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Moroccan Beetroot Salad Recipe - CookingWithAlia - Episode 154

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To print the written recipe, click this link: http://cookingwithalia.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=153&Itemid=110 Today we are making the traditional Moroccan Beetroot Salad. Beetroot is a vegetable that is often ignored because people do not know how to cook it. It is actually very versatile: you can boil it, steam it, or even roast it! It has a rich flavor and it is full of antioxidants and nutrients - so it's definitely a vegetable that you should include in your menu. This salad can be eaten alone, with bread, or tossed in a garden salad. It's yummy and super easy!

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Text Comments (59)
Annamma Mahil (18 days ago)
Beets can be steamed in a steamer to cook, then chop, mix it with yoghurt. Salt pepper parsley all the same.
Donna Keeley (2 months ago)
I like beets in 3 bean salad!
Maria Dacosta (4 months ago)
Beetroot has a flavour like a moulded fruit, to me.
Moony Salembier (5 months ago)
i like what you do but why is it everything you do or mention is moroccan this moroccan that as far as i know most of your videos or cooking you showing  are north african origin and mainly arabian food, perhaps you are referring to the style. any way well done and i hope you come up with more ideas and recipes as ramadhan is fast approaching . Than You
pleiades and (7 months ago)
Vitamins are nonexistent. Boiling and chucking the water. Steaming or roasting is a better alternative.
pamela forte (9 months ago)
I love the music who's it by
P' Quaint (11 months ago)
I'd prefer raw beetroot in salads
Chamara Perera (1 year ago)
pat raj (1 year ago)
after 60 minutes of boiling, wud there be any nutrients left in the beets???
Holisticliving Radhika (2 months ago)
Roasting might help save the nutrients.
Ambergait Leonbergers (6 months ago)
It's just a guess, but I'm thinking yes because she's cooking them whole with their skins on.
shashakeeleh (1 year ago)
If you wait and let beets cool to just cool enough to handle, you can remove the entire skin with a paper towel and not even have to peel them.
Marina Solorio (1 year ago)
Omar Gonashvili (1 year ago)
Fantastic, lookin good! Thanks for sharing.
Amy CHEN (1 year ago)
I've tried twice! It's very good to go with chips!
Erandi De Alwis (2 years ago)
simple and nice. .thankyou
Queenfe13™ (3 years ago)
This was so good.
Anu-Adsila Bey13 TM (2 years ago)
Cousin, I went to this chef's Youtube page and listened to moor recipes. Yummy Gr8t Post Th Ankh You 13 Love ♡
Anu-Adsila Bey13 TM (2 years ago)
Oh Yum Th Ankhs for this Sweet Cousin.😃
Chef Kef (3 years ago)
Always a pleasure to watch your video recipes. Thanks.
cookingwithalia (3 years ago)
+Chef Kef thank you so much!
ronan moriarty (3 years ago)
Superb! Thank you Alia :)
Emma Young (3 years ago)
Just rub the skin off the cooked beetroot under cold running water, cools the veg down and no pink hands!
reddy12336 (3 years ago)
tu sais quoi ??? je t aime et je suis fier de toi.
Marie Santoro (3 years ago)
Very nice, thank you!
Mayelin Perez (4 years ago)
Currently making this right now! So excited :) 
Walid Hani (4 years ago)
Helo my name is alex y love your recipies i am from romania and i im with a boy from kenitra i love marrocan food soo nice to met yo alia y am glad that yo made this becouse it is very dificult to find god recipies of marrocan food
Lyudmyla Pikulyk (7 months ago)
Walid Hani please,google...on ,,you tube,, traditional food recipe from north afrika arab countries.
OfftoShambala (4 years ago)
So I made this and my son loooved it. I was really surprised. I thought it would be one of those recipes that would be mine alone, but he always asks me to make it. Thank you so much for this most awesome recipe!
Aviva Vives (5 years ago)
try wearing surgical gloves to prevent staining hands
OfftoShambala (5 years ago)
cant wait to try this recipe... the demo was well done... FYI: that teflon pot & aluminum foil are toxic... i'd suggest switiching to glass & ceramic cookware and cut the beets on a plate
theloneofficial (5 years ago)
Alia - this was amazing.... it could work with any herb really. Cilantro next time!
RealItalianKitchen (5 years ago)
Lovely thank you for posting! can I put some curry instead of cumin?
Awesome playlist (6 years ago)
Great video!
Zdravko Evstatiev (6 years ago)
it reminds me of corn
Zhenya Borisevich (6 years ago)
Thank you Alia! I made Moroccan chicken with olives and beetroot salad like you made and although am not Moroccan but my family loved it!!!!
dinavienna (6 years ago)
@cookingwithalia agree like nothing else! it is very healthy at very low calorie content :)
saluki (6 years ago)
@ndlz1 mmm can i dress it with my cream and u tell me if u like it
cookingwithalia (6 years ago)
@zuzaelomari in my list - I need couple of months and will be working on it :-)
Iris Gross (6 years ago)
If nothing else, I now know how to cook uncanned beets! Been wanting to know for years. Thank you!
sibeliustx (6 years ago)
@winniethemcfly I think taste perception of beets might be one of those that are genetically controlled, like broccoli or cilantro. I enjoy the flavors of most foods, and have loved every root vegetable I've tried... except beets. To me, they taste only like dirt, and that flavor overpowers all others, no matter the preparation. This recipe LOOKS wonderful, and I would love to try it. In fact, I may do that in spite of the fact odds are against me enjoying it. It never hurts to try again.
ChibiRanzie (6 years ago)
Hi Alia can i use lemon jucie instead of vinegar & by doing soo will it change the taste of the salad? Thank you ^^
ndlz1 (6 years ago)
It's also very good chopped small in a potato salad w/ mixed carrots & peas.
SoSoniLove (6 years ago)
It looks like meat :) And i also think bakhlava is a good idea!
amora amorA (6 years ago)
Hi alia can u please make baklava :) with Pistachios
MrKaerf (6 years ago)
Just wondering what the Moroccan name for this salad is?
SelenityLuz (6 years ago)
@winniethemcfly It's delicious! I use it almost every other day in my kitchen. But I bake it, not boil! But it's tasty anyway.
Meygya Aisha (1 year ago)
SelenityLuz how long does it take to roast it ?
sara46762 (6 years ago)
you can grate the boild beetroot and add to yogurt and make a pink yogurt...it tastes and looks wonderful
cookingwithalia (6 years ago)
@winniethemcfly I agree with mrfadi, beetroot has a full body, rich, and strong flavor - very earthy, a bit sweet. I dont think it tastes like anything else. It can be prepared in salads or roasted as a side dish, or even used for juices! it's really versatile and healthy.
STAN ILIKETHEWOK (6 years ago)
Looks very delicious!! Thx for this video.
rox8888 (6 years ago)
interesting I have tried the same salad in South south America just without the cumin....
Fadi Sarsak (6 years ago)
@winniethemcfly it's sweet and have deep taste of something i can't describe, beetroot is good source of sugar manufacturing, the taste incredible when you mix it with salt and pepper, we in Jordan & Palestine usually eat beetroot in coldest days in winter as tradition. am sure Alia will reply to you with better infos
Winnie Chow (6 years ago)
@mrfadi she didnt mention how it actually taste like. plus. my country dont sell beetroot
Fadi Sarsak (6 years ago)
@winniethemcfly listen to Alia and try it your self :)
Winnie Chow (6 years ago)
i have never tried beetroot before , what does it taste like?
YTfancol (6 years ago)
What a great video. Thanks for all the tips :-) It looks really yummy !!
Salah (6 years ago)
Nice salad alia keep going the good work :D i Love your videos x)

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