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Text Comments (4646)
Poonam Devi (2 hours ago)
i like 5mintue crafts
Quoc Nguyen (3 hours ago)
Gross🤢 you should not eat chocolate with that stuff it’s unhealthy
Buds 4ever (4 hours ago)
now I’m hungry
shalu singh (4 hours ago)
1 thing reapeted many times
IainayanaFleming vlogs (5 hours ago)
5minutecrafts it is so dangerous to put tin foil into a toaster and so unhygienic to put raw meat inside of a cooked chicken
Wabbit Lover (6 hours ago)
Todd Aiken (6 hours ago)
they really should label what it is called because I didn't know what half of the foods are
Rohit Kundu (6 hours ago)
4:48 is definitely not a 5 minute recipe
Son las mismas putas ideas
Jakub Szamosi (9 hours ago)
5 minute brilliant ideas how to RUIN a steak. ( That animal was born for THIS ?! In one of these crafts TWO of them ?! )
Katy Gammons (10 hours ago)
I would probably try alot of these recipes if I actually knew what the ingredients were and how much to use of each ingredient. It would be alot easier(and make more sense IMO) if they would include the recipes as they are making them in the video. Don't get me wrong, I love this channel and all their videos and I think they're genius! I just wish they showed the recipes😊
my pancreas will hate me...
Maricar Casuyon (11 hours ago)
So yummy
raji teju (12 hours ago)
0.57 sec ymmm
Chuck Chen (12 hours ago)
How long to cook the beautiful pastries
Call me Lo (12 hours ago)
4:44 it says bright side down left. Good job if you are gonna lie then at least mention bright side in the description. No one reads the description... well....most people dont
Hanaa Siddiqua (13 hours ago)
Did anyone else notice that at 03:38 bright sight was written
Hanaa Siddiqua (13 hours ago)
Did anyone else notice that at 03:38 bright sight was written
sakura (13 hours ago)
Thao Vohongngoc (14 hours ago)
nhìn ngon dữ
"5 minute delicious recipes" bAke fOr 20 miNutEs
Sina Müller (15 hours ago)
You shouldn't be allowed to eat steak if you cook it like that.
pattipati yugendar (15 hours ago)
Fauzat Hafidh (16 hours ago)
It all looks so good!!!!!
elamations 101 (16 hours ago)
My gosh... jelp.. its so... YUMMY
Henrietta Wilson-Hoare (17 hours ago)
Is 5 Minute Crafts stealing Bright Side’s Content?? 3:37
mahi popstar (19 hours ago)
Sorry change craft
mahi popstar (19 hours ago)
and I thought it was 5 minutes ceaft
vandana singh (19 hours ago)
If you like give a big thumps up
Gabriella Tambunan (20 hours ago)
Gabriella Tambunan (20 hours ago)
i like chocolate thats why im interested looking those delicious recipes and im hungry even i justb ate one minute ago
SONALIKA SINGH (22 hours ago)
What is that in 1:28 and 1:44
TheCuteCakeling (22 hours ago)
Delicious. But unhealthy. 🥛🍎
Aniyah Kyles (22 hours ago)
Gabriel Henson (1 day ago)
on the pizza one when you broke off the piece I swear I could smell pizza
Fun Stars (1 day ago)
Lol it says five mins craft and the first video is freeze for thirty mins wow lol 😂
Awaan Mustafa (1 day ago)
1:57 doesnt seem gud for children
SAVAGE RXQYT (1 day ago)
I'm missing out on fun if im allergic to nuts so no spead
Klawaii ! (1 day ago)
I did the frozen nutella chicolates multiple times (that one in the thubnail)
Eliška Křepelová (1 day ago)
Mnam NUTELA!!!!
Vishav Manhas (1 day ago)
I feel good after watch this 😙😊thanks for this i like you👍
Aomaem 12345 (1 day ago)
Mahin Ali (1 day ago)
Please tell the name of the ingredients too
Hana Fathima (1 day ago)
you are taking some recipes from bright side.I won' t subscribe to this channel
Arkeen Arellano (1 day ago)
Tarun Sharma (1 day ago)
Bat You
Shmshm Alaseery (1 day ago)
I’m fasting
Tasty wants to know your location
Towa cso (1 day ago)
Arun Mozhi (1 day ago)
Oh my god ,my stomach is full
Mmmmmm I tried and it was good!
Sidra Waheed (1 day ago)
How to make pan cake
Faamata Lole (1 day ago)
More like 30 nutella hacks
Chuzhang Pro (1 day ago)
2:20 it’s a Nutella milkshake!
Stratosphere Uh (1 day ago)
This video makes me hungry.
Saung Yati Thant (1 day ago)
Can you please label the ingredients please....I met next videos.
CreepyFlamingo (1 day ago)
Reyes one of these and oh man they are soo good
Runi Moyong (1 day ago)
You should have tell us the name of the ingredients used, anyway your video was mouth-watering ☺
Ali Y. M. Santi Vélz (2 days ago)
My mother: hey do you want something to eat, anything you want cause I'm not going to do anything later. Me: Hmm no thanks anyways, I'm not hungry. My mother: Well, ok then. *2 hours later.* Me: *watches the video*ohh tasty. Also me: That looks soo tasty, I'm getting hungry. Let me call my mother, so that she can do me something to eat. *Asking my mother* Me: Mom can you do me something to eat, I'm hungry. My mother: DIDN'T I TOLD YOU TO TELL ME WHAT DO YOU WANTED TO EAT A FEW HOURS AGO?? AND YOU SAID NO THANKS, IM NOT HUNGRY. Make yourself something to eat young lady. Me: *why I always have to choose the wrong answer to my mom??* I'm starving..😭😭😞😞
Kitty Green (2 days ago)
This is a late comment but you guys could make a cooking channel with all these awesome kitchen and food hacks
Vanilde Marques (2 days ago)
Eu adoro esse canal 😍😍😍
we are in ramadan and i dont know why im whatching this
Silks Kilks (2 days ago)
5 min recipes? Nah first one is over a half a hour.
Ghaya sm (2 days ago)
Ghaya sm (2 days ago)
I love to see 5 minuet crafts before I sleep I really love 5 minutes craft thank you
Maria Fleming (2 days ago)
1:13 Here kids have some diabetes!!!
Scott Telting (2 days ago)
5 minute clickbait diabetes
Kitty Reyna (2 days ago)
why am i watching this i don’t like chocolate
BRH Gamer (2 days ago)
5 minutes btw
Abdul Mobeen (2 days ago)
I thought there always pooped rice 🍚!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 And did you put ketchup on the ice cream? If you did then you did a crime!😡😡😡😡😡😡
maya 2004 (2 days ago)
I'm fasting for ramadan and i have no idea why I'm watching this 😶😅
Sofie Vikene Leine (2 days ago)
Sorry dis do not look so good
asma azeem (2 days ago)
First of all the title says 5 minute recipes and for the first recipe it said freeze for 30 minuts that is a lot more than 5 minutes like if u agree
Rizky Maulana (2 days ago)
Austinne Blue (2 days ago)
5 minute cooking is good looking
2:06 i do this
Aishwarya Ani (2 days ago)
Didn't you say they r 5 minutes recipies but they do take more than 30 minutes to get ready😂
Martina The Awesome (2 days ago)
at 3:49 who else saw bright side at the bottom left? like if u did
GDViP Jinyoung (2 days ago)
What kind of a dough is that?!
Unicorn Pet (2 days ago)
The banana one looks soo yummo And the toast one 😛
Apple Alives (2 days ago)
12:18 Woah,Im Afraid Of Diabetes
H.M.Amrullah Hadi (3 days ago)
H.M.Amrullah Hadi (3 days ago)
Mystery Unsolved (3 days ago)
IT'S FROM " bright side "
Scott Telting (2 days ago)
Trustin Duong (3 days ago)
They put milk in the stuff THEREFORE MILK IS THE BEST
Ms. Chelle G (3 days ago)
Egg wash or butter? Who knows! Salt or was it sugar, just guess!
Ms. Chelle G (3 days ago)
So glad they didn't list the ingredients in case we wanted to actually try and make these!
Anya Gupta (3 days ago)
I love how they think everyone can make amazing food like that.
Kitty_Kat_ Aqela (3 days ago)
2:54 they forgot the peel
Currently dying bc thus was so much nutella but I can't have nutella
BlackQuest (3 days ago)
What is that? 1:20
Can you tell some yummy veggies ideas because some kids don't eat vegetables so please make a video like it
Scott Telting thanks
Scott Telting (2 days ago)
just make corn with salt and pepper oh and dont forget butter
meowing :3 (3 days ago)
I wanna know rlly bad
meowing :3 (3 days ago)
What is da dough recipe
Kristian Angel (3 days ago)
Which dough are you using?
Logan MacGyver (3 days ago)
oh yes the chanel that inspired r/diwhy
Hadimation Studio (3 days ago)
Of course it is 5 minutes
GamingMAD (3 days ago)
5 minute then why does it say freeze for 30 min lol
Imelda Prepotente (3 days ago)
who else got hungry after watching this?

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