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6 3-Ingredient Dinners & Sides

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Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: http://bit.ly/2zVLRyd  Get the recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/4-easy-3-ingredient-dinners https://tasty.co/compilation/4-easy-3-ingredient-vegetable-side-dishes Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/40248 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (384)
Suha Nafsi (1 day ago)
Too bland for my taste.. I'm south Asian.
Chicken Wing (3 days ago)
This is SOOO easy
Martin Lacker (4 days ago)
The click bait is too real man, they added pepper to the glazed carrots making it 4INGREDIENTS
Yoav Zafrir (4 days ago)
WOOOOW This is waaaaay too complicated. Fuck this shit khannel i go to watch ksi or somthing
Aylee (7 days ago)
I made the mac and cheese and it was a fucking mess how do I even
William Jenkins (9 days ago)
Y’all gon season y’all meat orrrrrrrrr😭
SweetAna 3 (14 days ago)
Mac and cheese!! I can make them at home now :)
Kyng Cam (16 days ago)
I don't think teriyaki chicken is a side...
Russel Mabalot (19 days ago)
Dis you boil the broccoli first?
Blish Bloom (20 days ago)
instead of chicken thighs may I use chicken breasts?
Reversed (22 days ago)
I actually tried most of these, and they work out pretty good. I sometimes add a few more spices or something. But, they're not bad, especially if you don't have that much money(or even just need to go grocery shopping in general), or just dont feel like cooking that much.
Cloud Gaming- Roblox!! (22 days ago)
Umm... The title said “3 ingredients” but the corn one had four
Issa (23 days ago)
it was four 1:59 she fucking put pepper!
LYJmusic (25 days ago)
Sweet Jesus. Sometimes simple is better 😵😋
Megan White (27 days ago)
NaehaN143 (27 days ago)
Hi tasty Again I tried one of your recipes and it worked so well I tried the Mac&Cheese Super Tasty!
Pickle Dickle (1 month ago)
I love food in general
TheKvack (1 month ago)
teriyaki chicken taste great .. but i didnt know it had that much sugar ;)
eliza masud (1 month ago)
Am I the only who doesn't fucking care what ingredients they put but just that the results make me hungry? 😂
Thank you for making this video for teenagers like me who are home alone and don’t know how to cook
Lilibeth Rico (1 month ago)
Now I want Mac n Cheese😒 I can’t have any
DarthFurie (1 month ago)
Why do they almost NEVER add seasonings to their food?!?! 😷😷
Kailie G (1 month ago)
I tried the Mac and cheese recipe, it was delicious 👍
Brett Manakeane (1 month ago)
Did y’all gentrify elotes?
Jennifer Chaston (1 month ago)
Benjamin Turnquest (2 months ago)
I’d recommend just using more than 3 ingredients. This stuff just looks basic
KonekoChan (2 months ago)
Thanks for this! I have a cooking lesson tomorrow in school and because it’s the last one on cooking we can make whatever we want! I wanted delicious and simple pasta and Mac ‘N’ Cheese is delicious and very simple! Thanks again for this awesome video!
Iron Platypus (2 months ago)
These aren't meals... Half of em aren't even snacks...
Ranjani Subramanian (2 months ago)
Awesome.. Oh My God.. Y din I c dz channel all these years!! Lov ya .. I wud try Chicken n Fish one immediately
Shikhin Dahikar (2 months ago)
Was the pasta cooked when he added it to boiling milk?
Virginia Tempo (2 months ago)
Why does every video has to have something with teriyaki, I’m so tired of it.
Mary_ friesen24 (2 months ago)
For the Mac and cheese recipe, do we put the elbow pasta in the milk cooked or uncooked? Great video by the way! <3
AyahToork (2 months ago)
doesn’t the chicken teriyaki need seasoning?
Matthew Tanios (2 months ago)
Disgraceful! Bl00 (2 months ago)
I want the name of the music tbh
Maxime van Bokkem (2 months ago)
Hey Tasty, are you aware of the fact that 'elbow pasta' is, in fact, macaroni. Adding cheese to it does not make it macaroni.
Colton Anderson (2 months ago)
1:22 was that another ingredient it kinda looked like black pepper
• Wanderlust • (2 months ago)
I've never ate mac'n'cheese, I must try that :D
Dollar Bills (2 months ago)
Btw I made the mac and cheese last night but my mom insisted on helping. She cooked the pasta beforehand. And added cheddar cheese and Italian. Ugh. But I say easy and yummy.
Beautifulgaming 241 (2 months ago)
Miranda Lawrence (3 months ago)
I feel so hungry I wanna cry😥
Sharon Lang (3 months ago)
Seasoning? Where is it?
Danaye Allen (3 months ago)
Can I use woodshire sauce instead of soy sauce as an alternative if I don't have any soy sauce?
ss g (3 months ago)
No salt ?!!!
BubbleDog 2009 (3 months ago)
Any tips on how to make the mac and cheese without the milk burning while boiling?
Temari Nara (3 months ago)
I tried the teriyaki chicken and my whole family loved it and said it was really good food for a inexperienced 11 year old to cook
iamjust Naomi (3 months ago)
that like so good
Mido Vazka (3 months ago)
Enak sekali itu hahahhahahahah😘😆😆😆😆
christine last name (3 months ago)
Is seasoning against your religion or...
Hector Hernandez (3 months ago)
How much do u add?
Le'mari Blue (3 months ago)
just made the teriyaki chicken! came out great n moist but add less brown sugar like maybe 2teaspoons of it n abt half cup soy sauce... might b too salty for others so use less ingredients
Swagity Swooty (3 months ago)
When you broke af
Kathleen Carroll (3 months ago)
Do salt and pepper count as ingrediants? Actually, who cares this all looks amazing af
Gymnastics Girl Forever (3 months ago)
when u season it it makes 0% difference in my mouth because either wat its either grim or lush! in this case lush
Please do more videos like this means so much items please
Zay 58 (3 months ago)
What's up with America and Mac n Cheese? Everytime somebody makes the same recipes in the UK, its always seen as bland...
Ericka Tejada (3 months ago)
This is really bland
penelope. (3 months ago)
this is the cooking version of 5 minute crafts
Soniya Taldar (3 months ago)
NaehaN143 (3 months ago)
Hi tasty. I want to say thank u because these 3 ingredient dinners and sides inspired me to make the teriyaki chicken and cheesy broccoli for my family.
Ioana C. (3 months ago)
Shalia shaikh (3 months ago)
Tasty Recipes..https://youtu.be/bAuAQf78n-s
Mj Gastador (4 months ago)
What type of milk is usually used in making mac n cheese? Anyone?
Kristy Ballaine (4 months ago)
For that first one you are suppost to marinad the chicken with the sauce look it up I'm 13 and learned this in cooking class
livs edits (4 months ago)
honey carrots...
Mary Carmen San Elias (4 months ago)
Don't do the first one....to much salt. I should have known when it said 1 cup of soy sauce
Diego Chicot (4 months ago)
Here's a one ingredient Dinner: Fucking eggs
Japanda Sam (4 months ago)
Yeah...where is the salt? Salt is important.
Abby Hernandez (4 months ago)
Y’all just replaying old videos
!めぐみ (4 months ago)
I made the Mac and cheese today and it was sooooo good and super easy to make.
Eeveeion (4 months ago)
I clicked because I saw MAC N CHEESE E SEEEEE
Gil (4 months ago)
Teriyaki chicken and elbow pasta 😍
Amber Rose (4 months ago)
Where the fuck are the seasonings? this all looks like it's going to taste bland and white as fuck.
Matei Cherput (4 months ago)
Love it
Devil with A Halo (4 months ago)
I usually don't hype veggies but damn those carrots looked smexy
Yazzie Mah (3 months ago)
Hosoeks Snakeu (3 months ago)
xXfirery rainsxX *SMEXY*
XxDaniella 129xX (4 months ago)
*when 3 ingredient recipes look better then 10 ingredient recipes*
XxDaniella 129xX (4 months ago)
Khalifa Ahsan M.R its a joke... Plus,i said they just LOOK better. Not TASTE better
Khalifa Ahsan M.R (4 months ago)
XxDaniella 129xX looking good doesn't mean it is 'tasty'
XxDaniella 129xX (4 months ago)
Dat chicken got my mouth boiling with water
California Foodie (4 months ago)
Well that is one way to get me to eat broccoli, smother it in cheese. Yes please.
MehZuBa Isl. (4 months ago)
The teriyaki one is nice, I love it! I think it would work great with chicken breast
Jackiee Is Me (3 months ago)
But thighs are juicier and more filling!
Laiba Imran (4 months ago)
Is the pasta boiled in milk itself?
Lemon (4 months ago)
c h e e s y g a r l i c b r o c o l i
alexvids 1121 (4 months ago)
The broccoli one is good, I've tried it
Michelle R (4 months ago)
Mac and cheese is the bomb just made it.
April Johnson-Hazel (4 months ago)
Any ground turkey recipes??
Jackiee Is Me (3 months ago)
Just exchange the meat shown here for that. Ground turkey is so dry and unfilling though. Just have beef.
DanGaming 76 (4 months ago)
Mac and cheese 😍😍😍😍😍 slrppp
Amanda Dalton (4 months ago)
Awesome video. Make more like these please.
Roger Rogelio (4 months ago)
Who does make Mac and cheese in dinners because I am not
CreativeContent (4 months ago)
Where tf the seasoning at looks bland af yall
Cookie Monster (4 months ago)
In teriyaki chicken can I use breast and add a little oyster sauce
Mandeep Singh (4 months ago)
Was macaroni precoocked !?
Finka Riz (4 months ago)
The first one.. Just grab chicken + sweet soysauce. It doesn't taste really good
Taneica Gayle (4 months ago)
Salt & pepper were added plz watch closely so it's actually 5 ingredients. Getting boring recipes are the same from video to video😢
SuMeE GOgz (4 months ago)
Muhammad Azeem (4 months ago)
only mac n cheese ,other bongi mari hai.
Just A Man (4 months ago)
When i read the title.I like Me:63 INGREDIENTS *Click The Thumbnail* Me:Oh its 6 3 Ingredients XD
アンダーソンタラ (4 months ago)
Yum yum give me some
DaughterOfGodAlways (4 months ago)
They added pepper that makes it four ingredients lmbo!!!
Joshua Wong (4 months ago)
What is the song called
Ayesha Ameer Maliha (4 months ago)
First I read the title 63 ingredients.
Mizu201 Mizu (4 months ago)
Mac and cheese😍😍

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