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8 Desserts in 1 Sheet Tray

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Get the recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/8-desserts-in-1-pan Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: http://bit.ly/2zVLRyd  Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/41567 MUSIC Strut Delux_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
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Text Comments (1820)
Nailah Kitty (1 day ago)
My favorite one is the M&Ms
khawla's world (3 days ago)
2:08 did they said its on sale RIGHT NOW ? !
26sklein (4 days ago)
Great resipie I recomend it!
Zunaira Zainab (5 days ago)
I like all but i don' t like apple pie filling
Viljar Thomassen (6 days ago)
Normerina Kamal (6 days ago)
Me : What is a diet?
Ellie Tatlonghari (7 days ago)
Wait aren’t there all different cook times for it? Like if the cookies had to be cooked for 19-21 at 350 degrees and the cheesecake had to be cooked at 29-35 at 330, Wouldn’t the cookies burn
baby cakes (8 days ago)
I am so starved right now because of that video
Tara Krähenmann (9 days ago)
I would choose the smore's piece 😍
cookie bunny (10 days ago)
INDIAN GAMING HUB (11 days ago)
Idk why I watched it today only..I was fasting!! Ahhh!
Why do I watch your videos when I always feel so hungry? ;-;
Happy Puppy (11 days ago)
Rhylee Evans (11 days ago)
Wow,that's just too good...drooling*
Cookla Doodledoo (12 days ago)
Diabetes in 1 tray.
أحمد 021 (12 days ago)
How to get diabetes in only one day
Jake Lightning (12 days ago)
I’m so hungry now..
isabelle chavez (12 days ago)
Squad Roles (13 days ago)
i tried it i didn't get it really perfect but it was good still my favourite was the chocolate and marshmallow
99Percent Derp (13 days ago)
I made this and it worked out pretty well. The only thing I recommend is blind baking the pie crust because my crust turned out raw
captain_ smart.casual (14 days ago)
I swear these things are genuinely impossible to make. Is the Tasty person actually a robot?
Kimberley Johnson (14 days ago)
1:44 Which corner peice do you want? One, two, or three? I want two
A Person (15 days ago)
I would make this for myself and then just eat it all.
xXJJCDXx Dagohoy (16 days ago)
You stole the idea from steven's kitchen and did not give credit
xXJJCDXx Dagohoy (9 days ago)
No steven did it first
Galaxy Girl (16 days ago)
Or maybe Stevens kitchen stole the idea from them
I like the Graham + chocolate + Marshmallow
lil_Mojo (17 days ago)
seems like something u you'd see at a prom yummy
Nayla Andini Azzahra (18 days ago)
I thought it was a slime a food slime asmr😂😂😂😂
Jhyah Kearns (18 days ago)
Any with m&m dough
Sims4 Og Slime (19 days ago)
I would choose the s’more cake
iPastelGamer Roblox (20 days ago)
I want Kalen Allen to react to this for some reason
Hippo Pirate (20 days ago)
the m&m one
Janna Begum (23 days ago)
My favourite one would be the corner of the cookie dough, brownie, s’mores and M&M cookie dough
Alexa!!:) (24 days ago)
I thougt it was a slime pallet xD
Gracia Adita (24 days ago)
Title Correction: Diabetes In One Baking Sheet
Kiran Ash (24 days ago)
I watch this in my classes at school on my surface when I am Bored and hungry
miguel miguel (24 days ago)
I will choose the chocolate+mashmallaws
Tisha Rumbewas (25 days ago)
m&m's cookie dough are the best
unknown (27 days ago)
the earth is
theo wilis (27 days ago)
Looks to good to be true
theo wilis (27 days ago)
Very inspiring
Dinh Nam (28 days ago)
Always remember: two cups
Nova (28 days ago)
And this is how I got diabetes ;)
maira khan (28 days ago)
Marshmallow 1 is my favorite part
And there is the lucky dude getting all the corners
Arella Vergara (30 days ago)
Smores and cheese cake
MayaCabbageDemon (30 days ago)
This burns.
Shalini Angel (1 month ago)
Truong Chau Uyen (1 month ago)
Hana Gomaa (1 month ago)
b u b b l e z (1 month ago)
• ꀘꍏꀤ • (1 month ago)
sees corners *THIS IS MINEEEEE* karate kicks people *HYAAAAAAAA*
Sheeba Fatima (1 month ago)
So durty cake and yakky
Kateřina Perháčová (1 month ago)
Missu XD (1 month ago)
I choose a s'mores and brownie😋
Allie Easley (1 month ago)
All of them!!!! I would just make this for myself or a sleepover lol
Kaye FromYT (1 month ago)
Ahhh, no no no! Puasa!!!
that girl dalal (1 month ago)
انظف من حياتي
Unicorn Gamer (1 month ago)
Who is here because of Ralphela lol
Kimmy Taehyungiee (1 month ago)
I thought it was slime until i saw the title
Joellena Tang (1 month ago)
Then won't you have lots of leftovers
StellaeArts (1 month ago)
When you want to bake more than one treat but you're too busy being condecending n shit
drink me (1 month ago)
Too sweet for me
It's Me Lyza (1 month ago)
Yum!!!!!!! I want some!!!!!!! Could I have some?
Zaskia larasanti (1 month ago)
It's look delicious
Naima The penguin (1 month ago)
I thought this was a slime video btw I didn’t read the title😂
Duck Xylene (1 month ago)
I love these guys videos. Ya'll make suck good looking food, i'm drooling for real 😍
Princess Yawson (1 month ago)
Apple pie and marshmallow with chocolate
Emmie Nguyen (1 month ago)
I thought it was slime
Vivian Chu (1 month ago)
Best desingn of dessert ever
Vaishnavi's World (1 month ago)
Great now I’m hungry
Vaishnavi's World (1 month ago)
I wanna make this but I’m too lazy.
Zoe Shirley (1 month ago)
By piece do you mean the entire thing because if so....I CALL IT!!!!
The Gaming Squad FYBY (1 month ago)
Who watches but doesn't do any
Sarah CP (1 month ago)
I thought the marshmallows were mints
Ellie Thompson (1 month ago)
I would eat all of the left half
Mina Markovska (1 month ago)
The pie ones
IknowMyName (1 month ago)
RoseBP :3 (1 month ago)
APPLE PIE AND CHEESE CAKE, i'm sorry I don't like much sweets.. 😐
Cookies in A Jar (1 month ago)
Raplel gomez did this
Ömer Faruk Korkmaz (1 month ago)
my favourite brownie
Chau Minh (1 month ago)
Me before: oh nice Me after: OH MAH GOD IT LOOK SO GOOD 😍
Game team Time (1 month ago)
diabetes on a plate
mong florida (1 month ago)
frist i thik it was silme but it it is food...
Zur Grace Aquino (1 month ago)
I would like smores
PICK JAZZY TV (1 month ago)
Catalina Orrego (1 month ago)
Shoro Chan (1 month ago)
Corrine needs to try this
Eileen Anderson (1 month ago)
Whay size pan
Kandilicious (1 month ago)
Super bowl
Radhika Banerjea (1 month ago)
My favourite bite is to take a square of every single different desert, then shove it all in my mouth at once.
Pineapple 229 (1 month ago)
Thank you
epic unicorn (1 month ago)
that looks sooooo good
This is how to manage if we have less to cook haha jk nice vid great idea
Ramiyah Cunningham (1 month ago)
Those must be the most over baked cookies
Thank you hands health

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