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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for mango lime gummy bears. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=simplecookingchannel FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Share my channel. http://www.youtube.com/share?u=simplecookingchannel Ingredients 1 Large mango 1/3 Cup of lime juice 1/3 Cup of water 4 Tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D

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Text Comments (540)
What Ever (4 months ago)
Epsilon Taringuer (1 year ago)
Do the gummies need to be in the fridge ? Or can be out of the fridge like actual gummies ?
roberts briedis (1 year ago)
THE GAMING Girl (2 years ago)
Shut up if you hate him
I can't even imagine what there is to hate about a nice guy making fun little cooking tutorials. But it is the internet, somehow people on here always find a reason to hate someone.
MultEMusic Kashale (2 years ago)
Ayla is adorable
0:42 Yangos? Lol!!
Fresh Beer (2 years ago)
cute ayla
Sparkle.tastic Love (2 years ago)
Omg my two favourite fruits all in one thing I have to do this 🐵
Sherry Jackson (2 years ago)
she is soooooo precious
Grace Cherue (2 years ago)
ayla is so cute and I love your channel
TheDerpyMango :3 (2 years ago)
ASHLIE DANIELSON (2 years ago)
CuteWorld101 (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Faith Steddy :D
Jayden Kookie (2 years ago)
FlamingPaws (2 years ago)
am I the only one who watches all his Vids but never make anything 😂😂
Jenny Nightmare (2 years ago)
Me too
Sunny Rays (2 years ago)
Me too but I make things
Meliza Alvarado (2 years ago)
me too😂
Tamee Wright (2 years ago)
62nd us 81st dmv 52nd r 44th Extols1677886th$
Tamee Wright (2 years ago)
grinding 22nd 2nd and i would've🎃👻😂🐶⛺🏨💒🈯🈁&!_277273923rd710th
Rachel Coleman (2 years ago)
I love the beautiful beeswax colour the bears are.
Joshua Small (2 years ago)
me. You Stupid Kid. Na na Whats 9+10 Kid....21? me. what. Kid. 21!! me. KID YOUR SO GOOD AT MATH YOU NEED TO GO TO MATH CAMP
I. B. (2 years ago)
your dautgher is so cute ♥♥
RRUMR (2 years ago)
Aw, she just wants to kiss the bear.
Animotion AJ (2 years ago)
Lets get him to 1,000,000 subscribers! Only 3,245 more!
Jacquay Robinson (2 years ago)
great videos your daughter is too cute, can you please do a give away every month for your subcribers?
Walter White (2 years ago)
I love how u add your daughter into the videos what a great dad :D
Kiara Nicole (2 years ago)
I know I'm late lol but your daughter(?) is very cute and these look delicious
expired Panda (2 years ago)
is she your daugueter
오바마 (2 years ago)
Those look delicious :P
your mom (3 years ago)
i was looking at ur older videos and can i just say u look alot skinner
maria vazquez (3 years ago)
Mohammed Moin (3 years ago)
I noticed something what ever he cooks there is some ingredient or the dish on the top of his refrigerator!
Star-LordDavid-101 (3 years ago)
This is actually a healthy gummy candy recipe!
Jessica Fafa (3 years ago)
Love it. Thank you.
Sir Hydro (3 years ago)
His reactions are so fake
Chill_bru (3 years ago)
I always watch his vids every week And try to cook some of his recipes, 😆👍🏻 this one is my favorite cooking channel
Freddy Fazbear (3 years ago)
where do you come up with these???
Caitlin Kroef (3 years ago)
Mmmmmmmm look cool Would love to try this
im whiter than you (3 years ago)
2.57 that laugh! :D
Lacey Maciejewski (3 years ago)
I believe you just get these recipies online because I dosent seem that your like a pro at it but your a pro and cooking
Mitch Knebel (3 years ago)
Why is it every time u eat food you have a orgasm
thomas toma (3 years ago)
Why do u pretend to faint every time u taste something new
kerryanne28 (3 years ago)
Oh my gosh your little girl is adorable! <3 xx
Savage Cabbage (3 years ago)
I hate he's face when he eats like omf I just wanna slap him.
BenCassell (2 years ago)
this was 2015 lol
Read The Description! (2 years ago)
Then don't watch that part
Savage Cabbage (3 years ago)
Yeah sams
BenCassell (3 years ago)
i just like to watch what he makes 
Savage Cabbage (3 years ago)
Okay. Do you watch he's videos for the recipes, or because their fun to watch..
Annabelle Z (3 years ago)
Your channel is AMAZING! And your baby is adorable! Love your videos!
Stay Alive (3 years ago)
phoenix Maltman (3 years ago)
Actually love this channel
Maisoon Almughairy (3 years ago)
your daughter  is so cute :-)
Merendi Leverett (3 years ago)
Can you use another fruit
Ashley Nichols (3 years ago)
Your daughter is soooo ADORABLE!
Lily Sklar (3 years ago)
Your daughter is such a cutie pie! :D Just wondering, could I substitute peach or some other fruit for the mango? I happen to be allergic; its unfortunate, because these look delicious!
SonicTCC (3 years ago)
2:50 don't eat them they turn you evil
Bread Sandwich (3 years ago)
This man loves him some Jell-o doesn't he
Silinde MSP (3 years ago)
do you live in australia?
Paulina Sanglay (3 years ago)
What's the name of your daughter? She's so cute!!
SimpleCookingChannel (3 years ago)
+Paulina Sanglay Ayla :D
Katelan Gibbons (3 years ago)
Hayla is so cute
eniyah williams (3 years ago)
did this man lose weight? wth
Joey Chan (3 years ago)
Can I use any thing else instead of gelatin I hate the smell of gelatin
Nguyen Nhi (3 years ago)
Where do you get the bear mold??? Link please
Taylor Mitchell (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness ayla is sooo cute!!!
Brady O'Hara (3 years ago)
Idk how you do this every time I try and make anything you make i completely fail
Star Bright79 (3 years ago)
Awww how precious! Your daughter is so cute =)
Jayden Vo (3 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel Pls Answer, what ingredients do i hav to add to this to also make it like the gummy lollies you find in the shops which are chewy and a bit hard and not jelly like with these gummy bears
Adam Altamirano (3 years ago)
If we want it more gummy do we just add more gelatin
Yes u do :)
Avril Lavigne (3 years ago)
thatt girlll i want to eat herrr <3
Levi Baker (3 years ago)
Can you reply me without :D smile?
More Life (3 years ago)
What was the point of simmering it? I feel you would only need to do that if you added sugar. Also by blending it the flavours would've combined without having to simmer? 
Joe Batta (3 years ago)
In the beginning, your daughter looked like she was flexing her biceps and doing a pose
AngryNeeson52 (3 years ago)
Are these sour? Cus I like sour :D
Sophie Watts (3 years ago)
Which video is it where you throw food on the camera?
Pretty C (3 years ago)
She is so cute!! Love the recipe.
Fernando Jindani (3 years ago)
0:30 What was that?!?!?
lilrunaway (3 years ago)
Your daughter is growing by the seconds 
Ashley Zhu (3 years ago)
you guys have to try this, it is soooooo good :)
Nelson Baietti (3 years ago)
...and I wish so much I had a father like you.
Nelson Baietti (3 years ago)
hahahaha! for me when you added *those* mango chunks in the bowl I would yell "DONE!" and dig in, they looked so tasty!!!!! =P
Ziare Gross (3 years ago)
You are a good cook
Soukaina Aaouatif (3 years ago)
can you please make a kosher or halal gummy thing for those of us who are muslim or jewish!
cassandra sotos (3 years ago)
Sorry to say, its been awhile since I've watched a videos of yours, no reason, just kinda got away from the cooking channels, sorry, my ba...but I Must Say good job on the fitness and weight loss,, you look fabulous!! Its good to see that its possible to lose weight and get fit AND cook and bake and EAT! So many people dont understand that. _thanks for a great channel_ 
Jye Spano (3 years ago)
he was on the project
Ayla decided to eat yours, and save hers for cuddling...haha=))).
Jannik Mickels (3 years ago)
Your daughter is so adorable! Omg 😍
JeffTheGoose (3 years ago)
She's so cute and I'm a boy. She's little cooker! So cute
Flip Master (3 years ago)
xvzw (3 years ago)
She also smells before tasting :D
Hugo Correa (3 years ago)
Jajajaja !! .. I love the girl , I think she wanted to play with bears , not eating
Kim Marchant (3 years ago)
Hi, Can you make a video using pectin?? I'm vegetarian and don't use gelatin, but i LOVE gummy stuff and already struggle to find pectin gummies. Can you perhaps make a vudeo??
Nguyen Nhi (3 years ago)
Can you make more likes this video please
Kamo_Hero (3 years ago)
His daughter didn't want to eat the bears because they looked and smelled so good.
toddmilan (3 years ago)
But she is still cute though
toddmilan (3 years ago)
I mean grown not grown up
toddmilan (3 years ago)
Woah you're daughter has grown up. It goes so fast
Panther9575 (3 years ago)
so.. 80ml water? .. and 80ml lime juice? .. is that right?
Silver skyline (3 years ago)
sauce pin?
Monzi Kat (3 years ago)
Your daughter is adorbes and i can't get her cute little voice/laugh out of my head!!! Tell her to stop being so cute! (Not) lol
TheBadEraLover89 (3 years ago)
Awww she's adorable! <3
blueribenaberry (3 years ago)
Your daughter is too sweet!! I love that she gave the bear a little kiss on it's nose instead of eating it straight away, what a cutie :)
Challenge Accepted (3 years ago)
Awwww kaylay is soo cute 😄
Marina Hambly (3 years ago)
Sabrina Cullen was right it is Ayla.
Badass Unicorn (3 years ago)
Killian's Swan (3 years ago)
Challenge Accepted (3 years ago)
meant kayla asswell lol
Challenge Accepted (3 years ago)
oops lol
Darren Cain (3 years ago)
OMG you have lost so much weight
Hontana Vincent (2 years ago)
TTTlois (3 years ago)
Yeah I was wondering where is fat Jason go to! Hurray for Jason!
Challenge Accepted (3 years ago)
This vid id so cute! Luv it
Katie Kaos (3 years ago)
she's ridiculously adorable haha 
Katie Kaos (3 years ago)
I love your channel and how things change on the fridge haha 
MrCobraSix (3 years ago)
hello iv been watching your videos for about a year now and i have to say your a amazing cook and im glad to say i stuck around to watch so many of your amazing videos, and your little girl is so cute you and her make a amazing team thank you for making such awesome videos for me and my friends to watch!!!
SimpleCookingChannel (3 years ago)
Thanks so much :D
Aidan/ Ronaldo (3 years ago)
I hate it when I see the point where the heck is this what you think

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