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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for a peanut butter cheesecake. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=simplecookingchannel FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Share my channel. http://www.youtube.com/share?u=simplecookingchannel Ingredients Crush up 150 grams of cookies 50 Grams of melted butter 500 Grams of cream cheese 1/2 Cup of peanut butter 1 Cup of sugar 250ml of thickened cream 1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D
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Text Comments (297)
Beth Joy (29 days ago)
Looks yummy looking forward to making this 😊
Carmen Dawn Allan (2 months ago)
Looks Yummy. 😊.
LampardHartnett (2 months ago)
is there any substitute for whip cream?
olivier bardou (4 months ago)
blond breaking bad cooking man
Darren Crayne (4 months ago)
Just made it. Wife loved it. Used Oreo cookies for the base
Ross Dickens (6 months ago)
Definitely making this, I love peanut butter!
truthsout (7 months ago)
May be worth growing our own peanuts after all.
truthsout (7 months ago)
Also the best no cook, cook. yay!
My Bunny & more (9 months ago)
Yummy 😊
Kyle Gruber (10 months ago)
Non-bake cheesecake? Yuck. Don't be lazy. Add the five eggs and bake the damn thing.
BrownHawk2 (4 months ago)
@Kyle Gruber My thoughts, EXACTLY.
faliray (1 year ago)
Are the metric measurements by weaght or volume?
PredictionTv Imvu (1 year ago)
Can I use milk
Sadie Pridmore (1 year ago)
so making this for Thanksgiving tomorrow. thank you!!! if I add Reese's Pieces to it will it effect my cheese cake in any way?
D A T CR4zY Azn (1 year ago)
Sadie Pridmore Yes because it's going to taste like resses and crush them up.
Tyler Sanderson (1 year ago)
The baby spoon haha
Kierah San (1 year ago)
i just tried this today and it worked out wonderfully it was super yummy, thank you for the great recepie! :)
Princess Roxanna (1 year ago)
Who tried this and fell off the chair?
Amy Walker (2 years ago)
Im a sucker for cheesecake!! lolz <3 love those cheesecakes, havent thought about baking a peanut butter cheese cake though wonder how much peanut butter are in this recipie? ;)
Phuonglinh Tran (2 years ago)
more popsicles
Sabrina Love (2 years ago)
dude, this is soooooo good. My dad wanted to try a peanut butter cheese cake and he loved it. You just earned a subscriber right here
Greg (2 years ago)
Can someone please tell me, what i did wrong. I tried this and put this to fridge overnight, but next day, it was like pudding and i couldn't even cut it. I didn't even try to take this out of the tin because it would have fallen apart. So i ate it with spoon but it still tasted great. Help.. anyone?
flame palmer (1 year ago)
perhaps not whipped enough after adding cream or wrong cream cheese (low fat)
Notorious (2 years ago)
like on my fridge you can make the temperature lower
Greg (2 years ago)
Low enough?... wut? does it have to be low?
Notorious (2 years ago)
Fridge temperature isn't low enough maybe
angel fierro (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for the recepie , it came out great.
Msyasmine14 (3 years ago)
Best recipe ever!!!
Maxwell Maxwell (3 years ago)
Thanks for putting the ingredients in the description it really helps!!! :D
Dahlia Gabir (3 years ago)
norway don´t have soft peanut butter.. what do you do with that? 
Corey Fraser (3 years ago)
Plz halp I dnt hav e nuff monee 2 gow 2 skewl!!!!??!!!? Plz donn8 2 meh femelly!!!!!
Kitty cat (3 years ago)
can it be oreo cookies
Jessie Garcia (3 years ago)
What kind of thicken milk? Whipping or heavy cream ?
blazednlovinit (3 years ago)
Want this so much right now :/
AKA gaming kid (3 years ago)
^o^ so cool
Michael McGinley (3 years ago)
cheesecake gets better and better! remember the rainbow one and my comment?
DJB (3 years ago)
You should make a peanut butter hot chocolate.
Dust Space (3 years ago)
yummy~~~ Thanks!!!
Skip Berryman (3 years ago)
I'm eating this right now OMG it's so good!
Chem istry (3 years ago)
Just made this yesterday & whoa...talk about a mouth orgasm. I over added a bit of the PB but that was more of a personal preference. Cant wait to try the ice pops next. So when is your new show in the big time channels going to start? The cooking channel would be a fool not to give you a show! Most of all thanks!! This is a great simple dessert & my doc said I needed to gain weight anyway :)
amylynn1108 (3 years ago)
looks awesome i will be making that
benny1051 (3 years ago)
My wife will love this! Thank you!
The Smile Fairy (3 years ago)
GumGumMa (3 years ago)
Newbie question: how long does a cheesecake last in fridge before going bad, i mean like i can make it in advance?
jack mehoph (3 years ago)
Asmr videos please
lel hue (3 years ago)
oh fuck *-* im going to try it tomorow it must be epic :D
lel hue (3 years ago)
+Fernanda M i dont know havent tried it :D
Gloria Bvx (3 years ago)
And taste good?? I wanna make it😋😋😋😋
Wayne Lo (3 years ago)
ItsM3Batman TV (3 years ago)
I need to make this!!!!
Pablo Gomez (3 years ago)
Your awsome your my number one fan
Waffleface (3 years ago)
Natasha Martinez (3 years ago)
You should try to make a giant nutella cake with lots of candy !!!! :)
Anna OwO (3 years ago)
Hmm.. Here's a nice way to make a snickers cheesecake based on this: do everything exactly the same way but save about 1/4 to 1/3 of the cheese mixture BEFORE putting in the peanut butter. Now, add Nutella to the large portion and peanut butter to the small one. Then poor half the Nutella-cheese mixture in the pan and put it in the fridge until it hardens. Then repeat twice, first with the peanut butter mixture and then with the Nutella mixture. ☺ I haven't tried this yet but I bet it'll be awesome! 🍰
Eva Wendel (3 years ago)
it would be better if it was chocolate pb
christian bogdiewicz (3 years ago)
Im in love with this Cheesecake :D
A Thompson (3 years ago)
3:37 lol 
Ashkorya (3 years ago)
I was thinking about that, yesterday ^^ Can we put peanut butter with pieces of peanut?
Lauren McDonald (3 years ago)
Love how easy this is! :0
Ozzy Allan (3 years ago)
Peanut butter rules!!! Just like you keep up the vids
Vexi (3 years ago)
tuuexx (3 years ago)
Mmmmmmmm! ...      :  )
Molly (3 years ago)
There wasn't enough biscuit at the bottom
Toxic Banana (3 years ago)
Are you able to put in nutella instead of peanut butter?
Vincent Zierigen (3 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel changed my life :D
lisa (3 years ago)
I was thinking to use chucky peanut butter. Will it still be good?
hirumayoichi21 (3 years ago)
What is thickened cream? Is it like double cream?
Tyler Ferreira (3 years ago)
i would use oreos as the bottom, crush resees and but them in the batter and at the end pour over like chocolate ganache. 
BC1 (3 years ago)
TrikstaHD x (3 years ago)
Thanks for this recipe i just finished mine with cookie crumbs on top of the cream 😊
Bumpyjet (3 years ago)
Can I don't put whipping cream for non baked cheesecake?? I tried making cheesecake but e cream cheese is crumbly. Why is this so?
OK this is going to be my afternoon tea cake from tomorrow on lol
The Gamer (3 years ago)
Great idea but i dont like peanut butter or cheezcake
Noir Jayne (3 years ago)
Pro dad
Kodachrome40 (3 years ago)
I'd imagine you could also top it with jelly or swirl the the jelly through the cheesecake. 
Irene Ong (3 years ago)
Thank you. Like it :)
SmileWithMe! (3 years ago)
Was that a baby spoon, well why not have it with a normal spoon (metal) you BIG baby! Duhh
Bob Visser (3 years ago)
He looks like walter white from breaking bad :P
Vanessa Broderick (3 years ago)
Not enough biscuit base!!
Ernest Bodner (3 years ago)
Hey SimpleCookingChannel it looks so good and when you took a piece of the cake it looked like pacman. : ) !!!!!!!
AFX Gaming (3 years ago)
No oven baking :D
vxleri munoz (3 years ago)
What if I don't add thikend cream
CocoChanel818 (3 years ago)
can i use milk instead of whipping cream?
eRx StepZ (3 years ago)
Yes sooooo agree NUTELLA
Julian Pacher (3 years ago)
Its maybe possible that you make healthy thinks haha without sugar or chocolate😂
Kjzzje Lai (3 years ago)
Can I use oreo for the base ?
Eset Ilezovna (3 years ago)
Yes You can 😊
木喵喵子 (3 years ago)
Yummy ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
V3N0M (3 years ago)
Fuck you atkins!!!
Rauno Mattila (3 years ago)
his reactions are THE best thing on youtube!
Summer Hanley (3 years ago)
Can you use crunchy peanut butter lol
Kate Howard (3 years ago)
Looks Lovley 👌 :D
just4fun (3 years ago)
Just like how to basic......
i0am0the0one0 (3 years ago)
looks amezing but i hate the word yummy gives me the creeps
Kagome Kitty (3 years ago)
Why? XD
Em Ellsworth (3 years ago)
Not that you were ever fat but you look thinner since a couple years ago. Lookin good! Love the recipes:)
PoisonBlueAngel (3 years ago)
Hey Jason Guess what?
Fatima Saeed (3 years ago)
I am allergic to peanut butter can I try something else that peanut butter? :D
Ivan Godina (3 years ago)
can you make pizza please😉
Ivan Godina (3 years ago)
ilikesnakes 111 (3 years ago)
awesome life (3 years ago)
ali al ali (3 years ago)
Can you please make Chocolate Macarons ?
Cool Mango (3 years ago)
Can you please do a thanksgiving turkey recipe?
CTB Videos (3 years ago)
This sounds really awesome, I'll definitely give it a try. Btw, you really like that vanilla extract, do you :D
Vier Jongetjes (3 years ago)
I almost try all your things
Z A (3 years ago)
After watching your videos when im sad I become happy :D
Lazygamergirl (3 years ago)
I want to make that so bad *o*
Oli Jones (3 years ago)
Can I use crunchy instead of smooth btw love your vids
Ralph Royal (3 years ago)
Hey I have a business offer, how can I contact you? Preferably skype?

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