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The Best Fudgy Brownies Ever!

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Super chocolatey, chewy, and fudgy. Here is what you'll need! The Best Fudgy Brownies Servings: 9 INGREDIENTS 8 ounces good-quality chocolate ¾ cup butter, melted 1¼ cups sugar 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla ¾ cup all-purpose flour ¼ cup cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt PREPARATION Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C. Chop the chocolate into chunks. Melt half, then save the other half for later. Mix the butter and the sugar, then beat in the eggs and vanilla for 1-2 minutes until the mixture has become fluffy and light in color. Whisk in the reserved melted chocolate (make sure the chocolate is not too hot or else the eggs will cook), then sift in the flour, cocoa powder, and salt. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, being careful not to overmix as this will cause the brownies to be more cake-like in texture. Fold in the chocolate chunks, then transfer the batter into a parchment paper-lined square baking dish. Bake for 20-25 minutes, depending on how fudgy you like your brownies, then cool completely. Slice, then serve with a nice cold glass of milk! Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/18757 MUSIC Midnight Sea_FullMix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
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Text Comments (2474)
Shamz (1 hour ago)
Made these! So Good!
Diondra Day (8 hours ago)
I tried this recipe..but the butter was too much..my brownies were very greasy..
Haa Baa (19 hours ago)
Great recipe! You can adjust it to your own taste and with ingredients you have left at home
Noshin Chowdhury (1 day ago)
powdered or regular sugar? ??
ZOMBIEZAHNpakuto (1 day ago)
Bingewatching tasty videos while dieting... I'm in my self made personal hell
LeBanano07 (1 day ago)
These brownies are very good. I like their amazing taste! But there is one problem. That stuff is not healthy. :/ I looked for healthy desserts and found these wonderful masterpieces! https://bit.ly/2ltwPqc Now I can eat nice brownies and I do not get fat!
Tretoiry GD (1 day ago)
This looks like those Starbucks brownies on crack
Muito bom
Mya D'Souza-Le (2 days ago)
The 860 people who dislike this are crazy.
Aisha (2 days ago)
This was so good. I used 37% chocolate but I should have used 70% for the topping and 37% for the batter. Either way it was really good. I baked it for 15 minutes 150c. Hands down best brownie ever. Also maybe add less sugar if you’re using milk chocolate or “light” baking chocolate (37%).
kieran bailey (2 days ago)
Will it be different if I don't add the chocolate?
Marissa Pelayo (2 days ago)
The music in this video is great!
Emilly Space (3 days ago)
Can I use coco powder instead of chocolate? I'm just too lazy to go to the grocery store..
Kriti Katiyar (4 days ago)
Is it dark chocolate or milk chocolate ????
Hansi Fernando (4 days ago)
mata cake hadanna help karanna aluth ewalata.
Melanie MSP (4 days ago)
princhimin (5 days ago)
i just busted a nut
蔡承運 (6 days ago)
Fangirl 123 (7 days ago)
I am drooling
Sal (8 days ago)
Why do I watch this everyday?
Edouard Bejjani (9 days ago)
Did it at home💙💙💙 AND FOUND OUT THAT Tasty is genius😍😍😍
Salma Salm (9 days ago)
هاذي فديو هات ولا بلاش
Anitra's World (10 days ago)
Im hungry now
Pedro Almeida (10 days ago)
Do I need a special kinda of salt?
Jason Kelly (10 days ago)
For what size square tin is this recipe?
Immanuel Jonathan Rao (11 days ago)
Can I know what flour is that please...?
Shelby Murphy (12 days ago)
R (12 days ago)
i fucked up my diet💔
Yui Komori (12 days ago)
xHamzaPlays (12 days ago)
Damn I’m about to make these
catterwatter111 (12 days ago)
please add metric system measurements!
Zain Arvis (12 days ago)
You make it look so easy
Sarah Mohammad (13 days ago)
Whenever I bake using ‘tasty’s recipe it never fails
Felix Marchens (13 days ago)
Ashley Yang (14 days ago)
What's a substitute for parchment paper
Ashley Yang (12 days ago)
Ruan de Castro Ribeiro thx I'll use that tip
Ruan de Castro Ribeiro (12 days ago)
Butter the baking tray and add flour to it, wiggle it around so it sticks in the butter and get rid of the excess flour
Tried this recipe and it turned out great, but the chocolate didn't seem to be at the top for mine, overall it was amazing defo doing this again
Leila Moutiq (14 days ago)
Tried it. Loved it 😍😍
Sophia Bautista (14 days ago)
Can i add walnuts? If yes how much?
Doctor Frankenstrike (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure this is a type of porn
Maryam H. (14 days ago)
How manny minutes am I supposed to leave the brownies in the oven so they can turn out to be fudgy
Racquel Robinson (14 days ago)
Tasty... y'all gotta chill with all this extra sugar.... Giving people diabetes and ting. Desserts are cool, but calm your hands when adding in all that acne or cavities. 😂
Melissa Sim (14 days ago)
This video is so satisfying.
Myriam Khanafer (14 days ago)
I just made them and I swear it’s sooooooooo GOOD🤤🤤😍😍
bellisperennis42 (14 days ago)
@Tasty: What size of baking dish was used for this recipe video, please?
Faye Tsoli (15 days ago)
Dark or milk chocolate
Hearteu Softie (15 days ago)
Ozlem Aydin (17 days ago)
Delicious woww 👍🏼
Craft area (17 days ago)
damnnnn!!!! no oven😕😕😕
Elica Parusheva (17 days ago)
20-25 minutes and it was like water .. took me 40 min
Jonas Olsen (18 days ago)
I Made this Today. Amazing.
emirati Army (18 days ago)
If u have the very dark one(the bitter one),can we use that in this recipe as well?
Mobashrah Zubair (18 days ago)
Mouth's watering!!
Adhya Pujari (18 days ago)
can we put it in microwave
ĽƎƓȇɳʆaRy (20 days ago)
I made this at home in it was so good 👍😍
Meline Tarpinyan (20 days ago)
For those of you who were stuck on the butter sugar part, I mixed the chocolate and the butter together over low heat first and then added more ingredients. Also, if you want a chewy texture use brown sugar instead.
TheGolden_KingdomAJ (21 days ago)
Do we use salted or unsalted butter?
Myshaha 24 (21 days ago)
how do u say it? fold or folding technique?
Frolic R (21 days ago)
Just made this for my family for them to open their fast with and they loooooved them
Mim Savage (21 days ago)
That's why I like tasty rather than BuzzFeed.
Cutiepie the cat Kitty (22 days ago)
I don’t like tasty I love it!!!!!
kija (22 days ago)
great recipe but I'd recommend using less sugar
Isabel De Leon (22 days ago)
does it make a big difference if i skip the melted chocolate at the beginning? cuz i dont have any............
Juan (22 days ago)
Literally food porn
Lizwizz 123 (22 days ago)
These r sooo good!!!
TheMagicKnightress (22 days ago)
Make brownies that form the least amount of crunchy edge trash possible thanks
ZackQuack (22 days ago)
Started chewing on my phone lol
Fidan Abbasova (23 days ago)
Tasty,You should show us ingredients with grams ,not "cup".Like if you agree
55 44 (23 days ago)
Add alooooootttttt of buttttteeeerrrr
Tara Menon (20 days ago)
I tried this...its legit in the oven now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it turns out good! Will update. Edit...Perfect, it was so good!
Th00se. ediits (23 days ago)
Who here wants to eat chocolate now😂?
Vindra Kavaya (23 days ago)
cant u guys just believe, everyone is buying tasty foods just to taste it, like i mean, everyone is getting fat just to taste chocolate😂
Thursden (23 days ago)
Has anyone tried this??? Please tell mehhh
Christina Stokbæk (24 days ago)
How big should the baking dish be?
anca stancu (24 days ago)
Can someone tell me the measurements in gr please?
saaib majeed (24 days ago)
i have tried this recepie and the results r not at all good do not try this waste of time and money
Imaan Hamdaoui (24 days ago)
How much is everything in grams ?
Chancellp Pool (25 days ago)
Thumbnail look like a steak brownie
Gerbils (25 days ago)
i made these theyre so good
IAniMate Gaming (25 days ago)
Here are your problems that help u solve -If u can achieve the mixture of the butter and sugar,the butter was not the type for the brownies and the sugar I use is caster sugar and the butter I use is buttercup it is the same texture as the video -Don’t add too much sugar add half of it - I recommend you to use 2 tsp of vanilla extract/Essence instead of one it overpowers your chocolate I did it -Use the chocolate that u like ,don’t choose the chocolate that has 80-90%of cocoa it will be bitter -I use salted butter and I put salt just a little 1/2 tsp of it. Just comment the problems that u have I’ll solve for u -) -)
PULAK NEOG (25 days ago)
What's the paper called? Which she put into the baking dish?
C. Harr (17 days ago)
PULAK NEOG parchment paper
Lu Tube (25 days ago)
Do I use milk chocolate? Someone please reply and thank you in advance. And also do we need salted or unsalted butter
sanghika pallela (25 days ago)
No offense tasty, they kinda look raw........
Bentley Kuhlmann (25 days ago)
Do you have to use the 8 oz of chocolate, or can you not use that in the recipe and just the chocolate powder?
Sehrish Hussain (26 days ago)
Looks sooooo satisfying to make 💘❤ and it looks soooooo tasty 😅💘❤
Zohra Belba (26 days ago)
Pouvez vous me donné la recette en Français svp
Zayneb Miah (26 days ago)
Is it caster sugar for this recipe?
Strawberry Berry (26 days ago)
*S U G A R*
Roxy Siochi (26 days ago)
Tried various fudgy brownie recipes from youtube, pinterest, fb, etc but this recipe resulted to the best ones I've ever made!
Kelly Knight (26 days ago)
Ok, when I added the melted butter and sugar it did not have the same consistency as hers. Then when I cooked it, it was extremely oily. Idk what I did wrong
Maybe add it in gruadually
Kelly Knight (25 days ago)
Berta M. I used lightly salted land O lakes butter
Berta M. (26 days ago)
Kelly Knight I had the same happen to me before! Did you use salted butter? Normally it has more fat in it. I tried using low fat butter and it turned out more dry (still a bit oily, but not much) and they tasted much better also :)
Mashud Ahmed (27 days ago)
Anyone know what the weigh measurement for the butter is? Thanks :)
Thea Scott (27 days ago)
😋 yum
Vaidehi Kesarkar (27 days ago)
Can we use granulated sugar instead of caster sugar???????
Vaidehi Kesarkar (27 days ago)
sandra thanks
sandra (27 days ago)
cosimotan (27 days ago)
I have tried this recipe. Too sweet for me. Cut the sugar to 1/2 cups and taste much better.
Qya Az (27 days ago)
When do you use the other half of the melted choc?
sandra (27 days ago)
melt half the chocolate to add to the batter and chop the other half into chunks
Kayla Roca (28 days ago)
Sooo we have to put the chocolate chunks on top before baking?
sandra (27 days ago)
if you want lol
Wolf (28 days ago)
Harmony Galaxy (28 days ago)
David Seymour approved 👍🏽
Farah Csn (28 days ago)
Can i use plain flour instead of all purpose flour please answer!
Theresa Phan (29 days ago)
I made this and with a few adjustments, it came out so yummy. Here are some tips: - Melt the butter and let it cool down to room temperature. If you don't, the butter would just melt the sugar and it would come out liquidly. - Since I used semi-sweet chocolate, I used 1 cup sugar and it was still too sweet. So next time I would cut the sugar to 3/4 cup or 1/2 cup. - I baked the brownies for about 40 minutes. When I baked for 25 minutes, there was still raw batter at the bottom. I also used Alton Brown's tip of baking for 15 minutes, rest for 15, and bake for the rest of the time. It allows the brownies to bake evenly.

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