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Japanese Bento By Hiroko And Hitomi

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Text Comments (497)
RyuTube YT (10 hours ago)
You know, I know exactly how it feels for other kids to say "ew" to my bento boxes. Cuz it used to happen to me a LOT in first grade. I begged my mom not to make bentos anymore back then, cuz I felt like I was being bullied which I was in a way. I got really self concious about actually what I bring to eat to school, that I actually stopped bringing lunch to school entirely. This lasted until middle school/high school. But yeah, a lot of school days I would go without lunch. :l
Javari Mills (1 day ago)
You have to admit..it's good to eat in the morning
Donna Danielsen (1 day ago)
Her moms really sweet and loving!!!!
Icanbecool Iswear (1 day ago)
I’m white and I love Japanese food I usually bring Japanese food for lunch, and everyone’s always like “ew what is that” but I still bring it because I love japan :)
LuV IsNothing (2 days ago)
mmm that shit good
Joshua Crain (2 days ago)
Can someone tell me what type of pan that was she used to make the eggs?
Hiroshige Utagawa (3 days ago)
MuddleEarth (3 days ago)
i would be the kid trying to trade anything I had to try some of what you had
Marianopiano (3 days ago)
Okay this one wins the back story cooking video series. Everybody can go home now.
Luu Cheng (3 days ago)
Kids can be really mean sometimes :c (and that bento looks so delicious!)
Clay_279 (3 days ago)
AWWWWW that's so sweet
N. J. Saroff (3 days ago)
Being Jewish and keeping kosher in public school I understand the bullying for food, I told my mom eventaully I'm just gonna make sandwiches even though I loved kugel and knishes it broke her heart kids are mean
Rachel Jin (3 days ago)
Not_a_Legend (3 days ago)
What the fuck is Bento my dudes?
Fail 9999 (3 days ago)
putting sake in a dish for kids?
I've always been taught not to judge people's food and try new things I'm still I'm still in school that type of food is art all the most kids in our school like trying new things because our school is so diverse with people of different cultures all this food looks delicious one time one of my class mate brought in brittle it was her family recipe there was enough for the whole class to try one a couple weeks later I brought in crokets there also from a family recipe now at our school there's a where you can bring in food from your culture of you want share it with everyone 😄
Man of steel (4 days ago)
Hitomi is a galko
It’s one of my goals to try Japanese fried chicken it looks so flipping good
Borsalino Kizaru (4 days ago)
She talks just like anime
David Thomas (4 days ago)
We made fun of people who brought their lunch, you too good to eat in cafeteria with us poor kids ?
juana R (4 days ago)
My youngest daughter had me shopping for seeweed because her close friend had some in elementary. FYI: We are a American-Mexican Family.
羅Jocelyn (4 days ago)
Mom's handmade food is the best 😍
Aaren YASS (5 days ago)
children are so terrible, deck them all! They like their bland ass foods, hit me with that seasoning! I know what flavor is. People would always ask me for snacks. If food smells and looks good, then its good. End of story! -
Lucy starwood (5 days ago)
I hope they make more bento meals on here. There so good!
Vanessa Rivaille (5 days ago)
These fat American kids don't know good healthy food that's why they said "ew", don't be ashamed of your culture because of stupid Americans.
Erik Arnald (5 days ago)
Its Time for a Swedish food video in this format!
I get you about the part where children used to make fun of your food... I was born in kyoto and in primary school i moved to damascus where children (and teachers) used to make cringe faces of my Japanese food which I was used to.... Especially the fresh nori...
P U R P L E S Y U (5 days ago)
wahhh....I love that egg rolls !!
hünerli kadınlar (5 days ago)
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hünerli kadınlar (5 days ago)
Would you like to Subscribe to my Channel? www.youtube.com/hünerlikadınlar
Mahrukh Sajid (6 days ago)
Please make a pakistani food
Kenya Nelson (6 days ago)
One of my most favorite videos of all time - well done Tasty Team, well done.
tam truong (6 days ago)
Do a Vietnamese dish please!!
Japanese bentos are really awesome to look at
nikhil bastian (6 days ago)
Your mum is so professional!! If I ever tried that omlet part it would've become the world map!;)
WayneVanKaka (6 days ago)
i remember getting ews because i bought rice to school. ahh the trauma
tikahmalek (6 days ago)
I miss my mum making my school lunches
anne xo (6 days ago)
Awwwe your mom is so cute !
jamillemaex (6 days ago)
One of my friends is Japanese and in Elementary we were like OOHH CAN I TRY even if it had like fish or etc. with it. We didn’t care much because even though it might look weird, it is still edible and you don’t know if it is good or not.
When they say "ew... What is that?" Me : your mom doesn't know how to cook dont ya?
sesayida (6 days ago)
Is it me or the girl appears red or sun burnt
Gaetano Dragonetti (6 days ago)
Wow, Señora Hiroko cooked amazing lunch boxes for her daughter. That’s so sweet. Even the apple slices look tasty and so pretty like flowers. I was also lucky to have a mom who would fix me amazing lunch boxes, although not Japanese food :)
Mrbth Ü (6 days ago)
Mahogani Red (6 days ago)
Pretty Cool
Imaginative HQ (6 days ago)
*flash back to food wars*
Kev. (6 days ago)
I wish I had bento everyday. It's one of the coolest ideas ever
rice farmer (6 days ago)
How is the tamagoyaki 2 eggs
alybethed (6 days ago)
That looks delicious and beautiful. 😍
Emma Poudayel (6 days ago)
I can relate to people bullying my mom's bento that she makes for me so I would ask her to stop making me "japanese lunches" And to start making me"American lunches" But now that I am in middle school I know how hard she works to make me beautiful lunches and I appreciate it sooooo much! Thanks mom!(people stopped bullying my food and I have bentos more often)
Red Bulaon (6 days ago)
Is it just me? I'm not japanese but i know all these foods by anime
Ashleigh Again (6 days ago)
Awww those apple slices were so cute
Michelle Lee (6 days ago)
I’m a little Jelly. ;)
Milo Melon (6 days ago)
I love how informative the mother is XD
Night Angel (6 days ago)
Why are little kids so mean?
Itsmefriendly (6 days ago)
I can't believe people would bully you for having an awesome like that. I'd rather have a bento lunch than eating bread every single freaking day.
tyler kowta (6 days ago)
loved this! I miss the bunny apples lol
Sakura M (6 days ago)
I feel like im watching anime lol
Taylor D (6 days ago)
Hitomi look like Ashley from regular buzzfeed
Nirvanna Sylvian (6 days ago)
This made me miss my mom <3
Jessica Many (6 days ago)
So adorable!
Mark Harris (6 days ago)
I’m not sure which looks the most beautiful, the food or the relationship between mother and daughter.
Joel Michael Croes (6 days ago)
now im hungry...😏😏😏
Amz King (6 days ago)
I would LOVE it if someone could make me lunch like that everyday!
William (6 days ago)
Hitomi I’m hungry for you mmmmmm
Kea (6 days ago)
I’m hungry
LaZZat e Dilli 6 (6 days ago)
Mini Nike (6 days ago)
That Japanese food is soooooooo Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
zSnowii ϟ (6 days ago)
GeishaTheSerpantClan (6 days ago)
Please adopt me
rainbowloveyh (6 days ago)
that's it everyone should be proud of our own culture and shouldn't forget our root. ☺
Rahma 123 (6 days ago)
Hiroko can you make some more bento boxes please
ChesireHeart (6 days ago)
its horrible how many of these ppl share the story of going to school and being laughed at or made fun of for their food. White people food is a pbj, shut the fuck up and let this person enjoy their culture. children are horrible
Yoda Ydyxz (6 days ago)
Stingy Japs
Nikky Maggie (7 days ago)
Oh my God looks so yummy 😋
Raghad BA (7 days ago)
God bless your mom
Sin Clair (7 days ago)
So it wasnt just me that got harassed and bullied for bring an asian style lunch. Honestly tho we had it good. Are parents took the time to actually make us good healthy food.
Awesome Jesse (7 days ago)
I love Japanese bento so much. I know my mom is also Japanese and she makes these beautiful bento for me everyday. My classmates (before) and my co workers says they’re so cute and they like it. I’m proud of my mom for doing this for me 😊
bee pot (7 days ago)
God I love the Japanese language.
perfid moralde (7 days ago)
How does dashi powder taste like?
Nicole Delfin (6 days ago)
it has a subtle fishy taste
Myksael (7 days ago)
Amazing, I will deff add this to my 2 week diet plan https://bit.ly/2rGhrds
Srinivas M (7 days ago)
Plzzz make some indian respies
Davey Hurricane (7 days ago)
Her mum.. IS THE BOMB! Imagine just opening your lunch box and be like, "Man she's good".
Isabella Palomares (7 days ago)
I had the YouTube captions on and wasn’t following what the mom was saying lmao
qufeng49 (7 days ago)
Love all these family dishes, it feels closes to home.
Knochi (7 days ago)
YAYAYAYY I waited so long for this!!!
Krasnaya Kaiser (7 days ago)
Wonderful! Love seeing happy family
Miss O.P. (7 days ago)
dear tasty. HIRE HER MOMS!!!! ... because she's seems bomb.
Ammar Vid games (7 days ago)
I hope tasty makes some ramadan related videos👍🏼❤️
Chayenne 810 (7 days ago)
I really love Japan! I love all about it, Anime and Manga, the food(!!!!!!), and especially (idk how to spell it right sorry) the culture! Sometimes, i really wish to live in japan or to be born as a japanese girl. I just love Japan ❤🌺 Btw really nice video by far one of my fav. Please more Videos like this!💖
Señora Supremo (7 days ago)
I miss my mom
Loki Thunder Dog (7 days ago)
**Sees Shiso** Is that... Marijuana?!! reminded that of me of this meme: **holds crayon** Sister: IS THAT WEED?!! Brother: No its a cray-- Sister: IM CALLING THE POLICE! Sister: **sets microwave timer to 911** Brother: wtf.
LK NM (7 days ago)
I still remember the taste of bento my mom made when I was in high school🤤 but I don’t know if I can do the same to my kid in the future... can’t do this every morning 😂
Daniel O'Brien (7 days ago)
Great video
Hella Neuweiler (7 days ago)
qin soto (7 days ago)
I just realized that Tasty started their youtube channel in 2016. They've become really successful for only starting 2.5 years ago!
suicidal cat (7 days ago)
Lol my mom doesn't even care if i have breakfast or not
Subathra Baskar (7 days ago)
wow you guys are cooking so tasty. I want to taste them can you guys do more chicken fajitas videos in different ways??
PHL BoxY (7 days ago)
This makes me wanna search for a Japanese wife XD
Pau Gironès (7 days ago)
I want to be Japanese
mysteryland (7 days ago)
Oh I love onigirazu! It's so tasty, easy to make, it doesn't fall apart easily and it even looks great!

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