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Potato Toffee / Aloo Bites - Quick & Easy Evening Indian Namkeen Snacks Recipe - CookingShooking

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In this video, we're making Potato Toffee, or Aloo Bites. Quick & Easy to make, this unique crispy snack is perfect with a cup of your evening tea. This is quite different from the Srilankan Potato Toffee which is a dessert recipe similar to aloo halwa, while this is an Indian Snacks Recipe. I haven't tried Srilankan Potato Toffee yet, so haven't worked on it as well. Ingredients: Maida - 1 1/2 cup Ajwain - 1 tsp Oil - 2 tbsp Salt - 1 tsp Water - to make a semi stiff dough Oil - 2 tbsp Green Chili - 1 chopped Coriander Leaves - 1 tbsp chopped Chat Masala - 1 tsp Kashmiri Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp Garam Masala - 1/4 tsp Black Salt - 1/2 tsp Besan - 4 tbsp Potatoes - 2 large boiled mashed Salt - 1/2 tsp Oil - to deep fry Chat Masala and Chopped Coriander before serving Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (804)
Omar Asif (12 minutes ago)
Plz reply kery can i keep it in fridge before1 day because i want to make it 4 iffrar so it is difficult to make many items at a time if anybody known about it plz tell me
ghouza rizwan (2 hours ago)
I tried it today .it was so yummy .thumbs up
ghouza rizwan (2 hours ago)
I tried it today .it was so yummy .thumbs up 👍
ghouza rizwan (2 hours ago)
I tried it today .it was so yummy .thumbs up 👍
Sonali Kharwar (4 hours ago)
Please speak in hindi
Namra Shaikh3432 (5 hours ago)
Lovely recipe i tried it out nd the toffees were really delicious
Shaik Subhani (6 hours ago)
good job....
Shaik Subhani (6 hours ago)
good job....
Akshay Bhardwaj (7 hours ago)
Nice food of tofes
Sehrish Humayun (7 hours ago)
Must say very unique idea.. will try soon.. Love from 🇵🇰
Khushi Dubey (10 hours ago)
Loved the recipe have tried it out....it's super yummy....😋😋
Omar Asif (23 hours ago)
Plz can i save it 4 2 days because i want to make it 4 ifftar
Omar Asif (23 hours ago)
Plz tell can i save it
Rubina Mirza (1 day ago)
mahba Raheem (1 day ago)
Are we use egg inspite of basson mahba from PAKISTAN
Musani Fatima (1 day ago)
Brilliant recipe ... So yummy and tasty ... Thank you so much sir... 😉
Sajjad Khan (1 day ago)
thanks you you are the best
Manish vevo (1 day ago)
So oily and unhealthy
Faiz Munazzah (1 day ago)
Waiting for iftar snacks
Urooj Rajput (1 day ago)
Good👌👌👌vire nice
Saram Zahid (1 day ago)
Adnan Sam (2 days ago)
Bhut accha hai
Sajnin Shaikh (2 days ago)
sooo nice😄
Husnain Khattak (3 days ago)
Kunjimon Faseela (3 days ago)
Good.... love it
Catherine Geis (3 days ago)
Would you please explain/translate some of the ingredients for a clueless American? What is: Maida, Ajwain, and Besan? Thanks to anyone who can help!
CookingShooking (3 days ago)
Maida is All purpose flour Ajwain is Carom seeds Besan is Gram flour :)
Sugendran M V (3 days ago)
Aafreen Khan (4 days ago)
Yum thank you 😊
Looks very delicious. ...can we make the toffees in advance and keep them in the fridge..and fry the just before serving ....for a party ,for instance
CookingShooking (3 days ago)
yes. :)
abdunnafi yeamin (4 days ago)
It is a great receipe.I like this receipe very much.Thank you for giving us this kind of special receipe.
Mohit Sheikh (4 days ago)
I loving it recipey is the best recpiey 😊😊😊😊
gaury singh (5 days ago)
sir plz tell me..shape dene k liye aap ne jo cutting ki thi fry krte wqt us stuffing me extra oil nhi jata hoga?...
gaury singh (3 days ago)
CookingShooking thnq...
CookingShooking (3 days ago)
nahi ji.. stuffing ek dum chipki hui hai toh nai niklegi aur oil nai jaega
Nimra Sangam kitchen (5 days ago)
wao very nice recipe
maria 786 (5 days ago)
plz upload more unique recipes
Shruthi Acharya (6 days ago)
Hey thanks for the recipe, I tried this today. Tasted good and was crispy initially but eventually it became soggy by evening.
KRISHAN BALDEV (6 days ago)
Unique recipe
KRISHAN BALDEV (6 days ago)
Lv u yman
Maha Suleman (7 days ago)
baisan is a smart ingredient in this recipe...impressed
Sunny Khan (10 days ago)
Beautiful shape....loved it...ill b making it for ramadan and will pray for your success too...stay blessed...keep up the good work.👍👍👍
Alefiya Hakimi (10 days ago)
Govt School (10 days ago)
Awesome its new and unique and easy
Aman Bidla (13 days ago)
Kya isme se aloo or masala bahar nii ayega fry karne me
sabia perween (14 days ago)
verry easy and classic look loved it
Sucheta Banerjee (16 days ago)
i try it today it is delicious 😊
Fathima Sazna niyaz (17 days ago)
How do u bake it?? Do we have to do egg yellow coating??
Salmeena Surathkal (18 days ago)
soo gud
Mishal Parvaiz (18 days ago)
Hand wash kiya tha making see phele
Bittuz Meenal (19 days ago)
you are amazing i try all your dish and they all are fabulous
Bittuz Meenal (19 days ago)
what is your name chef
Hunain Khan (20 days ago)
Very nic
pushpa tk (21 days ago)
Wow super look like a champa flower
Aparna Jois (23 days ago)
It came out real good! Thanks for the recipe👍🏼
Ajaz Ali (23 days ago)
jaisa hota h vaisa dikhta nhi saari stuffings Babar aa gai
Nazu Ansari (25 days ago)
Potato filling won't come out while frying?, as it happens with regular samosa if gets open while frying
Faze Cheema (26 days ago)
haha wow its amazing presentation...watching your recepi 1st tim...good work
Sana Afzal (28 days ago)
Wow.... 2 much easy
Parul Gupta (28 days ago)
Hi yummn.. I tried ur toffee recipe..when it gone in oil then all stuffing came out ...after fring only outer cover left ....
Nasim Warsi (29 days ago)
I made it today it was really very tasty
Praveenkumar D (29 days ago)
Mugdha Musale (29 days ago)
I have tried it. Loved by everyone. Thanks for the recipe.
designer89able (1 month ago)
Can we make dough oh whole wheat?
Anas Gujjar (1 month ago)
Kia is reaspi ko freeze kar sakty hai
Shanzay Khan (1 month ago)
Suchhhh a cute way of presenting. Love from Pakistan. Subscribed. 😊😊😊💟
Moiz Khan (1 month ago)
Very yummy wow very easy recipe
MITUL PATEL (1 month ago)
I tried but while trying stuffing came out.....y?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
you need to press the filling with the crust well so that they dont separate
Mamani Saha (1 month ago)
Yr recipes r osm......
Bablu B (1 month ago)
lovely recipe ... tried it for my kids birthday party came out very well... kids loved it a lot :)
Singh. Vaishali (1 month ago)
Wow it's looking soo yummy.... nice and easy recipe .....
Priya Agrahari (1 month ago)
Maine abi kuch der phle hi ise try kiya bhoot hi accha bna tha thank u
Akanksha Singh (1 month ago)
Y maine phle bnaya tha apne ghr p
Najwa Farag (1 month ago)
Great recipe...thank you best chef. ...
shreya Maddheshiya (1 month ago)
it's really yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy
Pooja Keshwani (1 month ago)
Very nice recipe Sir
Priya Agrahari (1 month ago)
anadr me tel to ni jayga
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
nahi ji
Aditi Singh (1 month ago)
It is very delicious and easy to make. I made it and was appreciated by all my family members. Thank you so much.
Zara Sheikh (1 month ago)
I will must try
Zara Sheikh (1 month ago)
This is looking yummy
Vivek Gupta (1 month ago)
Need it now😭..
Vaswati Panja (1 month ago)
Wow.. It's easy to make & I hope would be tasty too Will prepare it definitely Thanks #chef
Sagar Kumar (1 month ago)
Sunshaine Sareen (1 month ago)
Soo yemmmmmmiiiiiii
pema hyolmo (1 month ago)
I really like your video sir thanks you very much
I made now it is very tasty😋 and good for looking😀
SRK Home (1 month ago)
Nice recipe.
Be You (1 month ago)
Jigyasa Singh (1 month ago)
wowwww thnku for sharing awesome recipe
Thulsi (1 month ago)
How did your face get sooo cute?
Janvi Sachdev (1 month ago)
I loved it and made it :-)
Dimension Carrier (1 month ago)
His hand is so hairy.......
Rachit Arora (1 month ago)
This is just deconstructed samosa
Halima Rahman (1 month ago)
Thank you chef. My children loved this recipe.
Shefat Jahan (1 month ago)
I just loved it. Easy & simple but it looks great
Aanchal Gupta (1 month ago)
Yummy lg ri h mae b try krugi
Achu Achu (1 month ago)
rishi naryal (1 month ago)
I will try it😘
Minni Rajpoot (1 month ago)
u r gr8
Nefis Sanal Lezzetler (1 month ago)
Very nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊
Tabassum Niyargar (1 month ago)
wooow so 😋😋😋
Ashatul Jannat (1 month ago)
heera khan (1 month ago)
Wow nice

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