something romantic for my girlfriend you're the best
Jerry James Stone (6 days ago)
Glad you like it
WCAS familytube (6 days ago)
I only have the milk and sugar and cream
kazywa naryman (6 days ago)
Can I use cream shanty instead of the cream you used ?
Jerry James Stone (6 days ago)
Myra Martin (7 days ago)
could you do this with lactose free milk?
Diana G (7 days ago)
I wish i had set of yourd isscerem s cups
Diana G (7 days ago)
Kierah Japson (7 days ago)
cool video
Davy Sinclair (8 days ago)
You left me speechless 😲
Jerry James Stone (7 days ago)
Sethu Lekshmhy (8 days ago)
Frosty Games (8 days ago)
i will buy me some 1 dollar ice cream ;)
giorgi gurchumelia (8 days ago)
Nice recipe. That background music though 😂
omg it did work
Jitendra Tiwari (9 days ago)
Hindi bolo
PotatoGamingify (9 days ago)
Can anyone tell how much milk and cream he put in?
PotatoGamingify (8 days ago)
Oh! i didn't even see those. Thank you!
Jerry James Stone (9 days ago)
see the show notes.
Manish Sable (9 days ago)
There recipe are very nice 😎😊😊😊
kayon powell (10 days ago)
11 million view 2018 wow
Jerry James Stone (9 days ago)
crazy, right?
Bieber Galaxy (10 days ago)
My mother made this and it was amazing!!
Jerry James Stone (9 days ago)
Bieber Galaxy (10 days ago)
Jerry James Stone Yes I will! Thank you for this!!😊❤
Jerry James Stone (10 days ago)
Thank your mamma for me!
S.T.G in ONE (10 days ago)
Easiest way just blow fire extinguisher to your ice cream. I'm not kidding it's true
Len Scythe Tesio (10 days ago)
eh? then what is the use of refrigerator?
Jerry James Stone (10 days ago)
I don't understand the question.
Smrijoyee Dash (11 days ago)
Cool shirt tho.
LugNuts (12 days ago)
Wow. Can't wait to try this.
Wow I will make that 😮😮😮😍😍
Dessi 13 (12 days ago)
Thank you for this recipe! 🙂
Ice Cream (12 days ago)
Yuri Gaming (12 days ago)
Valerie the wolf cat (12 days ago)
3:11 Looks like mashed potato XD
Helpers TV (12 days ago)
Broke boys
Kartik Singh Slathia (12 days ago)
Wow.....that was fantastic to make ice-cream in just 5-10 min...it will surely help me in summers...thanks a lot for making this video
Manyuon Manyuon (13 days ago)
what your languge
Jerry James Stone (12 days ago)
Z Auer (13 days ago)
When you have everything but one material 😑😡
Řîjã Çhhéţřį (13 days ago)
PaintingGalaxies (13 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Carol Benson (13 days ago)
How cool is that! Delicious!
savithri sambamurthy (14 days ago)
where do v get vanilla extract?
Jerry James Stone (14 days ago)
Grocery store, amazon.com, you can also use vanilla paste or make your own with vanilla beans.
Pascuala (14 days ago)
Wow thank you!!
Santina Jørgensen (15 days ago)
you seem very nice
Jerry James Stone (15 days ago)
I think I am!
dipesh kumar gadiya (15 days ago)
Anyone ^ 2030
Soffía Helga gajardo (15 days ago)
Do you need the cream
Appol Tre (15 days ago)
What kind of cream do you use?
Shelly C (16 days ago)
This didn't work for me! Plus, you didn't even tell us the measurements! -_-
Jerry James Stone (16 days ago)
see the video notes.
Pamela Travis (16 days ago)
Great video...music is kinda creepy though.i expect axe murderer to come out
Jerry James Stone (16 days ago)
Laura Hammadi (16 days ago)
سم هاري في بطنك
Ramavtar Sain (16 days ago)
Please speak in hindi
Jerry James Stone (16 days ago)
I don't speak hindi
CP COMICS (16 days ago)
Can you use powdered milk liquefied?
GUPTA B P (16 days ago)
What Ever (17 days ago)
What is the name of the song in background?
What Ever (17 days ago)
ok I m stupid there is name in end credits :D
Mikiya Faria (17 days ago)
OMG I have everything but the cream
Abhinav Shankar (17 days ago)
I tried this dish and I was successful thanks and I will subscribe your channel 😊
Jerry James Stone (17 days ago)
Rameshbabu yellampalli (17 days ago)
I am not sure
Masood Ahmad (17 days ago)
is it really tasty??!!!
Mac Carrillo (18 days ago)
No way
The ReD (18 days ago)
"Homemade Ice Cream in 5 Minutes" - The video is not even that long
The ReD (17 days ago)
I still don't trust you... :)
Jerry James Stone (18 days ago)
The 5 minutes is the time the recipe takes. :-)
Chloe Coleman (18 days ago)
I have to do this for 4h achievement day
Zamin Hussain (19 days ago)
Fuck that! Fuck it! Fakeeeee.
Cora Lien (19 days ago)
I did this in 2nd grade. So if you want to know if it works, it does. A 2nd grader can do it.
Hannia Bby (19 days ago)
Can I use almond milk
Jerry James Stone (19 days ago)
ice cream requires fat. Almond milk does not have enough. You could use coconut milk.
krafteetyler 101 (19 days ago)
Idk why but at 2:31 I’m dying lmao 😂😂😂🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂🤣😂😅😂😅😂😂😂😂
diz0973ify (19 days ago)
That's cool😎 I'm gonna try it
Im One With The Potato (19 days ago)
2:24 close your eyes
insta:187 nadzino (20 days ago)
can you use double cream?
Leyan Wang (20 days ago)
Would it work if you used juice for flavour?
CrUnCh (20 days ago)
How can we store the icecream?Without it turning into frozen crystals
LuckyCake1 (20 days ago)
Reagan Brooker (20 days ago)
who doesnt love icecream
ARMAGEDDON (20 days ago)
i love ice cream more than any thing
SANTOSH CHOUBEY (21 days ago)
Ka bola tara ho
anuj mosur (21 days ago)
itryed it it was tasty
Hema Raj (21 days ago)
Yummy I am going to try now
Saka Saka (21 days ago)
so good 👍👍👍👍
sirlorrie g (22 days ago)
How do you not use yolk with this? This is just cream with sugar.
Nature and Charlie (23 days ago)
Nature and Charlie (23 days ago)
Nature and Charlie (23 days ago)
i dont hgave milk
Hello There (23 days ago)
I have everything but I different cream

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