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Maddie Moate - 3 course meal in a Dishwasher?! | ao.com Recipes

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In this short video, Maddie Moate has a go at cooking a three course meal in her dishwasher. Using the steam generated in her appliance, Maddie attempts to make asparagus, teriyaki salmon and a disastrous steam sponge pudding! Perhaps she should stick to using an oven… Shop for dishwashers http://ao.com/dishwashers?cmredirectionvalue=dishwashers Shop for your perfect oven http://ao.com/cooking/ovens Browse our food preparation appliances http://ao.com/small-appliances/food-preparation
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Text Comments (12)
Collin Lovas (7 months ago)
paulkazjack (8 months ago)
Morgan Kneeshaw (1 year ago)
scrambled eggs in the washing machine?
Brebabi Snooki (2 years ago)
use a Mason jar
Jan Kowalski (4 years ago)
Oh god, Maddie, you made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. Oh my... XD
Nerte (4 years ago)
Funniest thing I've seen in a while!
OneSaaProductions (4 years ago)
A Funny Onion (4 years ago)
Brilliant . . . very funny and truly mad
Brandon Birk (4 years ago)
This was seriously too funny! You're so adorable haha
shume86 (4 years ago)
Nice work Mads!
Raydog145 (4 years ago)
You are absolutely Bonkers, but thats why we love ya hahah
Maddie Moate (4 years ago)
Thank you haha!

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