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Gobi Manchurian | Easy & Crispy Restaurant Style Recipe - CookingShooking

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In this video, we're making the Indo-Chinese favorite of us Indians, Gobi Manchurian in the absolute Indian Restaurant Style. This is a very easy, delicious and crispy recipe for the Cauliflower Dry Manchurian! Ingredients: Water - 3-4 cups Salt - 3 tsp Gobi Florets - from 1 Small Head Maida / Plain Flour - 4-5 tbsp Corn Flour - 6-8 tbsp Salt - 1 tsp Water - to make a paste Oil - to deep fry the gobi For the Sauce: Oil - 2-3 tbsp Garlic - 2-3 tbsp chopped Green Chili - 1 tbsp Onion - 1 small chopped Salt - as per taste Black Pepper - as per taste Light Soy Sauce - 1 tbsp (use 1 tsp less if dark) Chili Sauce - 1 tbsp Spring Onion Greens - handful Ketchup - 1/2 tbsp Corn Flour - 1 tsp Water - 1/2 cup Garnish with Spring Onion Greens Serves: 2 Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (788)
Mana Shrestha (14 hours ago)
Tq so much it's awesome
Ashish Bhadra (1 day ago)
Halo friend super channel, eager to learn more about new recipe through your channel 💛👍💞💗💝💝💜🙏🙏💟🙁🙁💖💖
Devisai R (5 days ago)
Where is ginger
UTTAM DEY (5 days ago)
I should try this, (-:
gangaiah marothu (5 days ago)
miru chala baga chesaru anna mi voice chala bagundi
CookingShooking (5 days ago)
dhyanyavaadalu Gangaiah garu
Kayakwinds (6 days ago)
You add water, cornstarch ...............And the final ingredient is what?????? Do you say matter???????? What is that????????
Darvantee Gangadeen (8 days ago)
Thank you i try it today was yummy.
vishakh rakshith (9 days ago)
tried it. came out realllyy welll. gr8 recipe! keep up the good work!
R Srikanth (12 days ago)
very nice recipe...looks awesomely yummy....please tell me which brand of utensils and pans do you use ...which brand would you suggest me to buy please reply
shagufa fazilat (12 days ago)
What is meda?
meena rahman iqbal (12 days ago)
Can I make this a day ahead for a party of 30 ppl, will it be crunchy in the buffet server.
Abhishek Jain (15 days ago)
I am big fan of u no... Ur recipe..... No u.... No recipe.... No u.... I am confused BOTH ARE AWESOME
Malekar Chaitanya (22 days ago)
super bro
Sosammaj Daniel (24 days ago)
J kapp Kappssa Do
Anisha A (26 days ago)
can this be served as a starter? will try!!!
savitha savitha (27 days ago)
Very nice I like it dishes comes very well
Mohd sabir T.N. (29 days ago)
Everythingis Here (29 days ago)
frosty (1 month ago)
Wow hands down the best gobi Manchurian recipe thanks 😁
Barbara Singh (1 month ago)
Made this for dinner. Everyone loved it! Thanks for the great recipe.
Nilima Deshpande (1 month ago)
I tried it. It turned out great. Thanks for your wonderful recipe🙂
norskdame damenorsk (1 month ago)
Thank you sooooo much for this recipe, i will try it soon. I am happy that you explain in English you make it easy for me to learn how to make pakistani food. Thank you again
Amrika Polly101 (1 month ago)
Thxxx ewww
naveen kumar (1 month ago)
So nice
Shraddha Dharne (1 month ago)
I have a subscription for ur channel keep sharing videos of such yummy recipes u r a very good chef...
Shraddha Dharne (1 month ago)
I have a subscription for ur channel keep sharing videos of such yummy recipes u r a very good chef...
Shraddha Dharne (1 month ago)
Ur recipe is very yummy n easy n m gonna do it tomorrow....n u r very cute toooo....😘
Shraddha Dharne (1 month ago)
Ur recipe is very yummy n easy n m gonna do it tomorrow....n u r very toooo
anita jog (1 month ago)
wow tasty and simple explanation very good
Janusuresh abhi (1 month ago)
Hai brother.am a big foody.i tried in home.am a tamilian.in my language i can tel SEMMMA.i meant cnt explain by words.superbbbbbbbbbbbbb.thank for ur wonderful videossssss.suprb superbbbb superbbb
Sharadhi Urs (1 month ago)
I tried today ... it's really yammmm Very tasty Thank you
hasini pedada (1 month ago)
Wow super tq
T Rehma (1 month ago)
Very nice...
Proud Indian (1 month ago)
Great recipe. I just love it.
Aakanksha Kulkarni (1 month ago)
Prerna Singh (1 month ago)
What to do if I add extra salt ?
Sruthi P (1 month ago)
It turned out so good!!!!! ❤️😍😊
Shruti Kesharwani (1 month ago)
I made it today all alone by my own...it was easy to make and yummmmmmmm in taste my family loves it..😋😍
konakalla ramesh babu (1 month ago)
va da pava
Barbie Queen (1 month ago)
I liked the recipe a lot bhaiya :) ..... It's really nice....I just loved it..... I'll surely try it...
Rajyalakshmi Cherukuri (1 month ago)
Sir, I have a doubt.. Due to the sauces, won't the manchurian be sweet??
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
no it wont be.. chili sauce cuts down the sweetness..
TERESA PAUL (1 month ago)
Too good...
Raju Chandragiri (1 month ago)
wow...looks delicious suprb
logesh prabu (1 month ago)
Can we use green chilly sauce?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
yes you can.. but for colour a little red chili would do the job
Mildred Rueben (1 month ago)
Chicken Manchuri, they are showing how to cook, and the recipe, but they did not show what are the ingredients. What and how much we should need, this chef's don't to teach! how teach,
yashsvi goyal (1 month ago)
can i use yellow corn flour in this
Saurabh Kishore (18 days ago)
Yes! I tried it and works perfectly.
Pooja Bajaj (1 month ago)
Sir you are sooo talented.I just love your cooking.and also teaches us by quick easy steps with alternatives
Shyam Dhanik2 (1 month ago)
Nc ymn...
My mom n i have tried it . It tastes superb so yummy it was
Wow I loved it voice and recipe too😅😅😅
dhivya srinivasa (1 month ago)
I tried this today it came out awesome, my hubby likes this recipe :=)
Suha Khan (1 month ago)
m ur big fan 😊😊
desi gyan (1 month ago)
We cannot buy Chinese kadhai.. Just for.. Gobi Manchurian
Riitu Kaamaal (2 months ago)
Turn out awesome... Thanks
aarti kowlessur (2 months ago)
Yummy. Will try it
Arohi Jay kolhi (2 months ago)
ananya banerjee (2 months ago)
We tried it Aman and everyone loved it... Thank u so much for posting such easy and delicious recipes.... The channel is the best cooking channel i have ever come across...
joji jinu (2 months ago)
Ms.sweetie B (2 months ago)
You are so talented. Used to watch your videos 4 years back when you were a kid. Proud of you today. You will become one of the best chefs of India one day!
Ashmita Vyas (2 months ago)
Sabiya Khan (2 months ago)
Bhavya Patel (2 months ago)
Superb recipes ... Great job . mera ek question hai .. Mene suna hai maida hamari sehad keliye achha nahi hota .. Kaya he sahi hai ??
Rakesh chovatia (2 months ago)
I subscribed you when I saw this video
Indu Pillai (2 months ago)
Yummy 😋😋😋😋
Deepa Robin (2 months ago)
Nice piece of dish cook. Really enjoyed doing it. Thanks.
radhika anil (2 months ago)
Thank u for this recipe......
Shruti Kesharwani (2 months ago)
Super yasty👌👌👌
Angle Fairy (2 months ago)
The way you cook is very nice and easy .....your explanation is also outstanding.....have a good future ....
sekhar reddy (2 months ago)
I w
Nithisha S (2 months ago)
The one which I made was not looking like a gobi Manchuriaya but it really tasted good 😘
Sajida Tabassum (2 months ago)
can we use ararot in place of corn flour
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
you can use rice flour instead
Infant leena (2 months ago)
Yummy thank you
Ferdousi Rahman (2 months ago)
u are cute
Maya Padmanabhan (2 months ago)
Vrry good
ziya hakim (2 months ago)
Well no need to put gobhi in hot water.. U can just fry the gobhi raw on low flame.. It vl get soft..
KHAN WINK (2 months ago)
Why does he move his head so much when he talks lol btw nice recipe!!!
Senthil B (2 months ago)
Maria Fe Lovitos (2 months ago)
I love this recipe. Thank you.
ayeesha saara (2 months ago)
Yummy 😋 ok bye
Mazoo Maths (2 months ago)
nice voice
Ajay Ptasad (2 months ago)
perfect.. I tried.. and everybody appreciated me
Kritika Sharma (2 months ago)
Can I use atta in place of maida?
runnashia ishanial (2 months ago)
Is that the szechuan sauce OMG!!!
Charmaine Matta (2 months ago)
Great and simple to follow.......
Ajith Mogaveera (2 months ago)
Don't follow his steps
Febieyane Cabusas (2 months ago)
I made that today and follow all the instructions.. A little bit salty😥😥😭😭
Sharon Liu (2 months ago)
Made this today came out well... thank you for the delicious dish ... 👌🏼
Gosselin Jacques (2 months ago)
try  this recipie  and it was  very delicous  my  friends  never thought it was cau;fleur  Thank you  for your recipie
Vani Rajput (2 months ago)
All good. But is it important to wear pink lipstick for this recipe 😉
Sharmila Khare (2 months ago)
I made it and it was very tasty, please share more such recipes
shreyas kshatriy (2 months ago)
The good one
Salmon Satheesh (2 months ago)
Tami Star (2 months ago)
looks nice.
Thanks bruh!
Benkili Madhuri (2 months ago)
very nice
jaya sumesh (2 months ago)
awesome presentation
Quality Life (2 months ago)
sarb deep (2 months ago)
Padma Priya (2 months ago)
Watching this video itself makes mouth watering.....
nihi 917 (2 months ago)
Thanq for showing such a delicious dish

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