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opinions on the internet

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Text Comments (5710)
Dane (8 hours ago)
I dont like this thing
Bruce Wayne (16 hours ago)
This guy is always on point.
SomewhatExcellent (17 hours ago)
1000 people didn't like this thing
The climbers of ice (1 day ago)
I liked that thing
Sinom (1 day ago)
I don't like that thing.
The Grimalkyn (1 day ago)
GamerPuppet ! (1 day ago)
HA! True
Tom Woltjer (1 day ago)
* i like that thing
Ivoroon Θ (1 day ago)
GameZipper (1 day ago)
Hyper ventilating
Lapras (3 days ago)
If you state your opinion on the internet, you will be killed
James Osbourne (3 days ago)
Dub vs Dub controversies be like..
deka W (3 days ago)
I like the last jedi
Hafizul Azri (4 days ago)
PC Gamer in a nutshell
TheOdd3sOut (5 days ago)
My favourite ProZD video!
Damian (6 days ago)
Takefive 123 (6 days ago)
Fresh_Gauntlet (7 days ago)
This video explains the dawn of civilization.
Kittree The Great (7 days ago)
Why is this so fricking relatable
Burdboy (8 days ago)
It BAFFLES me to know that this is sadly true about opinions on the internet
Jason Gaines (10 days ago)
So true
Trek_Backgr07nd (10 days ago)
I will never understand how people ended up thinking that it was fine to lose good manners.
Amber (10 days ago)
UnderTale fans in a nutshell
Danna Montoya (11 days ago)
Laura _borra (12 days ago)
Comments nowadays be like:
Ryan Khairul (12 days ago)
Nowadays nobody gives a fuck about your opinion
Đặng Nghĩa (13 days ago)
Athies and chirstian be like ...
Thomas Wilson (13 days ago)
Harry: Let’s just agree to disagree. Me: I don’t agree to that.
Derek Williams (13 days ago)
Me when you killed sasuke in your marry fuck kill video 😂
Kaitlyn Morales (13 days ago)
"Never liked anime, it's just not my thing."
Judith Nyx (13 days ago)
Ding dong your opinion is wrong
JP (13 days ago)
blitzbot (13 days ago)
The dislikes can relate tho
Kumatori Yazawa (14 days ago)
I like vaginas
Zom 2018 (14 days ago)
r/codww2 in a nutshell
Jacket123 (16 days ago)
Liberals in a nutshell
Gabriel (16 days ago)
Gabriel (16 days ago)
Marvel and DC fanboys in a nutshell.
DinoMan64 (16 days ago)
Every which is the best pokemon generation discussion ever
Nintendo fan (17 days ago)
Me arguing about scoped ar's be like 0:01
Meme Lord (17 days ago)
You like that thing? *I love that thing*
suga and spice (18 days ago)
That thing was liked
Copperhead (19 days ago)
When someone says they hate Melee but like Brawl
Shiloh Ludenberg (19 days ago)
How shipping wars start. Especially in the Overwatch fandom. #MeiHemIsUnhealthy
doggo man (20 days ago)
I like that thing
wocathoden (20 days ago)
I don't like either thing :O
IDKWhatI'mDoing (20 days ago)
this is too true
One does not simply (20 days ago)
1000 dislikes. B-but I LIKE THAT THING!
Jake Wunderlich (21 days ago)
Fortnite Me: I don't like this thing. The internet: But I like that thing. I like that thing! I LIKE THAT THING! YOU KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO *EXIST* THAT LIKE THAT THING!!! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! Undertale Me: But I do like this thing. The internet: I don't like that thing. That thing fucking sucks! I FUCKING HATE THAT THING!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Santacruz (21 days ago)
Well that's just your wrong opinion
El Porkador (21 days ago)
He liked that thing... When no one else would.
Kaida Ishikawa (22 days ago)
Jake Wunderlich (22 days ago)
Some Blob Demon (22 days ago)
I don't like that thing but I like that thing
Austin Butcher (22 days ago)
Destiny players seeing warframe dooing better then destiny in a nutshell
Noah Weinand (22 days ago)
I like that thing
carlos salazar (22 days ago)
These are the people who get offended when you say sword art online is the worst anime ever
Gabriel (16 days ago)
carlos salazar I like that thing
oiidoyyoy - (22 days ago)
Mage of Life (23 days ago)
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Except everyone acts entitled with their opinion.
Mayeur000Donz (14 days ago)
The irritating thing for me is when people seem to feel so assaulted by someone else's opinion on a movie or a video game they'll accuse them of "declaring it as fact".
Janet Estherina (23 days ago)
FGO players vs GBF players in a nutshell
Akif Ansari (23 days ago)
I really like this thing.
Nova ぅゆス (23 days ago)
Red Herring (23 days ago)
Salvation (23 days ago)
Should've ended with "And I'm indifferent on this other thing." ..."yea, me too."
Silent Youngsters (23 days ago)
quite an irony that some people dislike this video... they must have not like your thing .
Alphon Speas (23 days ago)
Dragon Ball GT is the best series the Dragon Ball franchise...
Astronotty (24 days ago)
*What the foot*
Mountain Mew (24 days ago)
SJWs vs Anti-SJWs I hate both of these people.
Awake Now (24 days ago)
So at the end of the day, we all act like cavemen.
King of the fobbys (24 days ago)
Elections in a nutshell
Last Man On Earth (24 days ago)
I dont like thos video. *sitcom laughter fills the room*
You forgot the kys
BuzzWeed (24 days ago)
Matheus Lima (24 days ago)
Can I live inside your cheeks?
Nina3491 (25 days ago)
OMG! Hahaha! Someone used your audio and made a Todoroki x Deku comic video sketch. Todoroki is saying that he likes that thing (Deku) and Bakugo is saying that he doesn’t. lol
Hiphyro (25 days ago)
I don’t like that thing.
Hayden_Cole (25 days ago)
*I like that thing*
Aron Johansson (26 days ago)
I see myself in this
Welp this is here (27 days ago)
I liked this thing.
CrazyGamerGirl 97 (27 days ago)
Wren Dean (27 days ago)
I like One Piece.
Silly Billy (26 days ago)
Wren Dean i hate one piece
Haley Garcia (27 days ago)
DC vs Marvel
LiviQuail Studios (27 days ago)
Malachite 850 (27 days ago)
The thumbnail is me after looking at my life in retrospect
get wrecked (27 days ago)
that's it. the history of humans.
Zappa Boi (28 days ago)
I don't like splatwo
Annabel Mendez (28 days ago)
Mr.SnoofyFloofy (28 days ago)
protoluigi (29 days ago)
This would be a classic YouTube video one day!!!!!
Void S. (29 days ago)
I don't like this thing #CHANGEMYMIND
Gabriel (16 days ago)
Well I like it and I command you to like it #LOL #OPINIONSDONTMATTER #SWAG
Lonnie J (29 days ago)
Basically ARMY
Kijubgg (29 days ago)
Asmongold in a nutshell
HazzyFcrazy (30 days ago)
Somebody made the most God awful top 20 list I've ever seen in my god damn life and as I was scrolling through the comments I saw one saying if I don't like this list go watch (THIS) video. AND I FEEL THE SAME FUCKING WAY I DIDN'T LIKE THAT PIECE OF SHIT LIST!!!!!!
Johny Playz (30 days ago)
DC fans: HEY it's a new superman movie! I like it Marvel fans: I don't like that thing
Gabriel (16 days ago)
Audience and marvel fans
Sebastian's Mind (30 days ago)
Star Wars fans in a Nutshell
WATCHDOG 13000 (1 month ago)
Hecate 76 (1 month ago)
This is so accurate it hurts
The Hammurabi Chode (1 month ago)
*And vice versa*
fulcrum 29 (1 month ago)
Im not really a fan of that thing

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