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How to make butter in 3 minutes Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Ingredients 600ml of pure cream (40% fat)
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Donna Manning (5 hours ago)
Haha, my daughter makes butter every time she tries to make whipped cream!
quiet adammexicanian (13 hours ago)
I squiz it under Cold running water
Honest (13 hours ago)
To keep it in the fridge for a while you're supposed to wash it with very cold water or it won't last for 3 days it will turn bitter and sour and you did not explain that
MLMLW (2 days ago)
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Now I know how I can make flavored butters.
Eiron San Pascual (2 days ago)
As much as I want to make my own butter, the ingredient (cream) here in my country are way more expensive than buying butter itself.
TeacherTeacher (2 days ago)
That looks so good!
Samuel Rosenberg (2 days ago)
Pour 1 pint heavy cream, preferably unhomogenized, in 1 quart mason jar.  Cover and shake.
Salah Ahmed (3 days ago)
Thank you,,
Trust in Dog (4 days ago)
Next up: Homemade margarine :D
soneelita (4 days ago)
Tanwi Ghosh (4 days ago)
You are a nail-biter😞😲😲
Janie Hines (4 days ago)
I am impressed. I only use butter and will definitely try this. Store bought butter probably has preservatives in it.
pkj77 (4 days ago)
i´d add some salt 2 it
Magic Computer (4 days ago)
What? But I thought butter is made of milk?! Man, my whole life was a lie..
Corn Dog (5 days ago)
In the first chemistry class I took, we spent a week learning about weights and measures. One thing I remember was the saying, "A pint is a pound, the World around." So, I figure to get about a pound (454g) of solid butter, subtracting the whey liquid, 600ml of heavy cream would be pretty close. Thank you for this very interesting, practical video!
Mike Crabtree (5 days ago)
That’s funny, I use to make real home made butter with my grandmother and mom, and it was never ever yellow, it was always white. Then you had to add salt to make it taste like butter. Unsalted natural butter has a bland taste. I have to call bogus on this guy.
Mike Dunn (5 days ago)
Does it taste bland without salt? How much salt would you add to your recipe?
Michael Ovidio (5 days ago)
Thanks man but your fingernails are gross. Quit biting if ur gonna do videos because that makes anything you do unappealing. At the very least wear gloves bro!
Sandro Leandro (5 days ago)
I think he DOES ADD SALT, he just doesn't mention it... Check out at around 1:53. Don't blink or you'll miss it...
Mable Lane (5 days ago)
Is pure milk the same as heavy whipping cream?
Faysal Gaming (6 days ago)
so thats it, just beat the hell out of cream and you have butter ?
Theresa Maeurer (8 days ago)
The top of the mixer is encrusted with something, and obviously it was not cleaned between uses. Really, this is disgusting hygiene.
greeneyes1963 (7 days ago)
Did you notice his dirty nails?
Xsrtovy S (9 days ago)
Thank you, I didnt know butter was so easy,, I cant find a Butter in the stores that taste as good as it used to ....I cant wait to try this Recipe, TY TY TY
M M (11 days ago)
how about a squeeze in cheesecloth and form it using plastic wrap instead of using the same fingers you had up your nose
Anna Ilia (11 days ago)
Jonathan Toliver (12 days ago)
nasty nails
Alex Chiddle (13 days ago)
Duuuh buy it..
deborah nail (14 days ago)
Hugh MacDonald (15 days ago)
Wow, professor! What's next? Make ice out of water by placing it in a freezer? P.S. Most people salt the butter a bit for both tase and to act as a preservative. P.P.S. Don't salt your ice.
jui Small (17 days ago)
Is the butter now salted butter or unsalted?? Is there salt in the cream we buy at the stores?? Adrian from Calgary
jui Small (17 days ago)
That sounds vary interesting! I will try to make butter. Question though??
Sanju.nadee84 Nadee (17 days ago)
Thank you so much,,from Sri Lanka
red beard (19 days ago)
I guarantee if I did this I would get diarrhea
Susan Freeland (21 days ago)
What if we don't have that expensive machine???
Dwight Mann (21 days ago)
Nice thanks
Margaret Freeman (21 days ago)
He did not rinse it with water until the water was clear so it still contained milk and it's going to taste and smell like spoiled milk...
is cream the same as milk?
UltVin GT (22 days ago)
Hmm so was that really 3 minutes?
G Nerd (22 days ago)
Pump up the jam
Silvanafromchester (23 days ago)
Before electric refrigerators were the norm ... butter was often kept in a bowl inside an inverted and cold water soaked terracotta plant pot. This would keep the butter cool and fresh. That is where the idea of butter bells came from . I would never be without mine as it allows me to keep my butter on the counter throughout the year.... always soft but not oily. Butter will spoil in excessively hot and humid temperatures ... it must be kept reasonably cool hence the brilliance yet simplicity of a butter bell. I'm curious to know what the weight of the butter was that was made here... I bet it was just wonderful so I'll definitely make it at least once to taste the difference.
Ewan Laing (23 days ago)
I just subscribed nice
Aritra Dattagupta (23 days ago)
Wont it be cheaper to buy butter? Just wondering.......
flamingpie herman (24 days ago)
Maybe put in a plastic wrap to help form it without hand touching.
ardvarkkkkk1 (25 days ago)
The last time I made butter was using a hand crank churn in 1968. Shows how much I liked the process. This is a much better way.
comfort emmanuel (25 days ago)
Can I use my blender for this? I don't have a mixer
Uzma Rahim (25 days ago)
Atleast wear plastic gloves when you are squeezing the butter it looks so disgusting
Philip Sandercock (27 days ago)
Hmm that won't last 2 weeks because you still have a lot of buttermilk left. Once you have the butter you need to rinse it with cold water or leave in z bowel and add iced water and leave it for 30 to 40 mins to make sure all your buttermilk is out then it will last. One I've got to this stage I use butter paddles it's like a mini pizza paddle but has groves on one side I work my butter for 10 mins maybe little longer and you will see it goes alot creamer and the dregs of buttermilk leave. Form it into designers shape, you can get butter moulds if you want to be fancy. But the best thing about making your own butter is that buttermilk , turn on your oven before you start making butter , then once you've collected that butter milk add 170g white flour 170g wholemeal flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda finally 290ml of your fresh homemade buttermilk, put everything into bowl and form a dough just tacky to the touch tip out onto floured kitchen bench a knead briefly form a ball and place onto floured baking sheet . With a sharp knife of hobby craft razor blade cut a cross into the top and cut just below halfway place into oven gas6 200c or 400f for 30 mins it should sound hollow when you tap the bottom of your bread. Nothing beats fresh butter and fresh Irish soda bread
40yeartrucker (28 days ago)
When do you add salt?
pjh1215 (29 days ago)
Download this and thanks
Pastor Peewee (1 month ago)
I'm in texas and never done this before but I'm wonderin if this is more money than just buying it although I get the point of doin it yourself so it's made without all the chemicals just don't know if it's cost effective great video subscribed
Monkey Boy (1 month ago)
oh yah, i'm on it
Monkey Boy (1 month ago)
I love the kid pictures on the fridge.
Scott V (1 month ago)
Dirty fingernails ? 🤢
xxYOURBIJOUxx (1 month ago)
No way would I eat anything this guy touched with his hands. Did you not notice his stained dirty nails or should I say stumps? Yuck!
ricardo clemente (1 month ago)
no salt?
Redblade (1 month ago)
The hypocrite tells us "to make sure your hands are clean", and he's got a ring on his finger and he is not wearing gloves, facemask, especially with that disgusting growth around his mouth!
Margaret Walker (1 month ago)
Gotcha! I use a Blendtec blender and make butter from fresh raw goat's milk in exactly 80 seconds of high speed churning.
Mark Goddard (1 month ago)
Ye Gods! Some of the comments below....is it not possible even to talk about butter without calling each other names, swearing at each other and getting so angry. There is no hope for this world. None at all.
Mark Goddard (1 month ago)
Great! I’ll do that. (With home made bread and real cheese).
homo sapien (1 month ago)
Theknotman1964 (1 month ago)
My fridge actually comes with butter, bought a new Fridge 3 weeks ago, later on that night went to check to see if it was working & when i opens the door it was full of food, egg's & Butter. the thing is when it runs down it automatically tops it self up, tolled the wife but for whatever reason she wasn't as impressed as me
Raya Petrova (1 month ago)
Thank you
Bluebonnet Jasmine (1 month ago)
Looks like it would take longer than 3 minutes to make butter. JS
Sang Cho (1 month ago)
Is this real? I Did not know making butter was this simple. Thanks mate.
Jacqueline Issenmann (1 month ago)
I don't know where you're from but in France, heavy cream is 30% fat and in the USA is 35% - 38%. I am an American and recipes calling for 35% fat sometimes hard to achieve with lesser fat content. The raw milk butter I buy here cost 2.09€ for 250 gr and heavy cream cost 2.35 - 2.65€ for 50cl. I guess I'll continue buying eventhough I love making things on my own. Thank you all the same for sharing! :)
Karen Zadora (1 month ago)
Confused on the cream, can't recall ever seeing just plain cream in store. Have seen light or heavy cream, but never just "cream". Will have another look at stores. Thank you. Nice video, no junk in it.
hernandez kiyoko (1 month ago)
Wow ! Amazing !
Shafia Begum (1 month ago)
Ewwww butter are horrible lolll it should be spread with something wtffffg
Karen Robertson (1 month ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (1 month ago)
Thanks :D
Karen Robertson (1 month ago)
on fresh bread
Crochet LouLou (1 month ago)
Did you use a normal bottle of milk bought from market?
Tehari Patene (1 month ago)
So simple thank you, butter is increasing in Coles Australia it's criminal
SimpleCookingChannel (1 month ago)
Thanks. Yeah it's gone up a lot :D
Sebastian Smith (1 month ago)
Puts some salt in that shit or don’t even bother
SimpleCookingChannel (1 month ago)
Not everyone likes salted butter :D
Farhana Muhammed (1 month ago)
I love butter😀
Is it alright if i use all purpose cream?
Aben Alexander (1 month ago)
Very nice 👍🏼
Aquila Clark (1 month ago)
the blender works just as well--nice having something that does not have preservervatives in----it is delicious too
Steven Serial (1 month ago)
Question is how do you make cream?
Wizney Lord (1 month ago)
Look an australian
irishbreakfast (1 month ago)
just made some last night from heavy cream. 1 quart yielded maybe 3-4 sticks worth and a couple of pints of fresh buttermilk. so for 6 bucks for a quart of heavy cream we got buttermilk(5 bucks worth) and butter(another 5 bucks worth) my only regret is not putting enough salt in it. but hey, salt is so bad for us all anyway. all that does is extend its life a bit by somewhat preserving it. but its the freshest creamiest butter ive ever had. may just do this next time butter isn't on sale at the store. we don't pay more than 3 bucks a pound for butter. if its not on sale we don't buy it. 6 bucks a pound is a bit much. was it worth it?? I think so. at least by new York prices. we got 2 things that together cost 6 bucks each. for just 6 bucks. not bad. a whole gallon of plain milk is only 4 bucks here. perhaps next time ill try it with regular to save even more money.
Barney Rubble (1 month ago)
irishbreakfast just use sugar with your butter. worse than too much salt? Candy? Is very expensive and that's what you make butter and sugar in a touch of salt. And use your favorite flavored spice!
rob habel (1 month ago)
is it really real butter soo amazing
najma kimosa (1 month ago)
Waaaaoooo thank you so much
najma kimosa (1 month ago)
Mashaallah very fantastic I like very much
Auntie Awakens U (2 months ago)
I use it to grow my hair!💜🌸💜🌸
Lighting Struck (2 months ago)
Great video! ... tks i love it ! ... May i ask, did you have to add any salt or sugar or others to fav it ?
Troy Andrews (2 months ago)
I had a friend one ask how butter was made so I told them they didn't believe me its too simple there has got to be more to it. now if I can remember who it was I can share the video to them.
Grumpy Mc Fudge (2 months ago)
Its simon whitlock
rawshop (2 months ago)
Wow!! Amazing!!
Kristina John (2 months ago)
Me and mi kids have fun doing it though l use mason jars with plastic lids add the heavy wipping cream and we pas the jar between shaking it. They think it's funny, l use the leftover liquid for recipe that need buttermilk like for example fried onions. Thumbs up to you
Kire Rodeif (2 months ago)
it says "how to make butter in 3 minutes. Well, if you have to let it mix on high for....what is it...3 MINUTES....then it actually takes longer to make it. Or did I miss something?
jack handy (2 months ago)
Followup vid... "How to buy butter in 20 seconds"?
Carl Rubia (2 months ago)
i like cheese and butter i like alll you have any questions please i want butter and chocolate
Thomas V (2 months ago)
How did your butter turn yellow. When we made butter at home it was always white
ethel newberry (2 months ago)
When I was a girl, that was my job to make the butter, after I had walked across the fields to the farm house to buy two gallons of fresh milk from the cow. We didn't have an electric mixer in those days, but we had grandma's old fashioned egg beater. It took much more time and a lot of arm muscle to whip the cream which had to be separated from the milk. Mother did have the cream separator which made life easier, but to a ten year old girl I just took everything in stride and did my butter task for the week. Oh that butter on the home made bread, and those fresh potatoes from the "'tater garden" and the freshly killed chicken from the coop...fried in a black cast iron frying pan with two inches of butter and lard...nothin' like that taste on the planet. That was back when we ate what we thought was good, and we never heard about cholesterol...same for pie crust...half butter/half lard. Cheers...March 14, 2018.
moonbuilder (2 months ago)
600mls of pure cream [c 40%]. Beat on low medium for 30 secs, then turn to high for 3 mins. You are left with butter and buttermilk. Mold and refrigerate.
Aleema Muhammed Rasheed (2 months ago)
This is the dumb person butter. For flavorful butter you need to let the cream rot "sour" for a day at room temperature and then churn it.
Oldandwize (2 months ago)
The way I was taught was to put the cream into a Maison jar with a lid and just shake the jar for a few min. That is something you can get your kids to do to keep them out of your hair while you cook dinner.
endyta jtirto (2 months ago)
If i want salted butter when the right time i should add the salt? thx
Riku Soma (2 months ago)
Can I just shake it up a ton in a bottle
Green deformed Apple (2 months ago)

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