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Eggless Bread Omelette Recipe | Indian Street Style No Egg Veg Bread Omelets | Street Food

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Today, on the menu is Indian Street Style Eggless Bread Omelette, which is a very easy and tasty recipe. This super soft, light & fluffy in texture no egg bread omelet is filling, has almost the same taste, and the best part about this recipe is it takes about 10 minutes to make. :) More Recipes for this Monsoon - https://goo.gl/CmgUZ5 Subscribe to #seesomethingnew: http://goo.gl/Pw8vy7 CookingShooking on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/Cooking.Shooking Yaman on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/yaman.ag Business Emails - business@cookingshooking.com Besan - 1 1/4 cup Maida - 1/3 cup Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp Salt - 1 1/2 tsp Black Salt / Himalayan Pink Salt - 1/2 tsp Water - as required for a thin batter Baking Powder - 1 tsp Butter - 16-18 small cubes Oil - 8-10 tsp (optional) Onion - 1/2 cup (finely chopped) Green Chili - 1/4 cup Coriander Leaves - 1/4 cup Tomato - 4 tbsp Bread Slices - 8 Serving Suggestion: Ketchup Recipe Makes : 8 Omelets Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (202)
hersyl James (15 days ago)
Hi! Yaman. Tried this recipe today. As good as an egg omlett couldn't make out the difference. Tks very much. All the best on 1 million subscribes and ur new production team. God bless.
shweta gupta (21 days ago)
Hi today I m vry Kyo ki maine AAJ bread omlet dis banai aur mera beta khaliya plz mujhye achi achi dis bataiye ji se mai apne beta ko bana kar khilau.
Arshdeep Kaur (25 days ago)
Your recipes are unique and awesome. Keep up the good work
Bhakti bhakti (1 month ago)
ashish gupta (1 month ago)
Loved it
Jay (1 month ago)
Make a mac and cheese recipe video please.
Vidushi Agrawal (1 month ago)
Yes guys..plzz try this really awsm recipe..I made this really very teasty 😋😋
BASIX BUDDY (2 months ago)
Amazing man you are great
Parveen Abid (2 months ago)
I like ur all recipes and makes answer me by by
SmithaLolitha (2 months ago)
Amazing recipe... Thank you! Came out well...
Shayari with Piya (2 months ago)
yummm 😄😄
prakash saini (2 months ago)
Wah, bilkul egg omlate ki tarah dikhta hai, mai Aaj jarur try to.
apender kapoor (2 months ago)
Great one
2555815 (2 months ago)
Nice one for the vegetarians
Chahat Sehgal (2 months ago)
VIJAYA R (3 months ago)
Awesome, God bless you son.
Meetoo You (3 months ago)
I always try to follow your recipe and way off cooking. Sadly mine doesn't look anything like yours 😶.
prakash saini (3 months ago)
Nargis Sachdeva (3 months ago)
Looking yummy but I think it must be uncooked inside, isn't it? Maybe I am wrong
rs.meera .sreelayam (3 months ago)
Ankita Yadav (4 months ago)
Please make healthy recipes
Ankita Yadav (4 months ago)
I like it when you say or mere chator kya haal hai..but now trend is healthy food so I thought
CookingShooking (4 months ago)
priya mudgal (4 months ago)
I love ur recipe .....
Nikhil Kumar (4 months ago)
Sir really good recepie...btw can we make it without baking soda if currently unavailable..or any other.. Method
Nikhil Kumar (4 months ago)
Can we use eno here....as you use in atta dosa recepie...
Nikhil Kumar (4 months ago)
CookingShooking thnx sir...for reply..i am just 14 years old ...watch your videos and try to cook..and i have cooked too many things....and learned very much from you...
CookingShooking (4 months ago)
Yes you can.. But it won't fluff.. Will be like a chilla
Padmashri I.N (4 months ago)
Love your recipes. I tried Kolkata puchka from your recipe and it was a super hit. Thank you
CookingShooking (4 months ago)
Glad to hear
ramesh kulkarni (4 months ago)
very nice recipe
Piaz creation (4 months ago)
Hi i tried that omelette only .... it was really tasty😍 , thank you so much for sharing this recipe 💙💜💚💛💜💙💛💚💜💙💛💚💜💙💛💚💜💙💛💚
Neha Jain (5 months ago)
Tastes great
rinky patel (5 months ago)
Thank u so much I made your this recipe n it came out very tasty n very easy. Thank u once again
satyam tiwari (5 months ago)
Love U for this RECIPE
Geetha Nambiar (5 months ago)
Will it effect the taste if I use Multi grain bread or Brown bread? No one prefers using maida bread.
Ashmita Shah (6 months ago)
Amazing I don't believe this is not egg u just made same ur great
Yashu Varshney (6 months ago)
I asked my mom to make this bread eggless omelette as I love omelette so much but my mom doesnt allow to cook egg at home..now this has been made for about 4-5 times and every one loves this recipe..thank you so much for sharing this recipe.!!
Yashu Varshney (5 months ago)
Yes it does tastes the same as egg one if followed exactly point to point..!!
Neha Jain (5 months ago)
Yashu Varshney it tastes same as egg one?
Hritika Rani (6 months ago)
I m vegetarian and i will definitely try this...thanx for the recipe...
Harshit Singla (6 months ago)
issei chela khetei hai uncle
Sagar bansal (3 months ago)
bhag bhosdike
Neha Sharma (6 months ago)
delicious for veggies...who want to taste omlet
Vijay Ajay (6 months ago)
Skip black salt?
Rakhi Meena (6 months ago)
Joganjogiki (6 months ago)
ln durushety (6 months ago)
You r a vegetarian
krishnan srinivasan (7 months ago)
Thank you :)
Manpreet Kour (7 months ago)
Nice bro
Hi yaman m vegetarian n this is just awesome dish for me...Thanks a lot yar.....god bless u
Nisha Gupta (8 months ago)
My eggless omelete is sticking in pan. What wrong I m doing. Please reply me
sonali chandra (8 months ago)
Wonderful recepie man!!
Garima N (8 months ago)
This is an awesome, foolproof recipe. Thanks!
shailja chandel (8 months ago)
thanku so much I tried it my son like it very much
Jennifer Rituraj (8 months ago)
good recipe .. just a few queries ... 1. Why add baking soda ? 2. Do we leave the batter for some time after adding soda?
Kalpana Gautam (8 months ago)
Tasty recipe.
Ramesh Palve (8 months ago)
Nice its very good recepie
Amitesh Dungarshi (8 months ago)
Tried it. It was really awesome try adding some cheese on top of it tastes really great
Monica Sharma (8 months ago)
Bhai sab kch optional h Khichdi bna rhe ho Kya
Monica Sharma (8 months ago)
सब कुछ टोटली ऑप्शनल hai
Urmila Jadhav (8 months ago)
Good recipe for veg porson lot of thanks sir for this recipe
Khushi Khushi (8 months ago)
The mess in the cooking top, i love it, it makes me feel I'm not the only one who creates mess all around. Thanks for making me feel normal.
KakaG (8 months ago)
Isn't it bread pakoda?
arpita ghosh (8 months ago)
AMAN SAINI (8 months ago)
Hey it is good.
neha gupta (8 months ago)
Awesome yr... Thnx for suggesting something new for vegetarians
Kshama Parate (8 months ago)
I made this and devoured it right.. really yummy recipe! Thanks!
Nikhil Patil (8 months ago)
Worst cook and pathetic receipes he make
Jayant Sura (8 months ago)
don't call this bread omlette pls😂
Sagar tomar (8 months ago)
Great !!
Balkrishna Joshi (8 months ago)
you can eat this but it's TOTALLY OPTIONAL
Dolly Guha (8 months ago)
Ata ki tiffin box a dila valo lagbe khate
Prabhdeep Kaur (8 months ago)
Please make champ
maya rajput (8 months ago)
Shall we use wheat flour instead of maida.....plzzz rply fast
Mamta Navani (8 months ago)
v nice
spiritual lesson (8 months ago)
Hi brother ur voice is also like ur food taste
Anupama Ks (8 months ago)
very tasty recipe
Shrey cc (8 months ago)
breathe when you speak!! else you might pass out....
Shivani Rana (8 months ago)
very testy👌👌👌👌
Saroja Srinivasan (8 months ago)
can we replace maida with rice flour?
Saroja Srinivasan (8 months ago)
can we replace maida with rice flour?
CookingShooking (8 months ago)
I wouldnt recommend, the taste and texture will totally change :)
rama latha (8 months ago)
Can u please provide sub titles (ingridiants)
CookingShooking (8 months ago)
Besan - 1 1/4 cup Maida - 1/3 cup Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp Salt - 1 1/2 tsp Black Salt / Himalayan Pink Salt - 1/2 tsp Water - as required for a thin batter Baking Powder - 1 tsp Butter - 16-18 small cubes Oil - 8-10 tsp (optional) Onion - 1/2 cup (finely chopped) Green Chili - 1/4 cup Coriander Leaves - 1/4 cup Tomato - 4 tbsp Bread Slices - 8
Ayushi Goyal (8 months ago)
hey yaman Kya aap bta skte h is recipe ko bina besn k kese bnaaye plz give me ansr fast
Ayushi Goyal (8 months ago)
ant6914 tq ji
ant6914 (8 months ago)
@Ayushi Goyal Search for 'Vegan/Vegetarian Oats Omelette Recipe' in youtube...
Ayushi Goyal (8 months ago)
ant6914 can you send me video link
ant6914 (8 months ago)
@Ayushi Goyal Was just joking... but I think oats would be a good substitute for besan. I was once saw a video in youtube where the guy emptied the contents of a 'Masala Oats' packet into a bowl of water, made a thin batter and then made omelettes with it! Looked delicious!
Ayushi Goyal (8 months ago)
ant6914 are egg hi to use nhi krna i tottly hate egg
kirti maskara (9 months ago)
Freaking osm n amazing.....and most surprising is smells n taste like omelette ....
Siva s (9 months ago)
Aditi ka Kitchen (9 months ago)
very good recipe...thnx for sharing...:)
kesar thakore (9 months ago)
Wow...U r superb little chef. THNX for sharing a really yummy dish.
Cindys Kitchen (9 months ago)
Love this omelette!Keep up the amazing recipes, you rule!Love your content my friend! <3
Cedric Mascarenhas (9 months ago)
Bro I am amazed I love your channel I use ur recipes for making chutneys and other veg dishes ...keep it going
kanikapt (9 months ago)
Thanks for this eggless omelets, there are some haters here, and looking at you, you have grown up far away from them. Kudos to you. It would be great if you Can tell me which oven is good for baking and cooking purpose (basically for home).
nikhil maliwal (9 months ago)
Great Recipe And Bell Intro
Ayesha Siddiqui (9 months ago)
U r super.....
Hey. . Great great I just love your recipes, tips, notes you give all the times.. Tried most all.. coming out fantastic.. no doubt.. By the way your name place.. God bless you., Also make Video brf about you.. happy to know about you also.
Shubham Ahuja (9 months ago)
besan ka poora bana ke chutia kaat rha h logo ka ...chakke
Shubham Ahuja (9 months ago)
Pooja Verma (9 months ago)
Can we use meetha soda in place of baking powder?
Shagun Singh (9 months ago)
Espéciate conmigo! (9 months ago)
looks so tasty!
Shushant Gusain (9 months ago)
Abe Chutiye Isse Accha Kadi Pakode Kha le Gandu Itni mehnnat q kaaraaa Chutiye
Leena Storewala (9 months ago)
Looks yummy 😋😋
Pragati Sharma (9 months ago)
Chilla hai vo .. chilla hi bol love to kya ho jaega ... Omellete without egg bolke faltu hype create kar Rakhi hai
Niyati S (9 months ago)
Awesome recipe:) Can we replace maida in this recipe with whole wheat flour ?
Anu Malhotra (9 months ago)
Just sooo amzing thnx alot
Nikhil Mehta (9 months ago)
Nitesh Mohite (9 months ago)
Hayyyy 😮
Ramandeep Singh (9 months ago)
Great! But my dad making this since my childhood 😂
aru love (9 months ago)
get 1 ...👏👏

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