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Cooking 1000 RIVER WORM in Vietnam - Crispy FULL river WORM - Vietnam street food

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River worm, aka, “Rươi”, is living brackish waters in the North, usually only appear in the rainy season, late September, early October. Rươi are considered a source of nutritious and valuable food because River worm only appears seasonally, in a very short time, they are the protein-rich, effective to improve health. Fishermen catch river worm when they appear en masse following a rising tide, floating on the surface of the water in the spawning season in late September or early October. River worm dishes are so delicious, but if anyone has saw Rươi alive for 1 time, which is not easy to be unafraid. Rươi look like leech hybrid centipede, they are many legs, mushy soft body, with all colors: blue, red, yellow, gray, thick stripes in the layer of viscosity as glue and the unpleasant fishy smell. Ruoi spend much of their short lives in brackish water burrowing into the sand or mud. Their hue changes from pinkish purple when young to milky brown as they mature. When the bellies fill with a milky fluid, it is time for the ruoi to depart for the spawning grounds. From River worm, aka, “Rươi”, the skillful homemaker prepare a lot of delicious food, distinct flavor characteristics such as Rươi ball, Rươi sauce, Rươi boil, Rươi rolls, Rươi cooked with brine, Rươi fried with bamboo sprouts or turnips, Rươi soup… Follow me on facebook for more street food video: https://www.facebook.com/RawStreetCapture101/
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Text Comments (17178)
Người VN đâu hết rồi
bee-tea -ass (5 hours ago)
‘recommended for you’
Jonalyn Bordado (6 hours ago)
Huhuhu worm is really my weakness never to eat that ewwww
Vishwa Sadaruwa (7 hours ago)
Very bad😞😞😞
Radiah Kairodeen (7 hours ago)
World wide Perfect (9 hours ago)
Diana SP (11 hours ago)
Que gusanitos tan mas extraños!!! 😱
Alej n (13 hours ago)
eso es asqueroso
Basantanayak Nayak (13 hours ago)
tho we peoples don't eat this so stop shaming and she was hygienic enough while cooking .
هداية ومعرفة (13 hours ago)
الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام حلل الحلال وحرم الحرام
Elizabeta Chase (19 hours ago)
ughhh i m cringing
I couldn't help throwing up a little at the mashing part
Sky Blue (20 hours ago)
I don’t know how they can eat that 🤮🤮🤮
Gaby J (22 hours ago)
I feel like I ate them in my past life.🤔😏😃
Elpik cat (1 day ago)
türkçe konuşçam artık yaa olum siz neyin kafasını yaşionuz lan solucandan başka yiyecek mi yok!! midem kalktı
Elpik cat (1 day ago)
what the hell 5:29
Elpik cat (1 day ago)
looks so so soooooo bad
Aor_chu (1 day ago)
grossssssss... eewwwwww disgusting
Joelle SY (1 day ago)
ياااخ تفيييييييييييييييييه
urbasi rani (1 day ago)
Nergiz Mammedova (1 day ago)
Ronica Chaanu (1 day ago)
OMG 😲😲😲
Rick Von Matta (1 day ago)
Deben de cagar bien apestoso.
Bana Lana (1 day ago)
That's probably the BEST omelette ppl have had in their life Everything was prepared with patience sincerity and love cleaned greatly and fresh .. Bet if tried before seeing this video everyone taste bugs would over flow with joy 😍😍😍😍
The Truth (1 day ago)
Appears to be a Muslim country. I could have sworn I heard the Azaan (the call to prayer) being played on a speakerphone in the background.
يمه يع
Handy 15 (1 day ago)
Menjijikkan 😷
... ew.
So Koko (2 days ago)
มันคืออะไร??? What
VaneV Lovatic (2 days ago)
I love watching these videos. U can be familiar with the types of foods people eat. Then I start wanting to try it. Also, how does that water not burn her, gosh she has metal hands I swear😂😂
Zoha Khan (2 days ago)
Yuck 😷disgusting
Thitiphan Thawiwat (2 days ago)
Purpchemist AJ (2 days ago)
Looks...delicious 🤮
faraz737 (2 days ago)
Ashrafee Nidrita (2 days ago)
Chandra Prakash (2 days ago)
Eating those worms could really make that person a living victim of some serious illness! But yet we do eat all sort things cuz we are omnivores and it's who we are.
Sarah Oorbeek (2 days ago)
مروة تامر (2 days ago)
Angii Pham (3 days ago)
My parents are from Vietnam😂
Canaan Winthrop (3 days ago)
You have a real foul mouth when it comes to your comments. Quite combative and rude. 16k dislikes.
James Taylor (3 days ago)
Scary 😷😲😲😧😨
Aria Lo (3 days ago)
My grandpa tried this before I think And he said it was the best!
Lord no I am not going to be an open minded person today my skin omg
Aliza Meraj (3 days ago)
Tab Thirty Two (4 days ago)
looks delicious but it is still yucky in our culture... nice one though
Thuy Chi (4 days ago)
waterbaby (4 days ago)
No. Just no.
saravanan sara 23 (4 days ago)
Equal likes and dislike
Leung Ruby (4 days ago)
King Javonique (4 days ago)
Well guess Vietnam is one place i don’t plan to visit .
mohamad karaja (4 days ago)
ke merda esa
Usermane 1017 (4 days ago)
F Rizwan. (4 days ago)
lizzymoonTv (4 days ago)
Kya tamasha hai ulti aa gayee dekh ke
Nursima Karakas (4 days ago)
Daşşşş yiğin emii. İğrençsinizz🤢🤮🤮
Kamilla Nagy (4 days ago)
Mến Đỗ (5 days ago)
that kjnh dj
Yusa Kurobane (5 days ago)
Vietnam Culture is unique
An Insoluble Mistery (5 days ago)
Yuck.... How people eat that kind of things😲😛😰😷
Manu Kumar (5 days ago)
plse stop this. insects have family yaar just like our family ??so?
Ya Boyee (5 days ago)
I don't give a damn what nobody says about culture! That shit is fucking disgusting!!!
Kawaii Channel (5 days ago)
What !!!! What if u were a worm n people kill u and eat it
OneEyePI (5 days ago)
That's fucking honking
Lola Downs (5 days ago)
disgusted until it began to look like candy
Lola Downs (5 days ago)
omg that close up
Lola Downs (5 days ago)
i bet it tastes gritty
Lola Downs (5 days ago)
wait now mush nvm
Allanah (6 days ago)
Bish what
Zurimoto Shikuro (6 days ago)
REBEL HEART (6 days ago)
sital maria (6 days ago)
Shella Vandrylla (6 days ago)
What's tht 😱😱😱
Vijaya Vijji (6 days ago)
Baaad drty
Shana Khan (6 days ago)
chii kuch bhi daal lete h pait h ki kya h
Stephen Parr (6 days ago)
Why oh why? oh wow this one takes the cake for foulness! worm patties!
خانه دوست (6 days ago)
Disgusting and cruel!
m alsif (6 days ago)
Will RBX! (6 days ago)
Stop hating on people’s culture. I am vietnamese and I saw lots if “Eeeehh yeakkk” comments. If you think its gross, then go watch something else.
emelin rodriguez (6 days ago)
Que ascoo🤢🤮
houtakaki4800 hayat (6 days ago)
Tiänä Lånå (6 days ago)
¡¿ALGUIEN QUE HABLE ESPAÑOL?! Me siento #foreveralone y viendo como hacen un omellette de gusanos...
dwi s (7 days ago)
Panos Man (7 days ago)
Olo skata trwte
Santosh Maurya (7 days ago)
Who eat like this food ...they can eat potty of human ...😤😞
Hicham el ouanejli (7 days ago)
next ....Cooking Zombie ...
Jason Liew (7 days ago)
Amy Lliguay (7 days ago)
Que puto asco alv
Lee Lakey Panor (7 days ago)
HYPE BEAST TM (7 days ago)
HYPE BEAST TM (7 days ago)
that's soo fucking disgusting
Fedya 81f F8154f81 (8 days ago)
Dalex Official (8 days ago)
The Karrington Show (8 days ago)
NOOOOO BEAUTIFUL WORMS NOOOOO WHY WHYYYYY WORMS ARE CUTE WHY COULD U DO THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yusuf Ape (8 days ago)
16k worms disliked
Kxojxojx Jöxohxozx (8 days ago)
Midemin dadı kaçtı
Chich3 _Rosie (9 days ago)
i think its so yummy when you eat it😋
You Tb (9 days ago)
what's name this??
nabilah ilah (9 days ago)
pedro goncalves (9 days ago)
fuck shit
Veiveo Winner (9 days ago)
Command Mother is Back . // ///

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