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Maddie Moate - Kettle Pasta?! | ao.com Recipes

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Maddie Moate makes a tomato pasta dish using her kettle in this short video. With a handful of simple ingredients, Maddie boils her pasta and then cooks up a flavoursome arrabbiata sauce. All without using her oven! Find a new kettle at AO.com http://ao.com/l/kettles/1/55-106-78/ Shop all small kitchen appliances http://ao.com/small-appliances

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Text Comments (34)
Christine Grimmond (9 months ago)
Lmfao! This is the best! You need to make more foods with the Kettle and the Iron. Basically anything you can find in a hotel that doesn't have a kitchenette! #vacacookingonthesly
Elvis Lee (1 year ago)
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GODADDY (1 year ago)
Adore your accent. Im a student lives in dormitory and that was exactly what iwas looking for. Can you please show us more recipes can be made in kettle,? :)
Karan Singh (2 years ago)
This was a life saver. You rock.
lakhan nayak (2 years ago)
i think pasta is the only good thing in her life.
lakhan nayak (2 years ago)
she should get admitted.
lakhan nayak (2 years ago)
why is she so excited about making pasta?
AliaLovella (2 years ago)
I cook my ramen in there with egg and hot dog and it is delicious!!
paul keir (2 years ago)
hahaha i absolutely love you maddie moats, you're sheer exitment and joy of completing this has changed my mood completely this morning. X
Pharaohcious Jones (2 years ago)
Did your kettle have a hidden element or the exposed metal coils?
rashmi magnani (3 years ago)
Hey Maddie, loved your video! Could u show us what else can be cooked in the electric kettle, as i'm going to stay in a university dorm and cooking is not allowed, but kettle is allowed(if u know what i mean) thanks :)
Ryan the Raptor Guy (4 years ago)
Who does the clean up after you make these videos?
+Maddie Moate how yer clean em up?
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Me... *Yawn*
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Just want to reiterate that this series is meant to be a bit of fun :-) Although Pasta in a Kettle certainly worked well (and the kettle cleaned up beautifully), I'm not suggesting this is by any means a superior or convenient cooking method!  
Nash Turley (4 years ago)
"because if you're making pasta in a kettle you're probably by yourself"   Ha!  :)  
Gwen Woodruffe (4 years ago)
Your cup of tea after might taste a bit odd! We used to do this with boil in the bag food when we were students. We didnt want the bag to melt on the elements, so we hung it on a spoon across the top of the kettle and left the lid up so it would boil continually! It didn't taste great!
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
This is brilliant! Why didn't I think of this?!
Sarah Powell (4 years ago)
This is just genius! The only thing I kept thinking was how handy if you were camping and without gas stove....but then I guess you wouldn't have a plug if you were in a field camping. 
Henner Zeller (4 years ago)
ao.com (4 years ago)
+Luuk van Dijk That sounds interesting..... 
Luuk van Dijk (4 years ago)
I once knew a girl who served the liquid from a can of black beans as the  'bean soup' starter. The meal only got worse in later courses.
OneSaaProductions (4 years ago)
Great Episode!
SW Burger (4 years ago)
If im not mistaken, if you leave the kettle lid open, it should keep boiling without switching off, could have saved some time, but this made the video more interesting though.
ao.com (4 years ago)
+Maddie Moate I think you should take notes Mads! lol
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Really?! Did not know that.
iamGeorgeTown (4 years ago)
Just one question. Will there be a season finale where you do a full dinner party for like twelve of your friends - iron quesadillas, salmon in the dishwasher, kettle pasta, toastie turnovers... the works?
iamGeorgeTown (4 years ago)
Brilliant. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. I will start practising my accent.
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
I am beyond excited.
ao.com (4 years ago)
+iamGeorgeTown +Maddie Moate I think that this could be arranged! 
iamGeorgeTown (4 years ago)
I will be your butler for the night. I'll dress up as a washing machine with a bow-tie... It'll be just like Beauty And The Beast.
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
ao.com thoughts?!!!
nudl3Zz (4 years ago)
you could make it like and it is pretty cool but why should you do it like this? :-D it seems like more work^^
Rachel Fraser (4 years ago)
I go through enough kettles god help if I started makin food in mine lol x

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