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8 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Kitchen Scraps #EarthMonth

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Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: http://bit.ly/2IooLS4 Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/53339 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (284)
Hami H (15 hours ago)
Where's the apple chips recipe
Aylin Bal (1 day ago)
What do you do with the scrap liquid drink it??
Emily Cahill (2 days ago)
You can eat the skin of a kiwi. Most people just prefer not to. 🥝
Tatertot cat OwO (3 days ago)
You already posted the same exact thing...... Mandela effect ???
Mays Y. Ismail (4 days ago)
Loveeeee it
Clémence Prévost (4 days ago)
You should make more of it !!
NeoAkira101 (6 days ago)
Vegan Parmesan LMAO thanks for the laugh
pancake lover (6 days ago)
Is no one going to talk about the fact that they did not peel or wash the leek and put in in the pan while it still had soil on it
Rebecca J (6 days ago)
Love the vegan recipes!! Keep them up!
*very cool cake recipe* *Оччччень крутой рецепт тортика* *https://youtu.be/3Rd2ddqWw0I*
nina mailan (6 days ago)
all!! all! i'm going to try all!!!
KingGhidora97 (7 days ago)
Im trying to waste as less as I can but my mom keeps saying thats nasty and whatnot. Very frustrating lol
Irisbaby1 (7 days ago)
natalia trueba (7 days ago)
Hey you guys put the tittle wrong
Ross- A -Roni (7 days ago)
*Who doesn't chop the leafy top of celery and sprinkle it on their food---especially stews? Those tops are fantastic.*
TheMagicKnightress (7 days ago)
who cuts the "tops" and 'bottoms" off a potato???
AuskaDezjArdamaath (7 days ago)
I freeze chicken bones from roast chicken, then use them with veggie scraps to make broth.
mjjcrpz (7 days ago)
Mois de la terre ou pas, pas de peau de kiwi à bouffer bon sang ! Y a rien de plus désagréable en bouche.
Mike West (7 days ago)
Buy raw deveined but not peeled shrimp. Peel them before cooking and save the shells, boil and strain to make shrimp stock for cooking.
Alexis Adams (7 days ago)
The last one reminds me of a thing my grandma used to make called garbage soup. Where it's basically all the leftovr peels and ends, with chicken bones or fat. She would cook it up and it tasted good. Best part is when she would add dumplings in it.
CottonCandy Screams (7 days ago)
Who the fuck throws away top of leeks???
Emir Zayan (7 days ago)
Robyn Whitehead (7 days ago)
I have never seen anyone top and tail a potato you maniacs
FoodBros (7 days ago)
Ooh I bet it taste as good as it looks😍✨😌
Huria Taj (7 days ago)
Could you do me a favor...... Follow me on insta @itszoya1
Genji (7 days ago)
Soundtrack’s fire
steph (7 days ago)
1. None of these were "unexpected". 2. Half of them weren't even scraps - who throws away broccoli/cauliflower stalks or almost half their leek/celery, and since when are bananas "scraps"? 3. I know people eat kiwi skins (among others) in countries where you can pick the fruit ripe from the plant, but those tough things I get here that have spent weeks in transport/storage? No thanks... 4. I'm removing skins/tops/leaves because I want to get rid of pesticides and whatever else is on it! If I want to eat the skins of carrots, potatoes etc. I'll buy organic and leave them on, but I'm not making soup out of something that should go in the trash...
أملي بربي (7 days ago)
هلللو شلونكم 😄
Captain Crunch (7 days ago)
Soso Sosa (7 days ago)
Lemon aids (7 days ago)
First way that came to mind was compost
Charlotte Hemingway (7 days ago)
"Too many overly ripe bananas" *continues to show us fluorescent green bananas*
Marisa Kirisame (7 days ago)
Here, we use the top part of the leeks too...
KingSlothTv (7 days ago)
This Must be named healthy
Wendy Wu (7 days ago)
Definitely not the last one
Paris Flowers (7 days ago)
Wendy Wu homemade vegetable stock is a must, you don't want that over salted crap from the store.
SpiritedSpud (7 days ago)
Strawberry leaves are slightly poisonous right? Not enough to hurt you but enough to give you the runs... atleast that's what I was always told 🤐
sara davenport (7 days ago)
WAIT! Tasty, I just looked at the app and it is AMAZING! I’m deada$$ sending it to every single person I know that can’t cook or only cooks a few things. The step by step video and instruction mode is genius! My fam tells me I should go to culinary school and I love the app. Very smart and easy to use!
Em (7 days ago)
quite a few of these problems can be solved by having a rabbit who eats the veggie scraps
Trash (7 days ago)
*guys the kiwi peels are edible shut up. Plus it was used in A SMOOTHIE so it doesn’t really matter.*
Martins Dakteris (7 days ago)
Who on EARTH cuts potato "tops" and "bottoms" off ???????
Kevin Madzima (7 days ago)
Why do you have so much stale bread
Muckrackerz (6 days ago)
Great ideas for the most part but I have a few comments about the veggie stock. 1. I don't recommend using potatoes for stock. They don't add too much flavor and if you let them simmer for too long their starch makes your broth viscid. Ofc this only becomes an issue if there's a lot of potatoes/peels in your stock...but there's really no point in risking it. 2. Bell pepper also is kind of useless...or outright detrimental. Peppers are similar to cucumbers in that they contain lots and lots of water. Which as we all know is tasteless. By adding pepper you basically water down your stock. Same goes for tomatoes, and zucchini btw. 3. (Minor aesthetics): If you don't want your stock to become very dark in color, avoid using too many onion peels. I personally love onions and don't mind the color - but if you'd rather have a lighter to translucent broth, stay away from onions. 4. Asparagus adds a really dominant flavor to the broth. I mean, you can basically make asparagus soup out of just stems. So, know that your broth is gonna taste strongly of asparagus if you add it to the mix. 5. Things that Tasty didn't mention but imho make great additions include: Garlic, parsley, oregano, bay-leaf, egg-plant (you can see in the vid that they included that), radish, and savoy (small quantities). Indian/Asian mustard is an interesting addition but, like asparagus, really tends to dominate the stock. Enjoy ;)
Madeleine Lange (7 days ago)
Also you should consider buying organic veggies if you want to use all skins and peels. And rinse everything before of course!
Paris Flowers (7 days ago)
Muckrackerz 😃
Muckrackerz (7 days ago)
Oh, yeah, sorry forgot to specify that. You're ofc correct to point that out. Thanks & my bad.
Paris Flowers (7 days ago)
Muckrackerz you're wrong about the onions, the color comes from their skins, not really the onion itself.
Raz Ae (7 days ago)
Onion peels broth is actually good for high cholesterol level
Josie and Sadie !!! (7 days ago)
pesto pasta
Throw bunch of random veggies into boiling water, drain it. . . . *_veggie stock_*
Kevin Madzima (7 days ago)
Saltiest Salted Salty Salt that's what vegetables stock is
I'm pretty sure they made this video during the collaboration with MIGOS😉. (stir fry)
Blackburn Blaze (7 days ago)
I'll try the banana one. I LOVE ice cream!
Julia Whisken (7 days ago)
Totally making the ice cream
Rebekka (8 days ago)
The veggie stock one is really smart
LEE (8 days ago)
Excellent!!! Which blender you use???
Rida's kitchen (8 days ago)
Tasty always tasty😉
ANDRIS TV (8 days ago)
Tasty 😋
ArtfullyArishia (8 days ago)
😦 I've wasted so much..
Sophia Neilsson (8 days ago)
celery leaves are rly good in salad
limon rahman (8 days ago)
2:23 fucking rubbish
limon rahman (7 days ago)
You see i never saw some one use onion peeling in something k and im sorry fair
Paris Flowers (7 days ago)
limon rahman that's how vegetable stock is made. Have you never had SOUP?
Juryô -san (8 days ago)
you guys really cut the top and the bottom of potatoes when you cook them ?!?
Its a teen life (8 days ago)
Hi, hope you have a great day ahead. I am a teen who has recently started a cooking channel. I hope you give my channel a chance. Thank you!!!
Megha Rethinasamy (8 days ago)
Pause at 1:56
Gabriela Vasileva (8 days ago)
1:26 pause that. Why wouldn't you peel the skin off the kiwi?
Mst Runa Akter (8 days ago)
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Mr. WhiteCat (8 days ago)
Kinda weird video to be honest.But hey,its Earth Month.
rama shah (8 days ago)
Guys how yo make pesto sauce??
Blank Omega64 (8 days ago)
This is some Sanji type shit
Scott Kemp (8 days ago)
2:34 holy fuck you wasted about half of that pepper
Kellie Ventura (8 days ago)
I save all my veggie scraps to make broth. It's really yummy, but it tends to be sweet and not a lot of heavy flavor. It's really great for lighter soups and such, because it won't weigh down the flavor, but it's not great for very hearty and flavorful soups. I find that I need a lot more seasonings to bring the flavor back where I want it to be.
The Divers (8 days ago)
kiwi skin....?? no thanks
Fatima's Kitchen (8 days ago)
Kiwi with skin on it😬
jezreel macaraeg (8 days ago)
AMAZING VIDEO 😀😀😀 You're channel is FANTASTIC☺️!!
andrew miller (8 days ago)
when bananas start to brown too quickly you make banana bread. do y'all know anything? #midwest
dragon ball (8 days ago)
I think if tasty is going to be selling their own cookware they should put which one they used in the video as many beginner cooks, like me, make mistakes about what type of cookware to use. Especially with camera angles like these its hard to tell.
*The best ways and the best channel*
Grizzly_OsO (8 days ago)
How hard is it for you guys to use PINE NUTS instead of walnuts for your "pesto" recipes? Like it really irks me seeing you substitute the one other TRUE ingredient of pesto.
Kevin Madzima (7 days ago)
Grizzly_OsO that's what I thought? Who puts walnuts in pesto?
holy. sacred. vagina (8 days ago)
Or ...... U can just compost it all
Juman Khandji (8 days ago)
These are great!!! Definitely gonna try some 👌
Danny Lieberwirth (8 days ago)
J Burns (8 days ago)
Didn’t know you could milk an oat.
Giulia Pugliese (8 days ago)
Don't you dare say that is pesto. Pesto is basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, pine nuts, and parmesan. None of the other bullshit goes in there.
Gol Kiwi (8 days ago)
*What was the last one?*
Martins Dakteris (7 days ago)
veggie broth
ManBearPig (8 days ago)
I can cough and fart at the same time
My mum always used to just make a massive curry or stew, and be done with it.
Aki The Siren (8 days ago)
Ill try the smoothie
Amy Lorenzo (8 days ago)
The first one would be better as a veggie hash brown I think.
ilovesparky13 (8 days ago)
Thanks Tasty!
Roope Salonen (8 days ago)
Who the fuck cuts the tops and bottoms off potatoes??
I am going to tell my white maid to do it for me
Lia Zabala (8 days ago)
You dont want to use 1/2 those veggies for a stock
iamtshine2 (8 days ago)
Great tips. Thanks.
lodagala sasikala (8 days ago)
FunnyVideos (8 days ago)
Almost thought they were about to cook with the banana peels lol
lukngud (8 days ago)
Why, Oh Why, is it always "Pepper to taste?" I swear I'm going to have a Stroke the next time I hear that! IT IS ALL TO TASTE! WTF?!?
kailan121 (7 days ago)
so i can put as much oil as i want so my croutons never bake and make thick pesto oil soup to taste? aight dawg got chu
lukngud (7 days ago)
This is NOT a CAKE Recipe!
lukngud (7 days ago)
They "let me" put in as much as I want?!? I fully understand that with some Baking Recipes measuring is important, but even then I change things up based on my "taste." This was not Baking! Let it go!
kailan121 (7 days ago)
lukngud so in cake recipes i can use however much or little flour and eggs as i want to taste? Yeah wont ruin the cake or anything dawg its all good
Kevin Madzima (7 days ago)
lukngud no, with all the other ingredients you're following the recipe, but with pepper (and sometimes salt) they let you put as much as you want.
sherry a (8 days ago)
PLEASE GIVE IT UP !!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
sherry a (8 days ago)
There's no one in this world who has all of those vegetables in their house all at the same time to even make these Crap wannabe dishes !!!!!
Cookie in Heaven (8 days ago)
Tasty! I have an idea, what about a video about school lunch hacks? To help kids make their cafeteria food yummier? Like if you agree?
Hatsune Miku Chan (8 days ago)
Not to be mean but the pesto looks like my little brothers poop
hello (8 days ago)
Nice video!
Grace Ariel (8 days ago)
thank you so much, the last one is so good to the environment !
Maria Eduarda (8 days ago)
You call those bananas ripe?? Do these people eat only green bananas?
Hana Rosli (8 days ago)
Kiwi with skin? 😩😩
Aliyah Tan (8 days ago)
7th comment 27th viewer 12th like

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