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Ratatouille final taste

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Pablo Hernandez (8 hours ago)
And this is how the some of the world's greatest young chefs were born
Jungshi (7 days ago)
lolz so cute
Micah from Waipahu (9 days ago)
After watching this movie I had to look up this scene for the comment section
David Busada (9 days ago)
This is one of my favorite scenes of any movie
Nathan Stitt (10 days ago)
Why the long face, Ego?
GiniLeeRedSquirel (12 days ago)
Well, ratatouille for M. Ego, it's for him, his "madeleine de Proust".
Domonoasis World (13 days ago)
*dramatic pencil drop*
lumia lite (14 days ago)
underrated movie EVER
Minh Trung Le (14 days ago)
I love how the light on top of his portrait is turned off in this last scene as his cynicism and ego had completely faded away. Pixar's attention to these little details with subtle underlying symbolism is astonishing for a child cartoon, in a way that everyone from every way of life could appreciate and enjoy.
Haba Hamed (14 days ago)
Colin James White (15 days ago)
RIP Peter O'Toole
Ry Ho (16 days ago)
Just like mom’s
P SLIM (17 days ago)
The greatest motion pictures of the 21st century
Reckno64 (17 days ago)
0:24 I always cried at this part as a kid. I never understood why until now.....
Julio Rodriguez (19 days ago)
I never get tired of this movie. Love this ending and the message that the best at something can come from a humble origin
Julie Ort (19 days ago)
Excellent movie 🎥 🍿 💖
Aldiggy2000 (20 days ago)
Beautiful ... beautiful movie.
Aleksander Järvinen (22 days ago)
Watching this scene makes me cry. My mom’s cooking is my favourite ever. I’m of course biased because she’s my mother, but I have never tasted anything as delicious. When she passes, I’m going to miss those flavours and I don’t think anything will ever compare. When he has the flashback and goes to his mom serving him, I imagine myself in the future going to a restaurant and unsuspectingly ordering something that tastes as familiar as my mom’s cooking.
DigBloopers (22 days ago)
this whole time I thought "Ratatouille" is just a made up word, a pun on "Rat"
Dank Memer (23 days ago)
Okay, one thing, I left the theater as a waterfall.
Ego's speech was goosebumps all the way.. every single time is watch it.. it's the same story..
Toby Jones (25 days ago)
"To be fair, it is fucking good." - Superhans on this film.
Gregory Traband (30 days ago)
Remy's style of Ratatouille looks like different colored pepperonis.
Gregory Traband (30 days ago)
"I've rot me to my CORE!"
Liz (1 month ago)
Reminds me of when Gordon Ramsey loved Mama Cherri’s cooking and it was like eating his moms cooking back home :)
Tanduay 5 years (1 month ago)
Best tasting is homecooked liked my mama used to make
Gatling Hawk (1 month ago)
0:28 isnt that boog from meet the robinsons
Landon Holmstrom (1 month ago)
Im so lonely
CopyCat Music (1 month ago)
The critics review was very well-written and performed! Good movie. 11/10 would watch again
rushdi34 (1 month ago)
My personal favorite Pixar movie. I love this movie.
fodsaks (1 month ago)
The little ex-chef should have had his own flashback too.
MagicalMax (1 month ago)
Anyone can cook.
The Turtle (1 month ago)
Is the pen ok?
The Turtle (1 month ago)
Edcel Jann M Corre (1 month ago)
Ego: "....M-Mother..."
Jay bond (18 days ago)
Edcel Jann M Corre Check out the video "Anton Ego's origin" by the SuperCarlinBrothers channel. It's chillingly good
Amy Anime lover (1 month ago)
no one cooks better than your mother, everyone knows that
TheRealBenStiller (1 month ago)
Amy Anime lover i beg to differ
Andrew Gibson (1 month ago)
That flashback though.
Barry Slieker (1 month ago)
I hope in the sequel in ratatouille 2 must Remy find a girl rat to be love.
Jay bond (18 days ago)
Barry Slieker NO this movie should not have a sequel. It ended on a perfect note and should not have a sequel diminish it
cxsmicz sins (1 month ago)
mrlokalist (1 month ago)
How soft he became after the meal :)
RadioactiveRat (1 month ago)
My biggest question was why Ego was fired after all of this.
Ahmad Ajai (1 month ago)
Flm animasi yg bagus sekali yg di tujukan untuk para jurumasak tataboga .
映月泉 (1 month ago)
Jay Rafael (1 month ago)
he even uses his finger to clean the plate. it's like he's almost thrown away gourmet etiquette
Javier Burgos (1 month ago)
the ending while good is not realistic, gusteau's restaurant closes because of rats in the kitchen. in today's society of internet and instant spread of information im sure most people in france would be aware of this and not attend a restaurant operated by people who allow rats to cook for them no matter how well and clean they do it. great film though...
branden marik (1 month ago)
i like ratatoulilee funny movie i like it
sagun khadka (1 month ago)
I came to see this ending scene nly..the best
Ben Morgan (1 month ago)
This movie is grossly underrated
MagnOx_HD (1 month ago)
God! Every single Pixar movie (except cars 2 & 3) are fucking masterpieces
Jay bond (18 days ago)
MagnOx_HD That's the problem with sequels. A really good movie can be diminished by being overdone
Coffee Jaytee (1 month ago)
This made more sense 10 years after I watched the movie ;-;
Coffee Jaytee (1 month ago)
Willing to rewatch it if only the CD of it will work and if I'm left alone in our house
abo karar al grebaui. (1 month ago)
One of the best passages when he remembers cooking his mother actually this section makes me cry because it is important to grow up in the memory of his mother and cook tasty food that was cooked
DjWuzHear (2 months ago)
did he even pay?
dmastermanga (1 month ago)
It's not rare for critics with celebrity status such as Ego did to receive free meals on a wide, if not total range of an establishment's menu without cost
angel omar soto (2 months ago)
The Old woman of the beginning of the movie is the mother of Ego?
Sir Isaac (2 months ago)
This movie is so amazing. One of my top favorite from Pixar.
Jacob Brook (2 months ago)
The only movie that has a scene that almost made me cry, almost
Noah Bathgate (2 months ago)
Pixar movie never fail. Except for the Cars trilogy
Mommabear Animates (2 months ago)
A few things I adore about this scene - Skinner, upon trying the dish, actually actively enjoyed it and even smiled. However, he's so focused on ruining the restaurant and his own bitterness that it overpowers his love for food - Ego's flashing back to when his mother cooked for him is incredibly real. As people, we are naturally inclined to be biased with the food that we grew up with. Upon tasting the ratatouille and him realizing it tasted like his mother's cooking is actually something that happens to people a lot. It makes them nostalgic and gives them good feelings, like with Ego - Ego's speech is incredibly heartfelt. Honestly, I adore this movie's ending. The message that great things can come from anywhere is very real to me.
Nick Hal (2 months ago)
A Beautiful, life affirming film...
Mahardhika HP (2 months ago)
Well moms is the best chef while we growing up rite.
SUOD PW (2 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay lolz
Jayden Lopez (2 months ago)
This is one of my favorite Pixar movies of all time it is amazing but what mother would let a boy where a turtle neck with shorts
Tide Pod (2 months ago)
Up has the best beginning of the movie, Ratatouille has the best ending.
Jan Terlauw (2 months ago)
Goddamnit, this moment always gets me.
Tory Catherine (2 months ago)
I always thought maybe the old lady at the beginning could have been Ego's mother and thats how Remy knew to cook him the ratatouille. But I could be wrong
William Craig (2 months ago)
Am I the only one here who gets the reference to Marcel Proust's 'Remembrance of Things Past?'
Tyrone Barnes (2 months ago)
Peter O’Toole’s Death was a great loss.
XTREMEHQ (2 months ago)
hairyHarry (2 months ago)
Maybe his smile was gone cuz he strongly disagree to the line “everyone can be artist” but he finally found out that he was wrong
Patrreon Crabbers (2 months ago)
My grandma 👵 could make that looks like Alfredo
김진성, (2 months ago)
God Disney
anonymous e (2 months ago)
Can’t get over the fact ego wasn’t shit faced after 2 bottles of wine
Trent French (2 months ago)
That scene is sad.
Trent French (2 months ago)
That scene is 😢 tho but ima about to 😢 when i see this
Nick Hal (2 months ago)
That scene made me tear-Up when I saw it. Who doesn't remember their mother..and wouldn't wish to go back in time...just for a moment. Food, taste, smell can all transport us out of our reality
CT75ify (2 months ago)
I wonder what year it is in the movie
Joshua Patrick (2 months ago)
Peter O'Toole....need we say more? What an incredibly powerful scene that captures the essence of what it means to be an artist. and the responsibility of those who are put in positions of power to decide what art should be shared with others.
St97ing (2 months ago)
Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from ANYWHERE! 💙
azkanify (3 months ago)
flash back always means a good sign lol
Edcel Jann M Corre (3 months ago)
To me, I think the highest honor a chef could have is "this taste like my mom's cooking". Why? Because who always cooks for us when we were young? Mom.
Zubair Basha (3 months ago)
This is not a Hindi Idiot Ur wright in Hindi but this is not a Hindi Episode. Can any budy tell me ling this flim in Hindi plz
달에뜨는밤 (3 months ago)
요리는 언제나 부모님이 자주해주는 요리가 가장 기억에 남죠
arrozblanco7 (3 months ago)
I've had this sort of feeling happen before when I try something so good it reminds me of my childhood grandmas or moms cooking.
Harry Pjotr (3 months ago)
That long jaw tho
강신유 (3 months ago)
이게 8년되었다고???
Hetalia South Korea (3 months ago)
I remember watching this movie when I was really young..This really is a great movie
Asher Tye (4 months ago)
Mommy might not be able to handle the lunch rush, but damned if her food doesn't beat everyone else's.
유정숙 (4 months ago)
Shelby Ramirez (4 months ago)
Sowjanya Marna (4 months ago)
I loved it
Michael Kirton (4 months ago)
Gordon Ramsey
Amaury Sanchez (4 months ago)
The one thing that really stuck with me when I first saw this movie was this one scene, where a single bite reminded him of his mother's cooking. I don't know why it affected me as much as it still does today. It's such a beautiful moment and one of the most underrated parts in the Disney/Pixar filmography. Absolutely beautiful and effective.
TheaterRaven (4 months ago)
Conveying the other senses on film, a visual and auditory medium, is not an easy task. Yet in the flashback scene, they perfectly captured what it feels like to be sent back in time by the taste of a certain dish. It's a universal feeling that hist you right in the heart, and that scene shows it beautifully. Bravo.
tomtomsatnav1234 (4 months ago)
I love how even in things as small as a childrens animated movie about rats cooking food you can still put forward some extemely important messages. The dialogue here is actually breathtaking.
Esparza Cartoons (4 months ago)
Basically, its a movie about artists creating their work
Jinx198 (4 months ago)
0:22 Time of death: 8 pm
Stalin 101 (4 months ago)
This reminds me of the first time I taste KFCs chicken tenders with its good biscuits and it’s smash potatoes with gravy and macaroni, and with the last touch, a chocolate chip cookie, that’s when I realized god what good.
jasonn_ 3143 (4 months ago)
0:21 i find videos with disgusting sounds like eating with ur mouth open
tv아이스코림 (4 months ago)
와 추억이다
ismael nehme (4 months ago)
What a great fucking movie
papyrs 101 (5 months ago)
is it me or Anton is the disney version or Gordon
BL4CK N1NJA (5 months ago)
1:09 when you accidentally bus a nut in her 😂😂😂
Andrew Dussault (5 months ago)
Probably my favorite Pixar moment of all of them.

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